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asmfpst.c File Reference
#include "fontforgevw.h"
#include "ttf.h"
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int ClassesMatch (int cnt1, char **classes1, int cnt2, char **classes2)
static char ** classcopy (char **names, int nextclass)
FPSTFPSTGlyphToClass (FPST *fpst)
static int ValidSubs (OTLookup *otl)
static void TreeFree (struct contexttree *tree)
static int TreeLabelState (struct contexttree *tree, int snum)
static OTLookupRuleHasSubsHere (struct fpst_rule *rule, int depth)
static OTLookupRulesAllSameSubsAt (struct contexttree *me, int pos)
static int TreeFollowBranches (SplineFont *sf, struct contexttree *me, int pending_pos)
static struct contexttree_FPST2Tree (FPST *fpst, struct contexttree *parent, int class)
static void FPSTBuildAllClasses (FPST *fpst)
static void FPSTFreeAllClasses (FPST *fpst)
static struct contexttreeFPST2Tree (SplineFont *sf, FPST *fpst)
static struct contexttreeTreeNext (struct contexttree *cur)
int FPSTisMacable (SplineFont *sf, FPST *fpst)
static int IsMarkChar (SplineChar *sc)
static char * GlyphListToNames (SplineChar **classglyphs)
static char * BuildMarkClass (SplineFont *sf)
static char * BuildClassNames (SplineChar **glyphs, uint16 *map, int classnum)
static int FindFormLookupsForScript (SplineFont *sf, uint32 script, OTLookup *lookups[4])
ASMASMFromOpenTypeForms (SplineFont *sf, uint32 script)
static SplineChar ** morx_cg_FigureClasses (SplineChar ***tables, int match_len, int ***classes, int *cc, uint16 **mp, int *gc, FPST *fpst, SplineFont *sf, int ordered)
static ASMASMFromCoverageFPST (SplineFont *sf, FPST *fpst, int ordered)
static void SMSetState (struct asm_state *trans, struct contexttree *cur, int class)
static struct asm_stateAnyActiveSubstrings (struct contexttree *tree, struct contexttree *cur, int class, struct asm_state *trans, int classcnt)
static int FailureTrans (struct asm_state *trans)
static ASMASMFromClassFPST (SplineFont *sf, FPST *fpst, struct contexttree *tree)
ASMASMFromFPST (SplineFont *sf, FPST *fpst, int ordered)

Function Documentation

◆ _FPST2Tree()

◆ AnyActiveSubstrings()

static struct asm_state* AnyActiveSubstrings ( struct contexttree tree,
struct contexttree cur,
int  class,
struct asm_state trans,
int  classcnt 

◆ ASMFromClassFPST()

◆ ASMFromCoverageFPST()


◆ ASMFromOpenTypeForms()

◆ BuildClassNames()

static char* BuildClassNames ( SplineChar **  glyphs,
uint16 map,
int  classnum 

Definition at line 500 of file asmfpst.c.

References glyphs(), i, len, malloc, map, name, NULL, pt, ret, strcpy(), and strlen().

Referenced by ASMFromCoverageFPST().

◆ BuildMarkClass()

static char* BuildMarkClass ( SplineFont sf)

Definition at line 482 of file asmfpst.c.

References free, GlyphListToNames(), i, IsMarkChar(), malloc, NULL, ret, and sc.

Referenced by ASMFromClassFPST().

◆ classcopy()

static char** classcopy ( char **  names,
int  nextclass 

Definition at line 46 of file asmfpst.c.

References copy(), i, malloc, fc-lang::names, NULL, and ret.

Referenced by FPSTGlyphToClass().

◆ ClassesMatch()

int ClassesMatch ( int  cnt1,
char **  classes1,
int  cnt2,
char **  classes2 

Definition at line 34 of file asmfpst.c.

References i, and strcmp().

Referenced by dumpg___ContextChainClass(), and FPST2Tree().

◆ FailureTrans()

static int FailureTrans ( struct asm_state trans)

Definition at line 928 of file asmfpst.c.

References NULL, and trans.

Referenced by ASMFromClassFPST().

◆ FindFormLookupsForScript()

◆ FPST2Tree()

◆ FPSTBuildAllClasses()

static void FPSTBuildAllClasses ( FPST fpst)

◆ FPSTFreeAllClasses()

static void FPSTFreeAllClasses ( FPST fpst)

◆ FPSTGlyphToClass()

◆ FPSTisMacable()

◆ GlyphListToNames()

static char* GlyphListToNames ( SplineChar **  classglyphs)

Definition at line 463 of file asmfpst.c.

References i, len, malloc, name, NULL, pt, ret, strcpy(), and strlen().

Referenced by ASMFromOpenTypeForms(), and BuildMarkClass().

◆ IsMarkChar()

static int IsMarkChar ( SplineChar sc)

Definition at line 451 of file asmfpst.c.

References ap, at_basemark, at_centry, at_cexit, at_mark, NULL, and sc.

Referenced by ASMFromOpenTypeForms(), BuildMarkClass(), and morx_cg_FigureClasses().

◆ morx_cg_FigureClasses()

static SplineChar** morx_cg_FigureClasses ( SplineChar ***  tables,
int  match_len,
int ***  classes,
int cc,
uint16 **  mp,
int gc,
FPST fpst,
SplineFont sf,
int  ordered 

◆ RuleHasSubsHere()

static OTLookup* RuleHasSubsHere ( struct fpst_rule rule,
int  depth 

Definition at line 168 of file asmfpst.c.

References depth, i, j, NULL, and u.

Referenced by RulesAllSameSubsAt(), and TreeFollowBranches().

◆ RulesAllSameSubsAt()

static OTLookup* RulesAllSameSubsAt ( struct contexttree me,
int  pos 

◆ SMSetState()

static void SMSetState ( struct asm_state trans,
struct contexttree cur,
int  class 

Definition at line 864 of file asmfpst.c.

References cur, i, NULL, and trans.

Referenced by ASMFromClassFPST().

◆ TreeFollowBranches()

◆ TreeFree()

static void TreeFree ( struct contexttree tree)

◆ TreeLabelState()

static int TreeLabelState ( struct contexttree tree,
int  snum 

◆ TreeNext()

static struct contexttree* TreeNext ( struct contexttree cur)

Definition at line 362 of file asmfpst.c.

References contexttree::branch_cnt, cur, i, NULL, and p.

Referenced by ASMFromClassFPST().

◆ ValidSubs()

static int ValidSubs ( OTLookup otl)

Definition at line 134 of file asmfpst.c.

References gsub_single, and otlookup::lookup_type.

Referenced by FPSTisMacable(), and TreeFollowBranches().