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aptex-src.c File Reference
#include "aptex.h"
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struct  pdf_dev_setting
struct  pdf_enc_setting
struct  pdf_obj_setting
struct  pdf_setting
struct  pdf_rect
struct  MD5_CONTEXT


#define MAXSPLITS   3
#define safe_free(a)
#define ARGUMENT_IS(a)   !strcmp(long_options[option_idx].name, a)
#define XXHi(x)   BYTE1(x)
#define Hi(x)   BYTE3(x)
#define Lo(x)   BYTE4(x)
#define nrestmultichr(x)   ((x) != 0 ? ((x) / 8) + 2 - ((x) % 8) : -1)
#define NUCS_RANGE   (sizeof(ucs_range)/sizeof(ucs_range[0]))
#define FULLWIDTH_DIGIT_0   0xFF10
#define FULLWIDTH_DIGIT_9   0xFF19
#define FULLWIDTH_SMALL_A   0xFF41
#define _double(f)   f = f + f
#define next_random()
#define default_rule   26214
#define save_cur_string()
#define restore_cur_string()
#define scan_pdf_ext_toks()
#define PDF_VERSION_MIN   13
#define PDF_VERSION_MAX   20
#define ng_stat(a)   (int)(aptex_env.trace_realloc ? current_##a : a)
#define mem_size   (mem_end + 1 - mem_min)
#define SYNCTEX_NOERR   0
#define SYNCTEX_NO_ERROR   0
#define synctex_free(x)   free(x)
#define SYNCTEX_OUTPUT   "pdf"
#define synctex_writer   (*synctex_printf)
#define SYNCTEX_IGNORE(NODE)   synctex_flag_off || !synctex || !synctex_file
#define SYNCTEX_IGNORE(NODE)   (synctex_flag_off || !synctex || !synctex_file)


typedef struct pdf_rect pdf_rect
typedef signed long spt_t
typedef void(* synctex_recorder_t) (pointer)
typedef int(* synctex_writer_t) (void *, char *,...)


static void aptex_utils_exit (int unix_code)
static void print_aptex_usage (void)
static void print_aptex_version (void)
static void scivilize (char *date)
static void print_aptex_info (void)
static void print_aptex_time (clock_t inter_val)
static void aptex_trace (char *fmt_str,...)
static void aptex_memory_error (char *s, int n)
static void aptex_memory_trace (char *s, int n)
static void aptex_memory_update_statistics (intptr_t address, int size, int old_size)
static void aptex_memory_probe (void)
static size_t roundup (size_t n)
static boolean prime (int x)
static int allocate_tries (int trie_max)
static int realloc_hyphen (int hyphen_prime)
static memory_wordallocate_mem (int size)
static memory_wordrealloc_mem (int lo_size, int hi_size)
static memory_wordrealloc_font_info (int size)
static packed_ASCII_coderealloc_str_pool (int size)
static pool_pointerrealloc_str_start (int size)
static int allocate_ini (int size)
static memory_wordrealloc_save_stack (int size)
static in_state_recordrealloc_input_stack (int size)
static list_state_recordrealloc_nest_stack (int size)
static halfwordrealloc_param_stack (int size)
static ASCII_coderealloc_buffer (int size)
static void aptex_memory_init (void)
static void aptex_memory_free (void)
static void aptex_commands_init (int ac, char **av)
static void catch_interrupt (int err)
static void aptex_set_signal (void)
static int aptex_program (void)
void aptex_run (int argc, char **argv)
static integer aptex_utils_round (real r)
static boolean is_char_ascii (integer c)
static boolean is_char_kanji (integer c)
static boolean check_kanji (integer c)
static boolean ismultiprn (integer c)
static integer calc_pos (integer c)
static int binary_search (long x, long *a, int left, int right)
static integer kcatcodekey (integer c)
static integer multilenbuffchar (integer c)
static void init_default_kanji (const_string file_str, const_string internal_str)
static char * mbcs_utf8 (char *mbcs_str)
static char * utf8_mbcs (char *utf8_str)
static void t_open_in (void)
static boolean input_ln (alpha_file f, boolean bypass_eoln)
static boolean a_open_input (alpha_file *f)
static boolean b_open_input (byte_file *f)
static boolean w_open_input (word_file *f)
static void a_close (alpha_file f)
static void b_close (byte_file f)
static void w_close (word_file f)
static boolean a_open_output (alpha_file *f)
static boolean b_open_output (byte_file *f)
static boolean w_open_output (word_file *f)
static str_number load_pool_strings (integer spare_size)
static str_number make_str_string (char *s)
static str_number get_job_name (str_number job)
static char * take_str_string (str_number s)
static void reset_trie (void)
static boolean get_strings_started (void)
static void init_prim (void)
static void store_fmt_file (void)
static boolean str_eq_str (str_number s, str_number t)
static pointer prim_lookup (str_number s)
static void primitive_ (str_number s, quarterword c, halfword o)
static void fix_date_and_time (void)
static int aptex_dump_put (void *out_file, void *p, int item_size)
static int aptex_dump_get (void *in_file, void *p, int item_size)
static void dump_int (integer x)
static void dump_hh (two_halves x)
static void dump_wd (memory_word x)
static void do_initex (void)
static void initialize (void)
static boolean load_fmt_file (void)
static void final_cleanup (void)
static void init_randoms (integer seed)
static void add_variable_space (int size)
static void reset_hyphen (void)
static void sort_avail (void)
static trie_op_code new_trie_op (small_number d, small_number n, trie_op_code v)
static trie_pointer trie_node (trie_pointer p)
static trie_pointer compress_trie (trie_pointer p)
static void first_fit (trie_pointer p)
static void trie_pack (trie_pointer p)
static void trie_fix (trie_pointer p)
void new_patterns (void)
void init_trie (void)
void print_ln (void)
void print_char (ASCII_code s)
void print_ (integer s)
void prints_ (char *s)
void slow_print (integer s)
void print_nl (char *s)
void print_esc (char *s)
void sprint_esc (str_number s)
static void print_the_digs (eight_bits k)
void print_int (integer n)
static void print_cs (integer p)
static void sprint_cs (pointer p)
void print_file_name (integer n, integer a, integer e)
static void print_size (integer s)
static void print_write_whatsit (char *s, pointer p)
static void print_sa_num (pointer q)
static void print_dir (eight_bits dir)
static void print_direction_alt (integer d)
static void print_direction (integer d)
static void print_kansuji (integer n)
void print_kanji (KANJI_code s)
void jump_out (void)
void error (void)
static void fatal_error (char *s)
void overflow (char *s, integer n)
static void confusion (char *s)
boolean init_terminal (void)
str_number make_string (void)
static boolean str_eq_buf (str_number s, integer k)
static void print_two (integer n)
static integer halfp (integer x)
static integer make_frac (integer p, integer q)
static integer take_frac (integer q, integer f)
static integer m_log (integer x)
static integer ab_vs_cd (integer a, integer b, integer c, integer d)
static void new_randoms ()
static integer unif_rand (integer x)
static integer norm_rand ()
static void print_hex (integer n)
static void print_roman_int (integer n)
static void print_current_string (void)
void term_input (void)
static void int_error (integer n)
void normalize_selector (void)
void pause_for_instructions (void)
static integer half (integer x)
static scaled round_decimals (small_number k)
void print_scaled (scaled s)
static scaled mult_and_add (integer n, scaled x, scaled y, scaled max_answer)
static scaled x_over_n (scaled x, integer n)
static scaled xn_over_d (scaled x, integer n, integer d)
static halfword badness (scaled t, scaled s)
static void print_word (memory_word w)
void show_token_list (integer p, integer q, integer l)
static void runaway (void)
pointer get_avail (void)
void flush_list (pointer p)
pointer get_node (integer s)
void free_node (pointer p, halfword s)
static pointer new_null_box (void)
static pointer new_rule (void)
static pointer new_ligature (quarterword f, quarterword c, pointer q)
static pointer new_lig_item (quarterword c)
static pointer new_disc (void)
static pointer new_math (scaled w, small_number s)
static pointer new_spec (pointer p)
static pointer new_param_glue (small_number n)
static pointer new_glue (pointer q)
static pointer new_skip_param (small_number n)
static pointer new_kern (scaled w)
static pointer new_penalty (integer m)
static void short_display (integer p)
static void print_font_and_char (integer p)
static void print_mark (integer p)
static void print_rule_dimen (scaled d)
static void print_glue (scaled d, integer order, char *s)
static void print_spec (integer p, char *s)
static void print_fam_and_char (pointer p, small_number t)
static void print_delimiter (pointer p)
static void print_subsidiary_data (pointer p, ASCII_code c)
static void print_style (integer c)
static void print_skip_param (integer n)
void show_node_list (integer p)
void show_box (pointer p)
void delete_token_ref (pointer p)
void delete_glue_ref (pointer p)
void flush_node_list (pointer p)
static pointer copy_node_list (pointer p)
static void print_mode (integer m)
static void push_nest (void)
void pop_nest (void)
static void show_activities (void)
static void print_param (integer n)
void begin_diagnostic (void)
void end_diagnostic (boolean blank_line)
static void print_length_param (integer n)
void print_cmd_chr (quarterword cmd, halfword chr_code)
static void show_eqtb (pointer n)
pointer id_lookup (integer j, integer l)
static void new_save_level (group_code c)
static void eq_destroy (memory_word w)
static void eq_save (pointer p, quarterword l)
static void eq_define (pointer p, quarterword t, halfword e)
static void eq_word_define (pointer p, integer w)
static void geq_define (pointer p, quarterword t, halfword e)
static void geq_word_define (pointer p, integer w)
static void save_for_after (halfword t)
static void restore_trace (pointer p, char *s)
void assign_trace (pointer p, char *s)
static void unsave (void)
static void prepare_mag (void)
static void token_show (pointer p)
static void print_meaning (void)
static void show_cur_cmd_chr (void)
void show_context (void)
void begin_token_list (pointer p, quarterword t)
void end_token_list (void)
void back_input (void)
void back_error (void)
static void ins_error (void)
void begin_file_reading (void)
void end_file_reading (void)
void clear_for_error_prompt (void)
static void check_outer_validity (void)
static void firm_up_the_line (void)
void get_token (void)
static void macro_call (void)
static void insert_relax (void)
static void expand (void)
void get_x_token (void)
void x_token (void)
void scan_left_brace (void)
static void scan_optional_equals (void)
static boolean scan_keyword (char *s)
static void mu_error (void)
static void scan_eight_bit_int (void)
void scan_ascii_num (void)
void scan_char_num (void)
void scan_four_bit_int (void)
void scan_four_bit_int_or_18 (void)
void scan_fifteen_bit_int (void)
static void scan_twenty_seven_bit_int (void)
void scan_font_ident (void)
void find_font_dimen (boolean writing)
static void scan_something_internal (small_number level, boolean negative)
void get_next (void)
void scan_int (void)
void scan_dimen (boolean mu, boolean inf, boolean shortcut)
void scan_glue (small_number level)
static pointer scan_rule_spec (void)
static pointer str_toks_cat (pool_pointer b, uint32_t cat)
static pointer str_toks (pool_pointer b)
static pointer the_toks (void)
void ins_the_toks (void)
static char * aptex_find_file (str_number s)
static void get_creation_date ()
static void get_file_mod_date (str_number s)
static void get_file_size (str_number s)
static void get_md5_sum (str_number s, boolean f)
static void get_file_dump (str_number s, integer i, integer j)
void conv_toks (void)
pointer scan_toks (boolean macro_def, boolean xpand)
void read_toks (integer n, pointer r, halfword j)
void pass_text (void)
static void change_if_limit (small_number l, pointer p)
void conditional (void)
static void begin_name (void)
static boolean more_name (ASCII_code c)
static void end_name (void)
void pack_file_name (str_number n, str_number a, str_number e)
static void pack_buffered_name (small_number n, integer a, integer b)
static str_number make_name_string (void)
static str_number a_make_name_string (alpha_file f)
str_number b_make_name_string (byte_file f)
str_number w_make_name_string (word_file f)
static void scan_file_name_braced (void)
static void scan_file_name (void)
void pack_job_name_ (str_number s)
void prompt_file_name_ (char *s, str_number e)
void open_log_file (void)
void start_input (void)
static internal_font_number read_font_info (pointer u, str_number nom, str_number aire, scaled s)
static void char_warning (internal_font_number f, eight_bits c)
static pointer new_character (internal_font_number f, eight_bits c)
void dvi_swap (void)
static void dvi_four (integer x)
static void dvi_pop (integer l)
void movement (scaled w, eight_bits o)
void prune_movements (integer l)
void pdf_init_fontmaps (void)
void pdf_close_fontmaps (void)
int pdf_load_fontmap_file (char *filename, int map_mode)
void pdf_open_document (char *filename, char *creator, unsigned char *id1, unsigned char *id2, struct pdf_setting settings)
void pdf_close_document (void)
void pdf_doc_begin_page (double scale, double x_origin, double y_origin)
void pdf_doc_end_page (void)
void pdf_doc_set_mediabox (unsigned page_no, pdf_rect *mediabox)
long pdf_output_stats (void)
void graphics_mode (void)
void pdf_dev_set_rule (spt_t xpos, spt_t ypos, spt_t width, spt_t height)
void pdf_dev_set_dirmode (int dir_mode)
void pdf_dev_begin_actualtext (uint16_t *unicodes, int len)
void pdf_dev_end_actualtext (void)
int spc_exec_at_begin_document (void)
void spc_exec_at_end_document (void)
int spc_exec_at_begin_page (void)
int spc_exec_at_end_page (void)
int spc_exec_special (char *buffer, long size, double x_user, double y_user, double dpx_mag, int *is_drawable, pdf_rect *rect)
int dvi_locate_font (char *tfm_name, spt_t ptsize)
int dvi_locate_native_font (char *filename, uint32_t fidx, spt_t ptsize, int layout_dir, int extend, int slant, int embolden)
void ng_set (int32_t ch, int ng_font_id, int32_t h, int32_t v)
void ng_gid (uint16_t gid, int ng_font_id, int32_t h, int32_t v)
void ng_layer (uint16_t gid, int ng_font_id, int32_t h, int32_t v, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b)
void spc_moveto (int32_t, int32_t)
int dpx_util_format_asn_date (char *, int)
void MD5_init (MD5_CONTEXT *)
void MD5_write (MD5_CONTEXT *, unsigned char *, unsigned int)
void MD5_final (unsigned char *, MD5_CONTEXT *)
static void dpx_compute_id_string (unsigned char *id, char *producer, char *dvi_file_name, char *pdf_file_name)
static char * area_split_name (char *s)
static char * area_split_gsub (char *s)
static uint32_t area_split_index (char *s)
static char * area_split_script (char *s)
static char * area_split_lang (char *s)
static void analysis_color_glyph (uint16_t idx, int32_t c, internal_font_number f, scaled h, scaled v)
static void pdf_locate_font (internal_font_number f)
static void pdf_char_out (internal_font_number f, ASCII_code c)
static scaled adjust_glyph_pos (scaled gw0, scaled gw1, scaled gw2, scaled gw3)
static void pdf_kanji_out (internal_font_number f, KANJI_code c)
void pdf_rule_out (scaled rule_wd, scaled rule_ht)
static void aptex_dpx_init_page (scaled page_wd, scaled page_ht)
static void aptex_dpx_bop (integer page_no, scaled page_wd, scaled page_ht, scaled page_ho, scaled page_vo)
static void aptex_dpx_eop (void)
static void dvi_font_def (internal_font_number f)
static void ship_out (pointer p)
static void synch_dir (void)
void hlist_out (void)
void vlist_out (void)
void dir_out (void)
static void special_out (pointer p)
static void write_out (pointer p)
void out_what (pointer p)
static void scan_spec (group_code c, boolean three_codes)
static pointer hpack (pointer p, scaled w, small_number m)
static pointer vpackage (pointer p, scaled h, small_number m, scaled l)
static void append_to_vlist (pointer b)
static pointer new_noad (void)
static pointer new_style (small_number s)
static pointer new_choice (void)
void show_info (void)
static pointer fraction_rule (scaled t)
static pointer overbar (pointer b, scaled k, scaled t)
static pointer char_box (internal_font_number f, quarterword c)
static void stack_into_box (pointer b, internal_font_number f, quarterword c)
static scaled height_plus_depth (internal_font_number f, quarterword c)
static pointer var_delimiter (pointer d, small_number s, scaled v)
static pointer rebox (pointer b, scaled w)
static pointer math_glue (pointer g, scaled m)
static void math_kern (pointer p, scaled m)
static void flush_math (void)
static pointer shift_sub_exp_box (pointer q)
static pointer clean_box (pointer p, small_number s, halfword jc)
static void fetch (pointer a)
static void make_over (pointer q)
static void make_under (pointer q)
static void make_vcenter (pointer q)
static void make_radical (pointer q)
static void make_math_accent (pointer q)
static void make_fraction (pointer q)
static scaled make_op (pointer q)
static void make_ord (pointer q)
static void make_scripts (pointer q, scaled delta)
static small_number make_left_right (pointer q, small_number style, scaled max_d, scaled max_h)
void mlist_to_hlist (void)
static void push_alignment (void)
static void pop_alignment (void)
static void get_preamble_token (void)
static void init_align (void)
static void init_span (pointer p)
static void init_row (void)
static void init_col (void)
static void fin_row (void)
static void fin_align (void)
static boolean fin_col (void)
void align_peek (void)
static void line_break (boolean d)
pointer finite_shrink (pointer p)
void try_break (integer pi, small_number break_type)
void post_line_break (boolean d)
static small_number reconstitute (small_number j, small_number n, halfword bchar, halfword hchar)
void hyphenate (void)
void new_hyph_exceptions (void)
static pointer prune_page_top (pointer p, boolean s)
static pointer vert_break (pointer p, scaled h, scaled d)
static pointer vsplit (halfword n, scaled h)
void print_totals (void)
static void freeze_page_specs (small_number s)
static void box_error (eight_bits n)
static void ensure_vbox (eight_bits n)
static void fire_up (pointer c)
void build_page (void)
static void app_space (void)
static void insert_dollar_sign (void)
static void you_cant (void)
static void report_illegal_case (void)
static boolean privileged (void)
static boolean its_all_over (void)
static void append_glue (void)
static void append_kern (void)
static void off_save (void)
static void extra_right_brace (void)
void normal_paragraph (void)
static void box_end (integer box_context)
static void begin_box (integer box_context)
void scan_box (integer box_context)
static small_number norm_min (integer h)
static void new_graf (boolean indented)
static void indent_in_hmode (void)
static void head_for_vmode (void)
static void end_graf (void)
static void begin_insert_or_adjust (void)
static void make_mark (void)
static void append_penalty (void)
static void delete_last (void)
static void unpackage (void)
static void append_italic_correction (void)
static void append_discretionary (void)
static void build_discretionary (void)
static void make_accent (void)
static void align_error (void)
static void no_align_error (void)
static void omit_error (void)
static void do_endv (void)
static void cs_error (void)
static void push_math (group_code c)
static void init_math (void)
static void start_eq_no (void)
static void scan_math (pointer p, pointer q)
static void set_math_char (integer c)
static void math_limit_switch (void)
static void scan_delimiter (pointer p, boolean r)
static void math_radical (void)
static void math_ac (void)
static void append_choices (void)
static pointer fin_mlist (pointer p)
static void build_choices (void)
static void sub_sup (void)
static void package (small_number c)
static void math_fraction (void)
static void math_left_right (void)
static void after_math (void)
static void prefixed_command (void)
void resume_after_display (void)
void get_r_token (void)
void trap_zero_glue (void)
void do_register_command (small_number a)
void alter_aux (void)
void alter_prev_graf (void)
void alter_page_so_far (void)
void alter_integer (void)
void alter_box_dimen (void)
void new_font (small_number a)
void new_interaction (void)
void do_assignments (void)
static void open_or_close_in (void)
static void issue_message (void)
static void shift_case (void)
static void show_whatever (void)
static void new_whatsit (small_number s, small_number w)
static void new_write_whatsit (small_number w)
static void do_extension (void)
static void fix_language (void)
static void handle_right_brace (void)
void main_control (void)
void give_err_help (void)
boolean open_fmt_file (void)
void close_files_and_terminate (void)
pointer new_dir_node (pointer b, eight_bits dir)
eight_bits get_jfm_pos (KANJI_code kcode, internal_font_number f)
pointer get_inhibit_pos (KANJI_code c, small_number n)
pointer get_kinsoku_pos (KANJI_code c, small_number n)
boolean check_box (pointer box_p)
void adjust_hlist (pointer p, boolean pf)
void set_math_kchar (integer c)
void change_page_direction (halfword d)
boolean check_kcat_code (integer ct)
boolean check_echar_range (integer c)
boolean eTeX_enabled (boolean b, quarterword j, halfword k)
static void print_group (boolean e)
void group_trace (boolean e)
void show_save_groups (void)
void scan_general_text (void)
pointer new_edge (small_number s, scaled w)
pointer reverse (pointer this_box, pointer t, scaled cur_g, real cur_glue)
pointer new_segment (small_number s, pointer f)
void just_copy (pointer p, pointer h, pointer t)
void just_reverse (pointer p)
void app_display (pointer j, pointer b, scaled d)
void pseudo_start (void)
boolean pseudo_input (void)
void pseudo_close (void)
void get_x_or_protected (void)
void group_warning (void)
void if_warning (void)
void file_warning (void)
void scan_expr (void)
void scan_normal_glue (void)
void scan_mu_glue (void)
integer add_or_sub (integer x, integer y, integer max_answer, boolean negative)
integer quotient (integer n, integer d)
integer fract (integer x, integer n, integer d, integer max_answer)
void scan_register_num (void)
void new_index (quarterword i, pointer q)
void find_sa_element (small_number t, halfword n, boolean w)
void delete_sa_ref (pointer q)
void show_sa (pointer p, char *s)
boolean do_marks (small_number a, small_number l, pointer q)
void sa_save (pointer p)
void sa_destroy (pointer p)
void sa_def (pointer p, halfword e)
void sa_w_def (pointer p, integer w)
void gsa_def (pointer p, halfword e)
void gsa_w_def (pointer p, integer w)
void sa_restore (void)
static int synctex_record_preamble (void)
static int synctex_record_input (integer tag, char *fname)
static int synctex_record_postamble (void)
static int synctex_record_content (void)
static int synctex_record_settings (void)
static int synctex_record_sheet (integer sheet)
static int synctex_record_teehs (integer sheet)
static void synctex_record_vlist (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_tsilv (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_void_vlist (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_hlist (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_tsilh (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_void_hlist (pointer p)
static void synctex_math_recorder (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_glue (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_kern (pointer p)
static void synctex_record_rule (pointer p)
static void synctex_kern_recorder (pointer p)
static void synctex_char_recorder (pointer p)
static void synctex_node_recorder (pointer p)
static int synctex_record_anchor (void)
static int synctex_record_count (void)
void synctex_init (void)
static void synctex_abort (void)
static voidsynctex_dot_open (void)
static voidsynctex_prepare_content (void)
void synctex_start_input (void)
void synctex_terminate (void)
void synctex_sheet (integer sync_mag)
void synctex_teehs (void)
void synctex_vlist (pointer this_box)
void synctex_tsilv (pointer this_box)
void synctex_void_vlist (halfword p, halfword this_box)
void synctex_hlist (halfword this_box)
void synctex_tsilh (halfword this_box)
void synctex_void_hlist (halfword p, halfword this_box)
void synctex_math (halfword p, halfword this_box)
void synctex_horizontal_rule_or_glue (halfword p, halfword this_box)
void synctex_kern (halfword p, halfword this_box)
void synctex_char (halfword p, halfword this_box)
void synctex_node (halfword p, halfword this_box)
void synctex_current (void)


static int mem_initex
static int new_hyphen_prime
static char * format_name
static int lbs_pass_fst
static int lbs_pass_snd
static int lbs_pass_fin
static int lbs_sing_line
static int hps_underfull
static int hps_overfull
static int vps_underfull
static int vps_overfull
static char * compiler = "Unknown"
static char * dist = "Unknown"
static char * banner = "This is Asiatic pTeX, Version 3.141592653"
static int percent_grow = 62
static intptr_t total_allocated = 0
static intptr_t max_address = 0
static int current_prime = 0
static long ucs_range []
static char * pool_file_arr []
static integer BEGINFMTCHECKSUM = 367403084
static integer ENDFMTCHECKSUM = 69069
static double sp2bp = 0.000015202
static int font_id [65536]
static OTFfont_ot [65536]
static char * font_script [65536]
static char * font_lang [65536]
static char * font_gsub [65536]
static FT_Face font_face [65536]
static ot_tbl_colrfont_colr [65536]
static ot_tbl_cpalfont_cpal [65536]
static FT_Library font_ftlib
static char * output_pdf_name
static char * output_dvi_name
synctex_recorder_t synctex_recorder
synctex_writer_t synctex_printf
static char * synctex_busy_name
static char * synctex_root_name
static char * synctex_suffix = ".synctex"
static char * synctex_suffix_gz = ".gz"
static char * synctex_suffix_busy = "(busy)"
static integer synctex_pointer = 0
static integer synctex_h = 0
static integer synctex_v = 0
static integer synctex_count = 0
static integer synctex_cur_tag = 0
static integer synctex_cur_line = 0
static integer synctex_mag = 0
static integer synctex_unit = 0
static voidsynctex_file = NULL
static integer synctex_total_length = 0
static boolean synctex_flag_read = false
static boolean synctex_flag_ready = false
static boolean synctex_flag_off = false
static boolean synctex_flag_flate = false
static boolean synctex_flag_shipable = false
static boolean synctex_flag_warn = false
static boolean synctex_flag_quoted = false
static boolean synctex_flag_redir = false

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ _double

#define _double (   f)    f = f + f

Definition at line 7850 of file aptex-src.c.


#define ARGUMENT_IS (   a)    !strcmp(long_options[option_idx].name, a)



Definition at line 1638 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ default_rule

#define default_rule   26214

Definition at line 17426 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2056 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2066 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2067 of file aptex-src.c.


#define FULLWIDTH_DIGIT_0   0xFF10

Definition at line 2064 of file aptex-src.c.


#define FULLWIDTH_DIGIT_9   0xFF19

Definition at line 2065 of file aptex-src.c.


#define FULLWIDTH_SMALL_A   0xFF41

Definition at line 2068 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2069 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2072 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2073 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2071 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2070 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ Hi

#define Hi (   x)    BYTE3(x)

Definition at line 1635 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2058 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2059 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2060 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2061 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2062 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2063 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ Lo

#define Lo (   x)    BYTE4(x)

Definition at line 1636 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 2057 of file aptex-src.c.


#define MAXSPLITS   3

Definition at line 226 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ mem_size

#define mem_size   (mem_end + 1 - mem_min)

Definition at line 36092 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ next_random

#define next_random ( )
do { \
if (j_random == 0) \
new_randoms(); \
} while (0)
static uint32_t j_random
Definition: aptex.h:336
#define decr(x)
Definition: cpascal.h:91

Definition at line 8117 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ ng_stat

#define ng_stat (   a)    (int)(aptex_env.trace_realloc ? current_##a : a)

Definition at line 36087 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ nrestmultichr

#define nrestmultichr (   x)    ((x) != 0 ? ((x) / 8) + 2 - ((x) % 8) : -1)

Definition at line 1637 of file aptex-src.c.


#define NUCS_RANGE   (sizeof(ucs_range)/sizeof(ucs_range[0]))

Definition at line 2036 of file aptex-src.c.


#define PDF_VERSION_MAX   20

Definition at line 20580 of file aptex-src.c.


#define PDF_VERSION_MIN   13

Definition at line 20579 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ restore_cur_string

#define restore_cur_string ( )
do { \
if (u != 0) \
decr(str_ptr); \
} while (0)
StrNumber_T str_ptr
Definition: stringpool.c:63
small capitals from c petite p scientific f u
Definition: afcover.h:88

Definition at line 17631 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ safe_free

#define safe_free (   a)
do { \
if (a != NULL) \
free(a); \
a = NULL; \
} while (0)
#define a(n)
Definition: gpos-common.c:148
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61

◆ save_cur_string

#define save_cur_string ( )
do { \
u = make_string(); \
else \
u = 0; \
} while (0)
str_number make_string(void)
Definition: aptex-src.c:7761
PoolPointer_T pool_ptr
PoolPointer_T * str_start

Definition at line 17623 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ scan_pdf_ext_toks

#define scan_pdf_ext_toks ( )
do { \
scan_toks(false, true); \
} while (0)

Definition at line 17637 of file aptex-src.c.


((0 == synctex_pointer)\
#define sync_tag(a)
Definition: aptex-macros.h:179
#define sync_line(a)
Definition: aptex-macros.h:180
static integer synctex_pointer
Definition: aptex-src.c:39466
static integer synctex_cur_line
Definition: aptex-src.c:39471
static integer synctex_cur_tag
Definition: aptex-src.c:39470
#define TYPE
Definition: fits_sint.c:26
Definition: mkind.h:403

Definition at line 40057 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ synctex_free

#define synctex_free (   x)    free(x)

Definition at line 39427 of file aptex-src.c.


#define SYNCTEX_IGNORE (   NODE)    synctex_flag_off || !synctex || !synctex_file

Definition at line 40202 of file aptex-src.c.


|| (synctex_count > 2000)
#define synctex
Definition: aptex-macros.h:858
static boolean synctex_flag_off
Definition: aptex-src.c:39478
static integer synctex_count
Definition: aptex-src.c:39469
static void * synctex_file
Definition: aptex-src.c:39474

Definition at line 40202 of file aptex-src.c.


#define SYNCTEX_IGNORE (   NODE)    (synctex_flag_off || !synctex || !synctex_file)

Definition at line 40202 of file aptex-src.c.


|| (0 >= sync_tag(NODE + TYPE)) \
|| (0 >= sync_line(NODE + TYPE))

Definition at line 40202 of file aptex-src.c.


|| (0 >= sync_tag(NODE + TYPE)) \
|| (0 >= sync_line(NODE + TYPE))

Definition at line 40053 of file aptex-src.c.


#define SYNCTEX_NO_ERROR   0

Definition at line 39426 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 39425 of file aptex-src.c.


#define SYNCTEX_NOERR   0

Definition at line 39424 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 39429 of file aptex-src.c.


#define SYNCTEX_OUTPUT   "pdf"

Definition at line 39428 of file aptex-src.c.



Definition at line 39423 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ synctex_writer

#define synctex_writer   (*synctex_printf)

Definition at line 39458 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ XXHi

#define XXHi (   x)    BYTE1(x)

Definition at line 1634 of file aptex-src.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ pdf_rect

typedef struct pdf_rect pdf_rect

◆ spt_t

typedef signed long spt_t

Definition at line 20572 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ synctex_recorder_t

typedef void(* synctex_recorder_t) (pointer)

Definition at line 39454 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ synctex_writer_t

typedef int(* synctex_writer_t) (void *, char *,...)

Definition at line 39455 of file aptex-src.c.

Function Documentation

◆ a_close()

static void a_close ( alpha_file  f)

Definition at line 2417 of file aptex-src.c.

References f, fclose, and pclose.

Referenced by close_files_and_terminate(), end_file_reading(), open_or_close_in(), out_what(), and read_toks().

◆ a_make_name_string()

static str_number a_make_name_string ( alpha_file  f)

Definition at line 19316 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ a_open_input()

static boolean a_open_input ( alpha_file f)

◆ a_open_output()

static boolean a_open_output ( alpha_file f)

Definition at line 2446 of file aptex-src.c.

References calloc(), f, fopen, free, name_length, name_of_file, NULL, strncpy(), and utf8_mbcs().

◆ ab_vs_cd()

static integer ab_vs_cd ( integer  a,
integer  b,
integer  c,
integer  d 

Definition at line 8040 of file aptex-src.c.

References a, b, c, d, get_microinterval(), negate, q, and r.

Referenced by norm_rand().

◆ add_or_sub()

integer add_or_sub ( integer  x,
integer  y,
integer  max_answer,
boolean  negative 

Definition at line 38669 of file aptex-src.c.

References a, negate, num_error, cordic::x, and y.

◆ add_variable_space()

static void add_variable_space ( int  size)

Definition at line 5091 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_env, empty_flag, info, link, llink, mem_min, mem_start, p, q, rlink, rover, size, and t.

Referenced by get_node().

◆ adjust_glyph_pos()

static scaled adjust_glyph_pos ( scaled  gw0,
scaled  gw1,
scaled  gw2,
scaled  gw3 

Definition at line 20824 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by pdf_kanji_out().

◆ adjust_hlist()

◆ after_math()

◆ align_error()

◆ align_peek()

void align_peek ( void  )

Definition at line 26299 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by fin_row(), handle_right_brace(), and init_align().

◆ allocate_ini()

◆ allocate_mem()

◆ allocate_tries()

◆ alter_aux()

void alter_aux ( void  )

Definition at line 33925 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by prefixed_command().

◆ alter_box_dimen()

void alter_box_dimen ( void  )

Definition at line 34023 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by prefixed_command().

◆ alter_integer()

void alter_integer ( void  )

Definition at line 33994 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by prefixed_command().

◆ alter_page_so_far()

void alter_page_so_far ( void  )

Definition at line 33984 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by prefixed_command().

◆ alter_prev_graf()

void alter_prev_graf ( void  )

Definition at line 33957 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by prefixed_command().

◆ analysis_color_glyph()

◆ app_display()

◆ app_space()

◆ append_choices()

static void append_choices ( void  )

◆ append_discretionary()

◆ append_glue()

◆ append_italic_correction()

static void append_italic_correction ( void  )

◆ append_kern()

static void append_kern ( void  )

◆ append_penalty()

static void append_penalty ( void  )

◆ append_to_vlist()

◆ aptex_commands_init()

◆ aptex_dpx_bop()

static void aptex_dpx_bop ( integer  page_no,
scaled  page_wd,
scaled  page_ht,
scaled  page_ho,
scaled  page_vo 

◆ aptex_dpx_eop()

static void aptex_dpx_eop ( void  )

Definition at line 20964 of file aptex-src.c.

References pdf_doc_end_page(), and spc_exec_at_end_page().

Referenced by ship_out().

◆ aptex_dpx_init_page()

static void aptex_dpx_init_page ( scaled  page_wd,
scaled  page_ht 

Definition at line 20939 of file aptex-src.c.

References pdf_rect::llx, pdf_rect::lly, pdf_doc_set_mediabox(), sp2bp, pdf_rect::urx, and pdf_rect::ury.

Referenced by ship_out().

◆ aptex_dump_get()

static int aptex_dump_get ( void in_file,
void p,
int  item_size 

Definition at line 3631 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_env, aptex_utils_exit(), EXIT_FAILURE, fread, gzread(), p, and printf().

◆ aptex_dump_put()

static int aptex_dump_put ( void out_file,
void p,
int  item_size 

Definition at line 3613 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_env, aptex_utils_exit(), EXIT_FAILURE, fwrite(), gzwrite(), out_file, p, and printf().

◆ aptex_find_file()

static char* aptex_find_file ( str_number  s)

Definition at line 17643 of file aptex-src.c.

References free, NULL, s, take_str_string(), and utf8_mbcs().

Referenced by get_file_dump(), get_file_mod_date(), get_file_size(), and get_md5_sum().

◆ aptex_memory_error()

◆ aptex_memory_free()

◆ aptex_memory_init()

◆ aptex_memory_probe()

◆ aptex_memory_trace()

◆ aptex_memory_update_statistics()

◆ aptex_program()

static int aptex_program ( void  )

Definition at line 4777 of file aptex-src.c.

References align_state, aptex_env, assign_int, assign_toks, bad, banner, batch_mode, begin_L_code, begin_R_code, bot_mark_code, buf_size, cat_code, close_files_and_terminate(), club_penalties_loc, convert, cs_token_flag, current_buf_size, current_cjk_token_code, current_group_level_code, current_group_type_code, current_if_branch_code, current_if_level_code, current_if_type_code, current_spacing_mode_code, current_xspacing_mode_code, decr, dimen_val, display_widow_penalties_loc, do_final_end(), dvi_buf_size, end_L_code, end_line_char, end_line_char_inactive, end_R_code, epochseconds, error_line, escape, eTeX_ex, eTeX_expr, eTeX_mode, eTeX_revision_code, eTeX_state_base, eTeX_version_code, every_eof_loc, expand_after, fatal_error_stop, file_name_size, file_offset, final_cleanup(), first, first_mark_code, fix_date_and_time(), fmt_file, font_char_dp_code, font_char_ht_code, font_char_ic_code, font_char_wd_code, font_max, force_eof, format_default_length, format_ident, format_name, get_strings_started(), glue_shrink_code, glue_shrink_order_code, glue_stretch_code, glue_stretch_order_code, glue_to_mu_code, glue_val, grp_stack, half_error_line, hash_prime, hash_size, high_in_open, history, if_cs_code, if_def_code, if_font_char_code, if_in_csname_code, if_stack, if_test, in_open, incr, init_pool_ptr, init_prim(), init_randoms(), init_str_ptr, init_terminal(), initialize(), input_ptr, int_base, int_val, inter_line_penalties_loc, interaction, job_name, kcode_pos, last, last_box_code, last_item, last_line_fit_code, last_node_char_code, last_node_subtype_code, last_node_type_code, left_right, limit, load_fmt_file(), loc, log_opened, magic_offset, main_control(), mark, marks_code, max_buf_stack, max_halfword, max_in_open, max_in_stack, max_param_stack, max_print_line, max_quarterword, max_reg_help_line, max_reg_num, max_strings, mem_bot, mem_max, mem_min, mem_top, memset(), microseconds, middle_noad, min_halfword, min_quarterword, mu_to_glue_code, mu_val, name, name_in_progress, new_line, no_new_control_sequence, no_print, normal, open_fmt_file(), open_parens, ord_noad, output_file_name, par_shape_dimen_code, par_shape_indent_code, par_shape_length_code, param_ptr, pool_ptr, pre_display_direction_code, PRId64, primitive, print_ln(), printf(), prints, random_seed, read_to_cs, ready_already, save_size, saving_hyph_codes_code, saving_vdiscards_code, scanner_status, selector, set_page_int, set_shape, show_groups, show_ifs, show_tokens, slow_print(), split_bot_mark_code, split_first_mark_code, spotless, start, start_input(), str_ptr, str_start, synctex_init(), tally, term_offset, term_only, TeXXeT_code, the, top_bot_mark, top_mark_code, tracing_assigns_code, tracing_groups_code, tracing_ifs_code, tracing_nesting_code, tracing_scan_tokens_code, un_vbox, undefined_control_sequence, update_terminal, valign, vsplit_code, w_close(), warning_index, widow_penalties_loc, and xray.

Referenced by aptex_run().

◆ aptex_run()

◆ aptex_set_signal()

static void aptex_set_signal ( void  )

Definition at line 1514 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_utils_exit(), catch_interrupt(), EXIT_FAILURE, int(), signal(), and void.

Referenced by aptex_run().

◆ aptex_trace()

◆ aptex_utils_exit()

◆ aptex_utils_round()

static integer aptex_utils_round ( real  r)

Definition at line 1618 of file aptex-src.c.

References i, and r.

◆ area_split_gsub()

static char* area_split_gsub ( char *  s)

Definition at line 20656 of file aptex-src.c.

References calloc(), delim1, delim2, NULL, ret, s, strncpy(), and strpbrk().

Referenced by pdf_locate_font().

◆ area_split_index()

static uint32_t area_split_index ( char *  s)

Definition at line 20673 of file aptex-src.c.

References delim1, delim2, NULL, s, strpbrk(), and strtoul().

Referenced by pdf_locate_font().

◆ area_split_lang()

static char* area_split_lang ( char *  s)

Definition at line 20703 of file aptex-src.c.

References calloc(), delim1, delim2, NULL, ret, s, strdup, strncpy(), and strpbrk().

Referenced by pdf_locate_font().

◆ area_split_name()

static char* area_split_name ( char *  s)

Definition at line 20640 of file aptex-src.c.

References calloc(), delim, fname, free, kpse_truetype_format, NULL, ret, s, strncpy(), and strpbrk().

Referenced by pdf_locate_font().

◆ area_split_script()

static char* area_split_script ( char *  s)

Definition at line 20686 of file aptex-src.c.

References calloc(), delim1, delim2, NULL, ret, s, strdup, strncpy(), and strpbrk().

Referenced by pdf_locate_font().

◆ assign_trace()

void assign_trace ( pointer  p,
char *  s 

Definition at line 13483 of file aptex-src.c.

References p, restore_trace(), s, and tracing_assigns.

Referenced by eq_define(), eq_word_define(), geq_define(), and geq_word_define().

◆ b_close()

static void b_close ( byte_file  f)

Definition at line 2430 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_utils_exit(), EXIT_FAILURE, f, fclose, ferror, NULL, and perror().

Referenced by close_files_and_terminate().

◆ b_make_name_string()

str_number b_make_name_string ( byte_file  f)

Definition at line 19322 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by ensure_dvi_open().

◆ b_open_input()

static boolean b_open_input ( byte_file f)

◆ b_open_output()

static boolean b_open_output ( byte_file f)

Definition at line 2466 of file aptex-src.c.

References calloc(), f, fopen, free, name_length, name_of_file, NULL, strncpy(), and utf8_mbcs().

◆ back_error()

◆ back_input()

◆ badness()

static halfword badness ( scaled  t,
scaled  s 

Definition at line 8499 of file aptex-src.c.

References inf_bad, r, s, and t.

Referenced by build_page(), ext_try_break(), hpack(), tex_badness(), try_break(), vert_break(), and vpackage().

◆ begin_box()

◆ begin_diagnostic()

◆ begin_file_reading()

void begin_file_reading ( void  )

Definition at line 14130 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by error(), pseudo_start(), and read_toks().

◆ begin_insert_or_adjust()

◆ begin_name()

static void begin_name ( void  )

Definition at line 19159 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ begin_token_list()

◆ binary_search()

static int binary_search ( long  x,
long *  a,
int  left,
int  right 

Definition at line 2038 of file aptex-src.c.

References a, right, and cordic::x.

Referenced by kcatcodekey().

◆ box_end()

◆ box_error()

static void box_error ( eight_bits  n)

◆ build_choices()

◆ build_discretionary()

◆ build_page()

◆ calc_pos()

static integer calc_pos ( integer  c)

Definition at line 1677 of file aptex-src.c.

References c, c1, c2, Hi, and Lo.

Referenced by get_inhibit_pos(), and get_kinsoku_pos().

◆ catch_interrupt()

static void catch_interrupt ( int  err)

Definition at line 1503 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_utils_exit(), err, EXIT_FAILURE, interrupt, signal(), and void.

Referenced by aptex_set_signal().

◆ change_if_limit()

static void change_if_limit ( small_number  l,
pointer  p 

Definition at line 18600 of file aptex-src.c.

References cond_ptr, confusion(), if_limit, cutout::l, link, p, q, and type.

◆ change_page_direction()

void change_page_direction ( halfword  d)

◆ char_box()

◆ char_warning()

◆ check_box()

◆ check_echar_range()

boolean check_echar_range ( integer  c)

Definition at line 37111 of file aptex-src.c.

References c.

Referenced by main_control(), and make_accent().

◆ check_kanji()

static boolean check_kanji ( integer  c)

Definition at line 1653 of file aptex-src.c.

References c, cs_token_flag, hangul, is_char_kanji(), kanji, and XXHi.

Referenced by expand(), get_next(), shift_case(), show_context(), and show_token_list().

◆ check_kcat_code()

boolean check_kcat_code ( integer  ct)

Definition at line 37103 of file aptex-src.c.

References enable_cjk_token, and kanji.

Referenced by get_next(), read_toks(), and str_toks_cat().

◆ check_outer_validity()

◆ clean_box()

◆ clear_for_error_prompt()

void clear_for_error_prompt ( void  )

Definition at line 14177 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by error().

◆ close_files_and_terminate()

void close_files_and_terminate ( void  )

Definition at line 36094 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by aptex_program(), and jump_out().

◆ compress_trie()

static trie_pointer compress_trie ( trie_pointer  p)

Definition at line 5409 of file aptex-src.c.

References p, trie_l, trie_node(), and trie_r.

Referenced by init_trie().

◆ conditional()

◆ confusion()

◆ conv_toks()

void conv_toks ( void  )

Definition at line 17781 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by expand().

◆ copy_node_list()

◆ cs_error()

static void cs_error ( void  )

Definition at line 31633 of file aptex-src.c.

References error(), help1, print_err(), and print_esc().

Referenced by cs_mark(), and main_control().

◆ delete_glue_ref()

◆ delete_last()

◆ delete_sa_ref()

◆ delete_token_ref()

◆ dir_out()

◆ do_assignments()

void do_assignments ( void  )

Definition at line 34185 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by fin_align(), and make_accent().

◆ do_endv()

◆ do_extension()

◆ do_initex()

static void do_initex ( void  )

Definition at line 3665 of file aptex-src.c.

References active_base, aptex_env, auto_spacing_code, auto_xsp_code, auto_xspacing_code, avail, bchar_label, block_size, box, box_base, box_ref, car_ret, carriage_return, cat_code, cat_code_base, char_base, cint, comment, cs_count, ctype_base, cur_font, cur_font_loc, cur_jfont, cur_jfont_loc, cur_tfont, cur_tfont_loc, data, del_code, del_code_base, depth_base, dimen_base, dir_default, dont_expand, dyn_used, empty_flag, enable_cjk_token_code, end_line_char, end_span, end_template_token, end_write, eq_level, eq_type, eqtb, eqtb_size, equiv, escape, escape_char, eTeX_mode, etex_pen_base, etex_pens, exten_base, fil, fil_glue, fil_neg_glue, fill, fill_glue, fmem_ptr, font_area, font_bc, font_bchar, font_dir, font_dsize, font_ec, font_false_bchar, font_glue, font_info, font_name, font_num_ext, font_params, font_ptr, font_size, format_ident, fromJIS(), frozen_control_sequence, frozen_dont_expand, frozen_primitive, frozen_protection, glue_base, glue_node, glue_ref, glue_ref_count, glue_spec_size, hang_after, hangul, hash_used, height_base, hi_mem_min, hi_mem_stat_min, hi_mem_stat_usage, hyph_root, hyph_start, hyphen_char, hyphenated, i, ignore, ignore_spaces, info, inhibit_xsp_code, inhibit_xsp_type, int_base, int_val, invalid_char, invalid_code, is_internalUPTEX(), italic_base, k, kana, kanji, kansuji_char, kcat_code, kern_base, kinsoku_code, kinsoku_type, last_active, lc_code, letter, level_one, level_zero, lig_kern_base, line_number, link, llink, lo_mem_max, lo_mem_stat_max, local_base, mag, make_str_string(), math_code, math_font_base, max_dead_cycles, max_halfword, max_quarterword, max_reg_help_line, max_reg_num, mem, mem_bot, mem_end, mem_top, node_size, non_address, non_char, normal, not_cjk, null_code, null_font, omit_template, other_char, other_kchar, outer_call, output_routine_loc, page_head, page_ins_head, par_shape_loc, par_shape_ptr, param_base, pdf_compress_level, pdf_major_version, pdf_minor_version, prim_size, prim_used, reset_trie(), rlink, rover, sa_root, script_baseline_shift_factor, scriptscript_baseline_shift_factor, sf_code, shape_ref, shrink, shrink_order, skew_char, spacer, split_up, ss_glue, stretch, stretch_order, subtype, text, text_baseline_shift_factor, toDVI(), tok_val, toks_base, tolerance, type, uc_code, undefined_control_sequence, undefined_cs, unity, var_code, var_used, width_base, and zero_glue.

Referenced by initialize().

◆ do_marks()

◆ do_register_command()

◆ dpx_compute_id_string()

static void dpx_compute_id_string ( unsigned char *  id,
char *  producer,
char *  dvi_file_name,
char *  pdf_file_name 

Definition at line 20613 of file aptex-src.c.

References dpx_util_format_asn_date(), md5, MD5_final(), MD5_init(), MD5_write(), and strlen().

Referenced by ship_out().

◆ dpx_util_format_asn_date()

int dpx_util_format_asn_date ( char *  date_string,
int  need_timezone 

◆ dump_hh()

static void dump_hh ( two_halves  x)

Definition at line 3654 of file aptex-src.c.

References generic_dump, and cordic::x.

Referenced by store_fmt_file().

◆ dump_int()

static void dump_int ( integer  x)

Definition at line 3649 of file aptex-src.c.

References generic_dump, and cordic::x.

Referenced by store_fmt_file().

◆ dump_wd()

static void dump_wd ( memory_word  x)

Definition at line 3659 of file aptex-src.c.

References generic_dump, and cordic::x.

Referenced by store_fmt_file().

◆ dvi_font_def()

static void dvi_font_def ( internal_font_number  f)

◆ dvi_four()

static void dvi_four ( integer  x)

◆ dvi_locate_font()

◆ dvi_locate_native_font()

int dvi_locate_native_font ( char *  filename,
uint32_t  fidx,
spt_t  ptsize,
int  layout_dir,
int  extend,
int  slant,
int  embolden 

Referenced by pdf_locate_font().

◆ dvi_pop()

static void dvi_pop ( integer  l)

Definition at line 20270 of file aptex-src.c.

References decr, dvi_offset, dvi_out, dvi_ptr, cutout::l, and pop.

Referenced by hlist_out(), and vlist_out().

◆ dvi_swap()

void dvi_swap ( void  )

Definition at line 20234 of file aptex-src.c.

References dvi_buf_size, dvi_gone, dvi_limit, dvi_offset, dvi_ptr, half_buf, and write_dvi.

Referenced by dvi_out().

◆ end_diagnostic()

◆ end_file_reading()

void end_file_reading ( void  )

Definition at line 14163 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by clear_for_error_prompt(), final_cleanup(), get_next(), and read_toks().

◆ end_graf()

◆ end_name()

static void end_name ( void  )

Definition at line 19194 of file aptex-src.c.

◆ end_token_list()

void end_token_list ( void  )

◆ ensure_vbox()

static void ensure_vbox ( eight_bits  n)

◆ eq_define()

◆ eq_destroy()

◆ eq_save()

◆ eq_word_define()

◆ error()

void error ( void  msg)

Definition at line 7422 of file aptex-src.c.

References align_state, base_ptr, batch_mode, begin_file_reading(), c, clear_for_error_prompt(), cur_chr, cur_cmd, cur_input, cur_tok, debug_help(), decr, deletions_allowed, do_nothing, error_count, error_message_issued, error_stop_mode, fatal_error_stop, first, get_token(), give_err_help(), help2, help4, help_line, help_ptr, history, incr, input_stack, interaction, jump_out(), last, loc, OK_to_interrupt, print_char(), print_esc(), print_int(), print_ln(), print_nl(), prints, prompt_input(), s1, s2, s3, s4, scroll_mode, selector, show_context(), slow_print(), update_terminal, and use_err_help.

Referenced by after_math(), align_error(), back_error(), begin_box(), begin_insert_or_adjust(), box_error(), build_discretionary(), build_page(), change_page_direction(), char_warning(), check_outer_validity(), conv_toks(), cs_error(), delete_last(), do_register_command(), eTeX_enabled(), expand(), extra_right_brace(), fetch(), fin_col(), find_font_dimen(), finite_shrink(), fire_up(), get_next(), handle_right_brace(), head_for_vmode(), init_align(), ins_error(), int_error(), issue_message(), m_log(), macro_call(), main_control(), math_ac(), math_fraction(), math_left_right(), math_limit_switch(), mu_error(), new_font(), new_hyph_exceptions(), new_patterns(), no_align_error(), off_save(), omit_error(), pause_for_instructions(), prefixed_command(), read_toks(), report_illegal_case(), scan_dimen(), scan_expr(), scan_int(), scan_math(), scan_something_internal(), scan_toks(), set_math_char(), set_math_kchar(), ship_out(), show_whatever(), sub_sup(), unpackage(), vert_break(), vsplit(), and write_out().

◆ eTeX_enabled()

boolean eTeX_enabled ( boolean  b,
quarterword  j,
halfword  k 

Definition at line 37120 of file aptex-src.c.

References b, error(), help1, j, k, print_cmd_chr(), and print_err().

Referenced by main_control().

◆ expand()

static void expand ( void  )

Definition at line 14698 of file aptex-src.c.

References b, back_error(), back_input(), backup_head, begin_token_list(), buf_size, BYTE1, BYTE2, BYTE3, BYTE4, call, check_kanji(), cond_ptr, conditional(), conv_toks(), convert, cs_name, cs_token_flag, cur_chr, cur_cmd, cur_cs, cur_if, cur_mark, cur_order, cur_ptr, cur_tok, cur_val, cur_val_level, current_buf_size, end_cs_name, end_template, eq_define(), eq_type, error(), expand_after, fi_code, fi_or_else, find_sa_element(), first, flush_list(), force_eof, free_node(), frozen_dont_expand, frozen_endv, frozen_primitive, get_avail(), get_token(), get_x_token(), hash_base, help1, help2, help5, id_lookup(), if_case_code, if_code, if_limit, if_line, if_line_field, if_node_size, if_stack, if_test, if_warning(), in_open, incr, increment_buf_size, info, input, ins_the_toks(), insert_relax(), is_in_csname, j, link, loc, macro_call(), mark_text, mark_val, marks_code, max_buf_stack, max_char_val, max_cjk_val, max_command, name_in_progress, no_expand, no_new_control_sequence, normal, null_cs, odd, overflow(), p, pass_text(), prim_eq_type, prim_equiv, prim_lookup(), print_char(), print_cmd_chr(), print_err(), print_esc(), prints, pseudo_start(), q, r, radix, realloc_buffer(), relax, scan_register_num(), scanner_status, show_cur_cmd_chr(), single_base, start, start_input(), store_new_token, subtype, t, text, the, toBUFF(), top_bot_mark, tracing_commands, tracing_ifs, type, undefined_cs, undefined_primitive, and unless_code.

Referenced by get_preamble_token(), get_x_or_protected(), get_x_token(), scan_toks(), and x_token().

◆ extra_right_brace()

static void extra_right_brace ( void  )

◆ fatal_error()

static void fatal_error ( char *  s)

◆ fetch()

◆ file_warning()

void file_warning ( void  )

Definition at line 38351 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by get_next().

◆ fin_align()

◆ fin_col()

◆ fin_mlist()

◆ fin_row()

◆ final_cleanup()

◆ find_font_dimen()

◆ find_sa_element()

◆ finite_shrink()

◆ fire_up()

static void fire_up ( pointer  c)

Definition at line 29393 of file aptex-src.c.

References abs, add_token_ref, any_dir, begin_token_list(), best_ins_ptr, best_page_break, best_size, bot_mark, box, box_dir, box_error(), box_node_size, broken_ins, broken_ptr, c, contrib_head, contrib_tail, cur_ptr, dead_cycles, delete_glue_ref(), delete_token_ref(), depth, do_marks(), empty, ensure_vbox(), error(), exactly, find_sa_element(), fire_up_done, fire_up_init, first_mark, flush_node_list(), free_node(), geq_word_define(), height, help2, help3, hold_head, holding_inserts, ignore_depth, incr, inf_bad, inf_penalty, ins_dir, ins_node, ins_node_size, ins_ptr, insert_penalties, int_base, last_glue, last_ins_ptr, last_kern, last_node_subtype, last_node_type, last_penalty, line, link, list_offset, list_ptr, mark_class, mark_node, mark_ptr, mark_val, max_dead_cycles, max_dimen, max_halfword, mode, mode_line, n, nest_ptr, new_null_box(), new_save_level(), normal_paragraph(), output_active, output_group, output_penalty_code, output_routine, output_text, p, page_contents, page_depth, page_dir, page_disc, page_head, page_ins_head, page_ins_node_size, page_max_depth, page_tail, penalty, penalty_node, prev_depth, print_err(), print_esc(), print_int(), prints, prune_page_top(), push_nest(), q, r, s, sa_bot_mark, sa_first_mark, sa_mark, scan_left_brace(), set_box_dir, ship_out(), space_ptr, split_top_ptr, split_top_skip, split_up, subtype, tail, temp_ptr, top_mark, type, vbadness, vfuzz, vmode, vpackage(), wait(), and xspace_ptr.

Referenced by build_page().

◆ firm_up_the_line()

static void firm_up_the_line ( void  )

Definition at line 14299 of file aptex-src.c.

References first, interaction, k, last, limit, nonstop_mode, pausing, print, print_ln(), prompt_input(), start, and wake_up_terminal.

Referenced by get_next().

◆ first_fit()

static void first_fit ( trie_pointer  p)

◆ fix_date_and_time()

static void fix_date_and_time ( void  )

Definition at line 5250 of file aptex-src.c.

References day, localtime(), month, NULL, sys_day, sys_month, sys_time, sys_year, tex_time, time(), tm, and year.

Referenced by aptex_program().

◆ fix_language()

◆ flush_list()

◆ flush_math()

static void flush_math ( void  )

Definition at line 23811 of file aptex-src.c.

References flush_node_list(), head, incompleat_noad, link, and tail.

Referenced by after_math(), and init_align().

◆ flush_node_list()

void flush_node_list ( pointer  p)

Definition at line 10285 of file aptex-src.c.

References accent_noad, accent_noad_size, adjust_node, adjust_ptr, bin_noad, box_node_size, choice_node, close_noad, close_node, confusion(), delete_glue_ref(), delete_token_ref(), denominator, dir_node, disc_node, disp_node, display_mlist, do_nothing, fast_delete_glue_ref, flush_node_list(), fraction_noad, fraction_noad_size, free_avail, free_node(), glue_node, glue_ptr, hlist_node, info, inner_noad, ins_node, ins_node_size, ins_ptr, is_char_node, kern_node, language_node, leader_ptr, left_noad, lig_ptr, ligature_node, link, list_ptr, mark_node, mark_ptr, math_jchar, math_node, math_text_jchar, math_type, medium_node_size, noad_size, nucleus, numerator, op_noad, open_noad, open_node, open_node_size, ord_noad, over_noad, p, pdf_save_pos_node, penalty_node, post_break, pre_break, punct_noad, q, radical_noad, radical_noad_size, rel_noad, right_noad, rule_node, rule_node_size, script_mlist, script_script_mlist, small_node_size, space_ptr, special_node, split_top_ptr, style_node, style_node_size, sub_box, subscr, subtype, supscr, text_mlist, type, under_noad, unset_node, vcenter_noad, vlist_node, whatsit_node, write_node, write_node_size, write_tokens, and xspace_ptr.

Referenced by after_math(), box_end(), box_error(), build_discretionary(), build_page(), delete_last(), do_extension(), do_make_math_accent(), end_graf(), eq_destroy(), ext_do_line_break(), ext_post_line_break(), fin_align(), final_cleanup(), fire_up(), flush_math(), flush_node_list(), handle_right_brace(), hyphenate(), init_math(), just_reverse(), line_break(), lua_hpack_filter(), lua_node_filter(), lua_nodelib_direct_flush_list(), lua_nodelib_flush_list(), lua_vpack_filter(), make_math_accent(), mlist_to_hlist(), package(), pop_link_level(), post_line_break(), prune_page_top(), resume_after_output(), reverse(), sa_destroy(), scan_pdfdest(), ship_out(), unpackage(), unsave_math(), and vsplit().

◆ fract()

integer fract ( integer  x,
integer  n,
integer  d,
integer  max_answer 

Definition at line 38726 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by scan_expr(), and try_break().

◆ fraction_rule()

static pointer fraction_rule ( scaled  t)

Definition at line 23452 of file aptex-src.c.

References depth, height, new_rule(), p, and t.

Referenced by make_fraction(), make_under(), and overbar().

◆ free_node()

◆ freeze_page_specs()

◆ geq_define()

static void geq_define ( pointer  p,
quarterword  t,
halfword  e 

Definition at line 13430 of file aptex-src.c.

References assign_trace(), e, eq_destroy(), eq_level, eq_type, eqtb, equiv, level_one, p, and t.

Referenced by box_end(), get_preamble_token(), tex_def_font(), and tex_definefont().

◆ geq_word_define()

static void geq_word_define ( pointer  p,
integer  w 

Definition at line 13445 of file aptex-src.c.

References assign_trace(), memory_word::cint, eqtb, level_one, p, w, and xeq_level.

Referenced by fire_up(), and prepare_mag().

◆ get_avail()

◆ get_creation_date()

static void get_creation_date ( )

Definition at line 17667 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_utils_get_creation_date(), memcpy, pool_ptr, str_pool, str_room, and strlen().

Referenced by conv_toks().

◆ get_file_dump()

static void get_file_dump ( str_number  s,
integer  i,
integer  j 

Definition at line 17756 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_find_file(), aptex_utils_get_file_dump(), file_name, free, i, j, memcpy, NULL, pool_ptr, s, str_pool, str_room, and strlen().

Referenced by conv_toks().

◆ get_file_mod_date()

static void get_file_mod_date ( str_number  s)

◆ get_file_size()

static void get_file_size ( str_number  s)

◆ get_inhibit_pos()

pointer get_inhibit_pos ( KANJI_code  c,
small_number  n 

◆ get_jfm_pos()

eight_bits get_jfm_pos ( KANJI_code  kcode,
internal_font_number  f 

Definition at line 36584 of file aptex-src.c.

References f, font_num_ext, kchar_code, kchar_type, null_font, sp, and toDVI().

Referenced by fetch(), make_accent(), pdf_kanji_out(), and scan_something_internal().

◆ get_job_name()

static str_number get_job_name ( str_number  job)

Definition at line 3584 of file aptex-src.c.

References aptex_env, job, make_str_string(), and NULL.

◆ get_kinsoku_pos()

◆ get_md5_sum()

static void get_md5_sum ( str_number  s,
boolean  f 

◆ get_next()

void get_next ( void  )

Definition at line 16238 of file aptex-src.c.

References active_base, active_char, add_delims_to, align_state, aligning, all_jcode, any_state_plus, begin_token_list(), c, car_ret, cat_code, check_interrupt(), check_kanji(), check_kcat_code(), check_outer_validity(), comment, cond_ptr, cs_token_flag, cur_align, cur_boundary, cur_chr, cur_cmd, cur_cs, cur_file, d, decr, deletions_allowed, do_nothing, dont_expand, end_file_reading(), end_line_char, end_line_char_inactive, end_token_list(), eof_seen, eq_type, equiv, error(), escape, every_eof, every_eof_text, extra_info, fatal_error(), file_warning(), firm_up_the_line(), first, force_eof, found, fromBUFF(), grp_stack, hangul, hangul_code, help2, hex_to_cur_chr, id_lookup(), if_stack, ignore, in_open, incr, index, info, input_ln(), input_ptr, interaction, invalid_char, is_hex, k, kana, kanji, kcat_code, kcatcodekey(), cutout::l, last, left_brace, letter, limit, link, loc, log_only, max_char_val, max_cjk_val, max_command, mid_kanji, mid_line, multilenbuffchar(), multistrlen(), name, new_line, no_expand_flag, nonstop_mode, not_cjk, null_cs, omit, omit_template, open_log_file(), open_parens, other_kchar, out_param, outer_call, par_loc, param_stack, param_start, parameter, print_char(), print_err(), print_ln(), print_nl(), prompt_input(), pseudo_input(), relax, right_brace, scanner_status, selector, single_base, skip_blanks, skip_mode, spacer, start, sup_mark, t, tab_mark, terminal_input, token_list, tracing_nesting, update_terminal, v_part, and v_template.

Referenced by get_token(), get_x_token(), main_control(), pass_text(), scan_toks(), and x_token().

◆ get_node()

◆ get_preamble_token()

◆ get_r_token()

void get_r_token ( void  )

Definition at line 33698 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by new_font(), and prefixed_command().

◆ get_strings_started()

static boolean get_strings_started ( void  )

◆ get_token()

◆ get_x_or_protected()

void get_x_or_protected ( void  )

Definition at line 38251 of file aptex-src.c.

Referenced by align_peek(), and fin_col().

◆ get_x_token()

void get_x_token ( void  )