tmux  3.2a
About: tmux is a terminal multiplexer that lets you switch easily between several programs in one terminal.
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window_pane Struct Reference

#include <tmux.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_HEAD (, window_mode_entry) modes
 TAILQ_ENTRY (window_pane) entry
 RB_ENTRY (window_pane) tree_entry

Data Fields

u_int id
u_int active_point
struct windowwindow
struct optionsoptions
struct layout_celllayout_cell
struct layout_cellsaved_layout_cell
u_int sx
u_int sy
u_int xoff
u_int yoff
int fg
int bg
int flags
int argc
char ** argv
char * shell
char * cwd
pid_t pid
char tty [32]
int status
int fd
struct bufferevent * event
struct window_pane_offset offset
size_t base_offset
struct window_pane_resizes resize_queue
struct event resize_timer
struct input_ctxictx
struct grid_cell cached_gc
struct grid_cell cached_active_gc
int * palette
int pipe_fd
struct bufferevent * pipe_event
struct window_pane_offset pipe_offset
struct screenscreen
struct screen base
struct screen status_screen
size_t status_size
char * searchstr
int searchregex
int border_gc_set
struct grid_cell border_gc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 958 of file tmux.h.

Member Function Documentation


window_pane::RB_ENTRY ( window_pane  )


window_pane::TAILQ_ENTRY ( window_pane  )


window_pane::TAILQ_HEAD ( window_mode_entry  )

Field Documentation

◆ active_point

u_int window_pane::active_point

Definition at line 960 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by window_pane_choose_best(), window_set_active_pane(), and window_tree_cmp_pane().

◆ argc

◆ argv

char** window_pane::argv

◆ base

◆ base_offset

size_t window_pane::base_offset

Definition at line 1005 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by server_client_check_pane_buffer().

◆ bg

int window_pane::bg

Definition at line 975 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by input_osc_11(), input_osc_111(), tty_window_default_style(), and window_pane_create().

◆ border_gc

struct grid_cell window_pane::border_gc

Definition at line 1031 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by screen_redraw_draw_borders_style().

◆ border_gc_set

int window_pane::border_gc_set

Definition at line 1031 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by screen_redraw_draw_borders(), and screen_redraw_draw_borders_style().

◆ cached_active_gc

struct grid_cell window_pane::cached_active_gc

Definition at line 1010 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by tty_default_colours(), and window_redraw_active_switch().

◆ cached_gc

struct grid_cell window_pane::cached_gc

Definition at line 1010 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by tty_default_colours(), and window_redraw_active_switch().

◆ cwd

char* window_pane::cwd

Definition at line 995 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by format_cb_current_path(), spawn_pane(), and window_pane_destroy().

◆ event

◆ fd

◆ fg

int window_pane::fg

Definition at line 974 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by input_osc_10(), input_osc_110(), tty_window_default_style(), and window_pane_create().

◆ flags

◆ ictx

◆ id

◆ layout_cell

◆ offset

◆ options

◆ palette

◆ pid

pid_t window_pane::pid

Definition at line 997 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by format_cb_pane_pid(), server_child_exited(), server_child_stopped(), and spawn_pane().

◆ pipe_event

struct bufferevent* window_pane::pipe_event

◆ pipe_fd

◆ pipe_offset

struct window_pane_offset window_pane::pipe_offset

Definition at line 1017 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by server_client_check_pane_buffer(), and window_pane_read_callback().

◆ resize_queue

struct window_pane_resizes window_pane::resize_queue

◆ resize_timer

struct event window_pane::resize_timer

◆ saved_layout_cell

struct layout_cell* window_pane::saved_layout_cell

Definition at line 966 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by window_unzoom(), and window_zoom().

◆ screen

◆ searchregex

int window_pane::searchregex

Definition at line 1029 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by window_copy_common_init(), and window_copy_search().

◆ searchstr

char* window_pane::searchstr

◆ shell

char* window_pane::shell

◆ status

◆ status_screen

struct screen window_pane::status_screen

◆ status_size

size_t window_pane::status_size

◆ sx

◆ sy

◆ tty

◆ window

struct window* window_pane::window

Definition at line 962 of file tmux.h.

Referenced by cmd_display_panes_draw_pane(), cmd_find_current_client(), cmd_find_from_client(), cmd_find_from_pane(), cmd_find_get_pane(), cmd_find_get_pane_with_session(), cmd_find_get_pane_with_window(), control_check_subs_pane(), control_error(), control_window_pane(), format_cb_pane_active(), format_cb_pane_at_bottom(), format_cb_pane_at_right(), format_cb_pane_at_top(), format_cb_pane_last(), format_defaults_pane(), input_c0_dispatch(), input_csi_dispatch_winops(), input_exit_apc(), input_exit_osc(), input_exit_rename(), input_parse_buffer(), layout_assign_pane(), layout_close_pane(), layout_resize_pane(), layout_split_pane(), layout_spread_out(), mode_tree_draw(), mode_tree_free(), mode_tree_zoom(), screen_redraw_make_pane_status(), screen_write_initctx(), screen_write_set_client_cb(), screen_write_set_cursor(), server_client_check_mouse(), server_client_check_pane_focus(), server_client_remove_pane(), server_destroy_pane(), server_kill_pane(), tty_default_colours(), window_copy_command(), window_copy_common_init(), window_copy_cursor_next_word_end(), window_copy_cursor_next_word_end_pos(), window_copy_get_selection(), window_copy_key_table(), window_copy_search(), window_copy_set_selection(), window_copy_update_style(), window_copy_write_line(), window_pane_copy_key(), window_pane_create(), window_pane_find_down(), window_pane_find_left(), window_pane_find_right(), window_pane_find_up(), window_pane_index(), window_pane_reset_mode(), window_pane_send_resize(), window_pane_set_mode(), window_pane_visible(), window_tree_pull_item(), and window_zoom().

◆ xoff

◆ yoff

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