tin  2.6.1
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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feed.c File Reference
#include "tin.h"
#include "tcurses.h"
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Data Structures

struct  t_counters


#define handle_EPIPE()   if (got_epipe) goto got_epipe_while_piping


static char * get_save_filename (struct t_group *group, int function, char *filename, int filelen)
static t_bool expand_feed_filename (char *outpath, size_t outpath_len, const char *path)
static t_bool feed_article (int art, int function, struct t_counters *counter, t_bool use_current, const char *data, struct t_group *group)
static t_function get_feed_key (int function, int level, struct t_art_stat *thread)
static t_function get_post_proc_type (void)
static void print_save_summary (t_function type, int fed)
static t_bool print_file (const char *command, int respnum, t_openartinfo *artinfo)
int feed_articles (int function, int level, t_function type, struct t_group *group, int respnum)


static t_bool confirm
static t_bool is_mailbox = 0
static t_bool redraw_screen = 0
static t_bool supersede = 0
static t_function pproc_func
static FILE * pipe_fp = (FILE *) 0
static t_bool got_epipe = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ handle_EPIPE

#define handle_EPIPE ( )    if (got_epipe) goto got_epipe_while_piping

Definition at line 80 of file feed.c.

Function Documentation

◆ expand_feed_filename()

static t_bool expand_feed_filename ( char *  outpath,
size_t  outpath_len,
const char *  path 

◆ feed_article()

◆ feed_articles()

int feed_articles ( int  function,
int  level,
t_function  type,
struct t_group group,
int  respnum 

Definition at line 566 of file feed.c.

References _, art, ART_READ, arts, arts_selected(), t_group::attribute, buf, cCOLS, cCRLF, clear_message(), compile_regex(), confirm, create_path(), curr_group, curr_line, currmenu, t_config::default_mail_address, t_config::default_pattern, t_config::default_pipe_command, t_config::default_repost_group, t_attribute::delete_tmp_files, draw_page(), EndWin(), error_message(), expand_feed_filename(), regex_cache::extra, FALSE, FEED_ARTICLE, feed_article(), FEED_AUTOSAVE, FEED_HOT, FEED_KEY_REPOST, FEED_MAIL, FEED_MARK_READ, FEED_MARK_UNREAD, FEED_PATTERN, FEED_PIPE, FEED_PRINT, FEED_RANGE, FEED_REPOST, FEED_SAVE, FEED_SUPERSEDE, feed_supersede_article_keys, FEED_TAGGED, FEED_THREAD, fmt_string(), for_each_art, for_each_art_in_thread, t_config::force_screen_redraw, free_save_array(), FreeIfNeeded, func, get_feed_key(), get_from_name(), get_post_proc_type(), get_save_filename(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_QUIT, got_epipe, GROUP_LEVEL, group_mark_postprocess(), grpmenu, handle_EPIPE, HIST_MAIL_ADDRESS, HIST_PIPE_COMMAND, HIST_REPOST_GROUP, info_message(), InitWin(), t_article::inrange, t_config::interactive_mailer, INTERACTIVE_NONE, is_mailbox, LEN, mail_check(), mailbox, t_attribute::mark_saved_read, match_regex(), t_article::matched, t_menu::max, t_counters::max, MAXKEYLEN, my_printf, t_group::name, num_of_tagged_arts, num_save, PAGE_LEVEL, PATH_LEN, perror_message(), pipe_fp, PLURAL, POST_PROC_NO, POST_PROC_SHAR, POST_PROC_YES, post_process_files(), t_attribute::post_process_type, POSTPROCESS_NO, POSTPROCESS_SHAR, POSTPROCESS_YES, pproc_func, print_save_summary(), t_config::printer, PrintFuncKey, t_attribute::process_only_unread, prompt_continue(), prompt_slk_response(), prompt_string_default(), prompt_yn(), range_active, Raw(), regex_cache::re, REDIRECT_OUTPUT, t_menu::redraw, redraw_screen, t_article::selected, set_signal_catcher(), set_xclick_off(), sized_message(), snprintf, stat_thread(), t_article::status, strstr(), strwidth(), t_counters::success, supersede, THREAD_LEVEL, thread_mark_postprocess(), tinrc, t_counters::total, TRUE, txt_article_upper, txt_articles_mailed, txt_articles_piped, txt_articles_printed, txt_command_failed, txt_delete_processed_files, txt_external_mail_done, txt_mail_art_to, txt_marked_arts_as_read, txt_marked_arts_as_unread, txt_marked_as_read, txt_marked_as_unread, txt_no_command, txt_no_group, txt_no_mail_address, txt_no_marked_arts, txt_no_next_unread_art, txt_pipe_to_command, txt_repost_group, txt_saved_nothing, txt_supersede_article, txt_supersede_group, txt_thread_upper, untag_all_articles(), wait_message(), which_thread(), and t_config::wildcard.

Referenced by group_page(), show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ get_feed_key()

◆ get_post_proc_type()

◆ get_save_filename()

static char * get_save_filename ( struct t_group group,
int  function,
char *  filename,
int  filelen 

◆ print_file()

◆ print_save_summary()

Variable Documentation

◆ confirm

t_bool confirm

Definition at line 49 of file feed.c.

Referenced by feed_article(), feed_articles(), and mail_loop().

◆ got_epipe

t_bool got_epipe = 0

Definition at line 56 of file feed.c.

Referenced by feed_article(), and feed_articles().

◆ is_mailbox

t_bool is_mailbox = 0

◆ pipe_fp

FILE* pipe_fp = (FILE *) 0

Definition at line 55 of file feed.c.

Referenced by feed_article(), feed_articles(), msg_write_signature(), and pipe_part().

◆ pproc_func

t_function pproc_func

Definition at line 53 of file feed.c.

Referenced by feed_article(), and feed_articles().

◆ redraw_screen

t_bool redraw_screen = 0

Definition at line 51 of file feed.c.

Referenced by cancel_article(), feed_article(), feed_articles(), and post_article().

◆ supersede

t_bool supersede = 0

Definition at line 52 of file feed.c.

Referenced by feed_article(), feed_articles(), and repost_article().