tin  2.6.1
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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active.c File Reference
#include "tin.h"
#include "tcurses.h"
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#define ACTIVE_SEP   " \n"


static FILE * open_newgroups_fp (int idx)
static FILE * open_news_active_fp (void)
static int check_for_any_new_groups (void)
static void active_add (struct t_group *ptr, t_artnum count, t_artnum max, t_artnum min, const char *moderated)
static void append_group_line (char *active_file, char *group_path, t_artnum art_max, t_artnum art_min, char *base_dir)
static void make_group_list (char *active_file, char *base_dir, char *fixed_base, char *group_path)
static void read_active_file (void)
static void read_newsrc_active_file (void)
static void subscribe_new_group (char *group, char *autosubscribe, char *autounsubscribe)
static void do_read_newsrc_active_file (FILE *fp)
t_bool need_reread_active_file (void)
t_bool resync_active_file (void)
t_bool process_bogus (char *name)
t_bool parse_active_line (char *line, t_artnum *max, t_artnum *min, char *moderated)
int read_news_active_file (void)
t_bool match_group_list (const char *group, const char *group_list)
void load_newnews_info (char *info)
int find_newnews_index (const char *cur_newnews_host)
char group_flag (char ch)
void create_save_active_file (void)


t_bool force_reread_active_file = 0
static time_t active_timestamp

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#define ACTIVE_SEP   " \n"

Definition at line 52 of file active.c.

Function Documentation

◆ active_add()

◆ append_group_line()

static void append_group_line ( char *  active_file,
char *  group_path,
t_artnum  art_max,
t_artnum  art_min,
char *  base_dir 

◆ check_for_any_new_groups()

◆ create_save_active_file()

◆ do_read_newsrc_active_file()

◆ find_newnews_index()

int find_newnews_index ( const char *  cur_newnews_host)

◆ group_flag()

char group_flag ( char  ch)

Definition at line 1247 of file active.c.

Referenced by build_gline(), and show_group_title().

◆ load_newnews_info()

◆ make_group_list()

static void make_group_list ( char *  active_file,
char *  base_dir,
char *  fixed_base,
char *  group_path 

◆ match_group_list()

t_bool match_group_list ( const char *  group,
const char *  group_list 

◆ need_reread_active_file()

t_bool need_reread_active_file ( void  )

◆ open_newgroups_fp()

static FILE * open_newgroups_fp ( int  idx)

◆ open_news_active_fp()

static FILE * open_news_active_fp ( void  )

Definition at line 571 of file active.c.

References news_active_file, OK_GROUPS, read_news_via_nntp, and read_saved_news.

Referenced by read_active_file().

◆ parse_active_line()

t_bool parse_active_line ( char *  line,
t_artnum max,
t_artnum min,
char *  moderated 

Definition at line 223 of file active.c.

References ACTIVE_SEP, atoartnum, debug, DEBUG_NNTP, FALSE, t_group::moderated, TRUE, and verbose.

Referenced by read_active_file(), and read_news_active_file().

◆ process_bogus()

◆ read_active_file()

◆ read_news_active_file()

◆ read_newsrc_active_file()

◆ resync_active_file()

◆ subscribe_new_group()

static void subscribe_new_group ( char *  group,
char *  autosubscribe,
char *  autounsubscribe 

Variable Documentation

◆ active_timestamp

time_t active_timestamp

Definition at line 63 of file active.c.

Referenced by need_reread_active_file(), and read_news_active_file().

◆ force_reread_active_file

t_bool force_reread_active_file = 0