ucommon  7.0.0
About: GNU uCommon C++ is a portable and optimized class framework for writing C++ applications that need to use threads and support concurrent synchronization, and that use sockets, XML parsing, object serialization, thread-optimized string and data structure classes, etc..
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linked.h File Reference
#include <ucommon/platform.h>
#include <ucommon/object.h>
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class  ucommon::LinkedObject
class  ucommon::ReusableObject
class  ucommon::OrderedIndex
class  ucommon::OrderedObject
class  ucommon::NamedObject
class  ucommon::NamedTree
class  ucommon::DLinkedObject
class  ucommon::linked_value< T, O >
class  ucommon::linked_pointer< T >
class  ucommon::treemap< T >




typedef LinkedObject * ucommon::LinkedIndex
typedef DLinkedObject ucommon::LinkedList

Detailed Description

Linked objects, lists, templates, and containers. Common support for objects that might be organized as single and double linked lists, rings and queues, and tree oriented data structures. These generic classes may be used to help form anything from callback registration systems and indexed memory hashes to xml parsed tree nodes.

Definition in file linked.h.