unrarsrc  6.1.7
About: unrar extracts, views and tests the contents of archives created with the RAR archiver.
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unpack.hpp File Reference
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struct  DecodeTable
struct  UnpackBlockHeader
struct  UnpackBlockTables
struct  UnpackFilter
struct  UnpackFilter30
struct  AudioVariables
class  FragmentedWindow
class  Unpack


#define MAX_UNPACK_FILTERS   8192
#define MAX3_UNPACK_FILTERS   8192
#define MAX3_UNPACK_CHANNELS   1024
#define MAX_FILTER_BLOCK_SIZE   0x400000
#define UNPACK_MAX_WRITE   0x400000

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#define MAX3_UNPACK_CHANNELS   1024

Definition at line 20 of file unpack.hpp.


#define MAX3_UNPACK_FILTERS   8192

Definition at line 14 of file unpack.hpp.


#define MAX_FILTER_BLOCK_SIZE   0x400000

Definition at line 24 of file unpack.hpp.



Definition at line 5 of file unpack.hpp.


#define MAX_UNPACK_FILTERS   8192

Definition at line 9 of file unpack.hpp.


#define UNPACK_MAX_WRITE   0x400000

Definition at line 28 of file unpack.hpp.