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ucommon::dso Class Reference

#include <fsys.h>

Public Types

typedef void * addr_t

Public Member Functions

 dso ()
 dso (const char *path)
 ~dso ()
void map (const char *path)
void release (void)
addr_t find (const char *symbol) const
int err (void) const
addr_t operator[] (const char *symbol) const
addr_t operator() (const char *symbol) const
 operator bool () const
bool operator! () const

Private Member Functions

 __DELETE_COPY (dso)

Private Attributes

void * ptr
int error


class fsys

Detailed Description

Convenience class for library plugins.

David Sugar dyfet.nosp@m.@gnu.nosp@m.telep.nosp@m.hony.nosp@m..org

Definition at line 662 of file fsys.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ addr_t

typedef void* ucommon::dso::addr_t

Definition at line 680 of file fsys.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ dso() [1/2]

ucommon::dso::dso ( )

Create dso object for use by load functions.

Definition at line 1142 of file fsys.cpp.

References error, and ptr.

◆ dso() [2/2]

ucommon::dso::dso ( const char *  path)

Create and map a dso object.

pathof library to map.

Definition at line 1148 of file fsys.cpp.

References error, map(), and ptr.

◆ ~dso()

ucommon::dso::~dso ( )

Destroy dso and release library.

Definition at line 1155 of file fsys.cpp.

References release().

Member Function Documentation


ucommon::dso::__DELETE_COPY ( dso  )

◆ err()

int ucommon::dso::err ( void  ) const

Definition at line 718 of file fsys.h.

References error.

◆ find()

dso::addr_t ucommon::dso::find ( const char *  symbol) const

Find symbol in loaded module.

moduleto search.
symbolto search for.
address of symbol or NULL if not found.

Definition at line 1690 of file fsys.cpp.

◆ map()

void ucommon::dso::map ( const char *  path)

Map library object with library.

nameof library to load.

Referenced by dso(), and ucommon::fsys::load().

◆ operator bool()

ucommon::dso::operator bool ( ) const

Definition at line 730 of file fsys.h.

◆ operator!()

bool ucommon::dso::operator! ( void  ) const

Definition at line 734 of file fsys.h.

◆ operator()()

addr_t ucommon::dso::operator() ( const char *  symbol) const

Definition at line 726 of file fsys.h.

◆ operator[]()

addr_t ucommon::dso::operator[] ( const char *  symbol) const

Definition at line 722 of file fsys.h.

◆ release()

void ucommon::dso::release ( void  )

Release loaded library.

Definition at line 1686 of file fsys.cpp.

Referenced by ~dso().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ fsys

friend class fsys

Definition at line 665 of file fsys.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ error

int ucommon::dso::error

◆ ptr

void* ucommon::dso::ptr

Definition at line 670 of file fsys.h.

Referenced by dso(), and ucommon::fsys::load().

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