tin  2.6.1
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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list.c File Reference
#include "tin.h"
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static t_bool group_add_to_hash (const char *groupname, int idx)
void init_group_hash (void)
unsigned long hash_groupname (const char *group)
int find_group_index (const char *group, t_bool ignore_case)
struct t_groupgroup_find (const char *group_name, t_bool ignore_case)
struct t_groupgroup_add (const char *group)
void group_rehash (t_bool yanked_out)


static int group_hash [1409]

Function Documentation

◆ find_group_index()

int find_group_index ( const char *  group,
t_bool  ignore_case 

◆ group_add()

◆ group_add_to_hash()

static t_bool group_add_to_hash ( const char *  groupname,
int  idx 

Definition at line 172 of file list.c.

References active, FALSE, group_hash, hash_groupname(), my_strdup(), name, t_group::next, str_lwr(), STRCMPEQ, and TRUE.

Referenced by group_add(), and group_rehash().

◆ group_find()

◆ group_rehash()

◆ hash_groupname()

unsigned long hash_groupname ( const char *  group)

Definition at line 83 of file list.c.

References TABLE_SIZE.

Referenced by find_group_index(), find_nov_file(), and group_add_to_hash().

◆ init_group_hash()

void init_group_hash ( void  )

Definition at line 62 of file list.c.

References group_hash, num_active, and TABLE_SIZE.

Referenced by group_rehash(), and main().

Variable Documentation

◆ group_hash

int group_hash[1409]

Definition at line 50 of file list.c.

Referenced by find_group_index(), group_add_to_hash(), and init_group_hash().