ucommon  7.0.0
About: GNU uCommon C++ is a portable and optimized class framework for writing C++ applications that need to use threads and support concurrent synchronization, and that use sockets, XML parsing, object serialization, thread-optimized string and data structure classes, etc..
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atomic.h File Reference
#include <ucommon/platform.h>
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class  ucommon::Atomic
class  ucommon::Atomic::counter
class  ucommon::Atomic::spinlock
class  ucommon::Atomic::Aligned
class  ucommon::Atomic::aligned< T, alignment >




typedef int atomic_t

Detailed Description

Atomic pointers and locks. These are meant to use atomic CPU operations and hence offer maximum performance.

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Definition in file atomic.h.

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typedef int atomic_t

Definition at line 36 of file atomic.h.