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1 #define DIRECT_A 0
2 #define FONT_A 1
3 #define IGNORE_A 2
4 #define STYLE_A 3
5 #define LANGUAGE_A 4
7 #ifndef CFGDIR
8 #define CFGDIR ""
9 #endif
11 #ifndef TRUE
12 #define TRUE 1
13 #define FALSE 0
14 #endif
16 typedef int (*fptr) (const void*, const void*);
18 typedef struct ConfigEntryT
19 {
20  const char *TexCommand;
21  const char *RtfCommand;
24 void ReadLanguage(char *lang);
25 void ConvertBabelName(char *name);
27 void ReadCfg (void);
28 int SearchRtfIndex (const char *theCommand, int WhichArray);
29 char *SearchRtfCmd (const char *theCommand, int WhichArray);
30 ConfigEntryT **CfgStartIterate (int WhichCfg);
31 ConfigEntryT **CfgNext (int WhichCfg, ConfigEntryT **last);
33 void * open_cfg(const char *name, int quit_on_error);
#define name
void * open_cfg(const char *name, int quit_on_error)
Definition: cfg.c:117
void ReadLanguage(char *lang)
Definition: cfg.c:399
void ReadCfg(void)
Definition: cfg.c:278
ConfigEntryT ** CfgStartIterate(int WhichCfg)
Definition: cfg.c:361
struct ConfigEntryT ConfigEntryT
void ConvertBabelName(char *name)
Definition: cfg.c:429
ConfigEntryT ** CfgNext(int WhichCfg, ConfigEntryT **last)
Definition: cfg.c:370
char * SearchRtfCmd(const char *theCommand, int WhichArray)
Definition: cfg.c:344
int SearchRtfIndex(const char *theCommand, int WhichArray)
Definition: cfg.c:329
int(* fptr)(const void *, const void *)
Definition: cfg.h:16
const FcChar8 lang[6]
Definition: fcfreetype.c:56
static int32_t last
Definition: ppagelist.c:29
const char * TexCommand
Definition: cfg.h:20
const char * RtfCommand
Definition: cfg.h:21
return() int(((double) *(font_tbl[cur_fnt].wtbl+(int)(*(font_tbl[cur_fnt].char_wi+(int)(ch - font_tbl[cur_fnt].char_f)% 256)))/(double)(1L<< 20)) *(double) font_tbl[cur_fnt].scale)