tin  2.6.1
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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select.c File Reference
#include "tin.h"
#include "tcurses.h"
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static t_function select_left (void)
static t_function select_right (void)
static int active_comp (t_comptype p1, t_comptype p2)
static int reposition_group (struct t_group *group, int default_num)
static int save_restore_curr_group (t_bool saving)
static t_bool pos_next_unread_group (t_bool redraw)
static void build_gline (int i)
static void catchup_group (struct t_group *group, t_bool goto_next_unread_group)
static void draw_group_arrow (void)
static void read_groups (void)
static void select_done (void)
static void select_quit (void)
static void select_read_group (void)
static void sort_active_file (void)
static void subscribe_pattern (const char *prompt, const char *message, const char *result, t_bool state)
static void sync_active_file (void)
static void yank_active_file (void)
void selection_page (int start_groupnum, int num_cmd_line_groups)
void show_selection_page (void)
int choose_new_group (void)
int skip_newgroups (void)
int add_my_group (const char *group, t_bool add, t_bool ignore_case)
void toggle_my_groups (const char *group)


static struct t_fmt sel_fmt
static t_bool yanked_out = (! 0 )
t_menu selmenu = { 1, 0, 0, show_selection_page, draw_group_arrow, build_gline }
static int groupname_len
static int flags_offset
static int ucnt_offset

Function Documentation

◆ active_comp()

static int active_comp ( t_comptype  p1,
t_comptype  p2 

Definition at line 942 of file select.c.

References t_group::name, and strcasecmp().

Referenced by sort_active_file().

◆ add_my_group()

int add_my_group ( const char *  group,
t_bool  add,
t_bool  ignore_case 

Definition at line 1068 of file select.c.

References find_group_index(), t_menu::max, my_group, and selmenu.

◆ build_gline()

◆ catchup_group()

static void catchup_group ( struct t_group group,
t_bool  goto_next_unread_group 

◆ choose_new_group()

◆ draw_group_arrow()

◆ pos_next_unread_group()

static t_bool pos_next_unread_group ( t_bool  redraw)

◆ read_groups()

◆ reposition_group()

◆ save_restore_curr_group()

static int save_restore_curr_group ( t_bool  saving)

◆ select_done()

static void select_done ( void  )

◆ select_left()

static t_function select_left ( void  )

Definition at line 92 of file select.c.

References GLOBAL_QUIT.

Referenced by selection_page().

◆ select_quit()

static void select_quit ( void  )

◆ select_read_group()

static void select_read_group ( void  )

◆ select_right()

static t_function select_right ( void  )

Definition at line 100 of file select.c.


Referenced by selection_page().

◆ selection_page()

void selection_page ( int  start_groupnum,
int  num_cmd_line_groups 

Definition at line 108 of file select.c.

References _, active, BOGUS_SHOW, bool_not, buf, bug_report(), build_gline(), can_post, CATCHUP, catchup_group(), CATCHUP_NEXT_UNREAD, choose_new_group(), clear_message(), ClearScreen(), config_page(), t_menu::curr, CURR_GROUP, cursoroff(), cvers, t_config::default_post_newsgroups, delete_group(), DIGIT_1, DIGIT_2, DIGIT_3, DIGIT_4, DIGIT_5, DIGIT_6, DIGIT_7, DIGIT_8, DIGIT_9, do_shell_escape(), draw_group_arrow(), end_of_list(), erase_arrow(), error_message(), EXIT_SUCCESS, FALSE, filter_file, filter_file_offset, t_menu::first, flags_offset, forever, func, func_to_key(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_BUGREPORT, GLOBAL_DISPLAY_POST_HISTORY, GLOBAL_EDIT_FILTER, GLOBAL_FIRST_PAGE, GLOBAL_HELP, GLOBAL_LAST_PAGE, GLOBAL_LINE_DOWN, GLOBAL_LINE_UP, GLOBAL_LOOKUP_MESSAGEID, global_mouse_action(), GLOBAL_OPTION_MENU, GLOBAL_PAGE_DOWN, GLOBAL_PAGE_UP, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_POSTPONED, GLOBAL_QUIT, GLOBAL_QUIT_TIN, GLOBAL_REDRAW_SCREEN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_DOWN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_UP, GLOBAL_SEARCH_REPEAT, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_BACKWARD, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_FORWARD, GLOBAL_SET_RANGE, GLOBAL_SHELL_ESCAPE, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_HELP_DISPLAY, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_INFO_LAST_LINE, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_INVERSE_VIDEO, GLOBAL_VERSION, group_find(), grp_mark_unread(), handle_keypad(), HIST_POST_NEWSGROUPS, HpGlitch, t_config::info_in_last_line, info_message(), invoke_editor(), last_search, LEN, t_fmt::len_ucnt, LOOKUP_OK, LOOKUP_QUIT, LOOKUP_UNAVAIL, mark_screen(), t_menu::max, MAXKEYLEN, move_down(), move_to_item(), move_up(), my_group, my_group_add, my_retouch, newsrc, no_write, NOTESLINES, page_down(), page_up(), pickup_postponed_articles(), pos_next_unread_group(), post_article(), post_hist_page(), PrintFuncKey, prompt_item_num(), prompt_string_default(), prompt_yn(), Raw(), read_descriptions(), read_filter_file(), read_groups(), read_newsrc(), reposition_group(), reread_active_after_posting(), reset_newsrc(), resync_active_file(), scroll_down(), scroll_up(), search_active(), sel_fmt, select_done(), SELECT_ENTER_GROUP, SELECT_ENTER_NEXT_UNREAD_GROUP, SELECT_GOTO, select_keys, select_left(), SELECT_LEVEL, SELECT_MARK_GROUP_UNREAD, SELECT_MOVE_GROUP, SELECT_NEXT_UNREAD_GROUP, select_quit(), SELECT_QUIT_NO_WRITE, select_read_group(), SELECT_RESET_NEWSRC, select_right(), SELECT_SORT_ACTIVE, SELECT_SUBSCRIBE, SELECT_SUBSCRIBE_PATTERN, SELECT_SYNC_WITH_ACTIVE, SELECT_TOGGLE_DESCRIPTIONS, SELECT_TOGGLE_READ_DISPLAY, SELECT_UNSUBSCRIBE, SELECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_PATTERN, SELECT_YANK_ACTIVE, selmenu, set_range(), set_xclick_off(), set_xclick_on(), show_article_by_msgid(), show_description, t_fmt::show_grpdesc, show_help_page(), show_inverse_video_status(), t_config::show_only_unread_groups, show_selection_page(), signal_context, snprintf, sort_active_file(), STRCPY, t_config::strip_bogus, subscribe(), subscribe_pattern(), SUBSCRIBED, sync_active_file(), tin_done(), tin_ltoa(), tinrc, toggle_inverse_video(), toggle_mini_help(), toggle_my_groups(), top_of_list(), TRUE, txt_bad_command, txt_cannot_post, txt_group_select_com, txt_grpdesc_disabled, txt_info_no_write, txt_info_not_subscribed, txt_lookup_func_not_available, txt_lookup_func_not_nntp, txt_no_groups, txt_no_newsgroups, txt_no_prev_search, txt_not_in_active_file, txt_post_newsgroups, txt_quit_no_write, txt_reading_groups, txt_remove_bogus, txt_reset_newsrc, txt_select_group, txt_show_unread, txt_subscribe_pattern, txt_subscribed_num_groups, txt_subscribed_to, txt_subscribing, txt_unsubscribe_pattern, txt_unsubscribed_num_groups, txt_unsubscribed_to, txt_unsubscribing, ucnt_offset, UNSUBSCRIBED, wait_message(), write_newsrc(), yank_active_file(), and yanked_out.

Referenced by main().

◆ show_selection_page()

◆ skip_newgroups()

int skip_newgroups ( void  )

◆ sort_active_file()

static void sort_active_file ( void  )

◆ subscribe_pattern()

static void subscribe_pattern ( const char *  prompt,
const char *  message,
const char *  result,
t_bool  state 

◆ sync_active_file()

static void sync_active_file ( void  )

◆ toggle_my_groups()

◆ yank_active_file()

Variable Documentation

◆ flags_offset

int flags_offset

Definition at line 87 of file select.c.

Referenced by selection_page(), and show_selection_page().

◆ groupname_len

int groupname_len

Definition at line 86 of file select.c.

Referenced by build_gline(), and show_selection_page().

◆ sel_fmt

struct t_fmt sel_fmt

Definition at line 49 of file select.c.

Referenced by build_gline(), catchup_group(), selection_page(), and show_selection_page().

◆ selmenu

◆ ucnt_offset

int ucnt_offset

Definition at line 88 of file select.c.

Referenced by catchup_group(), selection_page(), and show_selection_page().

◆ yanked_out

t_bool yanked_out = (! 0 )