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udp.h File Reference

udp derived socket classes. More...

#include <cstdio>
#include <commoncpp/config.h>
#include <commoncpp/string.h>
#include <commoncpp/address.h>
#include <commoncpp/socket.h>
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class  ost::UDPSocket
 UDP sockets implement the TCP SOCK_DGRAM UDP protocol. More...
class  ost::UDPBroadcast
 Representing a UDP socket used for subnet broadcasts, this class provides an alternate binding and setPeer() capability for UDP sockets. More...
class  ost::UDPTransmit
 Representing half of a two-way UDP connection, the UDP transmitter can broadcast data to another selected peer host or to an entire subnet. More...
class  ost::UDPReceive
 Representing half of a two-way UDP connection, the UDP receiver can receive data from another peer host or subnet. More...
class  ost::UDPDuplex
 UDP duplex connections impliment a bi-directional point-to-point UDP session between two peer hosts. More...


namespace  ost

Detailed Description

udp derived socket classes.

Definition in file udp.h.