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direct.h File Reference
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bool TryDirectConvert (char *command)
void WriteFontName (const char **buffpoint)

Function Documentation

◆ TryDirectConvert()

bool TryDirectConvert ( char *  command)

purpose: uses data from direct.cfg to try and immediately convert some LaTeX commands into RTF commands.

Definition at line 77 of file direct.c.

References diagnostics(), DIRECT_A, FALSE, fprintRTF(), free, NULL, SearchRtfCmd(), strdup_together(), TRUE, and WriteFontName().

Referenced by TranslateCommand().

◆ WriteFontName()

void WriteFontName ( const char **  buffpoint)

purpose: reads the fontname at buffpoint and writes the appropriate font number into the RTF stream. This supports the FONTNAME syntax found in direct.cfg and in style.cfg

Definition at line 37 of file direct.c.

References buff, diagnostics(), ERROR, fontname, fprintRTF(), i, MAXFONTLEN, and RtfFontNumber().

Referenced by InsertBasicStyle(), and TryDirectConvert().