vaadin-platform  21.0.1
About: Vaadin platform is Java web development platform based on Vaadin 18 web components.
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Vaadin platform

Vaadin platform consists of a set of web components, a Java web framework called Vaadin Flow, configurable themes, tools and a set of opinionated app starters. Platform releases gather all products in to a single package every quarter. The product versions included in a platform release are not necessarily the latest released versions, but are hand picked so that they work well together.

Visit to learn more about Vaadin.

Use GitHub projects to open issues, propose new features, and contribute code. Below you can see links to different modules. If you don't know to which repository you should file your issue, just use this repository.

Vaadin Flow - Java framework to simplify web development

Vaadin Flow is a Java web framework that abstracts client-server communication and provides you a Java API for web component.

Part Repository
Flow Spring integration

Flow is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Vaadin Fusion - Build secure and scalable web apps with TypeScript

Vaadin Fusion is a TypeScript and Java web framework for building modern web applications. You can create UIs in TypeScript and connect to any backend through endpoints written in Java.

Part Repository

Vaadin components - building blocks for your web app

Part Repository
Vaadin web components and themes
Java APIs for Vaadin components

Vaadin Collaboration Engine

The simplest way to build real-time collaboration into web apps, check more details

Part Repository

Vaadin Router

Vaadin Router is a client-side router for Web Components.


Tool Repository

All tools are part of the Vaadin Pro Subscription.

Getting started

The best way to get started with Vaadin is to go to and configure your new application using Spring Boot by setting up your views, entities and styles that you’re interested in.

Read the documentation site for more ways to generate your starter project. Besides we also offer you other examples based on different technology stacks, click here


We would absolutely love to get the community involved, and we welcome any form of contributions – comments and questions on different communication channels, issues and pull request in the repositories, and anything that you build and share using our platform. If unsure, feel free to post an issue in this repository and we'll help you.

For running the project, read the Building Vaadin Platform article.


Apache License 2.0 or CVDL 4.0, depending on the product.