unrarsrc  6.1.7
About: unrar extracts, views and tests the contents of archives created with the RAR archiver.
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dll.cpp File Reference
#include "rar.hpp"
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struct  DataSet


static int RarErrorToDll (RAR_EXIT ErrCode)
HANDLE PASCAL RAROpenArchive (struct RAROpenArchiveData *r)
HANDLE PASCAL RAROpenArchiveEx (struct RAROpenArchiveDataEx *r)
int PASCAL RARCloseArchive (HANDLE hArcData)
int PASCAL RARReadHeader (HANDLE hArcData, struct RARHeaderData *D)
int PASCAL RARReadHeaderEx (HANDLE hArcData, struct RARHeaderDataEx *D)
int PASCAL ProcessFile (HANDLE hArcData, int Operation, char *DestPath, char *DestName, wchar *DestPathW, wchar *DestNameW)
int PASCAL RARProcessFile (HANDLE hArcData, int Operation, char *DestPath, char *DestName)
int PASCAL RARProcessFileW (HANDLE hArcData, int Operation, wchar *DestPath, wchar *DestName)
void PASCAL RARSetChangeVolProc (HANDLE hArcData, CHANGEVOLPROC ChangeVolProc)
void PASCAL RARSetCallback (HANDLE hArcData, UNRARCALLBACK Callback, LPARAM UserData)
void PASCAL RARSetProcessDataProc (HANDLE hArcData, PROCESSDATAPROC ProcessDataProc)
void PASCAL RARSetPassword (HANDLE hArcData, char *Password)
int PASCAL RARGetDllVersion ()

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◆ ProcessFile()

◆ RARCloseArchive()

int PASCAL RARCloseArchive ( HANDLE  hArcData)

Definition at line 168 of file dll.cpp.

References DataSet::Arc, File::Close(), DataSet::Cmd, ERAR_ECLOSE, ERAR_SUCCESS, and RarErrorToDll().

◆ RarErrorToDll()

◆ RARGetDllVersion()

int PASCAL RARGetDllVersion ( )

Definition at line 466 of file dll.cpp.


◆ RAROpenArchive()

◆ RAROpenArchiveEx()

HANDLE PASCAL RAROpenArchiveEx ( struct RAROpenArchiveDataEx r)

◆ RARProcessFile()

int PASCAL RARProcessFile ( HANDLE  hArcData,
int  Operation,
char *  DestPath,
char *  DestName 

Definition at line 420 of file dll.cpp.

References ProcessFile().

Referenced by RARReadHeaderEx().

◆ RARProcessFileW()

int PASCAL RARProcessFileW ( HANDLE  hArcData,
int  Operation,
wchar DestPath,
wchar DestName 

Definition at line 426 of file dll.cpp.

References ProcessFile().

◆ RARReadHeader()

◆ RARReadHeaderEx()

int PASCAL RARReadHeaderEx ( HANDLE  hArcData,
struct RARHeaderDataEx D 

Definition at line 209 of file dll.cpp.

References DataSet::Arc, RARHeaderDataEx::ArcName, RARHeaderDataEx::ArcNameW, ASIZE, FileHeader::atime, RARHeaderDataEx::AtimeHigh, RARHeaderDataEx::AtimeLow, BLAKE2_DIGEST_SIZE, Archive::BrokenHeader, DataSet::Cmd, RARHeaderDataEx::CmtSize, RARHeaderDataEx::CmtState, HashValue::CRC32, FileHeader::ctime, RARHeaderDataEx::CtimeHigh, RARHeaderDataEx::CtimeLow, Archive::CurBlockPos, RARHeaderDataEx::DictSize, HashValue::Digest, FileHeader::Dir, RARHeaderDataEx::DirTarget, FileHeader::DirTarget, FileHeader::Encrypted, Archive::EndArcHead, ERAR_BAD_DATA, ERAR_BAD_PASSWORD, ERAR_END_ARCHIVE, ERAR_EOPEN, ERAR_SUCCESS, Archive::FailedHeaderDecryption, RARHeaderDataEx::FileAttr, FileHeader::FileAttr, RARHeaderDataEx::FileCRC, FileHeader::FileHash, Archive::FileHead, RARHeaderDataEx::FileName, File::FileName, FileHeader::FileName, RARHeaderDataEx::FileNameW, RARHeaderDataEx::FileTime, RARHeaderDataEx::Flags, FSREDIR_NONE, RarTime::GetDos(), Archive::GetHeaderType(), RarTime::GetWin(), RARHeaderDataEx::Hash, HASH_BLAKE2, HASH_CRC32, HASH_RAR14, RARHeaderDataEx::HashType, HEAD_ENDARC, HEAD_FILE, DataSet::HeaderSize, HOST_UNIX, HOST_WIN32, RARHeaderDataEx::HostOS, FileHeader::HSType, HSYS_WINDOWS, MergeArchive(), RARHeaderDataEx::Method, FileHeader::Method, FileHeader::mtime, RARHeaderDataEx::MtimeHigh, RARHeaderDataEx::MtimeLow, EndArcHeader::NextVolume, DataSet::OpenMode, RARHeaderDataEx::PackSize, FileHeader::PackSize, RARHeaderDataEx::PackSizeHigh, RAR_HASH_BLAKE2, RAR_HASH_CRC32, RAR_HASH_NONE, RAR_OM_LIST, RAR_SKIP, RarErrorToDll(), RARProcessFile(), RARReadHeaderEx(), RARHeaderDataEx::RedirName, FileHeader::RedirName, RARHeaderDataEx::RedirNameSize, RARHeaderDataEx::RedirType, FileHeader::RedirType, RHDF_DIRECTORY, RHDF_ENCRYPTED, RHDF_SOLID, RHDF_SPLITAFTER, RHDF_SPLITBEFORE, Archive::SearchBlock(), File::Seek(), FileHeader::Solid, FileHeader::SplitAfter, FileHeader::SplitBefore, HashValue::Type, RARHeaderDataEx::UnpSize, FileHeader::UnpSize, RARHeaderDataEx::UnpSizeHigh, RARHeaderDataEx::UnpVer, FileHeader::UnpVer, Archive::Volume, wcsncpyz(), WideToChar(), and FileHeader::WinSize.

Referenced by RARReadHeader(), and RARReadHeaderEx().

◆ RARSetCallback()

void PASCAL RARSetCallback ( HANDLE  hArcData,
LPARAM  UserData 

Definition at line 439 of file dll.cpp.

References DataSet::Cmd.

◆ RARSetChangeVolProc()

void PASCAL RARSetChangeVolProc ( HANDLE  hArcData,

Definition at line 432 of file dll.cpp.

References DataSet::Cmd.

◆ RARSetPassword()

void PASCAL RARSetPassword ( HANDLE  hArcData,
char *  Password 

◆ RARSetProcessDataProc()

void PASCAL RARSetProcessDataProc ( HANDLE  hArcData,

Definition at line 447 of file dll.cpp.

References DataSet::Cmd.