tmux  3.2a
About: tmux is a terminal multiplexer that lets you switch easily between several programs in one terminal.
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popup.c File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/wait.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "tmux.h"
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Data Structures

struct  popup_data
struct  popup_editor


static void popup_redraw_cb (const struct tty_ctx *ttyctx)
static int popup_set_client_cb (struct tty_ctx *ttyctx, struct client *c)
static void popup_init_ctx_cb (struct screen_write_ctx *ctx, struct tty_ctx *ttyctx)
static struct screenpopup_mode_cb (struct client *c, u_int *cx, u_int *cy)
static int popup_check_cb (struct client *c, u_int px, u_int py)
static void popup_draw_cb (struct client *c, struct screen_redraw_ctx *ctx0)
static void popup_free_cb (struct client *c)
static void popup_handle_drag (struct client *c, struct popup_data *pd, struct mouse_event *m)
static int popup_key_cb (struct client *c, struct key_event *event)
static void popup_job_update_cb (struct job *job)
static void popup_job_complete_cb (struct job *job)
int popup_display (int flags, struct cmdq_item *item, u_int px, u_int py, u_int sx, u_int sy, const char *shellcmd, int argc, char **argv, const char *cwd, struct client *c, struct session *s, popup_close_cb cb, void *arg)
static void popup_editor_free (struct popup_editor *pe)
static void popup_editor_close_cb (int status, void *arg)
int popup_editor (struct client *c, const char *buf, size_t len, popup_finish_edit_cb cb, void *arg)

Function Documentation

◆ popup_check_cb()

static int popup_check_cb ( struct client c,
u_int  px,
u_int  py 

◆ popup_display()

int popup_display ( int  flags,
struct cmdq_item item,
u_int  px,
u_int  py,
u_int  sx,
u_int  sy,
const char *  shellcmd,
int  argc,
char **  argv,
const char *  cwd,
struct client c,
struct session s,
popup_close_cb  cb,
void *  arg 

◆ popup_draw_cb()

◆ popup_editor()

◆ popup_editor_close_cb()

static void popup_editor_close_cb ( int  status,
void *  arg 

Definition at line 369 of file popup.c.

References popup_editor::arg, popup_editor::cb, f, popup_editor::path, and popup_editor_free().

Referenced by popup_editor().

◆ popup_editor_free()

static void popup_editor_free ( struct popup_editor pe)

Definition at line 361 of file popup.c.

References popup_editor::path.

Referenced by popup_editor(), and popup_editor_close_cb().

◆ popup_free_cb()

◆ popup_handle_drag()

◆ popup_init_ctx_cb()

static void popup_init_ctx_cb ( struct screen_write_ctx ctx,
struct tty_ctx ttyctx 

◆ popup_job_complete_cb()

static void popup_job_complete_cb ( struct job job)

◆ popup_job_update_cb()

static void popup_job_update_cb ( struct job job)

◆ popup_key_cb()

◆ popup_mode_cb()

static struct screen* popup_mode_cb ( struct client c,
u_int *  cx,
u_int *  cy 

◆ popup_redraw_cb()

static void popup_redraw_cb ( const struct tty_ctx ttyctx)

Definition at line 62 of file popup.c.

References tty_ctx::arg, popup_data::c, CLIENT_REDRAWOVERLAY, and client::flags.

Referenced by popup_init_ctx_cb().

◆ popup_set_client_cb()