vnstat  2.9
About: vnStat is a console-based network traffic monitor (using the /proc filesystem).
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ifinfo.h File Reference
#include "iflist.h"
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int getifinfo (const char *iface)
int getifliststring (char **ifacelist, int showspeed)
int getiflist (iflist **ifl, const int getspeed, const int validate)
int readproc (const char *iface)
int readsysclassnet (const char *iface)
uint32_t getifspeed (const char *iface)
int isifavailable (const char *iface)
int isifvalid (const char *iface)
int istun (const char *iface)

Function Documentation

◆ getifinfo()

◆ getiflist()

int getiflist ( iflist **  ifl,
const int  getspeed,
const int  validate 

Definition at line 108 of file ifinfo.c.

References cfg, and CFG::maxbw.

Referenced by addinterfaces(), getifliststring(), handleifselection(), and showiflist().

◆ getifliststring()

int getifliststring ( char **  ifacelist,
int  showspeed 

◆ getifspeed()

uint32_t getifspeed ( const char *  iface)

Definition at line 411 of file ifinfo.c.

References debug, and SYSCLASSNET.

Referenced by ibwget().

◆ isifavailable()

int isifavailable ( const char *  iface)

Definition at line 461 of file ifinfo.c.

References disableprints, and getifinfo().

Referenced by handletrafficmeters().

◆ isifvalid()

int isifvalid ( const char *  iface)

Definition at line 473 of file ifinfo.c.

◆ istun()

int istun ( const char *  iface)

Definition at line 490 of file ifinfo.c.

Referenced by ibwget().

◆ readproc()

int readproc ( const char *  iface)

◆ readsysclassnet()

int readsysclassnet ( const char *  iface)