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convert.h File Reference
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#define MODE_MATH   4
#define MODE_VERTICAL   6


void SetTexMode (int mode)
int GetTexMode (void)
void ConvertString (char *string)
void ConvertAllttString (char *s)
void Convert ()


char TexModeName [7][25]

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Definition at line 5 of file convert.h.



Definition at line 2 of file convert.h.



Definition at line 1 of file convert.h.


#define MODE_MATH   4

Definition at line 4 of file convert.h.



Definition at line 3 of file convert.h.


#define MODE_VERTICAL   6

Definition at line 6 of file convert.h.

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◆ Convert()

◆ ConvertAllttString()

void ConvertAllttString ( char *  s)

purpose : converts string in TeX-format to Rtf-format according to the alltt environment, which is like verbatim environment except that \, {, and } have their usual meanings

Definition at line 133 of file convert.c.

References CleanStack(), diagnostics(), fprintRTF(), getRawTexChar(), NULL, PopBrace(), PopSource(), PushBrace(), PushLevels(), PushSource(), putRtfChar(), RecursionLevel, ret, s, StillSource(), and TranslateCommand().

Referenced by CmdVerbatim().

◆ ConvertString()

◆ GetTexMode()

◆ SetTexMode()

Variable Documentation

◆ TexModeName

char TexModeName[7][25]

Definition at line 75 of file convert.c.

Referenced by CmdStartParagraph(), and SetTexMode().