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cairo-freelist-private.h File Reference
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#define VG(x)
#define NULL   (void *) 0


void _cairo_freelist_init (cairo_freelist_t *freelist, unsigned nodesize)
void _cairo_freelist_fini (cairo_freelist_t *freelist)
void_cairo_freelist_alloc (cairo_freelist_t *freelist)
void_cairo_freelist_calloc (cairo_freelist_t *freelist)
void _cairo_freelist_free (cairo_freelist_t *freelist, void *node)
void _cairo_freepool_init (cairo_freepool_t *freepool, unsigned nodesize)
void _cairo_freepool_fini (cairo_freepool_t *freepool)
static void _cairo_freepool_reset (cairo_freepool_t *freepool)
void_cairo_freepool_alloc_from_new_pool (cairo_freepool_t *freepool)
static void_cairo_freepool_alloc_from_pool (cairo_freepool_t *freepool)
static void_cairo_freepool_alloc (cairo_freepool_t *freepool)
cairo_status_t _cairo_freepool_alloc_array (cairo_freepool_t *freepool, int count, void **array)
static void _cairo_freepool_free (cairo_freepool_t *freepool, void *ptr)

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#define NULL   (void *) 0

Definition at line 35 of file cairo-freelist-private.h.

◆ VG

#define VG (   x)

Definition at line 31 of file cairo-freelist-private.h.

Function Documentation

◆ _cairo_freelist_alloc()

◆ _cairo_freelist_calloc()

void* _cairo_freelist_calloc ( cairo_freelist_t freelist)

Definition at line 68 of file cairo-freelist.c.

References _cairo_freelist_alloc(), freelist, and memset().

◆ _cairo_freelist_fini()

void _cairo_freelist_fini ( cairo_freelist_t freelist)

Definition at line 36 of file cairo-freelist.c.

References free, freelist, next, and VG.

Referenced by _cairo_xcb_screen_finish(), and _i965_device_destroy().

◆ _cairo_freelist_free()

◆ _cairo_freelist_init()

void _cairo_freelist_init ( cairo_freelist_t freelist,
unsigned  nodesize 

Definition at line 29 of file cairo-freelist.c.

References freelist, and memset().

Referenced by _cairo_drm_i965_device_create(), and _cairo_xcb_screen_get().

◆ _cairo_freepool_alloc()

◆ _cairo_freepool_alloc_array()

◆ _cairo_freepool_alloc_from_new_pool()

◆ _cairo_freepool_alloc_from_pool()

static void* _cairo_freepool_alloc_from_pool ( cairo_freepool_t freepool)

◆ _cairo_freepool_fini()

◆ _cairo_freepool_free()

◆ _cairo_freepool_init()

◆ _cairo_freepool_reset()