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uisilent.cpp File Reference

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UIASKREP_RESULT uiAskReplace (wchar *Name, size_t MaxNameSize, int64 FileSize, RarTime *FileTime, uint Flags)
void uiStartArchiveExtract (bool Extract, const wchar *ArcName)
bool uiStartFileExtract (const wchar *FileName, bool Extract, bool Test, bool Skip)
void uiExtractProgress (int64 CurFileSize, int64 TotalFileSize, int64 CurSize, int64 TotalSize)
void uiProcessProgress (const char *Command, int64 CurSize, int64 TotalSize)
bool uiGetPassword (UIPASSWORD_TYPE Type, const wchar *FileName, SecPassword *Password)
bool uiIsGlobalPasswordSet ()
void uiAlarm (UIALARM_TYPE Type)
bool uiIsAborted ()
void uiGiveTick ()
const wcharuiGetMonthName (int Month)
void uiEolAfterMsg ()

Function Documentation

◆ uiAlarm()

void uiAlarm ( UIALARM_TYPE  Type)

Definition at line 48 of file uisilent.cpp.

References MonoClock(), SOUND_NOTIFY_ON, and uiSoundNotify.

Referenced by Ask(), ErrorHandler::Exit(), GetConsolePassword(), and Log().

◆ uiAskReplace()

◆ uiEolAfterMsg()

void uiEolAfterMsg ( )

Definition at line 72 of file uisilent.cpp.

References AnyMessageDisplayed, and mprintf().

Referenced by CmdExtract::ExtractCurrentFile().

◆ uiExtractProgress()

void uiExtractProgress ( int64  CurFileSize,
int64  TotalFileSize,
int64  CurSize,
int64  TotalSize 

Definition at line 21 of file uisilent.cpp.

References mprintf(), and ToPercent().

Referenced by CalcFileSum(), and ComprDataIO::ShowUnpRead().

◆ uiGetMonthName()

const wchar * uiGetMonthName ( int  Month)

◆ uiGetPassword()

bool uiGetPassword ( UIPASSWORD_TYPE  Type,
const wchar FileName,
SecPassword Password 

◆ uiGiveTick()

void uiGiveTick ( )

Definition at line 59 of file uisilent.cpp.

◆ uiIsAborted()

bool uiIsAborted ( )

Definition at line 53 of file uisilent.cpp.

◆ uiIsGlobalPasswordSet()

bool uiIsGlobalPasswordSet ( )

Definition at line 42 of file uisilent.cpp.

Referenced by CmdExtract::ExtractArchiveInit(), and Archive::ReadHeader50().

◆ uiProcessProgress()

void uiProcessProgress ( const char *  Command,
int64  CurSize,
int64  TotalSize 

Definition at line 26 of file uisilent.cpp.

References mprintf(), and ToPercent().

Referenced by RecVolumes3::Restore(), and RecVolumes5::Restore().

◆ uiStartArchiveExtract()

void uiStartArchiveExtract ( bool  Extract,
const wchar ArcName 

Definition at line 10 of file uisilent.cpp.

References MExtracting, MExtrTest, mprintf(), and St().

Referenced by CmdExtract::ExtractArchive().

◆ uiStartFileExtract()

bool uiStartFileExtract ( const wchar FileName,
bool  Extract,
bool  Test,
bool  Skip