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number::impl::UFormattedNumberRangeData Class Reference

#include <numrange_impl.h>

Inheritance diagram for number::impl::UFormattedNumberRangeData:
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Public Member Functions

 UFormattedNumberRangeData ()
virtual ~UFormattedNumberRangeData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FormattedValueStringBuilderImpl
 FormattedValueStringBuilderImpl (FormattedStringBuilder::Field numericField)
virtual ~FormattedValueStringBuilderImpl ()
UnicodeString toString (UErrorCode &status) const override
UnicodeString toTempString (UErrorCode &status) const override
Appendable & appendTo (Appendable &appendable, UErrorCode &status) const override
UBool nextPosition (ConstrainedFieldPosition &cfpos, UErrorCode &status) const override
UBool nextFieldPosition (FieldPosition &fp, UErrorCode &status) const
void getAllFieldPositions (FieldPositionIteratorHandler &fpih, UErrorCode &status) const
FormattedStringBuildergetStringRef ()
const FormattedStringBuildergetStringRef () const
void appendSpanInfo (int32_t spanValue, int32_t length, UErrorCode &status)
void prependSpanInfo (int32_t spanValue, int32_t length, UErrorCode &status)

Public Attributes

DecimalQuantity quantity1
DecimalQuantity quantity2
UNumberRangeIdentityResult identityResult = UNUM_IDENTITY_RESULT_COUNT

Detailed Description

Class similar to UFormattedNumberData.

Has incomplete magic number logic that will need to be finished if this is to be exposed as C API in the future.

Possible magic number: 0x46445200 Reads in ASCII as "FDR" (FormatteDnumberRange with room at the end)

Definition at line 33 of file numrange_impl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UFormattedNumberRangeData()

number::impl::UFormattedNumberRangeData::UFormattedNumberRangeData ( )

Definition at line 35 of file numrange_impl.h.

◆ ~UFormattedNumberRangeData()

number::impl::UFormattedNumberRangeData::~UFormattedNumberRangeData ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ identityResult

UNumberRangeIdentityResult number::impl::UFormattedNumberRangeData::identityResult = UNUM_IDENTITY_RESULT_COUNT

Definition at line 40 of file numrange_impl.h.

◆ quantity1

DecimalQuantity number::impl::UFormattedNumberRangeData::quantity1

Definition at line 38 of file numrange_impl.h.

◆ quantity2

DecimalQuantity number::impl::UFormattedNumberRangeData::quantity2

Definition at line 39 of file numrange_impl.h.

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