tin  2.6.1
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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newsrc.c File Reference
#include "tin.h"
#include "tcurses.h"
#include "tnntp.h"
#include "newsrc.h"
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static FILE * open_subscription_fp (void)
static char * parse_newsrc_line (char *line, int *sub)
static char * parse_subseq (struct t_group *group, char *seq, t_artnum *low, t_artnum *high, t_artnum *sum)
static char * parse_get_seq (char *seq, t_artnum *low, t_artnum *high)
static int write_newsrc_line (FILE *fp, char *line)
static t_bool create_newsrc (char *newsrc_file)
static void auto_subscribe_groups (char *newsrc_file)
static void get_subscribe_info (struct t_group *grp)
static void parse_bitmap_seq (struct t_group *group, char *seq)
static void print_bitmap_seq (FILE *fp, struct t_group *group)
signed long int read_newsrc (char *newsrc_file, t_bool allgroups)
signed long int write_newsrc (void)
void backup_newsrc (void)
int group_get_art_info (char *tin_spooldir, char *groupname, int grouptype, t_artnum *art_count, t_artnum *art_max, t_artnum *art_min)
void subscribe (struct t_group *group, int sub_state, t_bool get_info)
void reset_newsrc (void)
void delete_group (char *group)
void grp_mark_read (struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art)
void grp_mark_unread (struct t_group *group)
void thd_mark_read (struct t_group *group, long thread)
void thd_mark_unread (struct t_group *group, long thread)
void parse_unread_arts (struct t_group *group, t_artnum min)
t_bool pos_group_in_newsrc (struct t_group *group, int pos)
void catchup_newsrc_file (void)
void expand_bitmap (struct t_group *group, t_artnum min)
void art_mark (struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art, int flag)
void set_default_bitmap (struct t_group *group)


static mode_t newsrc_mode = 0

Function Documentation

◆ art_mark()

◆ auto_subscribe_groups()

static void auto_subscribe_groups ( char *  newsrc_file)

◆ backup_newsrc()

◆ catchup_newsrc_file()

◆ create_newsrc()

static t_bool create_newsrc ( char *  newsrc_file)

◆ delete_group()

void delete_group ( char *  group)

◆ expand_bitmap()

◆ get_subscribe_info()

◆ group_get_art_info()

int group_get_art_info ( char *  tin_spooldir,
char *  groupname,
int  grouptype,
t_artnum art_count,
t_artnum art_max,
t_artnum art_min 

◆ grp_mark_read()

◆ grp_mark_unread()

◆ open_subscription_fp()

static FILE * open_subscription_fp ( void  )

◆ parse_bitmap_seq()

◆ parse_get_seq()

static char * parse_get_seq ( char *  seq,
t_artnum low,
t_artnum high 

Definition at line 1024 of file newsrc.c.

References strtoartnum.

Referenced by parse_bitmap_seq(), and parse_subseq().

◆ parse_newsrc_line()

static char * parse_newsrc_line ( char *  line,
int *  sub 

Definition at line 1436 of file newsrc.c.

References strpbrk(), and UNSUBSCRIBED.

Referenced by delete_group(), read_newsrc(), reset_newsrc(), subscribe(), and write_newsrc_line().

◆ parse_subseq()

static char * parse_subseq ( struct t_group group,
char *  seq,
t_artnum low,
t_artnum high,
t_artnum sum 

◆ parse_unread_arts()

◆ pos_group_in_newsrc()

◆ print_bitmap_seq()

static void print_bitmap_seq ( FILE *  fp,
struct t_group group 

◆ read_newsrc()

◆ reset_newsrc()

◆ set_default_bitmap()

void set_default_bitmap ( struct t_group group)

◆ subscribe()

◆ thd_mark_read()

void thd_mark_read ( struct t_group group,
long  thread 

Definition at line 789 of file newsrc.c.

References art_mark(), ART_READ, arts, debug, DEBUG_NEWSRC, and t_article::thread.

Referenced by show_page(), and thread_catchup().

◆ thd_mark_unread()

void thd_mark_unread ( struct t_group group,
long  thread 

Definition at line 806 of file newsrc.c.

References art_mark(), ART_WILL_RETURN, arts, debug, DEBUG_NEWSRC, and t_article::thread.

Referenced by show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ write_newsrc()

◆ write_newsrc_line()

Variable Documentation

◆ newsrc_mode

mode_t newsrc_mode = 0