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fcfreetype.c File Reference
#include "fcint.h"
#include "fcftint.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <ft2build.h>
#include <FT_FREETYPE_H>
#include <FT_ADVANCES_H>
#include <FT_SFNT_NAMES_H>
#include <FT_TRUETYPE_IDS_H>
#include <FT_TYPE1_TABLES_H>
#include "fcfoundry.h"
#include "ftglue.h"
#include "fcaliastail.h"
#include "fcftaliastail.h"
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struct  FcFtEncoding
struct  FcFtLanguage
struct  FcMacRomanFake
struct  _FcStringConst
struct  FcNameMapping


#define NUM_CODE_PAGE_RANGE   (int) (sizeof FcCodePageRange / sizeof FcCodePageRange[0])
#define TT_ENCODING_DONT_CARE   0xffff
#define NUM_FC_FT_ENCODING   (int) (sizeof (fcFtEncoding) / sizeof (fcFtEncoding[0]))
#define TT_LANGUAGE_DONT_CARE   0xffff
#define NUM_FC_FT_LANGUAGE   (int) (sizeof (fcFtLanguage) / sizeof (fcFtLanguage[0]))
#define NUM_FC_MAC_ROMAN_FAKE   (int) (sizeof (fcMacRomanFake) / sizeof (fcMacRomanFake[0]))
#define NUM_WEIGHT_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (weightConsts) / sizeof (weightConsts[0]))
#define FcIsWeight(s)   FcStringIsConst(s,weightConsts,NUM_WEIGHT_CONSTS)
#define FcContainsWeight(s)   FcStringContainsConst (s,weightConsts,NUM_WEIGHT_CONSTS)
#define NUM_WIDTH_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (widthConsts) / sizeof (widthConsts[0]))
#define FcIsWidth(s)   FcStringIsConst(s,widthConsts,NUM_WIDTH_CONSTS)
#define FcContainsWidth(s)   FcStringContainsConst (s,widthConsts,NUM_WIDTH_CONSTS)
#define NUM_SLANT_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (slantConsts) / sizeof (slantConsts[0]))
#define FcContainsSlant(s)   FcStringContainsConst (s,slantConsts,NUM_SLANT_CONSTS)
#define NUM_DECORATIVE_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (decorativeConsts) / sizeof (decorativeConsts[0]))
#define FcContainsDecorative(s)   FcStringContainsConst (s,decorativeConsts,NUM_DECORATIVE_CONSTS)
#define NUM_PLATFORM_ORDER   (sizeof (platform_order) / sizeof (platform_order[0]))
#define NUM_NAMEID_ORDER   (sizeof (nameid_order) / sizeof (nameid_order[0]))
#define NUM_DECODE   (int) (sizeof (fcFontEncodings) / sizeof (fcFontEncodings[0]))
#define TTAG_GPOS   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'G', 'P', 'O', 'S' )
#define TTAG_GSUB   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'G', 'S', 'U', 'B' )
#define TTAG_SILF   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'S', 'i', 'l', 'f')
#define TTAG_prep   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'p', 'r', 'e', 'p' )
#define OTLAYOUT_HEAD   "otlayout:"
#define OTLAYOUT_ID_LEN   4
#define FcIsSpace(x)   (040 == (x))
#define FcIsDigit(c)   (('0' <= (c) && (c) <= '9'))
#define FcIsValidScript(x)   (FcIsLower(x) || FcIsUpper (x) || FcIsDigit(x) || FcIsSpace(x))
#define __fcfreetype__


typedef struct _FcStringConst FcStringConst
typedef FcChar8FC8


FcBool FcFreeTypeIsExclusiveLang (const FcChar8 *lang)
static FcChar8FcFontCapabilities (FT_Face face)
static FcBool FcFontHasHint (FT_Face face)
static int FcFreeTypeSpacing (FT_Face face)
static FcBool FcLooksLikeSJIS (FcChar8 *string, int len)
static FcChar8FcSfntNameTranscode (FT_SfntName *sname)
static const FcChar8FcSfntNameLanguage (FT_SfntName *sname)
static const FcChar8FcNoticeFoundry (const FT_String *notice)
static int FcStringIsConst (const FcChar8 *string, const FcStringConst *c, int nc)
static int FcStringContainsConst (const FcChar8 *string, const FcStringConst *c, int nc)
static double FcGetPixelSize (FT_Face face, int i)
static FcBool FcStringInPatternElement (FcPattern *pat, FcObject obj, const FcChar8 *string)
static FcBool _is_english (int platform, int language)
static int name_mapping_cmp (const void *pa, const void *pb)
static int FcFreeTypeGetFirstName (const FT_Face face, unsigned int platform, unsigned int nameid, FcNameMapping *mapping, unsigned int count, FT_SfntName *sname)
static FcPatternFcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal (const FT_Face face, const FcChar8 *file, unsigned int id, FcCharSet **cs_share, FcLangSet **ls_share, FcNameMapping **nm_share)
FcPatternFcFreeTypeQueryFace (const FT_Face face, const FcChar8 *file, unsigned int id, FcBlanks *blanks)
FcPatternFcFreeTypeQuery (const FcChar8 *file, unsigned int id, FcBlanks *blanks, int *count)
unsigned int FcFreeTypeQueryAll (const FcChar8 *file, unsigned int id, FcBlanks *blanks, int *count, FcFontSet *set)
FT_UInt FcFreeTypeCharIndex (FT_Face face, FcChar32 ucs4)
static int fc_min (int a, int b)
static int fc_max (int a, int b)
static FcBool fc_approximately_equal (int x, int y)
FcCharSetFcFreeTypeCharSet (FT_Face face, FcBlanks *blanks)
FcCharSetFcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing (FT_Face face, FcBlanks *blanks, int *spacing)
static void addtag (FcChar8 *complex_, FT_ULong tag)
static int compareulong (const void *a, const void *b)
static FcBool FindTable (FT_Face face, FT_ULong tabletag)
static int GetScriptTags (FT_Face face, FT_ULong tabletag, FT_ULong **stags)


struct {
   char   bit
   const FcChar8   lang [6]
FcCodePageRange []
static const FcFtEncoding fcFtEncoding []
static const FcFtLanguage fcFtLanguage []
static const FcMacRomanFake fcMacRomanFake []
static const FcChar16 fcMacRomanNonASCIIToUnicode [128]
static const FcStringConst weightConsts []
static const FcStringConst widthConsts []
static const FcStringConst slantConsts []
static const FcStringConst decorativeConsts []
static const FT_UShort platform_order []
static const FT_UShort nameid_order []
static const FT_Encoding fcFontEncodings []

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ __fcfreetype__

#define __fcfreetype__

Definition at line 2739 of file fcfreetype.c.



Definition at line 86 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcContainsDecorative

Definition at line 1039 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcContainsSlant

#define FcContainsSlant (   s)    FcStringContainsConst (s,slantConsts,NUM_SLANT_CONSTS)

Definition at line 1026 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcContainsWeight

#define FcContainsWeight (   s)    FcStringContainsConst (s,weightConsts,NUM_WEIGHT_CONSTS)

Definition at line 998 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcContainsWidth

#define FcContainsWidth (   s)    FcStringContainsConst (s,widthConsts,NUM_WIDTH_CONSTS)

Definition at line 1016 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcIsDigit

#define FcIsDigit (   c)    (('0' <= (c) && (c) <= '9'))

Definition at line 2546 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcIsSpace

#define FcIsSpace (   x)    (040 == (x))

Definition at line 2545 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcIsValidScript

#define FcIsValidScript (   x)    (FcIsLower(x) || FcIsUpper (x) || FcIsDigit(x) || FcIsSpace(x))

Definition at line 2547 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcIsWeight

Definition at line 997 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcIsWidth

Definition at line 1015 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_CODE_PAGE_RANGE   (int) (sizeof FcCodePageRange / sizeof FcCodePageRange[0])

Definition at line 64 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_DECODE   (int) (sizeof (fcFontEncodings) / sizeof (fcFontEncodings[0]))

Definition at line 2287 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_DECORATIVE_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (decorativeConsts) / sizeof (decorativeConsts[0]))

Definition at line 1037 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_FC_FT_ENCODING   (int) (sizeof (fcFtEncoding) / sizeof (fcFtEncoding[0]))

Definition at line 105 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_FC_FT_LANGUAGE   (int) (sizeof (fcFtLanguage) / sizeof (fcFtLanguage[0]))

Definition at line 510 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_FC_MAC_ROMAN_FAKE   (int) (sizeof (fcMacRomanFake) / sizeof (fcMacRomanFake[0]))

Definition at line 531 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_NAMEID_ORDER   (sizeof (nameid_order) / sizeof (nameid_order[0]))

Definition at line 1097 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_PLATFORM_ORDER   (sizeof (platform_order) / sizeof (platform_order[0]))

Definition at line 1084 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_SLANT_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (slantConsts) / sizeof (slantConsts[0]))

Definition at line 1024 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_WEIGHT_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (weightConsts) / sizeof (weightConsts[0]))

Definition at line 995 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define NUM_WIDTH_CONSTS   (int) (sizeof (widthConsts) / sizeof (widthConsts[0]))

Definition at line 1013 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define OTLAYOUT_HEAD   "otlayout:"

Definition at line 2535 of file fcfreetype.c.



Definition at line 2536 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define OTLAYOUT_ID_LEN   4

Definition at line 2537 of file fcfreetype.c.



Definition at line 2539 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define TT_ENCODING_DONT_CARE   0xffff

Definition at line 85 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define TT_LANGUAGE_DONT_CARE   0xffff

Definition at line 113 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define TTAG_GPOS   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'G', 'P', 'O', 'S' )

Definition at line 2530 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define TTAG_GSUB   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'G', 'S', 'U', 'B' )

Definition at line 2531 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ TTAG_prep

#define TTAG_prep   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'p', 'r', 'e', 'p' )

Definition at line 2533 of file fcfreetype.c.


#define TTAG_SILF   FT_MAKE_TAG( 'S', 'i', 'l', 'f')

Definition at line 2532 of file fcfreetype.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ FC8

typedef FcChar8* FC8

Definition at line 967 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ FcStringConst

typedef struct _FcStringConst FcStringConst

Function Documentation

◆ _is_english()

static FcBool _is_english ( int  platform,
int  language 

◆ addtag()

static void addtag ( FcChar8 complex_,
FT_ULong  tag 

Definition at line 2550 of file fcfreetype.c.

References FcIsValidScript, OTLAYOUT_HEAD, and OTLAYOUT_ID_LEN.

Referenced by FcFontCapabilities().

◆ compareulong()

static int compareulong ( const void a,
const void b 

Definition at line 2576 of file fcfreetype.c.

References a, and b.

Referenced by GetScriptTags().

◆ fc_approximately_equal()

static FcBool fc_approximately_equal ( int  x,
int  y 

Definition at line 2351 of file fcfreetype.c.

References abs, fc_max(), cordic::x, and y.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeSpacing().

◆ fc_max()

static int fc_max ( int  a,
int  b 

Definition at line 2350 of file fcfreetype.c.

References a, and b.

Referenced by fc_approximately_equal(), and FcFreeTypeSpacing().

◆ fc_min()

static int fc_min ( int  a,
int  b 

Definition at line 2349 of file fcfreetype.c.

References a, and b.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeSpacing().

◆ FcFontCapabilities()

◆ FcFontHasHint()

static FcBool FcFontHasHint ( FT_Face  face)

Definition at line 2733 of file fcfreetype.c.

References face, FindTable(), and TTAG_prep.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal().

◆ FcFreeTypeCharIndex()

◆ FcFreeTypeCharSet()

◆ FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing()

FcCharSet* FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing ( FT_Face  face,
FcBlanks blanks,
int spacing 

Definition at line 2520 of file fcfreetype.c.

References blanks, face, FcFreeTypeCharSet(), FcFreeTypeSpacing(), and spacing.

◆ FcFreeTypeGetFirstName()

static int FcFreeTypeGetFirstName ( const FT_Face  face,
unsigned int  platform,
unsigned int  nameid,
FcNameMapping mapping,
unsigned int  count,
FT_SfntName sname 

◆ FcFreeTypeIsExclusiveLang()

FcBool FcFreeTypeIsExclusiveLang ( const FcChar8 lang)

Definition at line 67 of file fcfreetype.c.

References FcCodePageRange, FcFalse, FcLangCompare(), FcLangEqual, FcTrue, i, lang, and NUM_CODE_PAGE_RANGE.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeLangSet().

◆ FcFreeTypeQuery()

FcPattern* FcFreeTypeQuery ( const FcChar8 file,
unsigned int  id,
FcBlanks blanks,
int count 

◆ FcFreeTypeQueryAll()

◆ FcFreeTypeQueryFace()

FcPattern* FcFreeTypeQueryFace ( const FT_Face  face,
const FcChar8 file,
unsigned int  id,
FcBlanks blanks 

Definition at line 2122 of file fcfreetype.c.

References face, FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal(), and NULL.

◆ FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal()

static FcPattern* FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal ( const FT_Face  face,
const FcChar8 file,
unsigned int  id,
FcCharSet **  cs_share,
FcLangSet **  ls_share,
FcNameMapping **  nm_share 

Definition at line 1178 of file fcfreetype.c.

References os2::achVendID, BDF_PROPERTY_TYPE_ATOM, BDF_PROPERTY_TYPE_CARDINAL, BDF_PROPERTY_TYPE_INTEGER, bit, bits, FT_FaceRec_::charmap, cs, FT_CharMapRec_::encoding, FT_SfntName_::encoding_id, end, face, FT_FaceRec_::face_flags, family, FT_FaceRec_::family_name, FC_CHARCELL, FC_DBG_SCANV, FC_INVALID_OBJECT, FC_MONO, FC_PROPORTIONAL, FC_SLANT_ITALIC, FC_SLANT_ROMAN, FC_STYLE, FC_WEIGHT_BOLD, FC_WEIGHT_MEDIUM, FC_WIDTH_CONDENSED, FC_WIDTH_EXPANDED, FC_WIDTH_EXTRACONDENSED, FC_WIDTH_EXTRAEXPANDED, FC_WIDTH_NORMAL, FC_WIDTH_SEMICONDENSED, FC_WIDTH_SEMIEXPANDED, FC_WIDTH_ULTRACONDENSED, FC_WIDTH_ULTRAEXPANDED, FcCharSetCopy, FcCharSetCount, FcCharSetDestroy, FcCodePageRange, FcContainsDecorative, FcContainsSlant, FcContainsWeight, FcContainsWidth, FcDebug, FcFalse, FcFontCapabilities(), FcFontHasHint(), FcFreeTypeCharSet(), FcFreeTypeGetFirstName(), FcFreeTypeLangSet(), FcFreeTypeSpacing(), FcGetPixelSize(), FcInitDebug(), FcIsWeight, FcIsWidth, FcLangSetCopy, FcLangSetCreate, FcLangSetDestroy, FcNoticeFoundry(), FcPatternCreate, FcPatternDestroy, FcPatternGetString, FcPatternObjectAddBool(), FcPatternObjectAddCharSet(), FcPatternObjectAddDouble(), FcPatternObjectAddInteger(), FcPatternObjectAddLangSet(), FcPatternObjectAddRange(), FcPatternObjectAddString(), FcPatternObjectGetString(), FcRangeCreateDouble, FcRangeDestroy, FcResultMatch, FcSfntNameLanguage(), FcSfntNameTranscode(), FcStrCmp, FcStrCmpIgnoreBlanksAndCase(), FcStringInPatternElement(), FcTrue, FcWeightFromOpenTypeDouble, file, font_format, free, FT_Done_MM_Var(), FT_ENCODING_MS_SYMBOL, FT_FACE_FLAG_FIXED_WIDTH, FT_FACE_FLAG_SCALABLE, FT_Get_BDF_Property(), FT_Get_MM_Var(), FT_Get_Postscript_Name(), FT_Get_PS_Font_Info(), FT_Get_Sfnt_Name(), FT_Get_Sfnt_Name_Count(), FT_Get_Sfnt_Table(), FT_Get_X11_Font_Format(), FT_HAS_COLOR, FT_MAKE_TAG, ft_sfnt_head, FT_SFNT_OS2, FT_STYLE_FLAG_BOLD, FT_STYLE_FLAG_ITALIC, FT_FaceRec_::glyph, head, i, idx, instance, int(), PS_FontInfoRec_::italic_angle, lang, FT_SfntName_::language_id, len, FT_GlyphSlotRec_::library, malloc, master, memcpy, memmove, mult, n, FT_SfntName_::name_id, name_mapping_cmp(), nameid_order, PS_FontInfoRec_::notice, np, NULL, NUM_CODE_PAGE_RANGE, FT_FaceRec_::num_fixed_sizes, NUM_NAMEID_ORDER, NUM_PLATFORM_ORDER, os2, p, pat, platform, FT_SfntName_::platform_id, platform_order, pp, printf(), prop, qsort, r, rc, sizeof(), slant, spacing, st, start, strchr, strcmp(), strlen(), strncpy(), strrchr, style, FT_FaceRec_::style_flags, FT_FaceRec_::style_name, switch(), symbol, TT_NAME_ID_FONT_FAMILY, TT_NAME_ID_FONT_SUBFAMILY, TT_NAME_ID_MANUFACTURER, TT_NAME_ID_TRADEMARK, TT_NAME_ID_TYPOGRAPHIC_FAMILY, TT_NAME_ID_TYPOGRAPHIC_SUBFAMILY, TT_NAME_ID_UNIQUE_ID, TT_NAME_ID_WWS_FAMILY, TT_NAME_ID_WWS_SUBFAMILY, os2::version, PS_FontInfoRec_::weight, and width.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeQuery(), FcFreeTypeQueryAll(), and FcFreeTypeQueryFace().

◆ FcFreeTypeSpacing()

◆ FcGetPixelSize()

◆ FcLooksLikeSJIS()

static FcBool FcLooksLikeSJIS ( FcChar8 string,
int  len 

Definition at line 674 of file fcfreetype.c.

References FcFalse, FcTrue, and len.

Referenced by FcSfntNameLanguage(), and FcSfntNameTranscode().

◆ FcNoticeFoundry()

static const FcChar8* FcNoticeFoundry ( const FT_String notice)

Definition at line 910 of file fcfreetype.c.

References f, FcNoticeFoundries, i, n, notice, NUM_NOTICE_FOUNDRIES, and strstr().

Referenced by FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal().

◆ FcSfntNameLanguage()

◆ FcSfntNameTranscode()

◆ FcStringContainsConst()

static int FcStringContainsConst ( const FcChar8 string,
const FcStringConst c,
int  nc 

Definition at line 945 of file fcfreetype.c.

References c, FcStrContainsIgnoreBlanksAndCase(), FcStrContainsWord(), i, and name.

◆ FcStringInPatternElement()

◆ FcStringIsConst()

static int FcStringIsConst ( const FcChar8 string,
const FcStringConst c,
int  nc 

Definition at line 932 of file fcfreetype.c.

References c, FcStrCmpIgnoreBlanksAndCase(), i, and name.

◆ FindTable()

static FcBool FindTable ( FT_Face  face,
FT_ULong  tabletag 

Definition at line 2584 of file fcfreetype.c.

References error, face, FcFalse, FcTrue, ftglue_face_goto_table(), and FT_FaceRec_::stream.

Referenced by FcFontHasHint().

◆ GetScriptTags()

◆ name_mapping_cmp()

static int name_mapping_cmp ( const void pa,
const void pb 

Definition at line 1126 of file fcfreetype.c.

References _is_english(), a, b, if, and int().

Referenced by FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal().

Variable Documentation

◆ bit

char bit

Definition at line 55 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal().

◆ decorativeConsts

const FcStringConst decorativeConsts[]
Initial value:
= {
{ (FC8) "shadow", 1 },
{ (FC8) "caps", 1 },
{ (FC8) "antiqua", 1 },
{ (FC8) "romansc", 1 },
{ (FC8) "embosed", 1 },
{ (FC8) "dunhill", 1 },
FcChar8 * FC8
Definition: fcfreetype.c:967

Definition at line 1028 of file fcfreetype.c.


FcCodePageRange[] { ... } const struct
Initial value:
= {
{ 17, "ja" },
{ 18, "zh-cn" },
{ 19, "ko" },
{ 20, "zh-tw" },

Referenced by FcFreeTypeIsExclusiveLang(), and FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal().

◆ fcFontEncodings

const FT_Encoding fcFontEncodings[]
Initial value:
= {
Definition: freetype.h:744
Definition: freetype.h:745

Definition at line 2282 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeCharIndex(), FcFreeTypeCharSet(), and FcFreeTypeSpacing().

◆ fcFtEncoding

const FcFtEncoding fcFtEncoding[]
Initial value:
= {
{ TT_PLATFORM_ISO, TT_ISO_ID_8859_1, "ISO-8859-1" },
Definition: ttnameid.h:252
#define TT_MS_ID_SJIS
Definition: ttnameid.h:249
Definition: ttnameid.h:148
Definition: ttnameid.h:147
#define TT_ISO_ID_8859_1
Definition: ttnameid.h:205
Definition: ttnameid.h:248
Definition: ttnameid.h:89
#define TT_MS_ID_BIG_5
Definition: ttnameid.h:251
#define TT_MS_ID_GB2312
Definition: ttnameid.h:257
Definition: ttnameid.h:87
Definition: ttnameid.h:88
Definition: ttnameid.h:203
Definition: ttnameid.h:247
#define TT_MS_ID_UCS_4
Definition: ttnameid.h:254
Definition: ttnameid.h:86
#define TT_MS_ID_JOHAB
Definition: ttnameid.h:253
#define TT_ISO_ID_10646
Definition: ttnameid.h:204

Definition at line 88 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by FcSfntNameTranscode().

◆ fcFtLanguage

const FcFtLanguage fcFtLanguage[]

Definition at line 115 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by FcSfntNameLanguage().

◆ fcMacRomanFake

const FcMacRomanFake fcMacRomanFake[]
Initial value:
= {
Definition: ttnameid.h:481
Definition: ttnameid.h:530

Definition at line 517 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by FcSfntNameTranscode().

◆ fcMacRomanNonASCIIToUnicode

const FcChar16 fcMacRomanNonASCIIToUnicode[128]

Definition at line 535 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by FcSfntNameTranscode().

◆ lang

const FcChar8 lang[6]

Definition at line 56 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by _uloc_addLikelySubtags(), _uloc_minimizeSubtags(), AddEncodedName(), AddOTLToSllk(), ApplyTickedFeatures(), buffer_set_language(), bundle_write_xml(), clear_hyphenation(), clear_patterns(), consolidateOTLTable(), createLikelySubtagsString(), U_NAMESPACE_BEGIN::createPatternHandler(), createTagString(), createTagStringWithAlternates(), DefaultLangTagInOneScriptList(), DetectKanjiCode(), dump_one_language(), exception_strings(), face_get_name(), FcConfigSubstituteWithPat(), FcDefaultFini(), FcFontSetList(), FcFreeTypeIsExclusiveLang(), FcFreeTypeLangSet(), FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal(), FcGetDefaultLang(), FcGetDefaultObjectLangIndex(), FcGetLangs(), FcLangGetCharSet(), FcLangNormalize(), FcLangSetAdd(), FcLangSetContains(), FcLangSetContainsLang(), FcLangSetDel(), FcLangSetGetLangs(), FcLangSetHasLang(), FcLangSetIndex(), FcLangSetPromote(), FcListAppend(), FcNameParseLangSet(), FcNameUnparseLangSet(), FcPatternAddFullname(), FcSfntNameLanguage(), FcStrSetAddLangs(), fea_ParseLangSys(), FSLLMatches(), get_lang(), get_terminal_enc(), getCodesFromLocale(), handle_name(), hnj_hyphenation(), interpret_enumerate(), l_set_node_data(), lang_find_or_insert(), lang_new(), LangOrder(), LocaleDisplayNamesImpl::languageDisplayName(), load_hyphenation(), load_patterns(), LocaleDisplayNamesImpl::localeDisplayName(), LSR::LSR(), lua_nodelib_direct_getfield(), lua_nodelib_direct_setfield(), lua_nodelib_fast_getfield(), lua_nodelib_fast_setfield(), MacEncToUnicode(), main(), CharsetRecog_8859_1::match(), CharsetRecog_8859_2::match(), MSLanguageFromLocale(), new_language(), otfcc_dumpOtl(), otfcc_readOtl_common(), parseLanguage(), CollationRuleParser::parseSetting(), parseTagString(), PickCMap(), png_set_text_2(), png_write_iTXt(), read_vowel_rules(), ReadLanguage(), readttfbaseminmax(), readttfencodings(), CharsetMatch::set(), SFAddScriptLangIndex(), SFDParseMacNames(), SFFeaturesInScriptLang(), SFFindBiggestScriptLangIndex(), SFLangsInScript(), SFLookupsInScriptLangFeature(), SLContains(), tagLookupsWithScript(), TTFGetFontName(), uldn_languageDisplayName_68(), uloc_getISO3Language_68(), uloc_isRightToLeft_68(), undump_one_language(), and writeLanguage().

◆ nameid_order

const FT_UShort nameid_order[]
Initial value:
= {
Definition: ttnameid.h:810
Definition: ttnameid.h:799
Definition: ttnameid.h:822
Definition: ttnameid.h:811
Definition: ttnameid.h:821
Definition: ttnameid.h:793
Definition: ttnameid.h:802
Definition: ttnameid.h:794

Definition at line 1086 of file fcfreetype.c.

Referenced by FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal().

◆ platform_order

const FT_UShort platform_order[]

◆ slantConsts

const FcStringConst slantConsts[]
Initial value:
= {
{ (FC8) "italic", 100 },
{ (FC8) "kursiv", 100 },
{ (FC8) "oblique", 110 },

Definition at line 1018 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ weightConsts

const FcStringConst weightConsts[]
Initial value:
= {
{ (FC8) "thin", 0 },
{ (FC8) "extralight", 40 },
{ (FC8) "ultralight", 40 },
{ (FC8) "demilight", 55 },
{ (FC8) "semilight", 55 },
{ (FC8) "light", 50 },
{ (FC8) "book", 75 },
{ (FC8) "regular", 80 },
{ (FC8) "normal", 80 },
{ (FC8) "medium", 100 },
{ (FC8) "demibold", 180 },
{ (FC8) "demi", 180 },
{ (FC8) "semibold", 180 },
{ (FC8) "extrabold", 205 },
{ (FC8) "superbold", 205 },
{ (FC8) "ultrabold", 205 },
{ (FC8) "bold", 200 },
{ (FC8) "ultrablack", 215 },
{ (FC8) "superblack", 215 },
{ (FC8) "extrablack", 215 },
{ (FC8) "<ultra", 205 },
{ (FC8) "black", 210 },
{ (FC8) "heavy", 210 },

Definition at line 969 of file fcfreetype.c.

◆ widthConsts

const FcStringConst widthConsts[]
Initial value:
= {
{ (FC8) "ultracondensed", 50 },
{ (FC8) "extracondensed", 63 },
{ (FC8) "semicondensed", 87 },
{ (FC8) "condensed", 75 },
{ (FC8) "normal", 100 },
{ (FC8) "semiexpanded", 113 },
{ (FC8) "extraexpanded", 150 },
{ (FC8) "ultraexpanded", 200 },
{ (FC8) "expanded", 125 },
{ (FC8) "extended", 125 },

Definition at line 1000 of file fcfreetype.c.