tin  2.6.1
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
  Fossies Dox: tin-2.6.1.tar.xz  ("unofficial" and yet experimental doxygen-generated source code documentation)  

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2 * Project : tin - a Usenet reader
3 * Module : lang.c
4 * Author : I. Lea
5 * Created : 1991-04-01
6 * Updated : 2021-08-07
7 * Notes :
8 *
9 * Copyright (c) 1991-2022 Iain Lea <iain@bricbrac.de>
10 * All rights reserved.
11 *
12 * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
13 * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
14 * are met:
15 *
16 * 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,
17 * this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
18 *
19 * 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
20 * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
21 * documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
22 *
23 * 3. Neither the name of the copyright holder nor the names of its
24 * contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from
25 * this software without specific prior written permission.
26 *
38 */
41#ifndef TIN_H
42# include "tin.h"
43#endif /* !TIN_H */
45constext txt_1_resp[] = N_("1 Response");
46constext txt_7bit[] = "7bit";
47constext txt_8bit[] = "8bit";
49constext txt_active_file_is_empty[] = N_("\n%s contains no newsgroups. Exiting.");
50constext txt_all[] = N_("all ");
51constext txt_all_groups[] = N_("All groups");
52constext txt_append_overwrite_quit[] = N_("File %s exists. %s=append, %s=overwrite, %s=quit: ");
53constext txt_art_cancel[] = N_("Article cancelled (deleted).");
54#ifndef FORGERY
55 constext txt_art_cannot_cancel[] = N_("Article cannot be cancelled (deleted).");
56#endif /* !FORGERY */
57constext txt_art_deleted[] = N_("Article deleted.");
58constext txt_art_mailgroups[] = N_("\nYour article:\n \"%s\"\nwill be mailed to the following address:\n %s");
59constext txt_art_newsgroups[] = N_("\nYour article:\n \"%s\"\nwill be posted to the following %s:\n");
60constext txt_art_not_posted[] = N_("Article not posted!");
61constext txt_art_not_saved[] = N_("Article not saved");
62constext txt_art_pager_com[] = N_("Article Level Commands");
63constext txt_art_parent_none[] = N_("Article has no parent");
64constext txt_art_parent_killed[] = N_("Parent article has been killed");
65constext txt_art_parent_unavail[] = N_("Parent article is unavailable");
66constext txt_art_posted[] = N_("Article posted: %s");
67constext txt_art_rejected[] = N_("Article rejected (saved to %s)");
68constext txt_art_thread_regex_tag[] = N_("%s=article, %s=thread, %s=range, %s=hot, %s=pattern, %s=tagged, %s=quit: ");
69constext txt_art_unavailable[] = N_("Article unavailable");
70constext txt_art_undeleted[] = N_("Article undeleted.");
71constext txt_art_x_of_n[] = N_("Article %4d of %4d");
72constext txt_article_cancelled[] = "Article cancelled by author.\n";
74constext txt_article_reposted[] = N_("This is a repost of the following article:");
77constext txt_articles_mailed[] = N_("-- %d %s mailed --");
78constext txt_at_s[] = N_(" at %s");
79constext txt_attach[] = N_("%*s[-- %s/%s, encoding %s%s%s, %d lines%s%s --]\n");
80constext txt_attach_charset[] = N_(", charset: ");
81constext txt_attach_unsup_charset[] = N_("%*s[-- charset %s not supported --]\n");
82constext txt_attach_description[] = N_("%*s[-- Description: %s --]\n");
84constext txt_attachment_menu[] = N_("Attachment Menu");
85constext txt_attachment_menu_com[] = N_("Attachment Menu Commands");
87constext txt_attachment_saved[] = N_("Attachment saved successfully. (%s)");
88constext txt_attachments_saved[] = N_("%d of %d attachments saved successfully.");
89constext txt_attachment_select[] = N_("Select attachment> ");
90constext txt_attachment_tagged[] = N_("Tagged attachment");
91constext txt_attachments_tagged[] = N_("%d attachments tagged");
92constext txt_attachment_untagged[] = N_("Untagged attachment");
93constext txt_attrib_menu_com[] = N_("Attributes Menu Commands");
94constext txt_attrib_no_scope[] = N_("attribute with no scope: %s");
95#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
96 constext txt_auth_failed[] = N_("%d Authentication failed");
97 constext txt_auth_failed_nopass[] = N_("NNTP authorization password not found for %s");
98 constext txt_auth_needed[] = N_("Server expects authentication.\n");
99 constext txt_auth_pass[] = N_(" Please enter password: ");
100 constext txt_auth_user[] = N_(" Please enter username: ");
101 constext txt_authorization_ok[] = N_("Authorized for user: %s\n");
102 constext txt_authorization_fail[] = N_("Authorization failed for user: %s\n");
103#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
104constext txt_author_search_backwards[] = N_("Author search backwards [%s]> ");
105constext txt_author_search_forwards[] = N_("Author search forwards [%s]> ");
106constext txt_autosubscribed[] = N_("\nAutosubscribed to %s");
107constext txt_autosubscribing_groups[] = N_("Autosubscribing groups...\n");
108constext txt_autoselecting_articles[] = N_("Autoselecting articles (use '%s' to see all unread) ...");
110constext txt_bad_article[] = N_("Article to be posted resulted in errors/warnings. %s=quit, %s=Menu, %s=edit: ");
111constext txt_bad_attrib[] = N_("Unrecognized attribute: %s");
112constext txt_bad_command[] = N_("Bad command. Type '%s' for help.");
113constext txt_base64[] = "base64";
114constext txt_base_article[] = N_("Base article");
115constext txt_base_article_range[] = N_("Base article range");
116constext txt_batch_update_unavail[] = N_("%s: Updating of index files not supported: cache_overview_files=%s");
117constext txt_begin_of_art[] = N_("*** Beginning of article ***");
118constext txt_begin_of_page[] = N_("*** Beginning of page ***");
120constext txt_cancel_article[] = N_("Cancel (delete) or supersede (overwrite) article [%%s]? (%s/%s/%s): ");
121constext txt_cancelling_art[] = N_("Cancelling article...");
122constext txt_cannot_create_uniq_name[] = "Can't create unique tempfile-name";
123constext txt_cannot_create[] = N_("Cannot create %s");
124constext txt_cannot_filter_on_path[] = "Can't filter on Path";
125#ifdef DEBUG
126 constext txt_cannot_find_base_art[] = N_("Can't find base article %d");
127#endif /* DEBUG */
128constext txt_cannot_open[] = N_("Can't open %s");
129constext txt_cannot_open_for_saving[] = N_("Couldn't open %s for saving");
130constext txt_cannot_post[] = N_("*** Posting not allowed ***");
131constext txt_cannot_post_group[] = N_("Posting is not allowed to %s");
132#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
133 constext txt_cannot_retrieve[] = N_("Can't retrieve %s");
134#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
136constext txt_catchup[] = N_("Catchup");
137constext txt_catchup_group[] = N_("Catchup %s...");
138constext txt_catchup_all_read_groups[] = N_("Catchup all groups entered during this session?");
139constext txt_catchup_despite_tags[] = N_("You have tagged articles in this group - catchup anyway?");
140constext txt_catchup_update_info[] = N_("%s %d %s in %lu seconds\n");
141constext txt_caughtup[] = N_("Caughtup");
142constext txt_check_article[] = N_("Check Prepared Article");
143constext txt_checking_new_groups[] = N_("Checking for new groups... ");
144constext txt_checking_for_news[] = N_("Checking for news...");
145constext txt_choose_post_process_type[] = N_("Post-process %s=no, %s=yes, %s=shar, %s=quit: ");
146#ifdef HAVE_COLOR
147 constext txt_color_off[] = N_("ANSI color disabled");
148 constext txt_color_on[] = N_("ANSI color enabled");
149#endif /* HAVE_COLOR */
150constext txt_command_failed[] = N_("Command failed: %s");
151constext txt_copyright_notice[] = "%s (c) Copyright 1991-2022 Iain Lea.";
152constext txt_confirm_select_on_exit[] = N_("Mark not selected articles read?");
153#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
154 constext txt_connecting[] = N_("Connecting to %s...");
155#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
156constext txt_cook_article_failed_exiting[] = N_("Cook article failed, %s is exiting");
157constext txt_cr[] = N_("<CR>");
158constext txt_creating_active[] = N_("Creating active file for saved groups...\n");
159constext txt_creating_newsrc[] = N_("Creating newsrc file...\n");
161constext txt_default[] = N_("Default");
162constext txt_delete_processed_files[] = N_("Delete saved files that have been post processed?");
163constext txt_deleting[] = N_("Deleting temporary files...");
165constext txt_end_of_art[] = N_("*** End of article ***");
166constext txt_end_of_arts[] = N_("*** End of articles ***");
167constext txt_end_of_attachments[] = N_("*** End of attachments ***");
168constext txt_end_of_groups[] = N_("*** End of groups ***");
169constext txt_end_of_page[] = N_("*** End of page ***");
170constext txt_end_of_posted[] = N_("*** End of posted articles ***");
171constext txt_end_of_scopes[] = N_("*** End of scopes ***");
172constext txt_end_of_thread[] = N_("*** End of thread ***");
173constext txt_end_of_urls[] = N_("*** End of URLs ***");
174constext txt_enter_getart_limit[] = N_("Enter limit of articles to get> ");
175constext txt_enter_message_id[] = N_("Enter Message-ID to go to> ");
176constext txt_enter_next_thread[] = N_(" and enter next unread thread");
177constext txt_enter_next_unread_art[] = N_(" and enter next unread article");
178constext txt_enter_next_unread_group[] = N_(" and enter next unread group");
179constext txt_enter_option_num[] = N_("Enter option number> ");
180constext txt_enter_range[] = N_("Enter range [%s]> ");
181constext txt_error_approved[] = N_("\nWarning: Approved: header used.\n");
182constext txt_error_asfail[] = "%s: assertion failure: %s (%d): %s\n";
183constext txt_error_bad_approved[] = N_("\nError: Bad address in Approved: header.\n");
184constext txt_error_bad_from[] = N_("\nError: Bad address in From: header.\n");
185constext txt_error_bad_msgidfqdn[] = N_("\nError: Bad FQDN in Message-ID: header.\n");
186constext txt_error_bad_replyto[] = N_("\nError: Bad address in Reply-To: header.\n");
187constext txt_error_bad_to[] = N_("\nError: Bad address in To: header.\n");
188#ifndef NO_LOCKING
189 constext txt_error_cant_unlock[] = N_("Can't unlock %s");
190 constext txt_error_couldnt_dotlock[] = N_("Couldn't dotlock %s - article not appended!");
191 constext txt_error_couldnt_lock[] = N_("Couldn't lock %s - article not appended!");
192#endif /* !NO_LOCKING */
193constext txt_error_copy_fp[] = "copy_fp() failed";
194constext txt_error_corrupted_file[] = N_("Corrupted file %s");
195constext txt_error_fseek[] = "fseek() error on [%s]";
196constext txt_error_followup_poster[] = N_("\nError: Followup-To \"poster\" and a newsgroup is not allowed!\n");
197constext txt_error_format_string[] = N_("Error: Custom format exceeds screen width. Using default \"%s\".");
198constext txt_error_gnksa_internal[] = N_("Internal error in GNKSA routine - send bug report.\n");
199constext txt_error_gnksa_langle[] = N_("Left angle bracket missing in route address.\n");
200constext txt_error_gnksa_lparen[] = N_("Left parenthesis missing in old-style address.\n");
201constext txt_error_gnksa_rparen[] = N_("Right parenthesis missing in old-style address.\n");
202constext txt_error_gnksa_atsign[] = N_("At-sign missing in mail address.\n");
203constext txt_error_gnksa_sgl_domain[] = N_("Single component FQDN is not allowed. Add your domain.\n");
204constext txt_error_gnksa_inv_domain[] = N_("Invalid domain. Send bug report if your top level domain really exists.\nUse .invalid as top level domain for munged addresses.\n");
205constext txt_error_gnksa_ill_domain[] = N_("Illegal domain. Send bug report if your top level domain really exists.\nUse .invalid as top level domain for munged addresses.\n");
206constext txt_error_gnksa_unk_domain[] = N_("Unknown domain. Send bug report if your top level domain really exists.\nUse .invalid as top level domain for munged addresses.\n");
207constext txt_error_gnksa_fqdn[] = N_("Illegal character in FQDN.\n");
208constext txt_error_gnksa_zero[] = N_("Zero length FQDN component not allowed.\n");
209constext txt_error_gnksa_length[] = N_("FQDN component exceeds maximum allowed length (63 chars).\n");
210constext txt_error_gnksa_hyphen[] = N_("FQDN component may not start or end with hyphen.\n");
211constext txt_error_gnksa_begnum[] = N_("FQDN component may not start with digit.\n");
212constext txt_error_gnksa_bad_lit[] = N_("Domain literal has impossible numeric value.\n");
213constext txt_error_gnksa_local_lit[] = N_("Domain literal is for private use only and not allowed for global use.\n");
214constext txt_error_gnksa_rbracket[] = N_("Right bracket missing in domain literal.\n");
215constext txt_error_gnksa_lp_missing[] = N_("Missing localpart of mail address.\n");
216constext txt_error_gnksa_lp_invalid[] = N_("Illegal character in localpart of mail address.\n");
217constext txt_error_gnksa_lp_zero[] = N_("Zero length localpart component not allowed.\n");
218constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_unq[] = N_("Illegal character in realname.\nUnquoted words may not contain '!()<>@,;:\\.[]' in route addresses.\n");
219constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_qtd[] = N_("Illegal character in realname.\nQuoted words may not contain '()<>\\'.\n");
220constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_enc[] = N_("Illegal character in realname.\nEncoded words may not contain '!()<>@,;:\"\\.[]/=' in parameter.\n");
221constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_encsyn[] = N_("Bad syntax in encoded word used in realname.\n");
222constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_paren[] = N_("Illegal character in realname.\nUnquoted words may not contain '()<>\\' in old-style addresses.\n");
223constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_invalid[] = N_("Illegal character in realname.\nControl characters and unencoded 8bit characters > 127 are not allowed.\n");
224constext txt_error_header_and_body_not_separate[] = N_("\nError: No blank line found after header.\n");
225constext txt_error_header_format[] = N_("\nError: Illegal formatted %s.\n");
226/* TODO: fixme, US-ASCII is not the only 7bit charset we know about */
228Error: Posting contains non-ASCII characters but MM_CHARSET is set to\n\
229 US-ASCII - please change this setting to a suitable value for\n\
230 your language using the M)enu of configurable options or by\n\
231 editing tinrc.\n");
233Error: Posting contains non-ASCII characters but the MIME encoding\n\
234 for news messages is set to \"7bit\" - please change this\n\
235 setting to \"8bit\" or \"quoted-printable\" depending on what\n\
236 is more common in your part of the world. This can be done\n\
237 using the M)enu of configurable options or by editing tinrc.\n");
238constext txt_error_header_line_blank[] = N_("\nError: Article starts with blank line instead of header\n");
239constext txt_error_header_line_colon[] = N_("\nError: Header on line %d does not have a colon after the header name:\n%s\n");
240constext txt_error_header_line_empty[] = N_("\nError: The \"%s:\" line is empty.\n");
241constext txt_error_header_line_missing[] = N_("\nError: The \"%s:\" line is missing from the article header.\n");
242constext txt_error_header_line_not_7bit[] = N_("\nError: %s contains non 7bit chars.\n");
243constext txt_error_header_line_space[] = N_("\nError: Header on line %d does not have a space after the colon:\n%s\n");
244constext txt_error_header_duplicate[] = N_("\nError: There are multiple (%d) \"%s:\" lines in the header.\n");
245constext txt_error_insecure_permissions[] = N_("Insecure permissions of %s (%o)");
246#if defined(HAVE_SETLOCALE) && !defined(NO_LOCALE)
247 constext txt_error_locale[] = "Can't set the specified locale!";
248#endif /* HAVE_SETLOCALE && !NO_LOCALE */
249#ifdef DEBUG
250 constext txt_error_mime_end[] = N_("MIME parse error: Unexpected end of %s/%s article");
251 constext txt_error_mime_start[] = N_("MIME parse error: Start boundary whilst reading headers");
252#endif /* DEBUG */
253constext txt_error_newsgroups_poster[] = N_("\nError: \"poster\" is not allowed in Newsgroups!\n");
254constext txt_error_no_domain_name[] = N_("Can't get a (fully-qualified) domain-name!");
255constext txt_error_no_enter_permission[] = N_("No permissions to go into %s\n");
256#ifdef NNTP_INEWS
257 constext txt_error_no_from[] = N_("\nError: From: line missing.\n");
258#endif /* NNTP_INEWS */
259constext txt_error_no_read_permission[] = N_("No read permissions for %s\n");
260constext txt_error_no_such_file[] = N_("File %s does not exist\n");
261constext txt_error_no_write_permission[] = N_("No write permissions for %s\n");
262constext txt_error_passwd_missing[] = N_("Can't get user information (/etc/passwd missing?)");
264#ifndef FORGERY
265 constext txt_error_sender_in_header_not_allowed[] = N_("\nError on line %d: \"Sender:\" header not allowed (it will be added for you)\n");
266#endif /* !FORGERY */
267constext txt_error_server_has_no_listed_groups[] = N_("Server has non of the groups listed in %s");
269constext txt_error_unknown_dlevel[] = N_("Unknown display level");
270constext txt_esc[] = N_("<ESC>");
271constext txt_exiting[] = N_("Exiting...");
272constext txt_external_mail_done[] = N_("leaving external mail-reader");
273constext txt_extracting_shar[] = N_("Extracting %s...");
275constext txt_filesystem_full[] = N_("Error writing %s file. Filesystem full? File reset to previous state.");
276constext txt_filesystem_full_backup[] = N_("Error making backup of %s file. Filesystem full?");
277constext txt_filter_global_rules[] = N_("Filtering global rules (%d/%d) ('q' to quit)...");
278constext txt_filter_rule_created[] = N_("Rule created by: ");
279constext txt_feed_pattern[] = N_("Enter pattern [%s]> ");
280constext txt_followup_newsgroups[] = N_("\nYou requested followups to your article to go to the following %s:\n");
281constext txt_followup_poster[] = N_(" %s\t Answers will be directed to you by mail.\n");
282constext txt_forwarded[] = N_("-- forwarded message --\n");
283constext txt_forwarded_end[] = N_("-- end of forwarded message --\n");
284constext txt_filter_file[] = N_("# Format:\n\
285# comment=STRING Optional. Multiple lines allowed. Comments must be placed\n\
286# at the beginning of a rule, or they will be moved to the\n\
287# next rule. '#' is not a valid keyword for a comment!\n\
288# group=STRING Mandatory. Newsgroups list (e.g. comp.*,!*sources*).\n\
289# case=NUM Mandatory. Compare=0 / ignore=1 case when filtering.\n\
290# score=NUM|STRING Mandatory. Score to give. Either:\n\
291# score=NUM A number (e.g. 70). Or:\n\
292# score=STRING One of the two keywords: 'hot' or 'kill'.\n\
293# subj=STRING Optional. Subject: line (e.g. How to be a wizard).\n\
294# from=STRING Optional. From: line (e.g. *Craig Shergold*).\n\
295# msgid=STRING Optional. Message-ID: line (e.g. <123@example.net>) with\n\
296# full references.\n\
297# msgid_last=STRING Optional. Like above, but with last reference only.\n\
298# msgid_only=STRING Optional. Like above, but without references.\n\
299# refs_only=STRING Optional. References: line (e.g. <123@example.net>) without\n\
300# Message-ID:\n\
301# lines=[<>]?NUM Optional. Lines: line. '<' or '>' are optional.\n\
302# gnksa=[<>]?NUM Optional. GNKSA parse_from() return code. '<' or '>' opt.\n\
303# xref=PATTERN Optional. Kill pattern (e.g. alt.flame*)\n\
304# path=PATTERN Optional. Kill pattern (e.g. news.example.org)\n\
305# Be aware that filtering on Path: may significantly slow\n\
306# down the process.\n\
307# time=NUM Optional. time_t value when rule expires\n#\n");
308constext txt_filter_score[] = N_("Enter score for rule (default=%d): ");
309constext txt_filter_score_help[] = N_("Enter the score weight (range 0 < score <= %d)"); /* SCORE_MAX */
310constext txt_full[] = N_("Full");
311constext txt_filter_comment[] = N_("Comment (optional) : ");
312constext txt_filter_text_type[] = N_("Apply pattern to : ");
313constext txt_from_line_only[] = N_("From: line (ignore case) ");
314constext txt_from_line_only_case[] = N_("From: line (case sensitive) ");
315#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
316 constext txt_gethostbyname[] = N_("%s%s: Unknown host.\n");
317#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
318constext txt_global[] = N_("global ");
319constext txt_group_aliased[] = N_("Please use %.100s instead");
320constext txt_group_bogus[] = N_("%s is bogus");
321constext txt_group_is_moderated[] = N_("Group %s is moderated. Continue?");
323constext txt_group_rereading[] = N_("Rereading %s...");
324constext txt_group_select_com[] = N_("Top Level Commands");
325constext txt_group_selection[] = N_("Group Selection");
327constext txt_grpdesc_disabled[] = N_("*** Group descriptions are disabled according to current select_format ***");
329constext txt_help_filter_comment[] = N_("One or more lines of comment. <CR> to add a line or proceed if line is empty.");
330constext txt_help_filter_from[] = N_("From: line to add to filter file. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets.");
331constext txt_help_filter_lines[] = N_("Linecount of articles to be filtered. < for less, > for more, = for equal.");
332constext txt_help_filter_msgid[] = N_("Message-ID: line to add to filter file. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets.");
333constext txt_help_filter_subj[] = N_("Subject: line to add to filter file. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets.");
334constext txt_help_filter_text[] = N_("Enter text pattern to filter if Subject: & From: lines are not what you want.");
335constext txt_help_filter_text_type[] = N_("Select where text pattern should be applied. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets.");
336constext txt_help_filter_time[] = N_("Expiration time in days for the entered filter. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets.");
337constext txt_help_kill_scope[] = N_("Apply kill only to current group or all groups. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets.");
338constext txt_help_select_scope[] = N_("Apply select to current group or all groups. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets.");
339constext txt_help_article_autokill[] = N_("kill an article via a menu");
340constext txt_help_article_autoselect[] = N_("auto-select (hot) an article via a menu");
341constext txt_help_article_browse_urls[] = N_("Browse URLs in article");
342constext txt_help_article_by_num[] = N_("0 - 9\t display article by number in current thread");
343#ifndef NO_POSTING
344 constext txt_help_article_cancel[] = N_("cancel (delete) or supersede (overwrite) current article");
345 constext txt_help_article_followup[] = N_("post followup to current article");
346 constext txt_help_article_followup_no_quote[] = N_("post followup (don't copy text) to current article");
347 constext txt_help_article_followup_with_header[] = N_("post followup to current article quoting complete headers");
348 constext txt_help_article_repost[] = N_("repost chosen article to another group");
349#endif /* !NO_POSTING */
350constext txt_help_article_edit[] = N_("edit article (mail-groups only)");
351constext txt_help_article_first_in_thread[] = N_("display first article in current thread");
352constext txt_help_article_first_page[] = N_("display first page of article");
353constext txt_help_article_last_in_thread[] = N_("display last article in current thread");
354constext txt_help_article_last_page[] = N_("display last page of article");
355constext txt_help_article_mark_thread_read[] = N_("mark rest of thread as read and advance to next unread");
356constext txt_help_article_next[] = N_("display next article");
357constext txt_help_article_next_thread[] = N_("display first article in next thread");
358constext txt_help_article_next_unread[] = N_("display next unread article");
359constext txt_help_article_parent[] = N_("go to the article that this one followed up");
360constext txt_help_article_prev[] = N_("display previous article");
361constext txt_help_article_prev_unread[] = N_("display previous unread article");
362constext txt_help_article_quick_kill[] = N_("quickly kill an article using defaults");
363constext txt_help_article_quick_select[] = N_("quickly auto-select (hot) an article using defaults");
364constext txt_help_article_quit_to_select_level[] = N_("return to group selection level");
365constext txt_help_article_reply[] = N_("reply through mail to author");
366constext txt_help_article_reply_no_quote[] = N_("reply through mail (don't copy text) to author");
367constext txt_help_article_reply_with_header[] = N_("reply through mail to author quoting complete headers");
368constext txt_help_article_search_backwards[] = N_("search backwards within this article");
369constext txt_help_article_search_forwards[] = N_("search forwards within this article");
370constext txt_help_article_show_raw[] = N_("show article in raw-mode (including all headers)");
371constext txt_help_article_skip_quote[] = N_("skip next block of included text");
372constext txt_help_article_toggle_formfeed[] = N_("toggle display of sections hidden by a form-feed (^L) on/off");
373constext txt_help_article_toggle_headers[] = N_("toggle display of all headers");
374constext txt_help_article_toggle_highlight[] = N_("toggle word highlighting on/off");
375constext txt_help_article_toggle_rot13[] = N_("toggle ROT-13 (basic decode) for current article");
376constext txt_help_article_toggle_tabwidth[] = N_("toggle tabwidth 4 <-> 8");
377constext txt_help_article_toggle_tex2iso[] = N_("toggle German TeX style decoding for current article");
378constext txt_help_article_toggle_uue[] = N_("toggle display of uuencoded sections");
379constext txt_help_article_view_attachments[] = N_("View/pipe/save multimedia attachments");
380constext txt_help_attachment_first[] = N_("choose first attachment in list");
381constext txt_help_attachment_goto[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose attachment by number");
382constext txt_help_attachment_last[] = N_("choose last attachment in list");
384constext txt_help_attachment_pipe[] = N_("pipe attachment into command");
385constext txt_help_attachment_pipe_raw[] = N_("pipe raw attachment into command");
386#endif /* !DONT_HAVE_PIPING */
387constext txt_help_attachment_save[] = N_("save attachment to disk");
388constext txt_help_attachment_search_forwards[] = N_("search for attachments forwards");
389constext txt_help_attachment_search_backwards[] = N_("search for attachments backwards");
391constext txt_help_attachment_tag[] = N_("tag attachment");
392constext txt_help_attachment_tag_pattern[] = N_("tag attachments that match user specified pattern");
393constext txt_help_attachment_toggle_tagged[] = N_("reverse tagging on all attachments (toggle)");
394constext txt_help_attachment_untag[] = N_("untag all tagged attachments");
395constext txt_help_attachment_toggle_info_line[] = N_("toggle info message in last line (name/description of attachment)");
396constext txt_help_attrib_first_opt[] = N_("choose first attribute in list");
397constext txt_help_attrib_goto_opt[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose attribute by number");
398constext txt_help_attrib_last_opt[] = N_("choose last attribute in list");
399constext txt_help_attrib_reset_attrib[] = N_("reset attribute to a default value");
400constext txt_help_attrib_search_opt_backwards[] = N_("search forwards for an attribute");
401constext txt_help_attrib_search_opt_forwards[] = N_("search backwards for an attribute");
402constext txt_help_attrib_select[] = N_("select attribute");
403constext txt_help_attrib_toggle_attrib[] = N_("toggle back to options menu when invoked from there");
404constext txt_help_bug[] = N_("report bug or comment via mail to %s");
405constext txt_help_config_first_opt[] = N_("choose first option in list");
406constext txt_help_config_goto_opt[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose option by number");
407constext txt_help_config_last_opt[] = N_("choose last option in list");
408constext txt_help_config_scope_menu[] = N_("start scopes menu");
409constext txt_help_config_search_opt_backwards[] = N_("search forwards for an option");
410constext txt_help_config_search_opt_forwards[] = N_("search backwards for an option");
411constext txt_help_config_select[] = N_("select option");
412constext txt_help_config_toggle_attrib[] = N_("toggle to attributes menu");
413constext txt_help_global_article_range[] = N_("choose range of articles to be affected by next command");
414constext txt_help_global_esc[] = N_("escape from command prompt");
417constext txt_help_global_last_art[] = N_("display last article viewed");
420constext txt_help_global_lookup_art[] = N_("go to article chosen by Message-ID");
421constext txt_help_global_mail[] = N_("mail article/thread/hot/pattern/tagged articles to someone");
422constext txt_help_global_option_menu[] = N_("menu of configurable options");
425#ifndef NO_POSTING
426 constext txt_help_global_post[] = N_("post (write) article to current group");
427 constext txt_help_global_post_postponed[] = N_("post postponed articles");
428#endif /* !NO_POSTING */
429constext txt_help_global_posting_history[] = N_("list articles posted by you (from posted file)");
430constext txt_help_global_previous_menu[] = N_("return to previous menu");
431constext txt_help_global_quit_tin[] = N_("quit tin immediately");
433constext txt_help_global_save[] = N_("save article/thread/hot/pattern/tagged articles to file");
434constext txt_help_global_auto_save[] = N_("save marked articles automatically without user prompts");
435constext txt_help_global_scroll_down[] = N_("scroll the screen one line down");
436constext txt_help_global_scroll_up[] = N_("scroll the screen one line up");
437constext txt_help_global_search_auth_backwards[] = N_("search for articles by author backwards");
438constext txt_help_global_search_auth_forwards[] = N_("search for articles by author forwards");
439constext txt_help_global_search_body[] = N_("search all articles for a given string (this may take some time)");
440constext txt_help_global_search_body_comment[] = N_(" \t (searches are case-insensitive and wrap around to all articles)");
441constext txt_help_global_search_subj_backwards[] = N_("search for articles by Subject line backwards");
442constext txt_help_global_search_subj_forwards[] = N_("search for articles by Subject line forwards");
443constext txt_help_global_search_repeat[] = N_("repeat last search");
444constext txt_help_global_tag[] = N_("tag current article for reposting/mailing/piping/printing/saving");
445constext txt_help_global_toggle_info_line[] = N_("toggle info message in last line (subject/description)");
447constext txt_help_global_toggle_mini_help[] = N_("toggle mini help menu and posting etiquette display");
448constext txt_help_global_toggle_subj_display[] = N_("cycle the display of authors email address, real name, both or neither");
449constext txt_help_global_version[] = N_("show version information");
450constext txt_help_group_catchup[] = N_("mark all articles as read and return to group selection menu");
451constext txt_help_group_catchup_next[] = N_("mark all articles as read and enter next group with unread articles");
452constext txt_help_group_first_thread[] = N_("choose first thread in list");
453constext txt_help_group_last_thread[] = N_("choose last thread in list");
454constext txt_help_group_list_thread[] = N_("list articles within current thread (bring up Thread sub-menu)");
455constext txt_help_group_mark_article_unread[] = N_("mark article as unread");
456constext txt_help_group_mark_thread_read[] = N_("mark current thread, range or tagged threads as read");
457constext txt_help_group_mark_thread_unread[] = N_("mark current thread, range or tagged threads as unread");
458constext txt_help_mark_feed_read[] = N_("mark current/range/selected/pattern/tagged as read after prompting");
459constext txt_help_mark_feed_unread[] = N_("mark current/range/selected/pattern/tagged as unread after prompting");
460constext txt_help_group_mark_unsel_art_read[] = N_("toggle display of all/selected articles");
461constext txt_help_group_next[] = N_("display next group");
462constext txt_help_group_prev[] = N_("display previous group");
463constext txt_help_group_reverse_thread_selection[] = N_("toggle all selections (all articles)");
464constext txt_help_group_select_all[] = N_("select group (make \"hot\")");
466constext txt_help_group_select_thread_if_unread_selected[] = N_("select threads if at least one unread article is selected");
467constext txt_help_group_select_thread_pattern[] = N_("select threads that match user specified pattern");
468constext txt_help_group_thread_by_num[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose thread by number");
469constext txt_help_group_toggle_getart_limit[] = N_("toggle limit number of articles to get, and reload");
470constext txt_help_group_toggle_read_articles[] = N_("toggle display of all/unread articles");
471constext txt_help_group_toggle_thread_selection[] = N_("toggle selection of thread");
472constext txt_help_group_toggle_threading[] = N_("cycle through threading options available");
473constext txt_help_group_undo_thread_selection[] = N_("undo all selections (all articles)");
474constext txt_help_group_untag_thread[] = N_("untag all tagged threads");
475constext txt_help_post_hist_search_forwards[] = N_("search for articles forwards");
476constext txt_help_post_hist_search_backwards[] = N_("search for articles backwards");
477constext txt_help_post_hist_toggle_info_line[] = N_("toggle info message in last line (Message-ID)");
478constext txt_help_post_hist_select[] = N_("Open article by Message-ID");
479constext txt_help_scope_add[] = N_("add new scope");
480constext txt_help_scope_del[] = N_("delete scope");
481constext txt_help_scope_edit_attrib_file[] = N_("edit attributes file");
482constext txt_help_scope_first_scope[] = N_("choose first scope in list");
483constext txt_help_scope_goto_scope[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose scope by number");
484constext txt_help_scope_last_scope[] = N_("choose last scope in list");
488constext txt_help_select_catchup[] = N_("mark all articles in group as read");
489constext txt_help_select_catchup_next_unread[] = N_("mark all articles in group as read and move to next unread group");
490constext txt_help_select_first_group[] = N_("choose first group in list");
491constext txt_help_select_goto_group[] = N_("choose group by name");
492constext txt_help_select_group_by_num[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose group by number");
493constext txt_help_select_group_range[] = N_("choose range of groups to be affected by next command");
494constext txt_help_select_last_group[] = N_("choose last group in list");
495#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
496 constext txt_help_select_lookup_group[] = N_("list groups which an article has been posted to (by Message-ID)");
497 constext txt_help_select_lookup_group_comment[] = N_(" \t (go to article if at least one of the groups is available)");
498#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
499constext txt_help_select_mark_group_unread[] = N_("mark all articles in chosen group unread");
500constext txt_help_select_move_group[] = N_("move chosen group within list");
501constext txt_help_select_next_unread_group[] = N_("choose next group with unread news");
503constext txt_help_select_quit_no_write[] = N_("quit without saving configuration changes");
504constext txt_help_select_read_group[] = N_("read chosen group");
505constext txt_help_select_reset_newsrc[] = N_("reset .newsrc (all available articles in groups marked unread)");
506constext txt_help_select_search_group_backwards[] = N_("search backwards for a group name");
507constext txt_help_select_search_group_comment[] = N_(" \t (all searches are case-insensitive and wrap around)");
508constext txt_help_select_search_group_forwards[] = N_("search forwards for a group name");
509constext txt_help_select_subscribe[] = N_("subscribe to chosen group");
510constext txt_help_select_subscribe_pattern[] = N_("subscribe to groups that match pattern");
511constext txt_help_select_sync_with_active[] = N_("reread active file to check for any new news");
512constext txt_help_select_toggle_descriptions[] = N_("toggle display of group name only or group name plus description");
513constext txt_help_select_toggle_read_groups[] = N_("toggle display to show all/unread subscribed groups");
514constext txt_help_select_unsubscribe[] = N_("unsubscribe from chosen group");
515constext txt_help_select_unsubscribe_pattern[] = N_("unsubscribe from groups that match pattern");
516constext txt_help_select_sort_active[] = N_("sort the list of groups");
517constext txt_help_select_yank_active[] = N_("toggle display to show all/subscribed groups");
518constext txt_help_tag_parts[] = N_("tag/untag all parts of current multipart-message in order");
519constext txt_help_thread_article_by_num[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose article by number");
520constext txt_help_thread_catchup[] = N_("mark thread as read and return to group index page");
521constext txt_help_thread_catchup_next_unread[] = N_("mark thread as read and enter next unread thread or group");
522constext txt_help_thread_first_article[] = N_("choose first article in list");
523constext txt_help_thread_last_article[] = N_("choose last article in list");
524constext txt_help_thread_mark_article_read[] = N_("mark art, range or tagged arts as read; move crsr to next unread art");
525constext txt_help_thread_mark_article_unread[] = N_("mark article, range or tagged articles as unread");
526constext txt_help_thread_mark_thread_unread[] = N_("mark current thread as unread");
527constext txt_help_thread_read_article[] = N_("read chosen article");
528constext txt_help_title_disp[] = N_("Display properties\n------------------");
529constext txt_help_title_misc[] = N_("Miscellaneous\n-------------");
530constext txt_help_title_navi[] = N_("Moving around\n-------------");
531constext txt_help_title_ops[] = N_("Group/thread/article operations\n-------------------------------");
532constext txt_help_title_attachment_ops[] = N_("Attachment operations\n---------------------");
533constext txt_help_title_attrib_ops[] = N_("Attribute operations\n--------------------");
534constext txt_help_title_config_ops[] = N_("Option operations\n-----------------");
535constext txt_help_title_post_hist_ops[] = N_("Posted article operations\n-------------------------");
536constext txt_help_title_scope_ops[] = N_("Scope operations\n----------------");
537constext txt_help_title_url_ops[] = N_("URL operations\n--------------");
538constext txt_help_url_first_url[] = N_("choose first URL in list");
539constext txt_help_url_goto_url[] = N_("0 - 9\t choose URL by number");
540constext txt_help_url_last_url[] = N_("choose last URL in list");
541constext txt_help_url_search_forwards[] = N_("search for URLs forwards");
542constext txt_help_url_search_backwards[] = N_("search for URLs backwards");
543constext txt_help_url_select[] = N_("Open URL in browser");
544constext txt_help_url_toggle_info_line[] = N_("toggle info message in last line (URL)");
546constext txt_index_page_com[] = N_("Group Level Commands");
547constext txt_info_add_kill[] = N_("Kill filter added");
548constext txt_info_add_select[] = N_("Auto-selection filter added");
549constext txt_info_all_parts_tagged[] = N_("All parts tagged");
550constext txt_info_all_parts_untagged[] = N_("All parts untagged");
551constext txt_info_do_postpone[] = N_("Storing article for later posting");
552constext txt_info_enter_valid_character[] = N_("Please enter a valid character");
553constext txt_info_missing_part[] = N_("Missing part #%d");
554constext txt_info_nopostponed[] = N_("*** No postponed articles ***");
555constext txt_info_not_multipart_message[] = N_("Not a multi-part message");
556constext txt_info_not_subscribed[] = N_("You are not subscribed to this group");
557constext txt_info_no_previous_expression[] = N_("No previous expression");
558constext txt_info_no_write[] = N_("Operation disabled in no-overwrite mode");
559/* TODO: replace hard coded key-name in txt_info_postponed */
560constext txt_info_postponed[] = N_("%d postponed %s, reuse with ^O...\n");
561constext txt_info_x_conversion_note[] = N_("X-Conversion-Note: multipart/alternative contents have been removed.\n\
562 To get the whole article, turn alternative handling OFF in the Option Menu\n");
563constext txt_is_mailbox[] = N_("Save filename for %s/%s is a mailbox. Attachment not saved");
564constext txt_is_tex_encoded[] = N_("TeX2Iso encoded article");
565constext txt_incomplete[] = N_("incomplete ");
566/* TODO: replace hard coded key-names */
567constext txt_intro_page[] = N_("\nWelcome to %s, a full screen threaded Netnews reader. It can read news locally\n\
568(ie. <spool>/news) or remotely (-r option) from an NNTP (Network News Transport\n\
569Protocol) server. -h lists the available command line options.\n\n\
570%s has four newsreading levels, the newsgroup selection page, the group index\n\
571page, the thread listing page and the article viewer. Help is available at each\n\
572level by pressing the 'h' command.\n\n\
573Move up/down by using the terminal arrow keys or 'j' and 'k'. Use PgUp/PgDn or\n\
574Ctrl-U and Ctrl-D to page up/down. Enter a newsgroup by pressing RETURN/TAB.\n\n\
575Articles, threads, tagged articles or articles matching a pattern can be mailed\n\
576('m' command), printed ('o' command), saved ('s' command), piped ('|' command).\n\
577Use the 'w' command to post a news article, the 'f'/'F' commands to post a\n\
578follow-up to an existing news article and the 'r'/'R' commands to reply via\n\
579mail to an existing news article author. The 'M' command allows the operation\n\
580of %s to be configured via a menu.\n\n\
581For more information read the manual page, README, INSTALL, TODO and FTP files.\n\
582Please send bug-reports/comments to %s with the 'R' command.\n");
583constext txt_invalid_from[] = N_("Invalid From: %s line. Read the INSTALL file again.");
584#if defined(MULTIBYTE_ABLE) && !defined(NO_LOCALE)
585 constext txt_invalid_multibyte_sequence[] = N_("Invalid multibyte sequence found\n");
586#endif /* MULTIBYTE_ABLE && !NO_LOCALE */
587#if defined(NNTP_INEWS) && !defined(FORGERY)
588 constext txt_invalid_sender[] = N_("Invalid Sender:-header %s");
589#endif /* NNTP_INEWS && !FORGERY */
590constext txt_inverse_off[] = N_("Inverse video disabled");
591constext txt_inverse_on[] = N_("Inverse video enabled");
593constext txt_keymap_missing_key[] = N_("Missing definition for %s\n");
594constext txt_keymap_invalid_key[] = N_("Invalid key definition '%s'\n");
595constext txt_keymap_invalid_name[] = N_("Invalid keyname '%s'\n");
596constext txt_keymap_upgraded[] = N_("Keymap file was upgraded to version %s\n");
597constext txt_kill_from[] = N_("Kill From: [%s] (y/n): ");
598constext txt_kill_lines[] = N_("Kill Lines: (</>num): ");
599constext txt_kill_menu[] = N_("Kill Article Menu");
600constext txt_kill_msgid[] = N_("Kill Msg-ID: [%s] (f/l/o/n): ");
601constext txt_kill_scope[] = N_("Kill pattern scope : ");
602constext txt_kill_subj[] = N_("Kill Subject: [%s] (y/n): ");
603constext txt_kill_text[] = N_("Kill text pattern : ");
604constext txt_kill_time[] = N_("Kill time in days : ");
606constext txt_last[] = N_("Last");
607constext txt_last_resp[] = N_("-- Last response --");
608constext txt_lines[] = N_("Lines %s ");
610constext txt_lookup_func_not_available[] = N_("Function not available.");
611constext txt_lookup_func_not_nntp[] = N_("Not reading via NNTP.");
612#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
613 constext txt_lookup_show_group[] = N_("Group: %s");
614 constext txt_lookup_show_groups[] = N_("Groups: %s");
615#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
617constext txt_mail[] = N_("Mail");
618constext txt_mailbox[] = N_("mailbox ");
619constext txt_mail_art_to[] = N_("Mail article(s) to [%.*s]> ");
620constext txt_mail_log_to[] = N_("Mailing log to %s\n");
621constext txt_mail_bug_report[] = N_("Mail bug report...");
622constext txt_mail_bug_report_confirm[] = N_("Mail BUG REPORT to %s?");
623constext txt_mailed[] = N_("Mailed");
624constext txt_mailing_to[] = N_("Mailing to %s...");
625constext txt_mail_save_active_head[] = N_("# [Mail/Save] active file. Format is like news active file:\n\
626# groupname max.artnum min.artnum /dir\n\
627# The 4th field is the basedir (ie. ~/Mail or ~/News)\n#\n");
628constext txt_marked_as_read[] = N_("%s marked as read");
629constext txt_marked_as_unread[] = N_("%s marked as unread");
630constext txt_marked_arts_as_read[] = N_("Marked %d of %d %s as read");
631constext txt_marked_arts_as_unread[] = N_("Marked %d of %d %s as unread");
632constext txt_mark[] = N_("Mark");
633constext txt_mark_arts_read[] = N_("Mark all articles as read%s?");
634constext txt_mark_art_read[] = N_("Mark article as read%s?");
635constext txt_mark_group_read[] = N_("Mark group %s as read?");
636constext txt_mark_thread_read[] = N_("Mark thread as read%s?");
637constext txt_matching_cmd_line_groups[] = N_("Matching %s groups...");
638constext txt_mini_attachment_1[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=line down; %s=line up; %s=help; %s=quit");
640constext txt_mini_attachment_2[] = N_("%s=view; %s=pipe; %s=pipe raw; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=tag pattern; %s=untag all");
642constext txt_mini_attachment_2[] = N_("%s=view; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=tag pattern; %s=untag all");
643#endif /* !DONT_HAVE_PIPING */
644constext txt_mini_attachment_3[] = N_("%s=reverse tagging; %s=search forwards; %s=search backwards; %s=repeat search");
645constext txt_mini_group_1[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=next unread; %s=search pattern; %s=kill/select");
646constext txt_mini_group_2[] = N_("%s=author search; %s=catchup; %s=line down; %s=line up; %s=mark read; %s=list thread");
647constext txt_mini_info_1[] = N_("%s=line up; %s=line down; %s=page up; %s=page down; %s=top; %s=bottom");
648constext txt_mini_info_2[] = N_("%s=search forwards; %s=search backwards; %s=quit");
649constext txt_mini_page_1[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=next unread; %s=search pattern; %s=kill/select");
650constext txt_mini_page_2[] = N_("%s=author search; %s=body search; %s=catchup; %s=followup; %s=mark read");
651constext txt_mini_post_hist_1[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=line down; %s=line up; %s=help; %s=quit");
652constext txt_mini_post_hist_2[] = N_("%s=search forwards; %s=search backwards; %s=repeat search");
653constext txt_mini_scope_1[] = N_("%s=add; %s=move; %s=rename; %s=delete");
654constext txt_mini_scope_2[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=line down; %s=line up; %s=help; %s=quit");
655constext txt_mini_select_1[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=next unread; %s,%s=search pattern; %s=catchup");
656constext txt_mini_select_2[] = N_("%s=line down; %s=line up; %s=help; %s=move; %s=quit; %s=toggle all/unread");
657constext txt_mini_select_3[] = N_("%s=subscribe; %s=sub pattern; %s=unsubscribe; %s=unsub pattern; %s=yank in/out");
658constext txt_mini_thread_1[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=next unread; %s=catchup; %s=display toggle");
659constext txt_mini_thread_2[] = N_("%s=help; %s=line down; %s=line up; %s=quit; %s=tag; %s=mark unread");
660constext txt_mini_url_1[] = N_("<n>=set current to n; %s=line down; %s=line up; %s=help; %s=quit");
661constext txt_mini_url_2[] = N_("%s=search forwards; %s=search backwards; %s=repeat search");
662constext txt_more[] = N_("--More--");
663constext txt_moving[] = N_("Moving %s...");
664constext txt_msgid_line_last[] = N_("Message-ID: & last Reference ");
665constext txt_msgid_line_only[] = N_("Message-ID: line ");
666constext txt_msgid_refs_line[] = N_("Message-ID: & References: line");
668constext txt_name[] = N_(", name: ");
669constext txt_newsgroup[] = N_("Go to newsgroup [%s]> ");
671constext txt_newsgroup_position[] = N_("Position %s in group list (1,2,..,$) [%d]> ");
673constext txt_newsrc_again[] = N_("Try and save newsrc file again?");
674constext txt_newsrc_nogroups[] = N_("Warning: No newsgroups were written to your newsrc file. Save aborted.");
675constext txt_newsrc_saved[] = N_("newsrc file saved successfully.\n");
676constext txt_next_resp[] = N_("-- Next response --");
677constext txt_no[] = N_("No ");
678constext txt_no_arts[] = N_("*** No articles ***");
679constext txt_no_arts_posted[] = N_("No articles have been posted");
680constext txt_no_attachments[] = N_("*** No attachments ***");
681constext txt_no_description[] = N_("*** No description ***");
682constext txt_no_filename[] = N_("No filename");
683constext txt_no_group[] = N_("No group");
684constext txt_no_groups[] = N_("*** No groups ***");
685constext txt_no_groups_to_read[] = N_("No more groups to read");
686constext txt_no_last_message[] = N_("No last message");
687constext txt_no_mail_address[] = N_("No mail address");
688constext txt_no_marked_arts[] = N_("No articles marked for saving");
689constext txt_no_match[] = N_("No match");
690constext txt_no_more_groups[] = N_("No more groups");
691constext txt_no_newsgroups[] = N_("No newsgroups");
692constext txt_no_next_unread_art[] = N_("No next unread article");
693constext txt_no_prev_group[] = N_("No previous group");
694constext txt_no_prev_search[] = N_("No previous search, nothing to repeat");
695constext txt_no_prev_unread_art[] = N_("No previous unread article");
696constext txt_no_responses[] = N_("No responses");
697constext txt_no_resps_in_thread[] = N_("No responses to list in current thread");
698constext txt_no_scopes[] = N_("*** No scopes ***");
699constext txt_no_search_string[] = N_("No search string");
700constext txt_no_subject[] = N_("No subject");
701#ifndef USE_CURSES
702 constext txt_no_term_clear_eol[] = N_("%s: Terminal must have clear to end-of-line (ce)\n");
703 constext txt_no_term_clear_eos[] = N_("%s: Terminal must have clear to end-of-screen (cd)\n");
704 constext txt_no_term_clearscreen[] = N_("%s: Terminal must have clearscreen (cl) capability\n");
705 constext txt_no_term_cursor_motion[] = N_("%s: Terminal must have cursor motion (cm)\n");
706 constext txt_no_term_set[] = N_("%s: TERM variable must be set to use screen capabilities\n");
707#endif /* !USE_CURSES */
708constext txt_no_viewer_found[] = N_("No viewer found for %s/%s\n");
709constext txt_not_exist[] = N_("Newsgroup does not exist on this server");
710constext txt_not_in_active_file[] = N_("Group %s not found in active file");
711constext txt_nrctbl_create[] = N_("c)reate it, use a)lternative name, use d)efault .newsrc, q)uit tin: ");
712constext txt_nrctbl_default[] = N_("use a)lternative name, use d)efault .newsrc, q)uit tin: ");
713constext txt_nrctbl_info[] = N_("# NNTP-server -> newsrc translation table and NNTP-server\n\
714# shortname list for %s %s\n#\n# the format of this file is\n\
715# <FQDN of NNTP-server> <newsrc file> <shortname> ...\n#\n\
716# if <newsrc file> is given without path, $HOME is assumed as its location\n\
717#\n# examples:\n# news.tin.org .newsrc-tin.org tinorg\n\
718# news.example.org /tmp/nrc-ex example ex\n#\n");
720constext txt_only[] = N_("Only");
721constext txt_option_not_enabled[] = N_("Option not enabled. Recompile with %s.");
722constext txt_options_menu[] = N_("Options Menu");
723constext txt_options_menu_com[] = N_("Options Menu Commands");
724constext txt_out_of_memory[] = "%s: memory exhausted trying to allocate %lu bytes in file %s line %d";
726constext txt_pcre_error_at[] = N_("Error in regex: %s at pos. %d '%s'");
727constext txt_pcre_error_num[] = N_("Error in regex: pcre internal error %d");
728constext txt_pcre_error_text[] = N_("Error in regex: study - pcre internal error %s");
729constext txt_post_a_followup[] = N_("Post a followup...");
730/* TODO: replace hard coded key-name in txt_post_error_ask_postpone */
731constext txt_post_error_ask_postpone[] = N_("An error has occurred while posting the article. If you think that this\n\
732error is temporary or otherwise correctable, you can postpone the article\n\
733and pick it up again with ^O later.\n");
734constext txt_post_history_menu[] = N_("Posted articles history");
735constext txt_post_history_menu_com[] = N_("Posted Articles Menu Commands");
737constext txt_post_history_op_unavail_for_reply[] = N_("Operation not available for replies by mail");
738constext txt_post_history_recursion[] = N_("Already in posted articles history level");
739constext txt_post_newsgroups[] = N_("Post to newsgroup(s) [%s]> ");
740constext txt_post_processing[] = N_("-- post processing started --");
741constext txt_post_processing_finished[] = N_("-- post processing completed --");
742constext txt_post_subject[] = N_("Post subject [%s]> ");
743constext txt_posted_info_file[] = N_("# Summary of mailed/posted messages viewable by 'W' command from within tin.\n");
744constext txt_posting[] = N_("Posting article...");
745constext txt_postpone_repost[] = N_("Post postponed articles [%%s]? (%s/%s/%s/%s/%s): ");
748constext txt_prefix_untagged[] = N_("Untagged %s");
749#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
750 constext txt_prep_for_filter_on_path[] = N_("Preparing for filtering on Path header (%d/%d)...");
751#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
752constext txt_processing_mail_arts[] = N_("Processing mail messages marked for deletion.");
753constext txt_processing_saved_arts[] = N_("Processing saved articles marked for deletion.");
754constext txt_prompt_fup_ignore[] = N_("Accept Followup-To? %s=post, %s=ignore, %s=quit: ");
755constext txt_prompt_unchanged_mail[] = N_("Article unchanged, abort mailing?");
756constext txt_prompt_see_postponed[] = N_("Do you want to see postponed articles (%d)?");
758constext txt_quick_filter_kill[] = N_("Add quick kill filter?");
759constext txt_quick_filter_select[] = N_("Add quick selection filter?");
760constext txt_quit[] = N_("Do you really want to quit?");
761constext txt_quit_cancel[] = N_("%s=edit cancel message, %s=quit, %s=delete (cancel) [%%s]: ");
762constext txt_quit_despite_tags[] = N_("You have tagged articles in this group - quit anyway?");
763constext txt_quit_edit_postpone[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=postpone: ");
764constext txt_quit_edit_save_kill[] = N_("%s=quit %s=edit %s=save kill description: ");
765constext txt_quit_edit_save_select[] = N_("%s=quit %s=edit %s=save select description: ");
766constext txt_quit_no_write[] = N_("Do you really want to quit without saving your configuration?");
767constext txt_quoted_printable[] = "quoted-printable";
769constext txt_range_invalid[] = N_("Invalid range - valid are '0-9.$' eg. 1-$");
770constext txt_read_abort[] = N_("Do you want to abort this operation?");
771constext txt_read_exit[] = N_("Do you want to exit tin immediately?");
772constext txt_reading_article[] = N_("Reading ('q' to quit)...");
773constext txt_reading_arts[] = N_("Reading %sarticles...");
774constext txt_reading_attributes_file[] = N_("Reading %sattributes file...\n");
775constext txt_reading_config_file[] = N_("Reading %sconfig file...\n");
776constext txt_reading_filter_file[] = N_("Reading filter file...\n");
777constext txt_reading_groups[] = N_("Reading %s groups...");
778constext txt_reading_input_history_file[] = N_("Reading input history file...\n");
779constext txt_reading_keymap_file[] = N_("Reading keymap file...\n");
780constext txt_reading_news_active_file[] = N_("Reading groups from active file... ");
781constext txt_reading_news_newsrc_file[] = N_("Reading groups from newsrc file... ");
782constext txt_reading_newsgroups_file[] = N_("Reading newsgroups file... ");
783constext txt_reading_newsrc[] = N_("Reading newsrc file...");
784constext txt_refs_line_only[] = N_("References: line ");
786 constext txt_remaining[] = N_("(%d:%02d remaining)");
787#endif /* HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY */
788constext txt_remove_bogus[] = N_("Bogus group %s removed.");
789constext txt_removed_rule[] = N_("Removed from this rule: ");
790constext txt_rename_error[] = N_("Error: rename %s to %s");
791constext txt_reply_to_author[] = N_("Reply to author...");
792constext txt_repost[] = N_("Repost");
793constext txt_repost_an_article[] = N_("Reposting article...");
794constext txt_repost_group[] = N_("Repost article(s) to group(s) [%s]> ");
795constext txt_reset_newsrc[] = N_("Reset newsrc?");
796constext txt_resp_redirect[] = N_("Responses have been directed to the following newsgroups");
797constext txt_resp_to_poster[] = N_("Responses have been directed to poster. %s=mail, %s=post, %s=quit: ");
799constext txt_return_key[] = N_("Press <RETURN> to continue...");
801constext txt_select_from[] = N_("Select From [%s] (y/n): ");
802constext txt_select_lines[] = N_("Select Lines: (</>num): ");
803constext txt_select_menu[] = N_("Auto-select Article Menu");
804constext txt_select_msgid[] = N_("Select Msg-ID [%s] (f/l/o/n): ");
805constext txt_select_scope[] = N_("Select pattern scope: ");
806constext txt_select_subj[] = N_("Select Subject [%s] (y/n): ");
807constext txt_select_text[] = N_("Select text pattern : ");
808constext txt_select_time[] = N_("Select time in days : ");
809constext txt_serverconfig_header[] = N_("# %s server configuration file\n\
810# This file was automatically saved by %s %s %s (\"%s\")\n#\n\
811# Do not edit while %s is running, since all your changes to this file\n\
812# will be overwritten when you leave %s.\n\
813# Do not edit at all if you don't know what you do.\n\
815constext txt_show_unread[] = N_("Showing unread groups only");
816constext txt_subj_line_only[] = N_("Subject: line (ignore case) ");
817constext txt_subj_line_only_case[] = N_("Subject: line (case sensitive)");
818constext txt_save[] = N_("Save");
819constext txt_save_attachment[] = N_("Save '%s' (%s/%s)?");
820constext txt_save_config[] = N_("Save configuration before continuing?");
821constext txt_save_filename[] = N_("Save filename> ");
822constext txt_saved[] = N_("Saved");
823constext txt_saved_group[] = N_("%4d unread (%4d hot) %s in %s\n");
824constext txt_saved_groupname[] = N_("Saved %s...\n");
825constext txt_saved_nothing[] = N_("Nothing was saved");
826constext txt_saved_summary[] = N_("\n%s %d %s from %d %s\n");
827constext txt_saved_to[] = N_("-- %s saved to %s%s --");
828constext txt_saved_to_range[] = N_("-- %s saved to %s - %s --");
829constext txt_saving[] = N_("Saving...");
830constext txt_screen_init_failed[] = N_("%s: Screen initialization failed");
831#ifndef USE_CURSES
832 constext txt_screen_too_small[] = N_("%s: screen is too small\n");
833#endif /* !USE_CURSES */
834constext txt_screen_too_small_exiting[] = N_("screen is too small, %s is exiting");
835constext txt_scope_delete[] = N_("Delete scope?");
836constext txt_scope_enter[] = N_("Enter scope> ");
837constext txt_scope_new_position[] = N_("Select new position> ");
838constext txt_scope_new_position_is_global[] = N_("New position cannot be a global scope");
839constext txt_scope_operation_not_allowed[] = N_("Global scope, operation not allowed");
840constext txt_scope_rename[] = N_("Rename scope> ");
841constext txt_scope_select[] = N_("Select scope> ");
842constext txt_scopes_menu[] = N_("Scopes Menu");
843constext txt_scopes_menu_com[] = N_("Scopes Menu Commands");
844constext txt_search_backwards[] = N_("Search backwards [%s]> ");
845constext txt_search_body[] = N_("Search body [%s]> ");
846constext txt_search_forwards[] = N_("Search forwards [%s]> ");
847constext txt_searching[] = N_("Searching...");
848constext txt_searching_body[] = N_("Searching article %d of %d ('q' to abort)...");
849constext txt_select_art[] = N_("Select article> ");
850constext txt_select_config_file_option[] = N_("Select option number before text or use arrow keys and <CR>. 'q' to quit.");
851constext txt_select_group[] = N_("Select group> ");
852constext txt_select_pattern[] = N_("Enter selection pattern [%s]> ");
853constext txt_select_thread[] = N_("Select thread> ");
854constext txt_send_bugreport[] = N_("%s %s %s (\"%s\"): send a DETAILED bug report to %s\n");
855constext txt_servers_active[] = N_("servers active-file");
856constext txt_skipping_newgroups[] = N_("Cannot move into new newsgroups. Subscribe first...");
857constext txt_space[] = N_("<SPACE>");
858constext txt_starting_command[] = N_("Starting: (%s)");
859constext txt_stp_list_thread[] = N_("List Thread (%d of %d)");
860constext txt_stp_thread[] = N_("Thread (%.*s)");
861constext txt_subscribe_pattern[] = N_("Enter wildcard subscribe pattern> ");
862constext txt_subscribed_num_groups[] = N_("subscribed to %d groups");
863constext txt_subscribed_to[] = N_("Subscribed to %s");
864constext txt_subscribing[] = N_("Subscribing... ");
865constext txt_supersede_article[] = N_("Repost or supersede article(s) [%%s]? (%s/%s/%s): ");
866constext txt_supersede_group[] = N_("Supersede article(s) to group(s) [%s]> ");
867constext txt_superseding_art[] = N_("Superseding article ...");
868constext txt_suspended_message[] = N_("\nStopped. Type 'fg' to restart %s\n");
871constext txt_tab[] = N_("<TAB>");
872constext txt_tex[] = N_("TeX ");
873constext txt_tinrc_defaults[] = N_("# Default action/prompt strings\n");
874constext txt_tinrc_filter[] = N_("# Defaults for quick (1 key) kill & auto-selection filters\n\
875# header=NUM 0,1=Subject: 2,3=From: 4=Message-ID: & full References: line\n\
876# 5=Message-ID: & last References: entry only\n\
877# 6=Message-ID: entry only 7=Lines:\n\
878# global=ON/OFF ON=apply to all groups OFF=apply to current group\n\
879# case=ON/OFF ON=filter case sensitive OFF=ignore case\n\
880# expire=ON/OFF ON=limit to default_filter_days OFF=don't ever expire\n");
881/* do NOT localize the next string! */
882constext txt_tinrc_header[] = "# %s configuration file V%s\n\
883# This file was automatically saved by %s %s %s (\"%s\")\n#\n\
884# Do not edit while tin is running, since all your changes to this file\n\
885# will be overwritten when you leave tin.\n#\n\
887constext txt_tinrc_info_in_last_line[] = N_("# If ON use print current subject or newsgroup description in the last line\n");
888constext txt_tinrc_newnews[] = N_("# Host & time info used for detecting new groups (don't touch)\n");
889constext txt_there_is_no_news[] = N_("There is no news\n");
891constext txt_thread_com[] = N_("Thread Level Commands");
894#if 0 /* unused */
895 constext txt_thread_plural[] = N_("threads");
896#endif /* 0 */
898constext txt_thread_x_of_n[] = N_("Thread %4s of %4s");
899constext txt_threading_arts[] = N_("Threading articles...");
900constext txt_toggled_high[] = N_("Toggled word highlighting %s");
901constext txt_toggled_rot13[] = N_("Toggled rot13 encoding");
902constext txt_toggled_tex2iso[] = N_("Toggled German TeX encoding %s");
903constext txt_toggled_tabwidth[] = N_("Toggled tab-width to %d");
904#ifndef NO_LOCKING
905 constext txt_trying_dotlock[] = N_("%d Trying to dotlock %s");
906 constext txt_trying_lock[] = N_("%d Trying to lock %s");
907#endif /* !NO_LOCKING */
911constext txt_unsubscribe_pattern[] = N_("Enter wildcard unsubscribe pattern> ");
912constext txt_uu_error_decode[] = N_("Error decoding %s : %s");
914constext txt_uu_success[] = N_("%s successfully decoded.");
915constext txt_uue[] = N_("%*s[-- %s/%s, %suuencoded file, %d lines, name: %s --]\n\n");
916constext txt_unread[] = N_("unread ");
917constext txt_unsubscribed_num_groups[] = N_("unsubscribed from %d groups");
918constext txt_unsubscribed_to[] = N_("Unsubscribed from %s");
919constext txt_unsubscribing[] = N_("Unsubscribing... ");
920constext txt_unthreading_arts[] = N_("Unthreading articles...");
921constext txt_updated[] = N_("Updated");
922constext txt_updating[] = N_("Updating");
923constext txt_url_menu[] = N_("URL Menu");
924constext txt_url_menu_com[] = N_("URL Menu Commands");
925constext txt_url_open[] = N_("Opening %s");
926constext txt_url_select[] = N_("Select URL> ");
927constext txt_url_done[] = N_("No URLs in this article");
928constext txt_use_mime[] = N_("Use MIME display program for this message?");
929constext txt_usage_catchup[] = N_(" -c mark all news as read in subscribed newsgroups (batch mode)");
930constext txt_usage_check_for_unread_news[] = N_(" -Z return status indicating if any unread news (batch mode)");
931constext txt_usage_dont_check_new_newsgroups[] = N_(" -q don't check for new newsgroups");
932constext txt_usage_dont_save_files_on_quit[] = N_(" -X don't save any files on quit");
933constext txt_usage_dont_show_descriptions[] = N_(" -d don't show newsgroup descriptions");
934constext txt_usage_getart_limit[] = N_(" -G limit get only limit articles/group");
935constext txt_usage_help_information[] = N_(" -H help information about %s");
936constext txt_usage_help_message[] = N_(" -h this help message");
937constext txt_usage_index_newsdir[] = N_(" -I dir news index file directory [default=%s]");
938constext txt_usage_update_index_files[] = N_(" -u update index files (batch mode)");
939constext txt_usage_maildir[] = N_(" -m dir mailbox directory [default=%s]");
940constext txt_usage_mail_bugreport[] = N_("\nMail bug reports/comments to %s");
941constext txt_usage_mail_new_news[] = N_(" -N mail new news to your posts (batch mode)");
942constext txt_usage_mail_new_news_to_user[] = N_(" -M user mail new news to specified user (batch mode)");
943constext txt_usage_newsrc_file[] = N_(" -f file subscribed to newsgroups file [default=%s]");
944constext txt_usage_no_posting[] = N_(" -x no-posting mode");
945constext txt_usage_post_article[] = N_(" -w post an article and exit");
946constext txt_usage_post_postponed_arts[] = N_(" -o post all postponed articles and exit");
947constext txt_usage_read_saved_news[] = N_(" -R read news saved by -S option");
948constext txt_usage_savedir[] = N_(" -s dir save news directory [default=%s]");
949constext txt_usage_save_new_news[] = N_(" -S save new news for later reading (batch mode)");
950constext txt_usage_start_if_unread_news[] = N_(" -z start if any unread news");
951constext txt_usage_tin[] = N_("A Usenet reader.\n\nUsage: %s [options] [newsgroup[,...]]");
952constext txt_usage_verbose[] = N_(" -v verbose output for batch mode options");
953constext txt_usage_version[] = N_(" -V print version & date information");
954constext txt_useful_without_batch_mode[] = N_("%s only useful without batch mode operations\n");
955constext txt_useful_with_batch_mode[] = N_("%s only useful for batch mode operations\n");
956constext txt_useful_with_batch_or_debug_mode[] = N_("%s only useful for batch or debug mode operations\n");
957constext txt_useless_combination[] = N_("Useless combination %s and %s. Ignoring %s.\n");
959constext txt_value_out_of_range[] = N_("\n%s%d out of range (0 - %d). Reset to 0");
960constext txt_view_attachment[] = N_("View '%s' (%s/%s)?");
962constext txt_warn_art_line_too_long[] = N_("\nWarning: posting exceeds %d columns. Line %d is the first long one:\n%-100s\n");
963constext txt_warn_article_unchanged[] = N_("\nWarning: article unchanged after editing\n");
964constext txt_warn_blank_subject[] = N_("\nWarning: \"Subject:\" contains only whitespaces.\n");
966Warning: \"Subject:\" begins with \"Re: \" but there are no \"References:\".\n");
968Warning: Article has \"References:\" but \"Subject:\" does not begin\n\
969 with \"Re: \" and does not contain \"(was:\".\n");
970constext txt_warn_cancel[] = N_("Read carefully!\n\n\
971 You are about to cancel an article seemingly written by you. This will wipe\n\
972 the article from most news servers throughout the world, but there is no\n\
973 guarantee that it will work.\n\nThis is the article you are about to cancel:\n\n");
975Warning: You are using a non-plain transfer encoding (such as base64 or\n\
976 quoted-printable) and an external inews program to submit your\n\
977 article. If a signature is appended by that inews program it will\n\
978 not be encoded properly.\n");
979constext txt_warn_example_hierarchy[] = N_("\nWarning: \"example\" is a reserved hierarchy!\n");
980constext txt_warn_update[] = N_("\n\nYou are upgrading to tin %s from an earlier version.\n\
981Some values in your %s file have changed!\nRead WHATSNEW, etc...\n");
982constext txt_warn_downgrade[] = N_("\n\nYou are downgrading to tin %s from a more recent version!\n\
983Some values in your %s file may be ignored, others might have changed!\n");
984constext txt_warn_unrecognized_version[] = "\n\nUnrecognized version string!\n";
985constext txt_warn_newsrc[] = N_("Warning: tin wrote fewer groups to your\n\t%s\n\
986than it read at startup. If you didn't unsubscribe from %ld %s during\n\
987this session this indicates an error and you should backup your %s\n\
988before you start tin once again!\n");
989constext txt_warn_multiple_sigs[] = N_("\nWarning: Found %d '-- \\n' lines, this may confuse some people.\n");
990constext txt_warn_not_all_arts_saved[] = N_("Warning: Only %d out of %d articles were saved");
992Warning: Your signature is longer than %d lines. Since signatures usually do\n\
993 not transport any useful information, they should be as short as\n\
994 possible.\n");
995constext txt_warn_suspicious_mail[] = N_("Warning: this mail address may contain a spamtrap. %s=continue, %s=abort? ");
996constext txt_warn_wrong_sig_format[] = N_("\nWarning: Signatures should start with '-- \\n' not with '--\\n'.\n");
997constext txt_writing_attributes_file[] = N_("Writing attributes file...");
999constext txt_x_resp[] = N_("%4d Responses");
1001constext txt_yanked_groups[] = N_("Added %d %s");
1002constext txt_yanked_none[] = N_("No unsubscribed groups to show");
1003constext txt_yanked_sub_groups[] = N_("Showing subscribed to groups only");
1004constext txt_yes[] = N_("Yes ");
1005constext txt_you_have_mail[] = N_(" You have mail");
1008/* TODO: cleanup */
1010 constext txt_warn_charset_conversion[] = N_("\n\
1011Warning: Posting is in %s and contains characters which are not\n\
1012 in your selected MM_NETWORK_CHARSET: %s.\n\
1013 These characters will be replaced by '?' if you post this\n\
1014 article unchanged. To avoid garbling your article please either\n\
1015 edit it and remove those characters or change the setting of\n\
1016 MM_NETWORK_CHARSET to a suitable value for your posting via the\n\
1017 M)enu option.\n");
1018#endif /* CHARSET_CONVERSION */
1020#ifdef DEBUG
1021 constext txt_usage_debug[] = N_(" -D mode debug mode");
1022#endif /* DEBUG */
1024#ifdef FORGERY
1025 constext txt_warn_cancel_forgery[] = N_("Read carefully!\n\n\
1026 You are about to cancel an article seemingly not written by you. This will\n\
1027 wipe the article from lots of news servers throughout the world;\n\
1028 Usenet's majority considers this rather inappropriate, to say the least.\n\
1029 Only press 'd' if you are absolutely positive that you are ready to take\n\
1030 the rap.\n\nThis is the article you are about to cancel:\n\n");
1031#endif /* FORGERY */
1033#ifdef HAVE_COLOR
1034 constext txt_help_global_toggle_color[] = N_("toggle color");
1035 constext txt_tinrc_colors[] = N_("# Changing colors of several screen parts\n\
1036# Possible values are:\n\
1037# -1 = default (white for foreground and black for background)\n\
1038# 0 = black\n\
1039# 1 = red\n\
1040# 2 = green\n\
1041# 3 = brown\n\
1042# 4 = blue\n\
1043# 5 = pink\n\
1044# 6 = cyan\n\
1045# 7 = white\n\
1046# These are *only* for foreground:\n\
1047# 8 = gray\n\
1048# 9 = light red\n\
1049# 10 = light green\n\
1050# 11 = yellow\n\
1051# 12 = light blue\n\
1052# 13 = light pink\n\
1053# 14 = light cyan\n\
1054# 15 = light white\n\n");
1055 constext txt_usage_toggle_color[] = N_(" -a toggle color flag");
1056#endif /* HAVE_COLOR */
1059 constext txt_error_followup_to_several_groups[] = N_("\nError: Followup-To set to more than one newsgroup!\n");
1060 constext txt_error_grp_renamed[] = N_("\nError: \"%s\" is renamed, use \"%s\" instead!\n");
1061 constext txt_error_missing_followup_to[] = N_("\nError: cross-posting to %d newsgroups and no Followup-To line!\n");
1062 constext txt_error_not_valid_newsgroup[] = N_("\nError: \"%s\" is not a valid newsgroup!\n");
1064 constext txt_warn_followup_to_several_groups[] = N_("\nWarning: Followup-To set to more than one newsgroup!\n");
1065 constext txt_warn_grp_renamed[] = N_("\nWarning: \"%s\" is renamed, you should use \"%s\" instead!\n");
1066 constext txt_warn_missing_followup_to[] = N_("\nWarning: cross-posting to %d newsgroups and no Followup-To line!\n");
1067 constext txt_warn_not_in_newsrc[] = N_("\nWarning: \"%s\" is not in your newsrc, it may be invalid at this site!\n");
1068 constext txt_warn_not_valid_newsgroup[] = N_("\nWarning: \"%s\" is not a valid newsgroup at this site!\n");
1071#ifdef HAVE_LIBUU
1072 constext txt_libuu_saved[] = N_("%d files successfully written from %d articles. %d %s occurred.");
1073 constext txt_libuu_error_missing[] = N_("Missing parts.");
1074 constext txt_libuu_error_no_begin[] = N_("No beginning.");
1075 constext txt_libuu_error_no_data[] = N_("No data.");
1076 constext txt_libuu_error_unknown[] = N_("Unknown error.");
1078# if defined(HAVE_SUM) && !defined(DONT_HAVE_PIPING)
1079 constext txt_checksum_of_file[] = N_("\tChecksum of %s (%ld %s)");
1080# endif /* HAVE_SUM && !DONT_HAVE_PIPING */
1081#endif /* HAVE_LIBUU */
1084 constext txt_reading_mail_active_file[] = N_("Reading mail active file... ");
1085 constext txt_reading_mailgroups_file[] = N_("Reading mailgroups file... ");
1086#endif /* HAVE_MH_MAIL_HANDLING */
1088#ifdef HAVE_PGP_GPG
1089 constext txt_help_article_pgp[] = N_("perform PGP operations on article");
1090 constext txt_pgp_add[] = N_("Add key(s) to public keyring?");
1091 constext txt_pgp_mail[] = N_("%s=encrypt, %s=sign, %s=both, %s=quit: ");
1092 constext txt_pgp_news[] = N_("%s=sign, %s=sign & include public key, %s=quit: ");
1093 constext txt_pgp_not_avail[] = N_("PGP has not been set up (can't open %s)");
1094 constext txt_pgp_nothing[] = N_("Article not signed and no public keys found");
1095# ifdef HAVE_ISPELL
1096 constext txt_quit_edit_post[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=ispell, %s=pgp, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone: ");
1097 constext txt_quit_edit_send[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=ispell, %s=pgp, %s=send [%%s]: ");
1098 constext txt_quit_edit_xpost[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=ispell, %s=pgp, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone [%%s]: ");
1099# else
1100 constext txt_quit_edit_post[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=pgp, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone: ");
1101 constext txt_quit_edit_send[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=pgp, %s=send [%%s]: ");
1102 constext txt_quit_edit_xpost[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=pgp, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone [%%s]: ");
1103# endif /* HAVE_ISPELL */
1105# ifdef HAVE_ISPELL
1106 constext txt_quit_edit_post[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=ispell, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone: ");
1107 constext txt_quit_edit_send[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=ispell, %s=send [%%s]: ");
1108 constext txt_quit_edit_xpost[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=ispell, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone [%%s]: ");
1109# else
1110 constext txt_quit_edit_post[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone: ");
1111 constext txt_quit_edit_send[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=send [%%s]: ");
1112 constext txt_quit_edit_xpost[] = N_("%s=quit, %s=edit, %s=menu, %s=post, %s=postpone [%%s]: ");
1113# endif /* HAVE_ISPELL */
1114#endif /* HAVE_PGP_GPG */
1117#ifdef NNTP_ABLE
1118 constext txt_caching_off[] = N_("Try cache_overview_files to speed up things.\n");
1119 constext txt_caching_on[] = N_("Tin will use local index files instead.\n");
1120 constext txt_cannot_get_nntp_server_name[] = N_("Cannot find NNTP server name");
1121 constext txt_connecting_port[] = N_("Connecting to %s:%u...");
1122 constext txt_disconnecting[] = N_("Disconnecting from server...");
1123 constext txt_failed_to_connect_to_server[] = N_("Failed to connect to NNTP server %s. Exiting...");
1124 constext txt_nntp_ok_goodbye[] = N_("205 Closing connection");
1125 constext txt_no_xover_support[] = N_("Your server does not support the NNTP XOVER or OVER command.\n");
1126 constext txt_reconnect_to_news_server[] = N_("Connection to news server has timed out. Reconnect?");
1127 constext txt_server_name_in_file_env_var[] = N_("Put the server name in the file %s,\nor set the environment variable NNTPSERVER");
1128 constext txt_usage_force_authentication[] = N_(" -A force authentication on connect");
1129 constext txt_usage_newsserver[] = N_(" -g serv read news from NNTP server serv [default=%s]");
1130 constext txt_usage_port[] = N_(" -p port use port as NNTP port [default=%d]");
1131 constext txt_usage_quickstart[] = N_(" -Q quick start. Same as -dnq");
1132 constext txt_usage_read_news_remotely[] = N_(" -r read news remotely from default NNTP server");
1133 constext txt_usage_read_only_active[] = N_(" -l use only LIST instead of GROUP (-n) command");
1134 constext txt_usage_read_only_subscribed[] = N_(" -n only read subscribed .newsrc groups from NNTP server");
1135# ifdef INET6
1136 constext txt_usage_force_ipv4[] = N_(" -4 force connecting via IPv4");
1137 constext txt_usage_force_ipv6[] = N_(" -6 force connecting via IPv6");
1138 constext txt_error_socket_or_connect_problem[] = N_("\nsocket or connect problem\n");
1139# else
1140 constext txt_connection_to[] = N_("\nConnection to %s: ");
1141 constext txt_giving_up[] = N_("Giving up...\n");
1143 constext txt_error_unknown_service[] = N_("%s/tcp: Unknown service.\n");
1144# endif /* HAVE_GETSERVBYNAME */
1145# endif /* INET6 */
1146# ifdef XHDR_XREF
1147 constext txt_warn_xref_not_supported[] = N_("Your server does not have Xref: in its XOVER information.\n\
1148Tin will try to use XHDR XREF instead (slows down things a bit).\n");
1149# else
1150 constext txt_warn_xref_not_supported[] = N_("Your server does not have Xref: in its XOVER information.\n");
1151# endif /* XHDR_XREF */
1152# ifndef NNTP_ONLY
1153 constext txt_cannot_open_active_file[] = N_("Can't open %s. Try %s -r to read news via NNTP.");
1154# endif /* !NNTP_ONLY */
1156 constext txt_usage_quickstart[] = N_(" -Q quick start. Same as -dq");
1157 constext txt_usage_read_only_active[] = N_(" -l read only active file instead of scanning spool (-n) command");
1158 constext txt_usage_read_only_subscribed[] = N_(" -n only read subscribed .newsrc groups from spool");
1159 constext txt_warn_xref_not_supported[] = N_("Your server does not have Xref: in its NOV-files.\n");
1160#endif /* NNTP_ABLE */
1162#ifdef NNTP_INEWS
1163 constext txt_post_via_builtin_inews[] = N_("Posting using external inews failed. Use built in inews instead?");
1164 constext txt_post_via_builtin_inews_only[] = N_("It worked! Should I always use my built in inews from now on?");
1165#endif /* NNTP_INEWS */
1168 constext txt_articles_printed[] = N_("%d %s printed");
1169 constext txt_help_global_print[] = N_("output article/thread/hot/pattern/tagged articles to printer");
1170 constext txt_print[] = N_("Print");
1171 constext txt_printing[] = N_("Printing...");
1172#endif /* !DISABLE_PRINTING */
1174#ifndef DONT_HAVE_PIPING
1175 constext txt_articles_piped[] = N_("%d %s piped to \"%s\"");
1176 constext txt_help_global_pipe[] = N_("pipe article/thread/hot/pattern/tagged articles into command");
1177 constext txt_no_command[] = N_("No command");
1178 constext txt_pipe[] = N_("Pipe");
1179 constext txt_pipe_to_command[] = N_("Pipe to command [%.*s]> ");
1180 constext txt_piping[] = N_("Piping...");
1182 constext txt_piping_not_enabled[] = N_("Piping not enabled.");
1183#endif /* !DONT_HAVE_PIPING */
1187Error: The \"%s:\" line has spaces in it that MUST be removed.\n\
1188 The only allowable space is the one separating the colon (:)\n\
1189 from the contents. Use a comma (,) to separate multiple\n\
1190 newsgroup names.\n");
1192Error: The \"%s:\" line is continued in the next line. Since\n\
1193 the line may not contain whitespace, this is not allowed.\n\
1194 Please write all newsgroups into a single line.\n");
1196 constext txt_warn_header_line_groups_contd[] = N_("\n\
1197Warning: The \"%s:\" line is continued in the next line.\n\
1198 This is a very new feature and may not be accepted by all servers.\n\
1199 To avoid trouble please write all newsgroups into a single line.\n");
1200 constext txt_warn_header_line_comma[] = N_("\n\
1201Warning: The \"%s:\" line has spaces in it that SHOULD be removed.\n");
1204#ifndef NO_ETIQUETTE
1206 If your article contains quoted text please take some time to pare it down\n\
1207 to just the key points to which you are responding, or people will think\n\
1208 you are a dweeb! Many people have the habit of skipping any article whose\n\
1209 first page is largely quoted material. Format your article to fit in less\n\
1210 then 80 chars, since that's the conventional size (72 is a good choice as\n\
1211 it allows quoting without exceeding the limit). If your lines are too long\n\
1212 they'll wrap around ugly and people won't read what you write. If you\n\
1213 aren't careful and considerate in formatting your posting, people are\n\
1214 likely to ignore it completely. It's a crowded net out there.\n");
1215#endif /* !NO_ETIQUETTE */
1217#ifndef NO_SHELL_ESCAPE
1219 constext txt_shell_command[] = N_("Shell Command (%s)");
1220 constext txt_shell_escape[] = N_("Enter shell command [%s]> ");
1221#endif /* !NO_SHELL_ESCAPE */
1223#if !defined(USE_CURSES) && !defined(USE_TERMINFO)
1224 constext txt_cannot_get_term_entry[] = N_("%s: Can't get entry for TERM\n");
1225#endif /* !USE_CURSES && !USE_TERMINFO */
1227#if defined(HAVE_POLL) || defined(HAVE_SELECT)
1228 constext txt_group[] = N_("Group %.*s ('q' to quit)...");
1230 constext txt_group[] = N_("Group %.*s...");
1231#endif /* HAVE_POLL || HAVE_SELECT */
1233#if defined(NNTP_ABLE) && defined(TLI) && !defined(INET6)
1234 constext txt_error_server_unavailable[] = N_("Server unavailable\n");
1235 constext txt_error_topen[] = "t_open: can't t_open /dev/tcp";
1236#endif /* NNTP_ABLE && TLI && !INET6 */
1239# ifndef DONT_HAVE_PIPING
1240 constext txt_mini_group_3[] = N_("%s=pipe; %s=mail; %s=print; %s=quit; %s=toggle all/unread; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1241 constext txt_mini_page_3[] = N_("%s=pipe; %s=mail; %s=print; %s=quit; %s=reply mail; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1242# else
1243 constext txt_mini_group_3[] = N_("%s=mail; %s=print; %s=quit; %s=toggle all/unread; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1244 constext txt_mini_page_3[] = N_("%s=mail; %s=print; %s=quit; %s=reply mail; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1245# endif /* !DONT_HAVE_PIPING */
1247# ifndef DONT_HAVE_PIPING
1248 constext txt_mini_group_3[] = N_("%s=pipe; %s=mail; %s=quit; %s=toggle all/unread; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1249 constext txt_mini_page_3[] = N_("%s=pipe; %s=mail; %s=quit; %s=reply mail; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1250# else
1251 constext txt_mini_group_3[] = N_("%s=mail; %s=quit; %s=toggle all/unread; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1252 constext txt_mini_page_3[] = N_("%s=mail; %s=quit; %s=reply mail; %s=save; %s=tag; %s=post");
1253# endif /* !DONT_HAVE_PIPING */
1254#endif /* !DISABLE_PRINTING */
1256#ifdef HAVE_COLOR
1257# ifdef USE_CURSES
1258 constext txt_no_colorterm[] = N_("Terminal does not support color");
1259# endif /* USE_CURSES */
1260#endif /* HAVE_COLOR */
1262#if defined(NNTP_ABLE) && defined(HAVE_INET_NTOA) && !defined(INET6)
1263 constext txt_trying[] = N_("Trying %s");
1264#endif /* NNTP_ABLE && HAVE_INET_NTOA && !INET6 */
1268 * OFF ~ FALSE, ON ~ TRUE
1269 */
1270constext *txt_onoff[] = { "OFF", "ON" };
1273 * NB: All the following arrays must match corresponding ordering in tin.h
1274 * Threading types
1275 */
1277 N_("None"),
1278 N_("Subject"),
1279 N_("References"),
1280 N_("Both Subject and References"),
1281 N_("Multipart Subject"),
1282 N_("Percentage Match"),
1283 NULL
1287 * Whether to use wildmat() or regexec() for matching strings
1288 */
1289constext *txt_wildcard_type[] = { "WILDMAT", "REGEX", NULL };
1292 * Handling of uuencoded data in pager
1293 */
1295 N_("No"),
1296 N_("Yes"),
1297 N_("Hide All"),
1298 NULL
1302 * How the From: line is displayed.
1303 */
1305 N_("None"),
1306 N_("Address"),
1307 N_("Full Name"),
1308 N_("Address and Name"),
1309 NULL
1313 * How the score of a thread is computed
1314 */
1316 N_("Max"),
1317 N_("Sum"),
1318 N_("Average"),
1319 NULL
1322#ifdef HAVE_COLOR
1323 /*
1324 * Which colors can be used.
1325 */
1326 constext *txt_colors[] = {
1327 N_("Default"),
1328 N_("Black"),
1329 N_("Red"),
1330 N_("Green"),
1331 N_("Brown"),
1332 N_("Blue"),
1333 N_("Pink"),
1334 N_("Cyan"),
1335 N_("White"),
1336 N_("Gray"),
1337 N_("Light Red"),
1338 N_("Light Green"),
1339 N_("Yellow"),
1340 N_("Light Blue"),
1341 N_("Light Pink"),
1342 N_("Light Cyan"),
1343 N_("Light White"),
1344 NULL
1345 };
1346 constext *txt_backcolors[] = {
1347 N_("Default"),
1348 N_("Black"),
1349 N_("Red"),
1350 N_("Green"),
1351 N_("Brown"),
1352 N_("Blue"),
1353 N_("Pink"),
1354 N_("Cyan"),
1355 N_("White"),
1356 NULL
1357 };
1358#endif /* HAVE_COLOR */
1361 * Which mark types can be used.
1362 */
1364 N_("Nothing"),
1365 N_("Mark"),
1366 N_("Space"),
1367 NULL
1371 * Which attributes can be used for highlighting
1372 */
1374 N_("Normal"),
1375 N_("Best highlighting"),
1376 N_("Underline"),
1377 N_("Reverse video"),
1378 N_("Blinking"),
1379 N_("Half bright"),
1380 N_("Bold"),
1381 NULL
1384/* different options for auto_cc_bcc */
1386 N_("No"),
1387 N_("Cc"),
1388 N_("Bcc"),
1389 N_("Cc and Bcc"),
1390 NULL
1393#ifdef USE_CANLOCK
1394/* hash algorithms for Cancel-Lock/Cancel-Key */
1395constext *txt_cancel_lock_algos[] = {
1396 "none",
1397 "sha1",
1398 "sha256",
1399 "sha512",
1400 NULL
1402#endif /* USE_CANLOCK */
1404/* different confirm choices */
1406 N_("none"),
1407 N_("commands"),
1408 N_("select"),
1409 N_("quit"),
1410 N_("commands & quit"),
1411 N_("commands & select"),
1412 N_("quit & select"),
1413 N_("commands & quit & select"),
1414 NULL
1417/* different options for goto_next_unread */
1419 N_("none"),
1420 N_("PageDown"),
1421 N_("PageNextUnread"),
1422 N_("PageDown or PageNextUnread"),
1423 NULL
1426/* different options for quick_kill_header / quick_select_header */
1428 N_("Subject: (case sensitive)"),
1429 N_("Subject: (ignore case)"),
1430 N_("From: (case sensitive)"),
1431 N_("From: (ignore case)"),
1432 N_("Msg-ID: & full References: line"),
1433 N_("Msg-ID: & last References: only"),
1434 N_("Message-ID: entry only"),
1435 N_("Lines:"),
1436 NULL
1439/* different options for trim_article_body */
1441 N_("Don't trim article body"),
1442 N_("Skip leading blank lines"),
1443 N_("Skip trailing blank lines"),
1444 N_("Skip leading and trailing blank l."),
1445 N_("Compact multiple between text"),
1446 N_("Compact multiple and skip leading"),
1447 N_("Compact multiple and skip trailing"),
1448 N_("Compact mltpl., skip lead. & trai."),
1449 NULL
1453 * MIME-Content-Transfer-Encodings.
1454 */
1455/* TODO: can any of this go away? */
1458 NULL
1462 "7bit", "quoted-printable", "base64", "8bit", "binary", "x-uuencode",
1463 NULL
1467 "text", "multipart", "application", "message", "image", "audio", "video",
1468 NULL
1472 * Array of possible post processing descriptions and short-keys
1473 * This must match the ordering of the defines in tin.h
1474 */
1476 N_("No"),
1477 N_("Shell archive"),
1478 N_("Yes"),
1479 NULL
1483 N_("Nothing"),
1484 N_("Subject: (descending)"),
1485 N_("Subject: (ascending)"),
1486 N_("From: (descending)"),
1487 N_("From: (ascending)"),
1488 N_("Date: (descending)"),
1489 N_("Date: (ascending)"),
1490 N_("Score (descending)"),
1491 N_("Score (ascending)"),
1492 N_("Lines: (descending)"),
1493 N_("Lines: (ascending)"),
1494 NULL
1498 N_("Nothing"),
1499 N_("Score (descending)"),
1500 N_("Score (ascending)"),
1501 N_("Last posting date (descending)"),
1502 N_("Last posting date (ascending)"),
1503 NULL
1506#ifdef USE_HEAPSORT
1507constext *txt_sort_functions[] = {
1508 N_("Quick-sort"),
1509 N_("Heap-sort"),
1510 NULL
1512#endif /* USE_HEAPSORT */
1514/* Ways of handling bogus groups */
1516 N_("Always Keep"),
1517 N_("Always Remove"),
1518 N_("Mark with D on selection screen"),
1519 NULL
1522/* Ways of handling killed articles */
1524 N_("Kill only unread arts"),
1525 N_("Kill all arts & show with K"), /* TODO: s/K/art_marked_killed/ */
1526 N_("Kill all arts and never show"),
1527 NULL
1530/* Various quoting styles */
1532 N_("Nothing special"),
1533 N_("Compress quotes"),
1534 N_("Quote signatures"),
1535 N_("Compress quotes, quote sigs"),
1536 N_("Quote empty lines"),
1537 N_("Compress quotes, quote empty lines"),
1538 N_("Quote sigs & empty lines"),
1539 N_("Comp. q., quote sigs & empty lines"),
1540 NULL
1544/* supported charsets */
1545constext *txt_mime_charsets[] = {
1546 "US-ASCII",
1547 "ISO-8859-1", "ISO-8859-2", "ISO-8859-3", "ISO-8859-4", "ISO-8859-5",
1548 "ISO-8859-7", "ISO-8859-9", "ISO-8859-10", "ISO-8859-13", "ISO-8859-14",
1549 "ISO-8859-15", "ISO-8859-16",
1550 "KOI8-RU", "KOI8-R", "KOI8-U",
1551 "EUC-CN", "EUC-JP", "EUC-KR", "EUC-TW",
1552 "ISO-2022-CN", "ISO-2022-CN-EXT", "ISO-2022-JP", "ISO-2022-JP-1",
1553 "ISO-2022-JP-2",
1554 "Big5",
1555 "UTF-8",
1556 NULL
1558#endif /* CHARSET_CONVERSION */
1560/* 7bit charsets, US-ASCII must be the first entry */
1562 "US-ASCII",
1563 "ISO-2022-CN", "ISO-2022-CN-EXT", "ISO-2022-JP", "ISO-2022-JP-1",
1564 "ISO-2022-JP-2", "ISO-2022-KR",
1565 "HZ-GB-2312",
1566 NULL
1569/* different mailbox formats */
1571 "MBOXO",
1572 "MBOXRD",
1573 "MMDF",
1574 NULL
1577/* interactive mailers */
1579 N_("no"),
1580 N_("with headers"),
1581 N_("without headers"),
1582 NULL
1586constext *txt_normalization_forms[] = {
1587 N_("None"),
1588 N_("NFKC"),
1590 N_("NFKD"),
1591 N_("NFC"),
1592 N_("NFD"),
1594 N_("NFKC case fold"),
1595# endif /* HAVE_UNICODE_UNORM2_H */
1596# endif /* HAVE_UNICODE_NORMALIZATION >= 2 */
1597 NULL
1602 NULL,
1603 N_("Display Options"),
1604 NULL
1607#ifdef HAVE_COLOR
1608struct opttxt txt_color_options = {
1609 NULL,
1610 N_("Color Options"),
1611 NULL
1615 NULL,
1616 N_("Highlight Options"),
1617 NULL
1619#endif /* HAVE_COLOR */
1622 NULL,
1623 N_("Article-Limiting Options"),
1624 NULL
1628 NULL,
1629 N_("Posting/Mailing Options"),
1630 NULL
1634 NULL,
1635 N_("Saving/Printing Options"),
1636 NULL
1640 NULL,
1641 N_("Expert Options"),
1642 NULL
1646 NULL,
1647 N_("Filtering Options"),
1648 NULL
1652 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1653 N_("Show mini menu & posting etiquette"),
1654 N_("# If ON show a mini menu of useful commands at each level\n\
1655# and posting etiquette after composing an article\n")
1659 N_("Show short description for each newsgroup. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1660 N_("Show description of each newsgroup"),
1661 N_("# If ON show group description text after newsgroup name at\n\
1662# group selection level\n")
1666 N_("Show From (author) fields in group & thread level. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1667 N_("In group and thread level, show author by"),
1668 N_("# Part of From field to display in group and thread level\n\
1669# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1670# 0 = none\n\
1671# 1 = address\n\
1672# * 2 = full name\n\
1673# 3 = both\n")
1677 N_("Draw -> or highlighted bar for selection. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1678 N_("Draw -> instead of highlighted bar"),
1679 N_("# If ON use -> otherwise highlighted bar for selection\n")
1683 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1684 N_("Use inverse video for page headers"),
1685 N_("# If ON use inverse video for page headers at different levels\n")
1689 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1690 N_("Thread articles by"),
1691 N_("# Thread articles by ...\n\
1692# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1693# 0 = nothing\n\
1694# 1 = Subject\n\
1695# 2 = References\n\
1696# * 3 = Both (Subject and References)\n\
1697# 4 = Multipart Subject\n\
1698# 5 = Percentage Match\n")
1702 N_("Enter percentage match required to thread together. <CR> sets."),
1703 N_("Thread percentage match"),
1704 /* xgettext:no-c-format */
1705 N_("# Thread percentage match...\n\
1706# the percentage of characters in the subject of an article that must match\n\
1707# a base article for both those articles to be considered to belong to the\n\
1708# same thread. This option is an integer percentage, eg. 80, no decimals may\n\
1709# follow. If 80 is used here, then 80% of the characters must match exactly,\n\
1710# no insertion of a character, for the two articles to be put in the same\n\
1711# thread. eg. 'happy' and 'harpy' would match, but 'harpie', 'happie' and\n\
1712# 'harppy' would be threaded separately from 'happy'\n")
1716 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1717 N_("Score of a thread"),
1718 N_("# Thread score\n\
1719# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1720# * 0 = max\n\
1721# 1 = sum\n\
1722# 2 = average\n")
1726 N_("Sort articles by Subject, From, Date or Score. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1727 N_("Sort articles by"),
1728 N_("# Sort articles by ...\n\
1729# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1730# 0 = nothing\n\
1731# 1 = Subject descending\n\
1732# 2 = Subject ascending\n\
1733# 3 = From descending\n\
1734# 4 = From ascending\n\
1735# 5 = Date descending\n\
1736# * 6 = Date ascending\n\
1737# 7 = Score descending\n\
1738# 8 = Score ascending\n\
1739# 9 = Lines descending\n\
1740# 10 = Lines ascending\n")
1744 N_("Sort threads by Nothing or Score. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1745 N_("Sort threads by"),
1746 N_("# Sort thread by ...\n\
1747# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1748# 0 = nothing\n\
1749# * 1 = Score descending\n\
1750# 2 = Score ascending\n\
1751# 3 = Last posting date descending\n\
1752# 4 = Last posting date ascending\n")
1756 N_("Put cursor at first/last unread art in groups. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1757 N_("Go to first unread article in group"),
1758 N_("# If ON put cursor at first unread art in group otherwise last art\n")
1762 N_("Show all articles or only unread articles. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1763 N_("Show only unread articles"),
1764 N_("# If ON show only new/unread articles otherwise show all.\n")
1768 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1769 N_("Show only groups with unread arts"),
1770 N_("# If ON show only subscribed to groups that contain unread articles.\n")
1774 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1775 N_("Filter which articles"),
1776 N_("# Filter which articles\n\
1777# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1778# * 0 = only kill unread articles\n\
1779# 1 = kill all articles and show in threads marked with K\n\
1780# 2 = kill all articles and never show them\n")
1784 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1785 N_("Go to the next unread article with"),
1786 N_("# Go to the unread article with following key(s)\n\
1787# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1788# 0 = nothing\n\
1789# 1 = PAGE DOWN\n\
1790# * 2 = TAB\n\
1791# 3 = PAGE DOWN or TAB\n")
1795 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1796 N_("How to treat blank lines"),
1797 N_("# Trim the article body, remove unnecessary blank lines.\n\
1798# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1799# * 0 = Nothing special\n\
1800# 1 = Skip leading blank lines\n\
1801# 2 = Skip trailing blank lines\n\
1802# 3 = Skip leading and trailing blank lines\n\
1803# 4 = Compact multiple blank lines between text blocks\n\
1804# 5 = Compact multiple blank lines between text blocks and skip\n\
1805# leading blank lines\n\
1806# 6 = Compact multiple blank lines between text blocks and skip\n\
1807# trailing blank lines\n\
1808# 7 = Compact multiple blank lines between text blocks and skip\n\
1809# leading and trailing blank lines\n")
1813 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1814 N_("List thread using right arrow key"),
1815 N_("# If ON automatically list thread when entering it using right arrow key.\n")
1819 N_("Enter character to indicate deleted articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1820 N_("Character to show deleted articles"),
1821 N_("# Character used to show that an art was deleted (default 'D')\n\
1822# _ is turned into ' '\n")
1826 N_("Enter character to indicate articles in a range. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1827 N_("Character to show inrange articles"),
1828 N_("# Character used to show that an art is in a range (default '#')\n\
1829# _ is turned into ' '\n")
1833 N_("Enter character to indicate that article will return. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1834 N_("Character to show returning arts"),
1835 N_("# Character used to show that an art will return (default '-')\n\
1836# _ is turned into ' '\n")
1840 N_("Enter character to indicate selected articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1841 N_("Character to show selected articles"),
1842 N_("# Character used to show that an art was auto-selected (default '*')\n\
1843# _ is turned into ' '\n")
1847 N_("Enter character to indicate recent articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1848 N_("Character to show recent articles"),
1849 N_("# Character used to show that an art is recent (default 'o')\n\
1850# _ is turned into ' '\n")
1854 N_("Enter character to indicate unread articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1855 N_("Character to show unread articles"),
1856 N_("# Character used to show that an art is unread (default '+')\n\
1857# _ is turned into ' '\n")
1861 N_("Enter character to indicate read articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1862 N_("Character to show read articles"),
1863 N_("# Character used to show that an art was read (default ' ')\n\
1864# _ is turned into ' '\n")
1868 N_("Enter character to indicate killed articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1869 N_("Character to show killed articles"),
1870 N_("# Character used to show that an art was killed (default 'K')\n\
1871# kill_level must be set accordingly, _ is turned into ' '\n")
1875 N_("Enter character to indicate read selected articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1876 N_("Character to show readselected arts"),
1877 N_("# Character used to show that an art was selected before read (default ':')\n\
1878# kill_level must be set accordingly, _ is turned into ' '\n")
1882 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
1883 N_("Abbreviate long newsgroup names"),
1884 N_("# If ON abbreviate (if necessary) long newsgroup names at group selection\n\
1885# level and article level like this:\n\
1886# news.software.readers -> n.software.readers -> n.s.readers -> n.s.r.\n")
1890 N_("0 = full page scrolling, -1 = show previous last line as first on next page, -2 = half page"),
1891 N_("Number of lines to scroll in pager"),
1892 N_("# Number of lines that cursor-up/down will scroll in article pager\n\
1893# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1894# -2 = half-page scrolling\n\
1895# -1 = the top/bottom line is carried over onto the next page\n\
1896# 0 = page-by-page (traditional behavior)\n\
1897# * 1 = line-by-line\n\
1898# 2 or greater = scroll by 2 or more lines (only in the pager)\n")
1902 N_("Display signatures. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1903 N_("Display signatures"),
1904 N_("# If OFF don't show signatures when displaying articles\n")
1908 N_("Display uuencoded data as tagged attachments. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1909 N_("Display uue data as an attachment"),
1910 N_("# Handling of uuencoded data in the pager\n\
1911# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
1912# * 0 = no, display raw uuencoded data\n\
1913# 1 = yes, uuencoded data will be condensed to a single tag line showing\n\
1914# size and filename, similar to how MIME attachments are displayed\n\
1915# 2 = hide all, as for 1, but any line that looks like uuencoded data will\n\
1916# be folded into a tag line.\n")
1920 N_("Decode German style TeX umlaut codes to ISO. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1921 N_("Display \"a as Umlaut-a"),
1922 N_("# If ON decode German style TeX umlaut codes to ISO and\n\
1923# show \"a as Umlaut-a, etc.\n")
1927 N_("Space separated list of header fields"),
1928 N_("Display these header fields (or *)"),
1929 N_("# Which news headers you wish to see. If you want to see _all_ the headers,\n\
1930# place an '*' as this value. This is the only way a wildcard can be used.\n\
1931# If you enter 'X-' as the value, you will see all headers beginning with\n\
1932# 'X-' (like X-Alan or X-Pape). You can list more than one by delimiting with\n\
1933# spaces. Not defining anything turns off this option.\n")
1937 N_("Space separated list of header fields"),
1938 N_("Do not display these header fields"),
1939 N_("# Same as 'news_headers_to_display' except it denotes the opposite.\n\
1940# An example of using both options might be if you thought X- headers were\n\
1941# A Good Thing(tm), but thought Alan and Pape were miscreants...well then you\n\
1942# would do something like this:\n\
1943# news_headers_to_display=X-\n\
1944# news_headers_to_not_display=X-Alan X-Pape\n\
1945# Not defining anything turns off this option.\n")
1949 N_("Do you want to enable automatic handling of multipart/alternative articles?"),
1950 N_("Skip multipart/alternative parts"),
1951 N_("# If ON strip multipart/alternative messages automatically\n")
1955 N_("Enable detection of verbatim blocks? <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1956 N_("Detection of verbatim blocks"),
1957 N_("# If ON detect verbatim blocks in articles\n")
1960#ifdef HAVE_COLOR
1961struct opttxt txt_quote_regex = {
1962 N_("A regex used to decide which lines to show in col_quote."),
1963 N_("Regex used to show quoted lines"),
1964 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which lines are\n\
1965# quoted when viewing articles. Quoted lines are shown in col_quote.\n\
1966# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
1969struct opttxt txt_quote_regex2 = {
1970 N_("A regex used to decide which lines to show in col_quote2."),
1971 N_("Regex used to show twice quoted l."),
1972 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which lines are\n\
1973# quoted twice. Twice quoted lines are shown in col_quote2.\n\
1974# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
1977struct opttxt txt_quote_regex3 = {
1978 N_("A regex used to decide which lines to show in col_quote3."),
1979 N_("Regex used to show >= 3 times q.l."),
1980 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which lines are\n\
1981# quoted >=3 times. >=3 times quoted lines are shown in col_quote3.\n\
1982# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
1985struct opttxt txt_extquote_handling = {
1986 N_("Enable detection of external quotes? <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
1987 N_("Detection of external quotes"),
1988 N_("# If ON detect quoted text from external sources in articles\n")
1991struct opttxt txt_extquote_regex = {
1992 N_("A regex used to decide which lines to show in col_extquote."),
1993 N_("Regex used to show quotes from external sources"),
1994 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which lines are\n\
1995# external quotes. Text from external quotes is shown in col_extquote.\n\
1996# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
1998#endif /* HAVE_COLOR */
2001 N_("A regex used to decide which words to show in col_markslashes."),
2002 N_("Regex used to highlight /slashes/"),
2003 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which words\n\
2004# bounded by '/' are to be shown in col_markslashes.\n\
2005# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
2009 N_("A regex used to decide which words to show in col_markstars."),
2010 N_("Regex used to highlight *stars*"),
2011 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which words\n\
2012# bounded by '*' are to be shown in col_markstars.\n\
2013# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
2017 N_("A regex used to decide which words to show in col_markstroke."),
2018 N_("Regex used to highlight -strokes-"),
2019 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which words\n\
2020# bounded by '-' are to be shown in col_markstroke.\n\
2021# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
2025 N_("A regex used to decide which words to show in col_markdash."),
2026 N_("Regex used to highlight _underline_"),
2027 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to decide which words\n\
2028# bounded by '_' are to be shown in col_markdash.\n\
2029# If you leave this blank, tin will use a built in default.\n")
2033 N_("A regex used to find Subject prefixes to remove. Use '|' as separator."),
2034 N_("Regex with Subject prefixes"),
2035 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to find Subject prefixes\n\
2036# which will be removed before showing the header.\n")
2040 N_("A regex used to find Subject suffixes to remove. Use '|' as separator."),
2041 N_("Regex with Subject suffixes"),
2042 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to find Subject suffixes\n\
2043# which will be removed when replying or posting followup.\n")
2047 N_("A regex used to find the begin of a verbatim block."),
2048 N_("Regex for begin of a verbatim block"),
2049 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to find the begin of\n\
2050# a verbatim block.\n")
2054 N_("A regex used to find the end of a verbatim block."),
2055 N_("Regex for end of a verbatim block"),
2056 N_("# A regular expression that tin will use to find the end of\n\
2057# a verbatim block.\n")
2061 N_("Enter name and options for external MIME viewer, --internal for built-in viewer"),
2062 N_("MIME binary content viewer"),
2063 N_("# If --internal automatically use the built in MIME viewer for non-text\n\
2064# parts of articles.\n\
2065# Otherwise specify an external viewer program (eg. metamail) or leave blank\n\
2066# for no automatic viewing\n")
2070 N_("Confirm before starting non-text viewing program"),
2071 N_("Ask before using MIME viewer"),
2072 N_("# If ON tin will ask before using metamail to display MIME messages\n\
2073# this only happens if metamail_prog is set to something\n")
2077 N_("Ask to mark groups read when quitting. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2078 N_("Catchup read groups when quitting"),
2079 N_("# If ON ask user if read groups should all be marked read\n")
2083 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2084 N_("Catchup group using left key"),
2085 N_("# If ON catchup group/thread when leaving with the left arrow key.\n")
2089 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2090 N_("Catchup thread by using left key"),
2091 ""
2095 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2096 N_("Which actions require confirmation"),
2097 N_("# What should we ask confirmation for.\n\
2098# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2099# 0 = none\n\
2100# 1 = commands\n\
2101# 2 = select\n\
2102# 3 = quit\n\
2103# * 4 = commands & quit\n\
2104# 5 = commands & select\n\
2105# 6 = quit & select\n\
2106# 7 = commands & quit & select\n")
2110 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2111 N_("'Mark as (un)read' ignores tags"),
2112 N_("# If ON the 'Mark as (un)read' function marks only the current article.\n")
2116 N_("Program to run to open URLs, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2117 N_("Program that opens URLs"),
2118 N_("# The program used to open URLs. The actual URL will be appended\n")
2122 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2123 N_("Use mouse in xterm"),
2124 N_("# If ON enable mouse button support on xterm terminals\n")
2127#ifdef HAVE_KEYPAD
2128struct opttxt txt_use_keypad = {
2129 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2130 N_("Use scroll keys on keypad"),
2131 N_("# If ON enable scroll keys on terminals that support it\n")
2133#endif /* HAVE_KEYPAD */
2136 N_("Enter maximum number of article to get. <CR> sets."),
2137 N_("Number of articles to get"),
2138 N_("# Number of articles to get (0=no limit), if negative sets maximum number\n\
2139# of already read articles to be read before first unread one\n")
2143 N_("Enter number of days article is considered recent. <CR> sets."),
2144 N_("Article recentness time limit"),
2145 N_("# Number of days in which article is considered recent, (0=OFF)\n")
2149 N_("WILDMAT for normal wildcards, REGEX for full regular expression matching."),
2150 N_("Wildcard matching"),
2151 N_("# Wildcard matching\n\
2152# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2153# * 0 = wildmat\n\
2154# 1 = regex\n")
2158 N_("Enter minimal score before an article is marked killed. <CR> sets."),
2159 N_("Score limit (kill)"),
2160 N_("# Score limit before an article is marked killed\n")
2164 N_("Enter default score to kill articles. <CR> sets."),
2165 N_("Default score to kill articles"),
2166 N_("# Default score to kill articles\n")
2170 N_("Enter minimal score before an article is marked hot. <CR> sets."),
2171 N_("Score limit (select)"),
2172 N_("# Score limit before an article is marked hot\n")
2176 N_("Enter default score to select articles. <CR> sets."),
2177 N_("Default score to select articles"),
2178 N_("# Default score to select articles\n")
2181#ifdef XFACE_ABLE
2182struct opttxt txt_use_slrnface = {
2183 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2184 N_("Use slrnface to show ''X-Face:''s"),
2185 N_("# If ON using slrnface(1) to interpret the ''X-Face:'' header.\n\
2186# Only useful when running in an xterm.\n")
2188#endif /* XFACE_ABLE */
2190#ifdef HAVE_COLOR
2191struct opttxt txt_use_color = {
2192 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2193 N_("Use ANSI color"),
2194 N_("# If ON using ANSI-color\n")
2197struct opttxt txt_col_normal = {
2198 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2199 N_("Standard foreground color"),
2200 N_("# Standard foreground color\n\
2201# Default: -1 (default color)\n")
2204struct opttxt txt_col_back = {
2205 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2206 N_("Standard background color"),
2207 N_("# Standard background color\n\
2208# Default: -1 (default color)\n")
2211struct opttxt txt_col_invers_bg = {
2212 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2213 N_("Color for inverse text (background)"),
2214 N_("# Color of background for inverse text\n\
2215# Default: 4 (blue)\n")
2218struct opttxt txt_col_invers_fg = {
2219 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2220 N_("Color for inverse text (foreground)"),
2221 N_("# Color of foreground for inverse text\n\
2222# Default: 7 (white)\n")
2225struct opttxt txt_col_text = {
2226 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2227 N_("Color of text lines"),
2228 N_("# Color of text lines\n\
2229# Default: -1 (default color)\n")
2232struct opttxt txt_col_minihelp = {
2233 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2234 N_("Color of mini help menu"),
2235 N_("# Color of mini help menu\n\
2236# Default: 3 (brown)\n")
2239struct opttxt txt_col_help = {
2240 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2241 N_("Color of help text"),
2242 N_("# Color of help pages\n\
2243# Default: -1 (default color)\n")
2246struct opttxt txt_col_message = {
2247 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2248 N_("Color of status messages"),
2249 N_("# Color of messages in last line\n\
2250# Default: 6 (cyan)\n")
2253struct opttxt txt_col_quote = {
2254 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2255 N_("Color of quoted lines"),
2256 N_("# Color of quote-lines\n\
2257# Default: 2 (green)\n")
2260struct opttxt txt_col_quote2 = {
2261 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2262 N_("Color of twice quoted line"),
2263 N_("# Color of twice quoted lines\n\
2264# Default: 3 (brown)\n")
2267struct opttxt txt_col_quote3 = {
2268 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2269 N_("Color of =>3 times quoted line"),
2270 N_("# Color of >=3 times quoted lines\n\
2271# Default: 4 (blue)\n")
2274struct opttxt txt_col_head = {
2275 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2276 N_("Color of article header lines"),
2277 N_("# Color of header-lines\n\
2278# Default: 2 (green)\n")
2281struct opttxt txt_col_newsheaders = {
2282 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2283 N_("Color of actual news header fields"),
2284 N_("# Color of actual news header fields\n\
2285# Default: 9 (light red)\n")
2288struct opttxt txt_col_subject = {
2289 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2290 N_("Color of article subject lines"),
2291 N_("# Color of article subject\n\
2292# Default: 6 (cyan)\n")
2295struct opttxt txt_col_extquote = {
2296 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2297 N_("Color of external quotes"),
2298 N_("# Color of quoted text from external sources\n\
2299# Default: 5 (pink)\n")
2302struct opttxt txt_col_response = {
2303 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2304 N_("Color of response counter"),
2305 N_("# Color of response counter\n\
2306# Default: 2 (green)\n")
2309struct opttxt txt_col_from = {
2310 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2311 N_("Color of sender (From:)"),
2312 N_("# Color of sender (From:)\n\
2313# Default: 2 (green)\n")
2316struct opttxt txt_col_title = {
2317 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2318 N_("Color of help/mail sign"),
2319 N_("# Color of Help/Mail-Sign\n\
2320# Default: 4 (blue)\n")
2323struct opttxt txt_col_signature = {
2324 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2325 N_("Color of signatures"),
2326 N_("# Color of signature\n\
2327# Default: 4 (blue)\n")
2330struct opttxt txt_col_urls = {
2331 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2332 N_("Color of highlighted URLs"),
2333 N_("# Color of highlighted URLs\n\
2334# Default: -1 (default color)\n")
2337struct opttxt txt_col_verbatim = {
2338 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2339 N_("Color of verbatim blocks"),
2340 N_("# Color of verbatim blocks\n\
2341# Default: 5 (pink)\n")
2344struct opttxt txt_col_markstar = {
2345 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2346 N_("Color of highlighting with *stars*"),
2347 N_("# Color of word highlighting with *stars*\n\
2348# Default: 11 (yellow)\n")
2351struct opttxt txt_col_markdash = {
2352 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2353 N_("Color of highlighting with _dash_"),
2354 N_("# Color of word highlighting with _dash_\n\
2355# Default: 13 (light pink)\n")
2358struct opttxt txt_col_markslash = {
2359 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2360 N_("Color of highlighting with /slash/"),
2361 N_("# Color of word highlighting with /slash/\n\
2362# Default: 14 (light cyan)\n")
2365struct opttxt txt_col_markstroke = {
2366 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2367 N_("Color of highlighting with -stroke-"),
2368 N_("# Color of word highlighting with -stroke-\n\
2369# Default: 12 (light blue)\n")
2371#endif /* HAVE_COLOR */
2374 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2375 N_("Attr. of highlighting with *stars*"),
2376 N_("# Attributes of word highlighting on mono terminals\n\
2377# Possible values are:\n\
2378# 0 = Normal\n\
2379# 1 = Underline\n\
2380# 2 = Best highlighting\n\
2381# 3 = Reverse video\n\
2382# 4 = Blinking\n\
2383# 5 = Half bright\n\
2384# 6 = Bold\n\n\
2385# Attribute of word highlighting with *stars*\n\
2386# Default: 6 (bold)\n")
2390 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2391 N_("Attr. of highlighting with _dash_"),
2392 N_("# Attribute of word highlighting with _dash_\n\
2393# Default: 2 (best highlighting)\n")
2397 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2398 N_("Attr. of highlighting with /slash/"),
2399 N_("# Attribute of word highlighting with /slash/\n\
2400# Default: 5 (half bright)\n")
2404 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2405 N_("Attr. of highlighting with -stroke-"),
2406 N_("# Attribute of word highlighting with -stroke-\n\
2407# Default: 3 (reverse video)\n")
2411 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2412 N_("URL highlighting in message body"),
2413 N_("# Enable URL highlighting?\n")
2417 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2418 N_("Word highlighting in message body"),
2419 N_("# Enable word highlighting?\n")
2423 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2424 N_("What to display instead of mark"),
2425 N_("# Should the leading and ending stars and dashes also be displayed,\n\
2426# even when they are highlighting marks?\n\
2427# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2428# 0 = no\n\
2429# 1 = yes, display mark\n\
2430# * 2 = print a space instead\n")
2434 N_("Enter column number to wrap article lines to in the pager. <CR> sets."),
2435 N_("Page line wrap column"),
2436 N_("# Wrap article lines at column\n")
2440 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2441 N_("Wrap around threads on next unread"),
2442 N_("# If ON wrap around threads on searching next unread article\n")
2446 N_("Enter default mail address (and fullname). <CR> sets."),
2447 N_("Mail address (and fullname)"),
2448 N_("# User's mail address (and fullname), if not username@host (fullname)\n")
2452 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2453 N_("Show empty Followup-To in editor"),
2454 N_("# If ON show empty Followup-To header when editing an article\n")
2458 N_("Enter path/! command/--none to create your default signature. <CR> sets."),
2459 N_("Create signature from path/command"),
2460 N_("# Signature path (random sigs)/file to be used when posting/replying\n\
2461# sigfile=file appends file as signature\n\
2462# sigfile=!command executes external command to generate a signature\n\
2463# (specify %G to pass name of current newsgroup)\n\
2464# sigfile=--none don't append a signature\n")
2468 N_("Prepend signature with \"-- \" on own line. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2469 N_("Prepend signature with \"-- \""),
2470 N_("# If ON prepend the signature with dashes '\\n-- \\n'\n")
2474 N_("Add signature when reposting articles. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2475 N_("Add signature when reposting"),
2476 N_("# If ON add signature to reposted articles\n")
2480 N_("Enter quotation marks, %I for author's initials."),
2481 N_("Characters used as quote-marks"),
2482 N_("# Characters used in quoting to followups and replies.\n\
2483# '_' is replaced by ' ', %I is replaced by author's initials.\n")
2487 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2488 N_("Quoting behavior"),
2489 N_("# How quoting should be handled when following up or replying.\n\
2490# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2491# 0 = Nothing special\n\
2492# 1 = Compress quotes\n\
2493# 2 = Quote signatures\n\
2494# 3 = Compress quotes, quote signatures\n\
2495# 4 = Quote empty lines\n\
2496# * 5 = Compress quotes, quote empty lines\n\
2497# 6 = Quote signatures, quote empty lines\n\
2498# 7 = Compress quotes, quote signatures, quote empty lines\n")
2502 N_("%A Addr %D Date %F Addr+Name %G Groupname %M Message-ID %N Name %C First Name"),
2503 N_("Quote line when following up"),
2504 N_("# Format of quote line when mailing/posting/following-up an article\n\
2505# %A Address %D Date %F Addr+Name %G Groupname %M Message-ID\n\
2506# %N Full Name %C First Name %I Initials\n")
2510 N_("%A Addr %D Date %F Addr+Name %G Groupname %M Message-ID %N Name %C First Name"),
2511 N_("Quote line when cross-posting"),
2512 ""
2516 N_("%A Addr %D Date %F Addr+Name %G Groupname %M Message-ID %N Name %C First Name"),
2517 N_("Quote line when mailing"),
2518 ""
2522 N_("If ON, include User-Agent: header. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2523 N_("Insert 'User-Agent:' header"),
2524 N_("# If ON include advertising User-Agent: header\n")
2529 N_("Enter charset name for MIME (e.g. US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1, EUC-KR), <CR> to set."),
2530 N_("MM_CHARSET"),
2531 N_("# Charset supported locally which is also used for MIME header and\n\
2532# Content-Type header.\n\
2533# If not set, the value of the environment variable MM_CHARSET is used.\n\
2534# Set to US-ASCII or compile time default if neither of them is defined.\n\
2535# If MIME_STRICT_CHARSET is defined at compile-time, charset other than\n\
2536# mm_charset is considered not displayable and represented as '?'.\n")
2539struct opttxt txt_mm_network_charset = {
2540 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2542 N_("# Charset used for MIME (Content-Type) header in postings.\n")
2544# ifdef NO_LOCALE
2545struct opttxt txt_mm_local_charset = {
2546 N_("Enter local charset name (e.g. US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1, EUC-KR), <CR> to set."),
2548 N_("# Charset supported locally.\n")
2550# endif /* NO_LOCALE */
2551#endif /* !CHARSET_CONVERSION */
2554 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2555 N_("Mailbox format"),
2556 N_("# Format of the mailbox.\n")
2560 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2561 N_("MIME encoding in news messages"),
2562 N_("# MIME encoding (8bit, base64, quoted-printable, 7bit) of the body\n\
2563# for mails and posts, if necessary. QP is efficient for most European\n\
2564# character sets (ISO-8859-X) with small fraction of non-US-ASCII chars,\n\
2565# while Base64 is more efficient for most 8bit East Asian, Greek, and\n\
2566# Russian charsets with a lot of 8bit characters.\n")
2570 N_("Don't change unless you know what you are doing. <ESC> cancels."),
2571 N_("Use 8bit characters in news headers"),
2572 N_("# If ON, 8bit characters in news headers are NOT encoded.\n\
2573# default is OFF. Thus 8bit characters are encoded by default.\n\
2574# 8bit chars in header are encoded regardless of the value of this\n\
2575# parameter unless post_mime_encoding is 8bit as well.\n")
2579 N_("Auto-view post-processed files <SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2580 N_("View post-processed files"),
2581 N_("# If set, post processed files will be opened in a viewer\n")
2585 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2586 N_("MIME encoding in mail messages"),
2587 ""
2591 N_("Don't change unless you know what you are doing. <ESC> cancels."),
2592 N_("Use 8bit characters in mail headers"),
2593 N_("# If ON, 8bit characters in mail headers are NOT encoded.\n\
2594# default is OFF. Thus 8bit characters are encoded by default.\n\
2595# 8bit chars in headers are encoded regardless of the value of this parameter\n\
2596# unless mail_mime_encoding is 8bit as well. Note that RFC 2822\n\
2597# prohibits 8bit characters in mail headers so that you are advised NOT to\n\
2598# turn it ON unless you have some compelling reason.\n")
2601#ifndef USE_CURSES
2603 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2604 N_("Strip blanks from ends of lines"),
2605 N_("# If ON strip blanks from ends of lines for faster display on slow terminals.\n")
2607#endif /* !USE_CURSES */
2610struct opttxt txt_translit = {
2611 N_("If ON, use transliteration. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2612 N_("Transliteration"),
2613 N_("# If ON, use //TRANSLIT extension. This means that when a character cannot\n\
2614# be represented in the in the target character set, it can be approximated\n\
2615# through one or several similarly looking characters.\n")
2620 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2621 N_("Send you a Cc/Bcc automatically"),
2622 N_("# Put your name in the Cc: and/or Bcc: field when mailing an article.\n\
2623# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2624# * 0 = No\n\
2625# 1 = Cc\n\
2626# 2 = Bcc\n\
2627# 3 = Cc and Bcc\n")
2630#ifdef USE_CANLOCK
2631struct opttxt txt_cancel_lock_algo = {
2632 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2633 N_("Hash algorithm for Cancel-Lock/Cancel-Key"),
2634 N_("# Hash algorithm for Cancel-Lock/Cancel-Key (default 'sha1')\n\
2635# Use 'none' to not generate Cancel-Lock headers.\n")
2637#endif /* USE_CANLOCK */
2640 N_("Enter address elements about which you want to be warned. <CR> sets."),
2641 N_("Spamtrap warning address parts"),
2642 N_("# A comma-delimited list of address-parts you want to be warned\n\
2643# about when trying to reply by email.\n")
2647 N_("Enter default number of days a filter entry will be valid. <CR> sets."),
2648 N_("No. of days a filter entry is valid"),
2649 N_("# Number of days a short term filter will be active\n")
2653 N_("Add posted articles to filter. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2654 N_("Add posted articles to filter"),
2655 N_("# If ON add posted articles which start a new thread to filter for\n# highlighting follow-ups\n")
2659 N_("The directory where articles/threads are to be saved in mailbox format."),
2660 N_("Mail directory"),
2661 N_("# (-m) directory where articles/threads are saved in mailbox format\n")
2665 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2666 N_("Save articles in batch mode (-S)"),
2667 N_("# If ON articles/threads will be saved in batch mode when save -S\n\
2668# or mail (-M/-N) is specified on the command line\n")
2672 N_("The directory where you want articles/threads saved."),
2673 N_("Directory to save arts/threads in"),
2674 N_("# Directory where articles/threads are saved\n")
2678 N_("Mark saved articles/threads as read. <SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2679 N_("Mark saved articles/threads as read"),
2680 N_("# If ON mark articles that are saved as read\n")
2684 N_("Do post processing (eg. extract attachments) for saved articles."),
2685 N_("Post process saved articles"),
2686 N_("# Perform post processing (saving binary attachments) from saved articles.\n\
2687# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2688# * 0 = no\n\
2689# 1 = extract shell archives (shar) only\n\
2690# 2 = yes\n")
2694 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2695 N_("Process only unread articles"),
2696 N_("# If ON only save/print/pipe/mail unread articles (tagged articles excepted)\n")
2701 N_("Print all or just part of header. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2702 N_("Print all headers when printing"),
2703 N_("# If ON print all of article header otherwise just the important lines\n")
2707 N_("The printer program with options that is to be used to print articles/threads."),
2708 N_("Printer program with options"),
2709 N_("# Print program with parameters used to print articles/threads\n"),
2711#endif /* !DISABLE_PRINTING */
2714 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2715 N_("Force redraw after certain commands"),
2716 N_("# If ON a screen redraw will always be done after certain external commands\n")
2720 N_("Enter %E for editor, %F for filename, %N for line-number, <CR> to set."),
2721 N_("Invocation of your editor"),
2722 N_("# Format of editor line including parameters\n\
2723# %E Editor %F Filename %N Linenumber\n")
2727 N_("Enter name and options for external-inews, --internal for internal inews"),
2728 N_("External inews"),
2729 N_("# If --internal use the built in mini inews for posting via NNTP\n# otherwise use an external inews program\n"),
2733 N_("Enter %M for mailer, %S for subject, %T for to, %F for filename, <CR> to set."),
2734 N_("Invocation of your mail command"),
2735 N_("# Format of mailer line including parameters\n\
2736# %M Mailer %S Subject %T To %F Filename\n\
2737# ie. to use mutt as your mailer: mutt -s \"%S\" -- \"%T\" < %F\n\
2738# ie. mutt interactive : mutt -i %F -s \"%S\" -- \"%T\"\n")
2742 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2743 N_("Use interactive mail reader"),
2744 N_("# Interactive mailreader\n\
2745# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2746# * 0 = no interactive mailreader\n\
2747# 1 = use interactive mailreader with headers in file\n\
2748# 2 = use interactive mailreader without headers in file\n")
2752 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2753 N_("Remove ~/.article after posting"),
2754 N_("# If ON remove ~/.article after posting.\n")
2757#if defined(MULTIBYTE_ABLE) && !defined(NO_LOCALE)
2758struct opttxt txt_utf8_graphics = {
2759 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2760 N_("Use UTF-8 graphics (thread tree etc.)"),
2761 N_("# If ON use UTF-8 characters for indicator '->', tree and ellipsis '...'.\n")
2763#endif /* MULTIBYTE_ABLE && !NO_LOCALE */
2766 N_("Filename for all posted articles, <CR> sets, no filename=do not save."),
2767 N_("Filename for posted articles"),
2768 N_("# Filename where to keep all postings (default posted)\n\
2769# If no filename is set then postings will not be saved\n")
2773 N_("Keep all failed articles in ~/dead.articles. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2774 N_("Keep failed arts in ~/dead.articles"),
2775 N_("# If ON keep all failed postings in ~/dead.articles\n")
2779 N_("Do you want to strip unsubscribed groups from .newsrc"),
2780 N_("No unsubscribed groups in newsrc"),
2781 N_("# If ON strip unsubscribed groups from newsrc\n")
2785 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2786 N_("Remove bogus groups from newsrc"),
2787 N_("# What to do with bogus groups in newsrc file\n\
2788# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2789# * 0 = keep\n\
2790# 1 = remove\n\
2791# 2 = highlight with D on selection screen\n")
2794#if defined(HAVE_ALARM) && defined(SIGALRM)
2795struct opttxt txt_nntp_read_timeout_secs = {
2796 N_("Enter number of seconds to wait for a response from the server. <CR> sets."),
2797 N_("NNTP read timeout in seconds"),
2798 N_("# Time in seconds to wait for a response from the server (0=no timeout)\n")
2800#endif /* HAVE_ALARM && SIGALRM */
2803 N_("Enter number of seconds until active file will be reread. <CR> sets."),
2804 N_("Interval in secs to reread active"),
2805 N_("# Time interval in seconds between rereading the active file (0=never)\n")
2809 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2810 N_("Reconnect to server automatically"),
2811 N_("# If ON automatically reconnect to NNTP server if the connection is broken\n")
2815 N_("Create local copies of NNTP overview files. <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
2816 N_("Cache NNTP overview files locally"),
2817 N_("# If ON, create local copies of NNTP overview files.\n")
2821 N_("Enter format string. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2822 N_("Format string for selection level"),
2823 N_("# Format string for selection level representation\n\
2824# Default: %f %n %U %G %d\n\
2825# Possible values are:\n\
2826# %% '%'\n\
2827# %d Description\n\
2828# %f Newsgroup flag: 'D' bogus, 'X' not postable,\n\
2829# 'M' moderated, '=' renamed, 'N' new, 'u' unsubscribed\n\
2830# %G Group name\n\
2831# %n Number, linenumber on screen\n\
2832# %U Unread count\n")
2836 N_("Enter format string. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2837 N_("Format string for group level"),
2838 N_("# Format string for group level representation\n\
2839# Default: %n %m %R %L %s %F\n\
2840# Possible values are:\n\
2841# %% '%'\n\
2842# %D Date, like date_format\n\
2843# %(formatstr)D Date, formatstr gets passed to my_strftime()\n\
2844# %F From, name and/or address according to show_author\n\
2845# %I Initials\n\
2846# %L Line count\n\
2847# %M Message-ID\n\
2848# %m Article marks\n\
2849# %n Number, linenumber on screen\n\
2850# %R Count, number of responses in thread\n\
2851# %s Subject (only group level)\n\
2852# %S Score\n")
2856 N_("Enter format string. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2857 N_("Format string for thread level"),
2858 N_("# Format string for thread level representation\n\
2859# Default: %n %m [%L] %T %F\n\
2860# Possible values are:\n\
2861# %% '%'\n\
2862# %D Date, like date_format\n\
2863# %(formatstr)D Date, formatstr gets passed to my_strftime()\n\
2864# %F From, name and/or address according to show_author\n\
2865# %I Initials\n\
2866# %L Line count\n\
2867# %M Message-ID\n\
2868# %m Article marks\n\
2869# %n Number, linenumber on screen\n\
2870# %S Score\n\
2871# %T Thread tree (only thread level)\n")
2875 N_("Enter format string. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2876 N_("Format string for display of dates"),
2877 N_("# Format string for date representation\n")
2881 * TODO: needs different text for HAVE_UNICODE_NORMALIZATION < 2 and/or
2883 */
2885struct opttxt txt_normalization_form = {
2886 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2887 N_("Unicode normalization form"),
2888 N_("# Unicode normalization form\n\
2889# Possible values are:\n\
2890# 0 = None\n\
2891# 1 = NFKC\n\
2892# 2 = NFKD\n\
2893# 3 = NFC\n\
2894# 4 = NFD\n\
2895# 5 = NFKC_CF\n")
2899#if defined(HAVE_LIBICUUC) && defined(MULTIBYTE_ABLE) && defined(HAVE_UNICODE_UBIDI_H) && !defined(NO_LOCALE)
2900struct opttxt txt_render_bidi = {
2901 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2902 N_("Render BiDi"),
2903 N_("# If ON, bi-directional text is rendered by tin\n")
2907#ifdef USE_HEAPSORT
2908struct opttxt txt_sort_function = {
2909 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2910 N_("Function for sorting articles"),
2911 N_("# Function for sorting articles\n\
2912# Possible values are (the default is marked with *):\n\
2913# * 0 = qsort\n\
2914# 1 = heapsort\n")
2916#endif /* USE_HEAPSORT */
2919 * structs for the attributes menu below,
2920 * no need for *tinrc text
2921 */
2923 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2924 N_("Automatically GroupMarkUnselArtRead"),
2925 NULL
2929 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2930 N_("Delete post-process files"),
2931 NULL
2934struct opttxt txt_fcc = {
2935 N_("Filename for all mailed articles, <CR> sets, no filename=do not save."),
2936 N_("Mailbox to save sent mails"),
2937 NULL
2941 N_("Set Followup-To: header to this group(s). <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2942 N_("Followup-To: header"),
2943 NULL
2947 N_("Enter default mail address (and fullname). <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2948 N_("Mail address (and fullname)"),
2949 NULL
2952#ifdef HAVE_ISPELL
2953struct opttxt txt_ispell = {
2954 N_("Path and options for ispell-like spell-checker. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2955 N_("Ispell program"),
2956 NULL
2958#endif /* HAVE_ISPELL */
2961 N_("When group is a mailing list, send responses to this email address."),
2962 N_("Mailing list address"),
2963 NULL
2967 N_("<SPACE> toggles, <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2968 N_("Forward articles as attachment"),
2969 NULL
2973 N_("A comma separated list of MIME major/minor Content-Types. <ESC> cancels."),
2974 N_("Which MIME types will be saved"),
2975 NULL
2979 N_("Value of the Organization: header. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2980 N_("Organization: header"),
2981 NULL
2985 N_("Filename for saved articles. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2986 N_("savefile"),
2987 NULL
2991 N_("Scope for the filter rule. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2992 N_("Quick (1 key) select filter scope"),
2993 NULL
2997 N_("Header for filter rule. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
2998 N_("Quick (1 key) select filter header"),
2999 NULL
3003 N_("ON = case sensitive, OFF = ignore case. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3004 N_("Quick (1 key) select filter case"),
3005 NULL
3009 N_("ON = expire, OFF = don't ever expire. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3010 N_("Quick (1 key) select filter expire"),
3011 NULL
3015 N_("Scope for the filter rule. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3016 N_("Quick (1 key) kill filter scope"),
3017 NULL
3021 N_("Header for filter rule. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3022 N_("Quick (1 key) kill filter header"),
3023 NULL
3027 N_("ON = case sensitive, OFF = ignore case. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3028 N_("Quick (1 key) kill filter case"),
3029 NULL
3033 N_("ON = expire, OFF = don't ever expire. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3034 N_("Quick (1 key) kill filter expire"),
3035 NULL
3039struct opttxt txt_undeclared_charset = {
3040 N_("Assume this charset if no charset declaration is present, <CR> to set."),
3042 NULL
3044#endif /* CHARSET_CONVERSION */
3047 N_("Add this text at the start of the message body. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3048 N_("X_Body"),
3049 NULL
3053 N_("Insert this header when posting. <CR> sets, <ESC> cancels."),
3054 N_("X_Headers"),
3055 NULL
3059 N_("Automatically insert an X-Comment-To: header? <SPACE> toggles & <CR> sets."),
3060 N_("Insert 'X-Comment-To:' header"),
3061 NULL
constext txt_kill_subj[]
Definition: lang.c:602
constext txt_error_header_line_blank[]
Definition: lang.c:238
constext txt_thread_upper[]
Definition: lang.c:890
constext txt_error_gnksa_fqdn[]
Definition: lang.c:207
constext txt_usage_mail_new_news_to_user[]
Definition: lang.c:942
constext txt_unread[]
Definition: lang.c:916
constext txt_mini_scope_1[]
Definition: lang.c:653
constext txt_attachment_untagged[]
Definition: lang.c:92
constext txt_enter_getart_limit[]
Definition: lang.c:174
constext txt_warn_unrecognized_version[]
Definition: lang.c:984
constext txt_help_mark_feed_read[]
Definition: lang.c:458
struct opttxt txt_cache_overview_files
Definition: lang.c:2814
constext txt_mini_info_1[]
Definition: lang.c:647
constext txt_help_filter_msgid[]
Definition: lang.c:332
constext txt_quoted_printable[]
Definition: lang.c:767
constext txt_help_group_select_thread_pattern[]
Definition: lang.c:467
constext txt_inverse_on[]
Definition: lang.c:591
constext txt_help_group_untag_thread[]
Definition: lang.c:474
constext txt_help_thread_mark_thread_unread[]
Definition: lang.c:526
constext txt_tex[]
Definition: lang.c:872
constext txt_quit_no_write[]
Definition: lang.c:766
constext txt_unsubscribe_pattern[]
Definition: lang.c:911
constext txt_shell_command[]
Definition: lang.c:1219
struct opttxt txt_display_options
Definition: lang.c:1601
struct opttxt txt_force_screen_redraw
Definition: lang.c:2713
constext txt_printing[]
Definition: lang.c:1171
constext txt_cannot_create[]
Definition: lang.c:123
struct opttxt txt_metamail_prog
Definition: lang.c:2060
constext txt_nrctbl_info[]
Definition: lang.c:713
constext txt_choose_post_process_type[]
Definition: lang.c:145
constext txt_pcre_error_at[]
Definition: lang.c:726
constext txt_help_select_unsubscribe_pattern[]
Definition: lang.c:515
constext txt_mini_select_1[]
Definition: lang.c:655
constext txt_info_enter_valid_character[]
Definition: lang.c:552
constext txt_help_article_prev[]
Definition: lang.c:360
constext txt_article_upper[]
Definition: lang.c:76
constext txt_no_newsgroups[]
Definition: lang.c:691
constext txt_warn_cancel[]
Definition: lang.c:970
struct opttxt txt_slashes_regex
Definition: lang.c:2000
constext * txt_thread_score_type[]
Definition: lang.c:1315
constext txt_url_done[]
Definition: lang.c:927
constext txt_help_global_shell_escape[]
Definition: lang.c:1218
constext txt_help_article_reply_with_header[]
Definition: lang.c:367
constext * txt_mime_encodings[]
Definition: lang.c:1456
struct opttxt txt_saving_options
Definition: lang.c:1633
constext txt_help_article_toggle_headers[]
Definition: lang.c:373
constext txt_help_select_search_group_comment[]
Definition: lang.c:507
constext txt_help_group_last_thread[]
Definition: lang.c:453
constext txt_pipe_to_command[]
Definition: lang.c:1179
constext txt_pcre_error_num[]
Definition: lang.c:727
constext txt_usage_post_postponed_arts[]
Definition: lang.c:946
constext txt_attrib_no_scope[]
Definition: lang.c:94
constext txt_attach_description[]
Definition: lang.c:82
constext txt_attachment_menu_com[]
Definition: lang.c:85
constext txt_mini_group_2[]
Definition: lang.c:646
constext txt_newsrc_again[]
Definition: lang.c:673
constext txt_no_term_set[]
Definition: lang.c:706
constext txt_help_scope_goto_scope[]
Definition: lang.c:483
struct opttxt txt_url_highlight
Definition: lang.c:2410
constext txt_moving[]
Definition: lang.c:663
constext txt_error_header_duplicate[]
Definition: lang.c:244
constext txt_help_title_url_ops[]
Definition: lang.c:537
constext txt_usage_dont_show_descriptions[]
Definition: lang.c:933
constext txt_help_scope_move[]
Definition: lang.c:485
constext txt_trying_dotlock[]
Definition: lang.c:905
constext txt_creating_active[]
Definition: lang.c:158
constext * txt_quote_style_type[]
Definition: lang.c:1531
struct opttxt txt_auto_cc_bcc
Definition: lang.c:2619
constext txt_group_plural[]
Definition: lang.c:322
constext txt_help_thread_article_by_num[]
Definition: lang.c:519
constext txt_quit_edit_send[]
Definition: lang.c:1111
constext txt_incomplete[]
Definition: lang.c:565
constext txt_help_global_quit_tin[]
Definition: lang.c:431
constext * txt_goto_next_unread_options[]
Definition: lang.c:1418
constext txt_subscribing[]
Definition: lang.c:864
constext txt_help_thread_mark_article_unread[]
Definition: lang.c:525
constext txt_bad_command[]
Definition: lang.c:112
constext txt_lookup_func_not_nntp[]
Definition: lang.c:611
constext txt_shell_escape[]
Definition: lang.c:1220
struct opttxt txt_quick_kill_expire
Definition: lang.c:3032
constext txt_info_do_postpone[]
Definition: lang.c:551
constext txt_help_article_repost[]
Definition: lang.c:348
constext txt_global[]
Definition: lang.c:318
constext txt_error_header_line_bad_encoding[]
Definition: lang.c:232
struct opttxt txt_hide_uue
Definition: lang.c:1907
constext txt_usage_read_only_active[]
Definition: lang.c:1157
constext txt_url_menu[]
Definition: lang.c:923
struct opttxt txt_thread_catchup_on_exit
Definition: lang.c:2088
constext txt_help_group_catchup[]
Definition: lang.c:450
constext txt_help_group_toggle_thread_selection[]
Definition: lang.c:471
constext txt_grpdesc_disabled[]
Definition: lang.c:327
constext txt_error_approved[]
Definition: lang.c:181
constext txt_info_missing_part[]
Definition: lang.c:553
constext txt_help_attachment_tag_pattern[]
Definition: lang.c:392
constext txt_help_global_search_subj_forwards[]
Definition: lang.c:442
constext txt_autosubscribing_groups[]
Definition: lang.c:107
constext txt_help_attrib_search_opt_forwards[]
Definition: lang.c:401
constext txt_no_scopes[]
Definition: lang.c:698
constext txt_mini_page_2[]
Definition: lang.c:650
constext txt_repost_group[]
Definition: lang.c:794
struct opttxt txt_strip_newsrc
Definition: lang.c:2778
struct opttxt txt_news_quote_format
Definition: lang.c:2501
constext txt_warn_newsrc[]
Definition: lang.c:985
constext txt_help_group_toggle_getart_limit[]
Definition: lang.c:469
constext txt_end_of_scopes[]
Definition: lang.c:171
struct opttxt txt_sigdashes
Definition: lang.c:2467
struct opttxt txt_verbatim_end_regex
Definition: lang.c:2053
constext txt_screen_too_small[]
Definition: lang.c:832
constext txt_piping[]
Definition: lang.c:1180
constext txt_is_mailbox[]
Definition: lang.c:563
struct opttxt txt_mail_mime_encoding
Definition: lang.c:2584
constext txt_cannot_post[]
Definition: lang.c:130
struct opttxt txt_batch_save
Definition: lang.c:2664
constext txt_newsrc_saved[]
Definition: lang.c:675
constext txt_usage_mail_bugreport[]
Definition: lang.c:940
constext txt_useful_with_batch_or_debug_mode[]
Definition: lang.c:956
constext txt_scope_operation_not_allowed[]
Definition: lang.c:839
constext txt_unlimited_time[]
Definition: lang.c:910
constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_invalid[]
Definition: lang.c:223
constext txt_mail_art_to[]
Definition: lang.c:619
constext txt_help_title_disp[]
Definition: lang.c:528
constext * txt_strip_bogus_type[]
Definition: lang.c:1515
constext txt_prompt_fup_ignore[]
Definition: lang.c:754
constext txt_error_newsgroups_poster[]
Definition: lang.c:253
constext txt_art_not_posted[]
Definition: lang.c:60
struct opttxt txt_prompt_followupto
Definition: lang.c:2451
constext txt_help_group_catchup_next[]
Definition: lang.c:451
constext txt_help_select_last_group[]
Definition: lang.c:494
constext txt_autoselecting_articles[]
Definition: lang.c:108
struct opttxt txt_news_headers_to_display
Definition: lang.c:1926
constext txt_cannot_filter_on_path[]
Definition: lang.c:124
constext txt_quit[]
Definition: lang.c:760
struct opttxt txt_wrap_on_next_unread
Definition: lang.c:2439
constext txt_pipe[]
Definition: lang.c:1178
struct opttxt txt_art_marked_read_selected
Definition: lang.c:1874
constext txt_filesystem_full_backup[]
Definition: lang.c:276
constext txt_useful_without_batch_mode[]
Definition: lang.c:954
constext txt_thread_x_of_n[]
Definition: lang.c:898
constext txt_help_thread_last_article[]
Definition: lang.c:523
constext txt_info_all_parts_untagged[]
Definition: lang.c:550
constext txt_caughtup[]
Definition: lang.c:141
struct opttxt txt_printer
Definition: lang.c:2706
constext txt_serverconfig_header[]
Definition: lang.c:809
constext txt_help_select_subscribe_pattern[]
Definition: lang.c:510
constext txt_mini_page_1[]
Definition: lang.c:649
constext txt_catchup_despite_tags[]
Definition: lang.c:139
struct opttxt txt_posting_options
Definition: lang.c:1627
constext txt_help_global_toggle_inverse_video[]
Definition: lang.c:446
constext txt_post_history_recursion[]
Definition: lang.c:738
constext txt_not_exist[]
Definition: lang.c:709
constext txt_usage_maildir[]
Definition: lang.c:939
constext txt_art_pager_com[]
Definition: lang.c:62
constext txt_help_global_search_subj_backwards[]
Definition: lang.c:441
constext txt_help_title_post_hist_ops[]
Definition: lang.c:535
struct opttxt txt_mail_quote_format
Definition: lang.c:2515
constext txt_warn_not_valid_newsgroup[]
Definition: lang.c:1068
constext txt_scopes_menu[]
Definition: lang.c:842
constext txt_not_in_active_file[]
Definition: lang.c:710
constext txt_art_cannot_cancel[]
Definition: lang.c:55
constext txt_warn_multiple_sigs[]
Definition: lang.c:989
constext txt_no_groups[]
Definition: lang.c:684
constext txt_mini_group_1[]
Definition: lang.c:645
constext txt_checking_for_news[]
Definition: lang.c:144
constext txt_processing_saved_arts[]
Definition: lang.c:753
constext txt_post_history_op_unavail_for_reply[]
Definition: lang.c:737
struct opttxt txt_quick_select_scope
Definition: lang.c:2990
constext txt_end_of_attachments[]
Definition: lang.c:167
constext txt_usage_post_article[]
Definition: lang.c:945
constext txt_help_config_first_opt[]
Definition: lang.c:405
constext txt_no_term_clearscreen[]
Definition: lang.c:704
constext txt_help_article_last_in_thread[]
Definition: lang.c:353
constext txt_help_global_scroll_down[]
Definition: lang.c:435
constext txt_help_select_catchup[]
Definition: lang.c:488
constext txt_art_thread_regex_tag[]
Definition: lang.c:68
constext txt_select_group[]
Definition: lang.c:851
struct opttxt txt_mark_ignore_tags
Definition: lang.c:2109
constext txt_saved_groupname[]
Definition: lang.c:824
struct opttxt txt_scroll_lines
Definition: lang.c:1889
constext txt_prompt_see_postponed[]
Definition: lang.c:756
constext * txt_attrs[]
Definition: lang.c:1373
constext txt_mark_art_read[]
Definition: lang.c:634
constext txt_msgid_line_only[]
Definition: lang.c:665
constext txt_error_gnksa_internal[]
Definition: lang.c:198
struct opttxt txt_mail_address
Definition: lang.c:2445
struct opttxt txt_art_marked_return
Definition: lang.c:1832
constext txt_warn_references_but_no_re[]
Definition: lang.c:967
constext txt_error_gnksa_ill_domain[]
Definition: lang.c:205
constext txt_scopes_menu_com[]
Definition: lang.c:843
constext txt_tab[]
Definition: lang.c:871
constext txt_no_resps_in_thread[]
Definition: lang.c:697
constext txt_help_attachment_pipe_raw[]
Definition: lang.c:385
constext txt_help_url_search_forwards[]
Definition: lang.c:541
constext txt_searching_body[]
Definition: lang.c:848
constext * txt_onoff[]
Definition: lang.c:1270
constext txt_yanked_groups[]
Definition: lang.c:1001
constext txt_cr[]
Definition: lang.c:157
constext txt_error_passwd_missing[]
Definition: lang.c:262
constext txt_quick_filter_kill[]
Definition: lang.c:758
constext txt_mini_group_3[]
Definition: lang.c:1240
constext txt_rename_error[]
Definition: lang.c:790
constext * txt_mime_7bit_charsets[]
Definition: lang.c:1561
constext txt_help_article_by_num[]
Definition: lang.c:342
constext txt_help_select_search_group_backwards[]
Definition: lang.c:506
constext txt_deleting[]
Definition: lang.c:163
constext txt_extracting_shar[]
Definition: lang.c:273
constext txt_begin_of_art[]
Definition: lang.c:117
constext txt_usage_help_information[]
Definition: lang.c:935
struct opttxt txt_wildcard
Definition: lang.c:2148
constext txt_attachment_lines[]
Definition: lang.c:83
struct opttxt txt_ask_for_metamail
Definition: lang.c:2069
constext txt_mail[]
Definition: lang.c:617
constext txt_error_gnksa_inv_domain[]
Definition: lang.c:204
constext txt_newsgroup_plural[]
Definition: lang.c:670
constext txt_followup_poster[]
Definition: lang.c:281
constext txt_useful_with_batch_mode[]
Definition: lang.c:955
constext txt_quick_filter_select[]
Definition: lang.c:759
constext txt_help_group_mark_unsel_art_read[]
Definition: lang.c:460
constext txt_enter_next_unread_group[]
Definition: lang.c:178
constext txt_warn_encoding_and_external_inews[]
Definition: lang.c:974
constext txt_help_attrib_select[]
Definition: lang.c:402
constext * txt_hide_uue_type[]
Definition: lang.c:1294
constext txt_help_thread_catchup[]
Definition: lang.c:520
struct opttxt txt_show_signatures
Definition: lang.c:1901
constext txt_mark_thread_read[]
Definition: lang.c:636
struct opttxt txt_spamtrap_warning_addresses
Definition: lang.c:2639
constext txt_refs_line_only[]
Definition: lang.c:784
constext txt_warn_suspicious_mail[]
Definition: lang.c:995
constext txt_help_global_article_range[]
Definition: lang.c:413
constext txt_usage_dont_save_files_on_quit[]
Definition: lang.c:932
struct opttxt txt_art_marked_selected
Definition: lang.c:1839
constext txt_help_global_search_body[]
Definition: lang.c:439
constext txt_error_no_enter_permission[]
Definition: lang.c:255
constext txt_usage_index_newsdir[]
Definition: lang.c:937
constext txt_option_not_enabled[]
Definition: lang.c:721
constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_unq[]
Definition: lang.c:218
constext txt_article_cancelled[]
Definition: lang.c:72
constext txt_help_group_select_thread_if_unread_selected[]
Definition: lang.c:466
constext txt_no_prev_group[]
Definition: lang.c:693
constext txt_help_group_reverse_thread_selection[]
Definition: lang.c:463
constext txt_8bit[]
Definition: lang.c:47
constext txt_help_article_cancel[]
Definition: lang.c:344
struct opttxt txt_unlink_article
Definition: lang.c:2751
constext txt_error_header_and_body_not_separate[]
Definition: lang.c:224
constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_encsyn[]
Definition: lang.c:221
constext txt_saved_group[]
Definition: lang.c:823
constext txt_checking_new_groups[]
Definition: lang.c:143
constext txt_usage_catchup[]
Definition: lang.c:929
constext txt_saved_to[]
Definition: lang.c:827
constext txt_remove_bogus[]
Definition: lang.c:788
constext txt_help_select_toggle_descriptions[]
Definition: lang.c:512
constext txt_copyright_notice[]
Definition: lang.c:151
constext txt_full[]
Definition: lang.c:310
struct opttxt txt_mailer_format
Definition: lang.c:2732
constext txt_catchup[]
Definition: lang.c:136
constext txt_help_config_search_opt_backwards[]
Definition: lang.c:409
constext txt_error_bad_msgidfqdn[]
Definition: lang.c:185
constext txt_usage_verbose[]
Definition: lang.c:952
constext txt_no_term_clear_eol[]
Definition: lang.c:702
constext txt_warn_posting_etiquette[]
Definition: lang.c:1205
constext txt_mini_select_3[]
Definition: lang.c:657
constext txt_help_attachment_untag[]
Definition: lang.c:394
constext txt_subscribed_num_groups[]
Definition: lang.c:862
constext txt_mini_post_hist_1[]
Definition: lang.c:651
struct opttxt txt_savedir
Definition: lang.c:2671
constext txt_enter_range[]
Definition: lang.c:180
constext txt_select_from[]
Definition: lang.c:801
constext txt_art_unavailable[]
Definition: lang.c:69
struct opttxt txt_trim_article_body
Definition: lang.c:1794
constext txt_trying_lock[]
Definition: lang.c:906
constext txt_filter_global_rules[]
Definition: lang.c:277
constext txt_help_article_first_page[]
Definition: lang.c:352
constext txt_error_gnksa_hyphen[]
Definition: lang.c:210
constext txt_scope_delete[]
Definition: lang.c:835
struct opttxt txt_score_limit_select
Definition: lang.c:2169
constext txt_help_group_prev[]
Definition: lang.c:462
constext txt_lines[]
Definition: lang.c:608
constext txt_toggled_rot13[]
Definition: lang.c:901
constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_enc[]
Definition: lang.c:220
constext txt_group_aliased[]
Definition: lang.c:319
constext txt_help_article_search_backwards[]
Definition: lang.c:368
constext txt_help_thread_mark_article_read[]
Definition: lang.c:524
struct opttxt txt_filtering_options
Definition: lang.c:1645
constext txt_no_search_string[]
Definition: lang.c:699
constext txt_tinrc_filter[]
Definition: lang.c:874
constext txt_attachment_tagged[]
Definition: lang.c:90
struct opttxt txt_catchup_read_groups
Definition: lang.c:2076
constext txt_help_article_toggle_tex2iso[]
Definition: lang.c:377
constext txt_article_singular[]
Definition: lang.c:75
constext txt_unsubscribing[]
Definition: lang.c:919
constext txt_group_rereading[]
Definition: lang.c:323
constext txt_help_article_edit[]
Definition: lang.c:350
struct opttxt txt_quick_select_case
Definition: lang.c:3002
constext txt_reading_news_active_file[]
Definition: lang.c:780
constext txt_usage_newsrc_file[]
Definition: lang.c:943
constext txt_help_attrib_toggle_attrib[]
Definition: lang.c:403
constext txt_warn_followup_to_several_groups[]
Definition: lang.c:1064
constext txt_help_config_goto_opt[]
Definition: lang.c:406
constext txt_save_attachment[]
Definition: lang.c:819
constext txt_attachment_menu[]
Definition: lang.c:84
struct opttxt txt_mono_markdash
Definition: lang.c:2389
constext txt_help_article_next_thread[]
Definition: lang.c:357
constext txt_no_attachments[]
Definition: lang.c:680
constext txt_mailing_to[]
Definition: lang.c:624
constext txt_warn_downgrade[]
Definition: lang.c:982
constext txt_help_article_reply[]
Definition: lang.c:365
constext txt_help_global_post_postponed[]
Definition: lang.c:427
constext txt_no_groups_to_read[]
Definition: lang.c:685
constext txt_help_global_line_up[]
Definition: lang.c:419
constext txt_help_post_hist_search_backwards[]
Definition: lang.c:476
constext txt_thread_marked_as_selected[]
Definition: lang.c:893
constext txt_articles_mailed[]
Definition: lang.c:77
constext txt_help_attrib_reset_attrib[]
Definition: lang.c:399
constext txt_end_of_arts[]
Definition: lang.c:166
constext txt_cannot_post_group[]
Definition: lang.c:131
struct opttxt txt_strip_bogus
Definition: lang.c:2784
constext txt_help_title_scope_ops[]
Definition: lang.c:536
constext txt_end_of_urls[]
Definition: lang.c:173
constext txt_warn_grp_renamed[]
Definition: lang.c:1065
constext txt_append_overwrite_quit[]
Definition: lang.c:52
constext txt_filter_file[]
Definition: lang.c:284
constext txt_nrctbl_default[]
Definition: lang.c:712
constext txt_help_global_toggle_subj_display[]
Definition: lang.c:448
constext txt_error_bad_approved[]
Definition: lang.c:183
constext txt_uue[]
Definition: lang.c:915
struct opttxt txt_editor_format
Definition: lang.c:2719
constext txt_error_fseek[]
Definition: lang.c:195
constext txt_stp_list_thread[]
Definition: lang.c:859
constext txt_help_select_read_group[]
Definition: lang.c:504
constext txt_resp_redirect[]
Definition: lang.c:796
constext txt_no_filename[]
Definition: lang.c:682
constext txt_help_select_first_group[]
Definition: lang.c:490
constext txt_help_select_subscribe[]
Definition: lang.c:509
struct opttxt txt_post_mime_encoding
Definition: lang.c:2559
constext txt_cannot_get_term_entry[]
Definition: lang.c:1224
constext txt_usage_no_posting[]
Definition: lang.c:944
constext txt_attachment_no_name[]
Definition: lang.c:86
constext * txt_mailbox_formats[]
Definition: lang.c:1570
constext txt_usage_quickstart[]
Definition: lang.c:1156
constext txt_kill_lines[]
Definition: lang.c:598
struct opttxt txt_interactive_mailer
Definition: lang.c:2741
constext txt_newsgroup_position[]
Definition: lang.c:671
constext txt_reading_config_file[]
Definition: lang.c:775
constext txt_saved_summary[]
Definition: lang.c:826
constext txt_art_x_of_n[]
Definition: lang.c:71
constext txt_error_gnksa_local_lit[]
Definition: lang.c:213
constext txt_help_article_autoselect[]
Definition: lang.c:340
constext txt_help_article_mark_thread_read[]
Definition: lang.c:355
constext txt_help_article_view_attachments[]
Definition: lang.c:379
constext txt_search_backwards[]
Definition: lang.c:844
constext txt_help_global_help[]
Definition: lang.c:416
constext txt_error_gnksa_rparen[]
Definition: lang.c:201
constext txt_print[]
Definition: lang.c:1170
struct opttxt txt_show_only_unread_arts
Definition: lang.c:1761
struct opttxt txt_pos_first_unread
Definition: lang.c:1755
constext txt_error_gnksa_rn_paren[]
Definition: lang.c:222
struct opttxt txt_process_only_unread
Definition: lang.c:2693
constext txt_select_pattern[]
Definition: lang.c:852
constext txt_from_line_only_case[]
Definition: lang.c:314
constext txt_help_group_mark_article_unread[]
Definition: lang.c:455
constext txt_usage_dont_check_new_newsgroups[]
Definition: lang.c:931
constext txt_group_singular[]
Definition: lang.c:326
struct opttxt txt_x_headers
Definition: lang.c:3052
constext txt_help_group_mark_thread_read[]
Definition: lang.c:456
constext txt_usage_check_for_unread_news[]
Definition: lang.c:930
constext txt_no_last_message[]
Definition: lang.c:686
constext txt_help_global_print[]
Definition: lang.c:1169
constext txt_is_tex_encoded[]
Definition: lang.c:564
constext txt_error_gnksa_unk_domain[]
Definition: lang.c:206
constext txt_help_url_select[]
Definition: lang.c:543
constext txt_help_attachment_tag[]
Definition: lang.c:391
constext txt_select_art[]
Definition: lang.c:849
constext txt_error_corrupted_file[]
Definition: lang.c:194
struct opttxt txt_xpost_quote_format
Definition: lang.c:2509
constext txt_followup_newsgroups[]
Definition: lang.c:280
constext txt_index_page_com[]
Definition: lang.c:546
constext txt_x_resp[]
Definition: lang.c:999
constext txt_post_a_followup[]
Definition: lang.c:729
constext txt_quit_edit_postpone[]
Definition: lang.c:763
constext txt_info_x_conversion_note[]
Definition: lang.c:561
constext txt_use_mime[]
Definition: lang.c:928
constext txt_prefix_untagged[]
Definition: lang.c:748
struct opttxt txt_abbreviate_groupname
Definition: lang.c:1881
constext txt_error_followup_poster[]
Definition: lang.c:196
constext txt_feed_pattern[]
Definition: lang.c:279
constext txt_1_resp[]
Definition: lang.c:45
struct opttxt txt_wrap_column
Definition: lang.c:2433
constext txt_help_global_redraw_screen[]
Definition: lang.c:432
constext txt_writing_attributes_file[]
Definition: lang.c:997
constext txt_help_title_attachment_ops[]
Definition: lang.c:532
constext txt_uu_success[]
Definition: lang.c:914
constext txt_warn_sig_too_long[]
Definition: lang.c:991
constext * content_encodings[]
Definition: lang.c:1461
constext txt_error_no_domain_name[]
Definition: lang.c:254
constext txt_exiting[]
Definition: lang.c:271
constext txt_no_group[]
Definition: lang.c:683
constext txt_help_article_skip_quote[]
Definition: lang.c:371
constext txt_quit_despite_tags[]
Definition: lang.c:762
constext txt_help_thread_first_article[]
Definition: lang.c:522
constext txt_help_select_search_group_forwards[]
Definition: lang.c:508
constext txt_help_filter_time[]
Definition: lang.c:336
constext txt_thread_marked_as_deselected[]
Definition: lang.c:892
struct opttxt txt_word_highlight
Definition: lang.c:2416
struct opttxt txt_mime_types_to_save
Definition: lang.c:2972
constext txt_subj_line_only_case[]
Definition: lang.c:817
struct opttxt txt_use_mouse
Definition: lang.c:2121
constext txt_error_gnksa_lparen[]
Definition: lang.c:200
constext txt_help_article_quick_kill[]
Definition: lang.c:362
constext txt_help_article_toggle_rot13[]
Definition: lang.c:375
constext txt_resp_to_poster[]
Definition: lang.c:797
struct opttxt txt_group_format
Definition: lang.c:2835
constext txt_intro_page[]
Definition: lang.c:567
constext txt_error_gnksa_zero[]
Definition: lang.c:208
constext txt_help_url_toggle_info_line[]