turma  0.1
About: Turma recursively search (and replace) for text in files given by a pattern. Operates also on blocks (or paragraphs) of text.
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This is T.U.R.M.A, Text Utils w/ Recursive MAmbo jumbo operations.
Turma allows you to recursively search (and replace) for text in files
given by a pattern (i.e *.sch). It's main advantage (or feature, if you like)
is the way it works: just great. Hmm, I'm kiddin' now. Seriously, turma brings
you a great facility: it operates on blocks (or paragraphs) of text, not lines
or words. You may find it useful when you have to replace large blocks of text.
O, it has a GTK interface, so you don't have to write scripts to use it.
Just point & click, copy & paste. (did I mention it has a clipboard pane?)

Let me give you a short example:
-let's say you have many files containing the following text:
and now you want to replace the paragraph above with
turma allows you to select
and replace it with
just as easy as copy&paste. Don't you believe me?
Give it a try! You'll see I'm right.

Another (useful) example would be: you have to replace the licence
and copyright notice in more than 1000 files located in a single directory
(including subdirectories). You have 4 options:
1. don't do it (ETA: 0 sec)
2. one by one  (ETA: many hours)
3. make a perl/awk+sed/whatever script to do it (ETA: I wish I didn't know)
4. use turma (ETA: 30 seconds)

Visit http://vbd.go.ro/software/turma to get the latest version.
Only if you really want. We don't give a shit, anyway.