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About: Tine 2.0 is a platform independent business software system which combines groupware and customer relationship management (CRM). Commercial support is available. Source code.
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tine - Community Edition

Welcome to the tine Community Edition, the base of our popular tine Business Edition.

Official Community resources

Other Community resources

Free Software without compromise

In contrast to the so called "open core" approach, where only a subset of the software is released as open source, you'll find the complete sourcecode of all standard tine applications and features here. Like RHEL is the stable extract of Fedora, our Business Edition is a approved subset of stable code combined with a long term business support.

Everything you need to build and run tine is released as free software. See the LICENSE file for more details. Unlike others, our community edition is no baitfish for closed source plugins or add ons.

Home of Innovation

Together with our great community of open source addicted developers and testers, we build new features, try out exciting concepts and drive innovation within the tine Community Edition. As a user you become a member of this community and we expect you to support innovation by creating code, reporting bugs or improving the documentation.

With the tine Community Edition you are always provided with the latest additions. For the sake of innovation we don't fix bugs or supply security updates for old versions.


In general, users of the Community Edition are technically experienced and able to help themselves. The ability to read, understand and change the software as well as to share the new version with others really is the heart of free software.

Moreover, in our Issues and Questions Section you can get support from other community members. As a rule of thumb: You can expect more support from others the more you contribute yourself. Don't expect others to contribute if you are not willing to contribute yourself. Remember: We are a community of free software enthusiasts and innovators. If you are out for a good Samaritan you need to look elsewhere.

There is no commercial support for the community edition at all. Please be fair and don't try to suck community resources if you are not willing or able to contribute to the community. In this case the community edition is not appropriate for you, please go with the business edition.

Business Edition

For all those who are not willing or able to be part of the community as an active contributor, and for organisations who prefer stability and support over innovation we created our tine Business Edition.

Once a year we take a subset of well proven and stable applications and features from our community edition and build a new major release of our business edition.

Each tine Business Edition is maintained with security patches and bug fixes for at least two years. Our partners offer a wide range of commercial support for different business needs.

Quickstart with Docker Compose

Head over to dockerhub to give tine a try on your favorite Docker host: https://hub.docker.com/r/tine20/tine20

Reporting security issues

If you found any security relevant issue you can mail us security@tine20.com.

Server Requirements

  • Webserver like Apache, Ngnix, …
  • MySQL 5.7 - 8.0 or MariaDB 10.2 - 10.6
  • PHP 7.4 - 8.0
    • Required Extensions: json, gd, date, SPL, SimpleXML, ctype, dom, openssl, iconv, zip, xml, hash, mbstring, intl, yaml
    • Optional Extensions: redis, ldap, bcmath (for ActiveDirectory)

Licenses, Copyrights and Trademarks

tine - this community edition as well as the business edition are released under the terms of the AGPLv3 License mainly.

In short this means: Any customisations, changes or additions you do to the code needs to be made available under the AGPLv3 as well. If this is not appropriate for you, please contact us directly. As we hold the complete copyright for all tine specific source code it's possible to offer it with different license options.

The name "tine" is our registered trademark. This is for your and our safety. We can use the name and logo without legal fraught from other parties.

see Tine2.0 LICENSE file