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detex.h File Reference
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#define MAXINCLIST   40
#define DEFAULTINPUTS   ".:/usr/local/tex/inputs"
#define CHPATHSEP   ':'
#define MAXINPUTPATHS   10
#define DEFAULTENV   "algorithm,align,array,bmatrix,displaymath,eqnarray,equation,floatfig,floating,longtable,picture,pmatrix,psfrags,pspicture,smallmatrix,smallpmatrix,tabular,tikzpicture,verbatim,vmatrix,wrapfigure"
#define CHENVSEP   ','
#define MAXENVS   25
#define CCHMAXENV   100
#define CHOPT   '-'
#define CHCITEOPT   'c'
#define CHENVOPT   'e'
#define CHLATEXOPT   'l'
#define CHNOFOLLOWOPT   'n'
#define CHSPACEOPT   's'
#define CHTEXOPT   't'
#define CHWORDOPT   'w'
#define CHSRCLOC   '1'
#define CHREPLACE   'r'
#define CHVERSIONOPT   'v'
#define my_ERROR   -1

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#define CCHMAXENV   100

Definition at line 69 of file detex.h.


#define CHCITEOPT   'c'

Definition at line 76 of file detex.h.


#define CHENVOPT   'e'

Definition at line 77 of file detex.h.


#define CHENVSEP   ','

Definition at line 67 of file detex.h.


#define CHLATEXOPT   'l'

Definition at line 78 of file detex.h.


#define CHNOFOLLOWOPT   'n'

Definition at line 79 of file detex.h.


#define CHOPT   '-'

These probably should not be changed

Definition at line 75 of file detex.h.


#define CHPATHSEP   ':'

Definition at line 60 of file detex.h.


#define CHREPLACE   'r'

Definition at line 84 of file detex.h.


#define CHSPACEOPT   's'

Definition at line 80 of file detex.h.


#define CHSRCLOC   '1'

Definition at line 83 of file detex.h.


#define CHTEXOPT   't'

Definition at line 81 of file detex.h.


#define CHVERSIONOPT   'v'

Definition at line 85 of file detex.h.


#define CHWORDOPT   'w'

Definition at line 82 of file detex.h.


#define DEFAULTENV   "algorithm,align,array,bmatrix,displaymath,eqnarray,equation,floatfig,floating,longtable,picture,pmatrix,psfrags,pspicture,smallmatrix,smallpmatrix,tabular,tikzpicture,verbatim,vmatrix,wrapfigure"

Definition at line 66 of file detex.h.


#define DEFAULTINPUTS   ".:/usr/local/tex/inputs"

Definition at line 59 of file detex.h.


#define MAXENVS   25

Definition at line 68 of file detex.h.


#define MAXINCLIST   40

The following parameters should be modified as necessary MAXINCLIST - maximum number of files allowed in an \includeonly list

DEFAULTINPUTS - this should be the same as the default TEXINPUTS CHPATHSEP - the path separator character in TEXINPUTS MAXINPUTPATHS - (arbitrary) number of separate paths in TEXINPUTS

DEFAULTENV - list of LaTeX environments ignored CHENVSEP - the list separator character in the ignore envronment list MAXENVS - maximum number of environments listed in the ignore list CCHMAXENV - maximum count of characters in an environment name (LaTex)

Definition at line 52 of file detex.h.


#define MAXINPUTPATHS   10

Definition at line 64 of file detex.h.

◆ my_ERROR

#define my_ERROR   -1

Definition at line 87 of file detex.h.