vice  3.7.1
About: VICE is the Versatile Commodore (64/128/VIC20/PET/PLUS4/CBM-II) Emulator (X11).
  Fossies Dox: vice-3.7.1.tar.gz  ("unofficial" and yet experimental doxygen-generated source code documentation)  

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how to make a macOS Distribution
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binary Distribution: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The binary distribution script now requires that MacPorts be used for dependencies. MacPorts can be configured to compile for older versions of macOS. 1. Make sure Xcode 10 or earlier is active, otherwise the .app files created by platypus will require macOS 10.11. You can use xcode-select to choose which is the active one. 2. Follow macOS-Howto.txt to get a MacPorts VICE build environment working. 3. Bundled dependencies need to be rebuilt to target macOS 10.10 for x86_64 or 11.0 for arm64. First, set macosx_deployment_target to 10.10 or 11.0 in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf. Then I usually then nuke all installed ports and start again with runtime deps built from source, like this: $ sudo port -N uninstall installed || true $ sudo port -N selfupdate $ sudo port -N -s install coreutils libomp $ sudo port -N -s install gtk3 +quartz $ sudo port -N -s install librsvg adwaita-icon-theme libsdl2 libsdl2_image lame glew libvorbis flac libjpeg-turbo $ sudo port -N -s install ffmpeg +darwinssl $ sudo port -N install platypus xa texlive-basic dos2unix 4. Now build VICE against the reinstalled dependencies, and make the bindist: $ cd SDL2: $ /configure \ --enable-sdl2ui \ --enable-lame \ --enable-arch=no Gtk3: $ /configure \ --enable-gtk3ui \ --enable-lame \ --enable-arch=no $ make clean $ make -j $ make bindistzip At some point soon it would be good to build with --enable-ffmpeg, but without including the dylibs in the bindary distribution and rely on locally installed version of ffmpeg. This works, however the app currently segfaults if it doesn't find the libs somewhere. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Codesigning and notarising: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Without codesigning, all versions of macOS will complain when you install and launch. Without notarising, it's a huge pain the arse to try and run the builds on macOS 10.15 Catalina. You'll need an Apple developer ID for codesigning, and a paid up Apple developer subscription to make a notarised build. Sorry :( 1. Find your code signing ids: $ security find-identity -v -p codesigning You are looking for something like: "Developer ID Application: David Hogan (3RAEHPQQ6Z)" 2. 'make bindist(zip)' will now code sign everything if the CODE_SIGN_ID environment variable is set: $ export CODE_SIGN_ID="" $ make bindistzip 3. Follow Apple steps for notarisation at the URL below. If your Apple ID belongs to more than one team, you'll need to use the --asc-provider argument when you xcrun altool. You can xcode-select back to Xcode 11 so that you can xcrun altool --list-providers to find the right id to use. See below for the notarisation script that I wrote the to automate the notarisation process for the offical VICE dmg files. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notarisation script -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash set -o errexit set -o nounset APPLE_ID_EMAIL="" NOTARISATION_PASSWORD="" NOTARISATION_PROVIDER="" # # You don't need the --asc-provider part if your apple ID is only in one team. # # verify that the signing looks ok codesign -vvv --deep --strict "$1" OUTPUT="$(mktemp)" xcrun altool --notarize-app \ --primary-bundle-id "$1" \ --username "$APPLE_ID_EMAIL" \ --password "$NOTARISATION_PASSWORD" \ --asc-provider "$NOTARISATION_PROVIDER" \ --file "$1" \ 2>&1 | tee "$OUTPUT" UUID=$(awk '/RequestUUID/ { print $3 }' "$OUTPUT") if [ -z "$UUID" ] then echo "ERROR: Failed to capture RequestUUID from xcrun output". exit 1 fi echo "Waiting for Status: success" while [ -z "$(grep "Status: success" "$OUTPUT")" ] do sleep 10 xcrun altool --notarization-info "$UUID" \ -u "$APPLE_ID_EMAIL" \ -p "$NOTARISATION_PASSWORD" \ 2>&1 | tee "$OUTPUT" done xcrun stapler staple "$1"