tin  2.6.1
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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prompt.c File Reference
#include "tin.h"
#include "tcurses.h"
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static int prompt_list (int row, int col, int var, constext *help_text, constext *prompt_text, constext *list[], int size)
int prompt_num (int ch, const char *prompt)
t_bool prompt_string (const char *prompt, char *buf, int which_hist)
t_bool prompt_default_string (const char *prompt, char *buf, int buf_len, char *default_prompt, int which_hist)
t_bool prompt_menu_string (int line, const char *prompt, char *var)
int prompt_yn (const char *prompt, t_bool default_answer)
void prompt_yn_redraw (void)
t_bool prompt_option_on_off (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_list (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_string (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_num (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_char (enum option_enum option)
char * prompt_string_default (const char *prompt, char *def, const char *failtext, int history)
int prompt_msgid (void)
char * sized_message (char **result, const char *format, const char *subject)
t_function prompt_slk_response (t_function default_func, const struct keylist keys, const char *fmt,...)
void prompt_slk_redraw (void)
void prompt_continue (void)


static char * prompt_slk_message
static char * prompt_yn_message
static char * prompt_yn_choice

Function Documentation

◆ prompt_continue()

◆ prompt_default_string()

t_bool prompt_default_string ( const char *  prompt,
char *  buf,
int  buf_len,
char *  default_prompt,
int  which_hist 

◆ prompt_list()

static int prompt_list ( int  row,
int  col,
int  var,
constext help_text,
constext prompt_text,
constext list[],
int  size 

◆ prompt_menu_string()

t_bool prompt_menu_string ( int  line,
const char *  prompt,
char *  var 

Definition at line 135 of file prompt.c.

References FALSE, HIST_OTHER, MoveCursor(), tin_getline(), and TRUE.

Referenced by filter_menu(), and prompt_option_string().

◆ prompt_msgid()

◆ prompt_num()

int prompt_num ( int  ch,
const char *  prompt 

Definition at line 65 of file prompt.c.

References atoi(), clear_message(), FALSE, HIST_OTHER, LEN, snprintf, STRCPY, and tin_getline().

Referenced by config_page(), prompt_item_num(), and prompt_response().

◆ prompt_option_char()

◆ prompt_option_list()

t_bool prompt_option_list ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_option_num()

t_bool prompt_option_num ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_option_on_off()

t_bool prompt_option_on_off ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_option_string()

t_bool prompt_option_string ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_slk_redraw()

void prompt_slk_redraw ( void  )

Definition at line 783 of file prompt.c.

References cLINES, MoveCursor(), prompt_slk_message, strwidth(), and wait_message().

Referenced by handle_resize(), and prompt_slk_response().

◆ prompt_slk_response()

◆ prompt_string()

t_bool prompt_string ( const char *  prompt,
char *  buf,
int  which_hist 

◆ prompt_string_default()

char * prompt_string_default ( const char *  prompt,
char *  def,
const char *  failtext,
int  history 

◆ prompt_yn()

◆ prompt_yn_redraw()

void prompt_yn_redraw ( void  )

◆ sized_message()

char * sized_message ( char **  result,
const char *  format,
const char *  subject 

Variable Documentation

◆ prompt_slk_message

char* prompt_slk_message

Definition at line 49 of file prompt.c.

Referenced by prompt_slk_redraw(), and prompt_slk_response().

◆ prompt_yn_choice

char* prompt_yn_choice

Definition at line 51 of file prompt.c.

Referenced by prompt_yn(), and prompt_yn_redraw().

◆ prompt_yn_message

char* prompt_yn_message

Definition at line 50 of file prompt.c.

Referenced by prompt_yn(), and prompt_yn_redraw().