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1 /* cfuncs.h DPL 1997-03-31, 2001-12-22 */
3 #ifndef CFUNCS_H
4 # define CFUNCS_H
6 #define STRINGS_H
7 typedef char Char;
8 typedef void Void;
9 #define Static static
10 #define Local static
11 #define SHORT_MAX 65535
13 # define FileNotFound 10
14 # define FileWriteError 38
15 #ifndef STDIO_H
16 # include <stdio.h>
17 #endif
18 #ifndef CTYPE_H
19 # include <ctype.h>
20 #endif
21 #ifndef STRING_H
22 # include <string.h>
23 #endif
24 #ifndef STDLIB_H
25 # include <stdlib.h>
26 #endif
27 #ifndef _FNSIZE
28 # define _FNSIZE 120
29 #endif
31 typedef unsigned boolean;
32 #define false 0
33 #define true 1
35 extern int _EscIO (int);
36 extern int _EscIO2 (int errorcode, char* filename);
37 extern int _Escape (int);
38 extern int P_eof (FILE *);
39 extern int _SETIO (int, int);
41 extern void PASCAL_MAIN (int, char **);
42 extern int P_argc;
43 extern int P_ioresult;
44 extern char **P_argv;
46 #ifdef CFUNCS_C
47 # define vextern
48 #else
49 # define vextern extern
50 #endif
51 /* String handling primitives. */
53 extern void scan1(char *s, short p, short *n);
54 /* Read an integer at position p of s */
55 extern boolean startsWith(char *s1, char *s2);
56 /* True if s1 starts with s2 */
57 extern short pos1(char c, char *s);
58 extern short posNot(char c, char *s);
59 extern void insertChar(char c, char *s, short p);
60 extern char *substr_(char *Result, char *s, short start, short count);
61 extern void getNum(char *line, short *k);
62 extern void getTwoNums(char *line, short *k1, short *k2);
63 extern void toUpper(char *s);
64 extern void delete1(char *s, short p);
65 extern void predelete(char *s, short l);
66 extern void shorten(char *s, short new_length);
67 extern short strpos2 (char *s1, char *s2, short p);
68 extern short nextWordBound(char *s, char trigger, short p);
70 #undef vextern
72 #endif /*CFUNCS_H*/
#define count(a)
Definition: aptex-macros.h:781
int P_ioresult
Definition: cfuncs.c:6
short posNot(char c, char *s)
Definition: cfuncs.c:50
void delete1(char *s, short p)
Definition: cfuncs.c:35
void insertChar(char c, char *s, short p)
Definition: cfuncs.c:77
char * substr_(char *Result, char *s, short start, short count)
Definition: cfuncs.c:83
int _SETIO(int, int)
Definition: cfuncs.c:13
short strpos2(char *s1, char *s2, short p)
Definition: cfuncs.c:91
void PASCAL_MAIN(int, char **)
Definition: cfuncs.c:23
unsigned boolean
Definition: cfuncs.h:31
void predelete(char *s, short l)
Definition: cfuncs.c:40
char Char
Definition: cfuncs.h:7
void getNum(char *line, short *k)
Definition: cfuncs.c:57
boolean startsWith(char *s1, char *s2)
Definition: cfuncs.c:72
void toUpper(char *s)
Definition: cfuncs.c:68
void shorten(char *s, short new_length)
Definition: cfuncs.c:46
short pos1(char c, char *s)
Definition: cfuncs.c:30
char ** P_argv
Definition: cfuncs.c:5
void getTwoNums(char *line, short *k1, short *k2)
Definition: cfuncs.c:63
int P_argc
Definition: cfuncs.c:4
int P_eof(FILE *)
Definition: cfuncs.c:14
int _EscIO2(int errorcode, char *filename)
Definition: cfuncs.c:7
int _Escape(int)
Definition: cfuncs.c:11
int _EscIO(int)
Definition: cfuncs.c:10
void scan1(char *s, short p, short *n)
Definition: cfuncs.c:26
short nextWordBound(char *s, char trigger, short p)
Definition: cfuncs.c:97
void Void
Definition: cfuncs.h:8
#define n
Definition: t4ht.c:1290
#define s
Definition: afcover.h:80
#define c(n)
Definition: gpos-common.c:150
small capitals from c petite p
Definition: afcover.h:72
int k
Definition: otp-parser.c:70
char * filename[256]
Definition: pbmtopk.c:46
#define k1
Definition: bdf.c:133
#define FILE
Definition: t1stdio.h:34
Definition: t4ht.c:1059
char * s2
Definition: t4ht.c:1062
@ start
Definition: preamble.c:52