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1 #include "LTSH.h"
3 #include "support/util.h"
6 static INLINE void disposeLTSH(MOVE table_LTSH *ltsh) {
7  if (ltsh) { FREE(ltsh->yPels); }
8 }
12  FOR_TABLE(OTFCC_CHR('L','T','S','H'), table) {
16  NEW(LTSH);
18  LTSH->numGlyphs = read_16u(data + 2);
22  return LTSH;
23  }
24  return NULL;
25 }
27  if (!ltsh) return NULL;
29  bufwrite16b(buf, 0);
30  bufwrite16b(buf, ltsh->numGlyphs);
31  for (uint16_t j = 0; j < ltsh->numGlyphs; j++) {
32  bufwrite8(buf, ltsh->yPels[j]);
33  }
34  return buf;
35 }
static INLINE void disposeLTSH(MOVE table_LTSH *ltsh)
Definition: LTSH.c:6
table_LTSH * otfcc_readLTSH(const otfcc_Packet packet, const otfcc_Options *options)
Definition: LTSH.c:11
caryll_standardRefType(table_LTSH, table_iLTSH, disposeLTSH)
caryll_Buffer * otfcc_buildLTSH(const table_LTSH *ltsh, const otfcc_Options *options)
Definition: LTSH.c:26
static uint16_t read_16u(const uint8_t *src)
Definition: bin-io.h:121
#define OTFCC_CHR(a, b, c, d)
Definition: caryll-font.c:7
struct rect data
Definition: dvipdfm.c:64
#define memcpy(d, s, n)
Definition: gsftopk.c:64
const unsigned char FREE
Definition: image.cpp:34
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61
#define NEW
Definition: gdkanji.c:77
unsigned short uint16_t
Definition: stdint.h:79
#define INLINE
Definition: port.h:26
#define buf
uint8_t * font_file_pointer
Definition: aliases.h:41
#define FOR_TABLE(name, table)
Definition: aliases.h:33
Definition: pl-parser.h:87
void bufwrite8(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint8_t byte)
Definition: buffer.c:49
void bufwrite16b(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint16_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:58
caryll_Buffer * bufnew(void)
Definition: buffer.c:4
Definition: tables.h:580
USHORT numGlyphs
Definition: tables.h:582
USHORT version
Definition: tables.h:581
BYTE * yPels
Definition: tables.h:583
Definition: LTSH.h:6
glyphid_t numGlyphs
Definition: LTSH.h:8
OWNING uint8_t * yPels
Definition: LTSH.h:9
Definition: table.h:30
int j
Definition: t4ht.c:1589