vice  3.7.1
About: VICE is the Versatile Commodore (64/128/VIC20/PET/PLUS4/CBM-II) Emulator (X11).
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How to make a Release
Prerequisites: -------------- - update NEWS to get a list of all changes since last release you can use svn log like this: $ svn log -r : > log.txt you can look up the revision of the last release in the tags directory in the repo: - update the html pages in doc/html (index.html, windows.html, macosx.html). use the script to check the links. $ cd doc/html $ ./ $ cd ../.. - update vice.texi. use checkdoc.mak to find missing resources and options in the documentation. $ make $ cd doc $ make -f checkdoc.mak full $ cd .. (this only works for in-tree builds and with --enable-x64) - make sure the list of team members is correct (vice.texi, infocontrib.sed) vice.texi contains the author list twice, once under "@c ---vice-core-team---", and once under "@node Copyright" - run src/buildtools/ to update README and vicedate.h with the current year. - make sure to 'touch' vice.texi so that the current year will be put into all needed files. $ touch doc/vice.texi $ ./src/buildtools/ - after changing any of the above, make sure to run "make" so the changes will propagate to various files, and then commit the changed files. $ make all $ svn commit -m "preparing release" - ANNOUNCE A CODE FREEZE ;) - make sure the version in is updated: m4_define(vice_version_major, 3) m4_define(vice_version_minor, 6) m4_define(vice_version_build, 0) These three defines are all that is needed for a version number, the absence or presence of an SVN revision determines if a release is a point release or a development release. We do not use odd/even MINOR/BUILD numbering for development/stable releases. The BUILD number is bumped by one on each point release, except when we do our "traditional" Christmas release, then we bump MINOR and reset BUILD to 0. For massive changes we can decide to bump MAJOR and set MINOR and BUILD to 0, for example when merging the 'vice-4' branch somewhere in the future. - propagate the updated version into the documentation: $ touch doc/vice.texi $ make all This will update the user-visible version in the binary/docs (README, index.html etc), so it should happen only immediately before the release. while at it, also check the following: - are the "banners" on various sourceforge pages (tickets) still up to date? - are the "readmes" in the files areas still up to date? Make sure everything is fine, and commit the release $ svn commit -m "this is the 3.6.0 release - merry xmas" **************************************** Tarball and Windows Builds - Automated **************************************** The file in .github/workflows/make-release.yml implements a release process that will create the dist tarball and then windows builds from that tarball. To trigger it, push a git tag like v3.6.0 to our github mirror. This will create a release on Github which can be seen at The build process can be observed at Please note that the 'clean' git branch is a direct sync from our svn repo. The 'main' branch adds in the file that is displayed on Github but not present in the svn repo. Before triggering the build, you might want to make sure that the most recent SVN commit has a nice commit message about the release, as this will appear in certain places in Github. Make sure that the commit has synchronised over to Github before you trigger the build process. $ RELEASE=3.6.0 $ git clone --branch clean --depth 1 or if that doesnt work because github doesnt have your ssh key: $ git clone --branch clean --depth 1 $ cd svn-mirror $ git tag $RELEASE $ git push origin $RELEASE Pushing the tag triggers the release build, and creates a 'release' on Github called 3.6.0. Annoyingly, this release will automatically include a zip and tgz of the source for that commit, without any way to prevent it. OOOOPS! now something doesnt work as intended - for example the release creation itself fails for some reason. Now you can revert the tag like this: $ git tag -d $RELEASE $ git push --delete origin $RELEASE Now fix your stuff, commit to svn, and if you are ready push the tag again: $ git tag $RELEASE $ git push origin $RELEASE ************************************* Tarball and Windows Builds - Manual ************************************* generate tarball: ----------------- (make sure dos2unix is installed) first update and clean your source tree $ svn up $ make distclean now configure the source tree with sid engines included. this is needed because make dist propagates through the source tree, and if resid is not configured it will not have any makefiles to get 'make dist'ed $ ./ $ ./configure --with-resid $ make dist now unpack into a separate directory and test if compiling works. fix makefiles in case files are missing and build the tarball again. generate windows binaries: -------------------------- in msys2 configure the source as described above, then do $ make bindistzip ************************************* create a tagged branch on the svn --------------------------------- $ svn cp e.g. $ svn cp --username=gpz -r svn+ssh:// svn+ssh:// publish the release ------------------- - upload changes to the website on sf (don't forget the html documentation) - upload the tarball to sf - in the file list (downloads) on sf, click on the (I) symbol on the right of the new file(s) and then set it to the respective platform to change the default downloads - announce the release on the ml (and eventually elsewhere) - update the TODO wiki page (remove old crossed out things) - PROFIT!!!