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RecVolumes3 Class Reference

#include <recvol.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 RecVolumes3 (RAROptions *Cmd, bool TestOnly)
 ~RecVolumes3 ()
void Make (RAROptions *Cmd, wchar *ArcName)
bool Restore (RAROptions *Cmd, const wchar *Name, bool Silent)
void Test (RAROptions *Cmd, const wchar *Name)

Private Attributes

FileSrcFile [256]
Array< byteBuf

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file recvol.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RecVolumes3()

RecVolumes3::RecVolumes3 ( RAROptions Cmd,
bool  TestOnly 

Definition at line 39 of file recvol3.cpp.

References Array< T >::Alloc(), Buf, SrcFile, RAROptions::Threads, and TotalBufferSize.

◆ ~RecVolumes3()

RecVolumes3::~RecVolumes3 ( )

Definition at line 59 of file recvol3.cpp.

References ASIZE, and SrcFile.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Make()

void RecVolumes3::Make ( RAROptions Cmd,
wchar ArcName 

◆ Restore()

bool RecVolumes3::Restore ( RAROptions Cmd,
const wchar Name,
bool  Silent 

Definition at line 102 of file recvol3.cpp.

References EndArcHeader::ArcDataCRC, ASIZE, atoiw(), Buf, RSEncode::Buf, RSEncode::BufEnd, RSEncode::BufStart, CalcFileSum(), File::Close(), File::Create(), ErrorHandler::CreateErrorMsg(), Archive::CurBlockPos, EndArcHeader::DataCRC, RSEncode::DecodeBuf(), RAROptions::DisableDone, RAROptions::DisablePercentage, Archive::EndArcHead, RSEncode::EraSize, RSEncode::Erasures, ErrHandler, FileExist(), File::FileLength(), RSEncode::FileNumber, FMF_SHAREREAD, FMF_UPDATE, FMF_WRITE, File::GetByte(), GetExt(), Archive::GetHeaderType(), HEAD_ENDARC, Archive::IsArchive(), IsDigit(), IsNewStyleRev(), MDone, mprintf(), FindData::Name, Archive::NewNumbering, FindFile::Next(), Archive::NextBlockPos, NextVolumeName(), File::Open(), File::PutByte(), File::Read(), Archive::ReadHeader(), RSEncode::RecBufferSize, RenameFile(), Archive::SearchBlock(), File::Seek(), Archive::SeekToNext(), FindFile::SetMask(), SrcFile, St(), File::Tell(), RAROptions::Threads, File::TOpen(), ToPercent(), TotalBufferSize, File::Truncate(), UIERROR_NOTVOLUME, UIERROR_RECONSTRUCTING, UIERROR_RECVOLALLEXIST, UIERROR_RECVOLCANNOTFIX, UIERROR_RECVOLDIFFSETS, UIERROR_RECVOLFOUND, UIEVENT_NEWARCHIVE, uiMsg(), UIMSG_BADARCHIVE, UIMSG_CHECKSUM, UIMSG_MISSINGVOL, UIMSG_RECONSTRUCTING, UIMSG_RECVOLCALCCHECKSUM, UIMSG_RECVOLFOUND, UIMSG_RECVOLMISSING, UIMSG_RENAMING, UIMSG_STRING, uiProcessProgress(), VolNameToFirstName(), Archive::Volume, Wait(), Archive::WCheckOpen(), wcsicomp(), wcsncatz(), wcsncpyz(), File::WOpen(), and File::Write().

Referenced by RecVolumesRestore().

◆ Test()

Member Data Documentation

◆ Buf

Array<byte> RecVolumes3::Buf

Definition at line 11 of file recvol.hpp.

Referenced by RecVolumes3(), and Restore().

◆ SrcFile

File* RecVolumes3::SrcFile[256]

Definition at line 10 of file recvol.hpp.

Referenced by RecVolumes3(), Restore(), and ~RecVolumes3().

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