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aptex-utils.h File Reference
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void aptex_utils_get_seconds_and_micros (uint64_t *s, uint64_t *m)
void aptex_utils_init_start_time (void)
char * aptex_utils_get_creation_date (void)
char * aptex_utils_get_file_mod_date (char *file_name)
char * aptex_utils_get_file_size (char *file_name)
char * aptex_utils_get_md5_sum (char *file_name, uint32_t file_or_str)
char * aptex_utils_get_file_dump (char *file_name, uint32_t s, uint32_t l)

Function Documentation

◆ aptex_utils_get_creation_date()

char* aptex_utils_get_creation_date ( void  )

◆ aptex_utils_get_file_dump()

char* aptex_utils_get_file_dump ( char *  file_name,
uint32_t  s,
uint32_t  l 

Definition at line 257 of file aptex-utils.c.

References access, calloc(), f, FILE, file_name, fopen, fread, free, fseek, gen_hex_dump(), cutout::l, NULL, R_OK, readable(), s, SEEK_SET, and stat().

Referenced by get_file_dump().

◆ aptex_utils_get_file_mod_date()

char* aptex_utils_get_file_mod_date ( char *  file_name)

Definition at line 171 of file aptex-utils.c.

References file_name, make_asn1_date(), stat(), and time_str.

Referenced by get_file_mod_date().

◆ aptex_utils_get_file_size()

char* aptex_utils_get_file_size ( char *  file_name)

Definition at line 183 of file aptex-utils.c.

References calloc(), file_name, NULL, snprintf, and stat().

Referenced by get_file_size().

◆ aptex_utils_get_md5_sum()

char* aptex_utils_get_md5_sum ( char *  file_name,
uint32_t  file_or_str 

Definition at line 219 of file aptex-utils.c.

References digest(), f, fclose, FILE, file_name, fopen, fread, gen_hex_dump(), md5_append(), md5_finish(), md5_init(), NULL, state, and strlen().

Referenced by get_md5_sum().

◆ aptex_utils_get_seconds_and_micros()

void aptex_utils_get_seconds_and_micros ( uint64_t s,
uint64_t m 

Definition at line 38 of file aptex-utils.c.

References m, NULL, s, and uint64_t.

Referenced by do_extension(), get_microinterval(), and initialize().

◆ aptex_utils_init_start_time()