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address.h File Reference

Network addresses and sockets related classes. More...

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class  ost::IPV4Validator
 Classes derived from IPV4Address would require an specific validator to pass to the IPV4Address constructor. More...
class  ost::IPV4MulticastValidator
 Class for the function object that validates multicast addresses. More...
class  ost::IPV4Cidr
 The CIDR class is used to support routing tables and validate address policies. More...
class  ost::IPV4Address
 The network name and address objects are all derived from a common IPV4Address base class. More...
class  ost::IPV4Mask
 Internet addresses used specifically as masking addresses (such as "") are held in the IPV4Mask derived object. More...
class  ost::IPV4Host
 This object is used to hold the actual and valid internet address of a specific host machine that will be accessed through a socket. More...
class  ost::IPV4Broadcast
 The broadcast address object is used to store the broadcast address for a specific subnet. More...
class  ost::IPV4Multicast
 A specialization of IPV4Address that provides address validation for multicast addresses. More...


namespace  ost


#define CIDR   IPV4Cidr
#define InetAddress   IPV4Address
#define InetHostAddress   IPV4Host
#define InetMaskAddress   IPV4Mask
#define InetMcastAddress   IPV4Multicast
#define InetMcastAddressValidator   IPV4MulticastValidator
#define InetAddrValidator   IPV4Validator
#define BroadcastAddress   IPV4Broadcast


typedef in_port_t ost::tpport_t
 Transport Protocol Ports. More...


ostream & ost::operator<< (ostream &os, const IPV4Address &ia)
struct in_addr ost::getaddress (const IPV4Address &ia)

Detailed Description

Network addresses and sockets related classes.

Definition in file address.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ BroadcastAddress

#define BroadcastAddress   IPV4Broadcast

Definition at line 75 of file address.h.


#define CIDR   IPV4Cidr

Definition at line 68 of file address.h.



Definition at line 64 of file address.h.



Definition at line 66 of file address.h.



Definition at line 63 of file address.h.



Definition at line 65 of file address.h.

◆ InetAddress

#define InetAddress   IPV4Address

Definition at line 69 of file address.h.

◆ InetAddrValidator

#define InetAddrValidator   IPV4Validator

Definition at line 74 of file address.h.

◆ InetHostAddress

#define InetHostAddress   IPV4Host

Definition at line 70 of file address.h.

◆ InetMaskAddress

#define InetMaskAddress   IPV4Mask

Definition at line 71 of file address.h.

◆ InetMcastAddress

#define InetMcastAddress   IPV4Multicast

Definition at line 72 of file address.h.

◆ InetMcastAddressValidator

#define InetMcastAddressValidator   IPV4MulticastValidator

Definition at line 73 of file address.h.