tin  2.4.5
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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post.c File Reference
#include "tin.h"
#include "tcurses.h"
#include "version.h"
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Data Structures

struct  msg_header


#define ADD_CAN_KEY(id)
#define MAX_MSG_HEADERS   20 /* shouldn't this be dynamic? */
#define POST_QUICK   0
#define POST_POSTPONED   1
#define POST_NORMAL   2
#define POST_RESPONSE   3
#define POST_REPOST   4
#define CA_ERROR_HEADER_LINE_BLANK   0x0000001
#define CA_ERROR_MISSING_FROM   0x0000004
#define CA_ERROR_DUPLICATED_FROM   0x0000008
#define CA_ERROR_MISSING_SUBJECT   0x0000010
#define CA_ERROR_EMPTY_SUBJECT   0x0000040
#define CA_ERROR_EMPTY_NEWSGROUPS   0x0000200
#define CA_ERROR_BAD_CHARSET   0x0000800
#define CA_ERROR_BAD_ENCODING   0x0001000
#define CA_ERROR_BAD_MESSAGE_ID   0x0002000
#define CA_ERROR_BAD_DATE   0x0004000
#define CA_ERROR_BAD_EXPIRES   0x0008000
#define CA_ERROR_NEWSGROUPS_NOT_7BIT   0x0010000
#define CA_ERROR_FOLLOWUP_TO_NOT_7BIT   0x0020000
#define CA_ERROR_NEWSGROUPS_POSTER   0x0080000
#define CA_ERROR_FOLLOWUP_TO_POSTER   0x0100000
#define CA_ERROR_SPACE_IN_NEWSGROUPS   0x0200000
#define CA_ERROR_SPACE_IN_FOLLOWUP_TO   0x0800000
#define CA_WARNING_LONG_SIGNATURE   0x000020
#define MAXREFSIZE   512
#define FromSameUser   (strcasestr(from_name, arts[respnum].from))
#define NotSuperseding   (!supersede || (!FromSameUser) || art_type != GROUP_TYPE_NEWS)
#define Superseding   (supersede && FromSameUser && art_type == GROUP_TYPE_NEWS)


static FILE * create_mail_headers (char *filename, size_t filename_len, const char *suffix, const char *to, const char *subject, struct t_header *extra_hdrs)
static char ** build_nglist (char *ngs_list, int *ngcnt)
static char ** split_address_list (const char *addresses, unsigned int *cnt)
static int add_mail_quote (FILE *fp, int respnum)
static int append_mail (const char *the_article, const char *addr, const char *the_mailbox)
static int check_article_to_be_posted (const char *the_article, int art_type, struct t_group **group, t_bool art_unchanged, t_bool use_cache)
static int mail_loop (const char *filename, t_function func, char *subject, const char *groupname, const char *prompt, FILE *articlefp)
static int msg_add_x_body (FILE *fp_out, const char *body)
static int msg_write_headers (FILE *fp)
static int post_loop (int type, struct t_group *group, t_function func, const char *posting_msg, int art_type, int offset)
static unsigned int get_recipients (struct t_header *hdr, char *buf, size_t buflen)
static size_t skip_id (const char *id)
static struct t_groupcheck_moderated (const char *groups, int *art_type, const char *failmsg)
static t_bool address_in_list (const char *addresses, const char *address)
static t_bool backup_article (const char *the_article)
static t_bool check_for_spamtrap (const char *addr)
static t_bool create_normal_article_headers (struct t_group *group, const char *newsgroups, int art_type)
static t_bool damaged_id (const char *id)
static t_bool fetch_postponed_article (const char tmp_file[], char subject[], char newsgroups[])
static t_bool insert_from_header (const char *infile)
static t_bool is_crosspost (const char *xref)
static t_bool must_include (const char *id)
static t_bool repair_article (t_function *result, struct t_group *group)
static t_bool stripped_double_ngs (char **newsgroups, int *ngcnt)
static t_bool submit_mail_file (const char *file, struct t_group *group, FILE *articlefp, t_bool include_text)
static t_function prompt_rejected (void)
static t_function prompt_to_send (const char *subject)
static void add_headers (const char *infile, const char *a_message_id)
static void appendid (char **where, const char **what)
static void find_reply_to_addr (char *from_addr, t_bool parse, struct t_header *hdr)
static void join_references (char *buffer, const char *oldrefs, const char *newref)
static void msg_add_header (const char *name, const char *text)
static void msg_add_x_headers (const char *headers)
static void msg_free_headers (void)
static void msg_init_headers (void)
static void post_postponed_article (int ask, const char *subject, const char *newsgroups)
static void postpone_article (const char *the_article)
static void setup_check_article_screen (int *init)
static void show_followup_info (void)
static void strip_double_ngs (char *ngs_list)
static void update_active_after_posting (char *newsgroups)
static void update_posted_info_file (const char *group, int action, const char *subj, const char *a_message_id)
static void show_cancel_info (void)
void init_postinfo (void)
char * backup_article_name (const char *the_article)
t_bool user_posted_messages (void)
void quick_post_article (t_bool postponed_only, int num_cmd_line_groups)
int count_postponed_articles (void)
t_bool pickup_postponed_articles (t_bool ask, t_bool all)
t_bool post_article (const char *groupname)
int post_response (const char *groupname, int respnum, t_bool copy_text, t_bool with_headers, t_bool raw_data)
int mail_to_someone (const char *address, t_bool confirm_to_mail, t_openartinfo *artinfo, const struct t_group *group)
t_bool mail_bug_report (void)
int mail_to_author (const char *group, int respnum, t_bool copy_text, t_bool with_headers, t_bool raw_data)
t_bool cancel_article (struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art, int respnum)
int repost_article (const char *groupname, int respnum, t_bool supersede, t_openartinfo *artinfo)
char * checknadd_headers (const char *infile, struct t_group *group)
t_bool reread_active_after_posting (void)


static int start_line_offset = 1
char bug_addr [1024]
static char my_distribution [1024]
static char reply_to [1024]
static struct msg_header msg_headers [20/*shouldn 't this be dynamic? */]

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ADD_CAN_KEY (   id)

Definition at line 87 of file post.c.


#define ADD_MSG_ID_HEADER ( )

Definition at line 106 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_BAD_CHARSET   0x0000800

Definition at line 766 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_BAD_DATE   0x0004000

Definition at line 769 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_BAD_ENCODING   0x0001000

Definition at line 767 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_BAD_EXPIRES   0x0008000

Definition at line 770 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_BAD_MESSAGE_ID   0x0002000

Definition at line 768 of file post.c.



Definition at line 773 of file post.c.



Definition at line 765 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_DUPLICATED_FROM   0x0000008

Definition at line 758 of file post.c.



Definition at line 763 of file post.c.



Definition at line 760 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_EMPTY_NEWSGROUPS   0x0000200

Definition at line 764 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_EMPTY_SUBJECT   0x0000040

Definition at line 761 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_FOLLOWUP_TO_NOT_7BIT   0x0020000

Definition at line 772 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_FOLLOWUP_TO_POSTER   0x0100000

Definition at line 775 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_HEADER_LINE_BLANK   0x0000001

Definition at line 755 of file post.c.



Definition at line 756 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_MISSING_FROM   0x0000004

Definition at line 757 of file post.c.



Definition at line 762 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_MISSING_SUBJECT   0x0000010

Definition at line 759 of file post.c.



Definition at line 780 of file post.c.



Definition at line 778 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_NEWSGROUPS_NOT_7BIT   0x0010000

Definition at line 771 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_NEWSGROUPS_POSTER   0x0080000

Definition at line 774 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_SPACE_IN_FOLLOWUP_TO   0x0800000

Definition at line 779 of file post.c.


#define CA_ERROR_SPACE_IN_NEWSGROUPS   0x0200000

Definition at line 777 of file post.c.



Definition at line 788 of file post.c.



Definition at line 790 of file post.c.


#define CA_WARNING_LONG_SIGNATURE   0x000020

Definition at line 787 of file post.c.



Definition at line 785 of file post.c.



Definition at line 789 of file post.c.



Definition at line 783 of file post.c.



Definition at line 784 of file post.c.



Definition at line 782 of file post.c.



Definition at line 786 of file post.c.



Definition at line 120 of file post.c.

◆ FromSameUser

#define FromSameUser   (strcasestr(from_name, arts[respnum].from))

Definition at line 4065 of file post.c.


#define MAX_MSG_HEADERS   20 /* shouldn't this be dynamic? */

Definition at line 109 of file post.c.


#define MAXREFSIZE   512

Definition at line 2722 of file post.c.

◆ NotSuperseding

#define NotSuperseding   (!supersede || (!FromSameUser) || art_type != GROUP_TYPE_NEWS)

Definition at line 4067 of file post.c.


#define POST_NORMAL   2

Definition at line 114 of file post.c.


#define POST_POSTPONED   1

Definition at line 113 of file post.c.


#define POST_QUICK   0

Definition at line 112 of file post.c.


#define POST_REPOST   4

Definition at line 116 of file post.c.


#define POST_RESPONSE   3

Definition at line 115 of file post.c.



Definition at line 117 of file post.c.

◆ Superseding

#define Superseding   (supersede && FromSameUser && art_type == GROUP_TYPE_NEWS)

Definition at line 4068 of file post.c.

Function Documentation

◆ add_headers()

static void add_headers ( const char *  infile,
const char *  a_message_id 

◆ add_mail_quote()

static int add_mail_quote ( FILE *  fp,
int  respnum 

Definition at line 3373 of file post.c.

References buf, CURR_GROUP, HEADER_LEN, t_config::mail_quote_format, strfquote(), and tinrc.

Referenced by mail_to_author().

◆ address_in_list()

static t_bool address_in_list ( const char *  addresses,
const char *  address 

Definition at line 5013 of file post.c.

References FALSE, FreeIfNeeded, my_malloc, my_realloc, split_address_list(), strcasecmp(), strip_name(), and TRUE.

Referenced by create_mail_headers().

◆ append_mail()

◆ appendid()

static void appendid ( char **  where,
const char **  what 

Definition at line 2607 of file post.c.

Referenced by join_references().

◆ backup_article()

static t_bool backup_article ( const char *  the_article)

Definition at line 341 of file post.c.

References backup_article_name(), and backup_file().

Referenced by post_loop().

◆ backup_article_name()

char* backup_article_name ( const char *  the_article)

Definition at line 330 of file post.c.

References name, PATH_LEN, and snprintf.

Referenced by backup_article(), and post_loop().

◆ build_nglist()

static char ** build_nglist ( char *  ngs_list,
int *  ngcnt 

Definition at line 5459 of file post.c.

References my_malloc, and ulBuildArgv().

Referenced by check_article_to_be_posted(), and strip_double_ngs().

◆ cancel_article()

t_bool cancel_article ( struct t_group group,
struct t_article art,
int  respnum 

Definition at line 3808 of file post.c.

References _, ADD_CAN_KEY, ADD_MSG_ID_HEADER, art, t_group::attribute, buf, clear_message(), copy_fp(), cPostCancel, debug, DEBUG_MISC, t_header::distrib, error_message(), FALSE, forever, free_and_init_header(), t_header::from, func, func_to_key(), get_from_name(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_QUIT, GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_SAVE, grp_del_mail_art(), openartinfo::hdr, HEADER_LEN, homedir, info_message(), invoke_editor(), joinpath(), LEN, MAXKEYLEN, t_header::messageid, t_group::moderated, msg_add_header(), msg_add_x_headers(), msg_free_headers(), msg_init_headers(), msg_write_headers(), my_distribution, t_group::name, t_header::newsgroups, note_h, t_attribute::organization, parse_rfc822_headers(), PATH_LEN, perror_message(), pgart, POST_CANCEL, post_cancel_keys, post_delete_keys, POST_EDIT, POST_SUPERSEDE, printascii(), process_id, t_attribute::prompt_followupto, prompt_slk_response(), random_organization(), Raw(), openartinfo::raw, RawState(), redraw_screen, repost_article(), S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR, setup_check_article_screen(), show_cancel_info(), signal_context, sized_message(), snprintf, start_line_offset, strcasestr(), strip_double_ngs(), t_header::subj, submit_news_file(), TIN_CANCEL_NAME, TRUE, txt_art_cancel, txt_art_cannot_cancel, txt_article_cancelled, txt_cancel_article, txt_cancelling_art, txt_cannot_open, txt_error_header_line_missing, txt_quit_cancel, t_group::type, unlink, update_posted_info_file(), wait_message(), and t_attribute::x_headers.

Referenced by group_page(), show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ check_article_to_be_posted()

static int check_article_to_be_posted ( const char *  the_article,
int  art_type,
struct t_group **  group,
t_bool  art_unchanged,
t_bool  use_cache 

Definition at line 810 of file post.c.

References _, t_group::aliasedto, t_group::attribute, t_config::beginner_level, BlankIfNull, build_nglist(), CA_ERROR_BAD_CHARSET, CA_ERROR_BAD_DATE, CA_ERROR_BAD_ENCODING, CA_ERROR_BAD_EXPIRES, CA_ERROR_BAD_MESSAGE_ID, CA_ERROR_DISTRIBUTIOIN_NOT_7BIT, CA_ERROR_DUPLICATED_FOLLOWUP_TO, CA_ERROR_DUPLICATED_FROM, CA_ERROR_DUPLICATED_NEWSGROUPS, CA_ERROR_DUPLICATED_SUBJECT, CA_ERROR_EMPTY_NEWSGROUPS, CA_ERROR_EMPTY_SUBJECT, CA_ERROR_FOLLOWUP_TO_NOT_7BIT, CA_ERROR_FOLLOWUP_TO_POSTER, CA_ERROR_HEADER_LINE_BLANK, CA_ERROR_MISSING_BODY_SEPARATOR, CA_ERROR_MISSING_FROM, CA_ERROR_MISSING_NEWSGROUPS, CA_ERROR_MISSING_SUBJECT, CA_ERROR_NEWLINE_IN_FOLLOWUP_TO, CA_ERROR_NEWLINE_IN_NEWSGROUPS, CA_ERROR_NEWSGROUPS_NOT_7BIT, CA_ERROR_NEWSGROUPS_POSTER, CA_ERROR_SPACE_IN_FOLLOWUP_TO, CA_ERROR_SPACE_IN_NEWSGROUPS, CA_WARNING_ENCODING_EXTERNAL_INEWS, CA_WARNING_FOLLOWUP_TO_EXAMPLE, CA_WARNING_LONG_SIGNATURE, CA_WARNING_MULTIPLE_SIGDASHES, CA_WARNING_NEWSGROUPS_EXAMPLE, CA_WARNING_RE_WITHOUT_REFERENCES, CA_WARNING_REFERENCES_WITHOUT_RE, CA_WARNING_SPACES_ONLY_SUBJECT, CA_WARNING_WRONG_SIGDASHES, cCOLS, damaged_id(), t_group::description, EndInverse(), FALSE, FreeIfNeeded, gnksa_check_from(), GNKSA_LOCALPART_MISSING, GNKSA_MISSING_REALNAME, GNKSA_OK, gnksa_split_from(), gnksa_strerror(), group_find(), GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_NEWS, HEADER_LEN, IMF_LINE_LEN, t_config::inews_prog, INTERNAL_CMD, isascii, list_active, MAX_COL, MAX_SIG_LINES, MIME_ENCODING_7BIT, MIME_ENCODING_BASE64, MIME_ENCODING_QP, t_config::mm_charset, t_config::mm_local_charset, my_fflush, my_fprintf, my_malloc, my_strdup(), N_, name, parse_header(), parsedate(), perror_message(), PLURAL, t_attribute::post_mime_encoding, t_config::post_mime_encoding, Raw(), RawState(), rfc1522_encode(), setup_check_article_screen(), SIGDASHES, StartInverse(), strcasecmp(), STRCMPEQ, STRCPY, stripped_double_ngs(), strncasecmp(), tin_fgets(), tinrc, TRUE, txt_art_mailgroups, txt_art_newsgroups, txt_base64, txt_cannot_open, txt_error_approved, txt_error_bad_approved, txt_error_bad_from, txt_error_bad_msgidfqdn, txt_error_bad_replyto, txt_error_bad_to, txt_error_followup_poster, txt_error_header_and_body_not_separate, txt_error_header_duplicate, txt_error_header_format, txt_error_header_line_bad_charset, txt_error_header_line_bad_encoding, txt_error_header_line_blank, txt_error_header_line_colon, txt_error_header_line_comma, txt_error_header_line_empty, txt_error_header_line_groups_contd, txt_error_header_line_missing, txt_error_header_line_not_7bit, txt_error_header_line_space, txt_error_newsgroups_poster, txt_error_sender_in_header_not_allowed, txt_followup_newsgroups, txt_followup_poster, txt_mime_7bit_charsets, txt_newsgroup, txt_quoted_printable, txt_warn_art_line_too_long, txt_warn_article_unchanged, txt_warn_blank_subject, txt_warn_encoding_and_external_inews, txt_warn_example_hierarchy, txt_warn_followup_to_several_groups, txt_warn_grp_renamed, txt_warn_missing_followup_to, txt_warn_multiple_sigs, txt_warn_not_in_newsrc, txt_warn_not_valid_newsgroup, txt_warn_posting_etiquette, txt_warn_re_but_no_references, txt_warn_references_but_no_re, txt_warn_sig_too_long, txt_warn_wrong_sig_format, t_group::type, and unfold_header().

Referenced by post_loop().

◆ check_for_spamtrap()

static t_bool check_for_spamtrap ( const char *  addr)

Definition at line 3744 of file post.c.

References FALSE, my_strdup(), t_config::spamtrap_warning_addresses, strcasestr(), tinrc, and TRUE.

Referenced by mail_to_author().

◆ check_moderated()

◆ checknadd_headers()

◆ count_postponed_articles()

int count_postponed_articles ( void  )

Definition at line 2364 of file post.c.

References t_group::count, HEADER_LEN, and postponed_articles_file.

Referenced by main(), and pickup_postponed_articles().

◆ create_mail_headers()

◆ create_normal_article_headers()

◆ damaged_id()

static t_bool damaged_id ( const char *  id)

Definition at line 2676 of file post.c.

References FALSE, isascii, and TRUE.

Referenced by check_article_to_be_posted(), and join_references().

◆ fetch_postponed_article()

static t_bool fetch_postponed_article ( const char  tmp_file[],
char  subject[],
char  newsgroups[] 

◆ find_reply_to_addr()

static void find_reply_to_addr ( char *  from_addr,
t_bool  parse,
struct t_header hdr 

Definition at line 4660 of file post.c.

References t_header::from, HEADER_LEN, parse_from(), t_header::replyto, and rfc1522_decode().

Referenced by mail_to_author(), and repost_article().

◆ get_recipients()

static unsigned int get_recipients ( struct t_header hdr,
char *  buf,
size_t  buflen 

◆ init_postinfo()

void init_postinfo ( void  )

Definition at line 274 of file post.c.

References my_distribution, my_strncpy(), and reply_to.

Referenced by init_selfinfo().

◆ insert_from_header()

◆ is_crosspost()

static t_bool is_crosspost ( const char *  xref)

Definition at line 2700 of file post.c.

References t_group::count, FALSE, and TRUE.

Referenced by post_response().

◆ join_references()

static void join_references ( char *  buffer,
const char *  oldrefs,
const char *  newref 

Definition at line 2731 of file post.c.

References appendid(), buffer, damaged_id(), MAXREFSIZE, memmove, must_include(), my_malloc, and skip_id().

Referenced by post_response(), and repost_article().

◆ mail_bug_report()

◆ mail_loop()

◆ mail_to_author()

◆ mail_to_someone()

◆ msg_add_header()

static void msg_add_header ( const char *  name,
const char *  text 

◆ msg_add_x_body()

static int msg_add_x_body ( FILE *  fp_out,
const char *  body 

Definition at line 4419 of file post.c.

References CURR_GROUP, FALSE, HEADER_LEN, PATH_LEN, STRCPY, and strfpath().

Referenced by create_normal_article_headers(), and post_response().

◆ msg_add_x_headers()

static void msg_add_x_headers ( const char *  headers)

◆ msg_free_headers()

static void msg_free_headers ( void  )

◆ msg_init_headers()

static void msg_init_headers ( void  )

◆ msg_write_headers()

static int msg_write_headers ( FILE *  fp)

◆ must_include()

static t_bool must_include ( const char *  id)

Definition at line 2634 of file post.c.

References FALSE, and TRUE.

Referenced by join_references().

◆ pickup_postponed_articles()

◆ post_article()

◆ post_loop()

static int post_loop ( int  type,
struct t_group group,
t_function  func,
const char *  posting_msg,
int  art_type,
int  offset 

Definition at line 1754 of file post.c.

References _, add_headers(), t_attribute::add_posted_to_filter, append_file(), append_mail(), t_cmdlineopts::args, article_name, t_group::attribute, backup_article(), backup_article_name(), buf, check_article_to_be_posted(), clear_message(), cmdline, CMDLINE_MAILDIR, config_page(), cPost, curr_group, dead_article, dead_articles, t_config::default_post_newsgroups, t_config::default_post_subject, errno, FALSE, file_mtime(), file_size(), filter_file, forever, free_and_init_header(), func, func_to_key(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_OPTION_MENU, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_QUIT, group_find(), GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_NEWS, HEADER_LEN, invoke_editor(), joinpath(), t_config::keep_dead_articles, LEN, t_cmdlineopts::maildir, t_attribute::maildir, t_config::maildir, MAXKEYLEN, my_strncpy(), t_group::name, t_header::newsgroups, offset, parse_rfc822_headers(), PATH_LEN, perror_message(), POST_EDIT, POST_NORMAL, post_post_keys, POST_POSTPONE, POST_POSTPONED, post_postponed_and_exit, POST_QUICK, POST_REPOST, POST_RESPONSE, POST_SUPERSEDED, t_config::posted_articles_file, POSTED_NONE, POSTED_OK, POSTED_REDRAW, postpone_article(), printascii(), prompt_rejected(), prompt_slk_response(), quick_filter_select_posted_art(), t_header::references, rename_file(), repair_article(), ret_code, signal_context, sized_message(), snprintf, STRCPY, strfpath(), t_header::subj, submit_mail_file(), submit_news_file(), tinrc, t_header::to, TRUE, txt_art_posted, txt_art_rejected, txt_cannot_open, txt_cannot_open_for_saving, txt_quit_edit_post, txt_quit_edit_xpost, t_group::type, unlink, t_config::unlink_article, update_active_after_posting(), update_posted_info_file(), userid, wait_message(), and write_filter_file().

Referenced by post_article(), post_postponed_article(), post_response(), quick_post_article(), and repost_article().

◆ post_postponed_article()

static void post_postponed_article ( int  ask,
const char *  subject,
const char *  newsgroups 

◆ post_response()

int post_response ( const char *  groupname,
int  respnum,
t_bool  copy_text,
t_bool  with_headers,
t_bool  raw_data 

Definition at line 2900 of file post.c.

References _, ADD_MSG_ID_HEADER, article_name, arts, t_group::attribute, buf, buffer, C_HEADER, openartinfo::cooked, openartinfo::cookl, copy_body(), cPostFup, t_header::distrib, eat_re(), eat_tab(), FALSE, lineinfo::flags, t_header::followup, t_attribute::followup_to, t_header::from, func, func_to_key(), get_from_name(), get_initials(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_QUIT, group_find(), GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_NEWS, openartinfo::hdr, HEADER_LEN, is_crosspost(), join_references(), mail_to_author(), t_attribute::mailing_list, MAXKEYLEN, t_header::messageid, msg_add_header(), msg_add_x_body(), msg_add_x_headers(), msg_free_headers(), msg_init_headers(), msg_write_headers(), msg_write_signature(), my_distribution, my_strdup(), t_group::name, t_attribute::news_quote_format, t_config::news_quote_format, t_header::newsgroups, note_h, lineinfo::offset, offset, t_attribute::organization, PAGE_MAIL, perror_message(), pgart, POST_EDIT, POST_IGNORE_FUPTO, post_ignore_fupto_keys, post_loop(), POST_MAIL, post_mail_fup_keys, POST_RESPONSE, POSTED_NONE, printascii(), t_attribute::prompt_followupto, prompt_slk_response(), t_attribute::quote_chars, t_config::quote_chars, random_organization(), openartinfo::raw, t_header::references, reply_to, resize_article(), ret_code, S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR, SEEK_SET, show_followup_info(), signal_context, snprintf, start_line_offset, STRCMPEQ, strfquote(), strip_double_ngs(), t_header::subj, tinrc, toggle_raw(), TRUE, txt_cannot_open, txt_post_a_followup, txt_posting, txt_prompt_fup_ignore, txt_resp_to_poster, wait_message(), t_attribute::x_body, t_attribute::x_comment_to, t_attribute::x_headers, and t_config::xpost_quote_format.

Referenced by show_page().

◆ postpone_article()

static void postpone_article ( const char *  the_article)

◆ prompt_rejected()

◆ prompt_to_send()

static t_function prompt_to_send ( const char *  subject)

◆ quick_post_article()

◆ repair_article()

◆ repost_article()

int repost_article ( const char *  groupname,
int  respnum,
t_bool  supersede,
t_openartinfo artinfo 

Definition at line 4078 of file post.c.

References _, ADD_CAN_KEY, ADD_MSG_ID_HEADER, article_name, t_group::attribute, buf, C_HEADER, check_moderated(), openartinfo::cooked, openartinfo::cookl, copy_fp(), default_organization, t_header::distrib, error_message(), FALSE, find_reply_to_addr(), lineinfo::flags, t_header::followup, t_header::from, FromSameUser, func, func_to_key(), get_from_name(), get_user_info(), GLOBAL_OPTION_MENU, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_QUIT, GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_NEWS, openartinfo::hdr, HEADER_LEN, join_references(), t_header::keywords, LEN, t_attribute::mailing_list, MAXKEYLEN, t_header::messageid, msg_add_header(), msg_add_x_headers(), msg_free_headers(), msg_init_headers(), msg_write_headers(), msg_write_signature(), my_distribution, t_header::newsgroups, note_h, NotSuperseding, lineinfo::offset, t_header::org, t_attribute::organization, perror_message(), POST_EDIT, post_loop(), post_post_keys, POST_POSTPONE, POST_REPOST, POST_SUPERSEDED, POSTED_NONE, printascii(), prompt_slk_response(), random_organization(), t_header::references, reply_to, resize_article(), ret_code, S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR, SEEK_SET, t_attribute::signature_repost, sized_message(), snprintf, start_line_offset, strip_double_ngs(), strwidth(), t_header::subj, t_header::summary, supersede, Superseding, TRUE, txt_art_not_posted, txt_article_reposted, txt_cannot_open, txt_quit_edit_xpost, txt_repost_an_article, txt_superseding_art, and t_attribute::x_headers.

Referenced by cancel_article(), and feed_article().

◆ reread_active_after_posting()

◆ setup_check_article_screen()

static void setup_check_article_screen ( int *  init)

◆ show_cancel_info()

static void show_cancel_info ( void  )

◆ show_followup_info()

static void show_followup_info ( void  )

◆ skip_id()

static size_t skip_id ( const char *  id)

Definition at line 2654 of file post.c.

Referenced by join_references().

◆ split_address_list()

static char ** split_address_list ( const char *  addresses,
unsigned int *  cnt 

Definition at line 4867 of file post.c.

References end, my_malloc, and my_realloc.

Referenced by address_in_list(), and get_recipients().

◆ strip_double_ngs()

static void strip_double_ngs ( char *  ngs_list)

◆ stripped_double_ngs()

static t_bool stripped_double_ngs ( char **  newsgroups,
int *  ngcnt 

Definition at line 5489 of file post.c.

References FALSE, strcasecmp(), and TRUE.

Referenced by check_article_to_be_posted(), and strip_double_ngs().

◆ submit_mail_file()

◆ update_active_after_posting()

static void update_active_after_posting ( char *  newsgroups)

◆ update_posted_info_file()

static void update_posted_info_file ( const char *  group,
int  action,
const char *  subj,
const char *  a_message_id 

◆ user_posted_messages()

Variable Documentation

◆ bug_addr

char bug_addr[1024]

◆ msg_headers

struct msg_header msg_headers[ 20 /* shouldn't this be dynamic? */ ]

◆ my_distribution

char my_distribution[1024]

◆ reply_to

char reply_to[1024]

◆ start_line_offset