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1 #include "gsub-ligature.h"
4  const otfcc_Options *options) {
5  subtable_gsub_ligature *subtable = &(_subtable->gsub_ligature);
8  for (glyphid_t k = 0; k < subtable->length; k++) {
9  if (!GlyphOrder.consolidateHandle(font->glyph_order, &subtable->items[k].to)) {
10  logWarning("[Consolidate] Ignored missing glyph /%s.\n", subtable->items[k].to.name);
11  continue;
12  }
14  Coverage.shrink(subtable->items[k].from, false);
15  if (!subtable->items[k].from->numGlyphs) {
16  logWarning("[Consolidate] Ignoring empty ligature substitution to "
17  "glyph /%s.\n",
18  subtable->items[k].to.name);
19  continue;
20  }
23  .from = subtable->items[k].from, .to = Handle.dup(subtable->items[k].to),
24  }));
25  subtable->items[k].from = NULL;
26  }
27  iSubtable_gsub_ligature.replace(subtable, nt);
28  return (subtable->length == 0);
29 }
#define GlyphOrder
Definition: aglfn.c:2
bool consolidate_gsub_ligature(otfcc_Font *font, table_OTL *table, otl_Subtable *_subtable, const otfcc_Options *options)
Definition: gsub-ligature.c:3
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61
#define logWarning(...)
Definition: aliases.h:14
#define Handle
Definition: aliases.h:45
#define Coverage
Definition: aliases.h:58
Definition: otl.d:20769
int k
Definition: otp-parser.c:70
uint16_t glyphid_t
Definition: primitives.h:14
void fontop_consolidateCoverage(otfcc_Font *font, otl_Coverage *coverage, const otfcc_Options *options)
Definition: common.c:3
Definition: pbmfont.h:11
OWNING sds name
Definition: handle.h:21
glyphid_t numGlyphs
Definition: coverage.h:6
OWNING otfcc_GlyphHandle to
Definition: otl.h:63
OWNING otl_Coverage * from
Definition: otl.h:62
otl_GsubLigatureEntry * items
Definition: otl.d:20767
Definition: otl.h:253
Definition: table.h:30
int nt
Definition: tfmread.c:8
subtable_gsub_ligature gsub_ligature
Definition: otl.h:189