tin  2.4.4
About: TIN is a threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader.
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proto.h File Reference
#include "keymap.h"
#include "options_menu.h"
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#define strerror(n)   my_strerror(n)
#define strrstr(s, p)   my_strrstr(s,p)


char group_flag (char ch)
int find_newnews_index (const char *cur_newnews_host)
int read_news_active_file (void)
t_bool match_group_list (const char *group, const char *group_list)
t_bool parse_active_line (char *line, t_artnum *max, t_artnum *min, char *moderated)
t_bool process_bogus (char *name)
t_bool need_reread_active_file (void)
t_bool resync_active_file (void)
void create_save_active_file (void)
void load_newnews_info (char *info)
int find_artnum (t_artnum art)
int global_get_multipart_info (int aindex, MultiPartInfo *setme)
t_bool index_group (struct t_group *group)
void do_update (t_bool catchup)
void find_base (struct t_group *group)
void make_threads (struct t_group *group, t_bool rethread)
void set_article (struct t_article *art)
void show_art_msg (const char *group)
void sort_arts (unsigned sort_art_type)
int add_scope (const char *scope)
void assign_attributes_to_groups (void)
void build_news_headers_array (struct t_attribute *scope, t_bool header_to_display)
void read_attributes_file (t_bool global_file)
void write_attributes_file (const char *file)
char * convert_to_printable (char *buf, t_bool keep_tab)
t_bool is_art_tex_encoded (FILE *fp)
void convert_iso2asc (char *iso, char **asc_buffer, size_t *max_line_len, int t)
void convert_tex2iso (char *from, char *to)
void draw_pager_line (const char *str, int flags, t_bool raw_data)
char ** ulBuildArgv (char *cmd, int *new_argc)
char * quote_space_to_dash (char *str)
const char * print_boolean (t_bool value)
t_bool match_boolean (char *line, const char *pat, t_bool *dst)
t_bool match_integer (char *line, const char *pat, int *dst, int maxval)
t_bool match_list (char *line, constext *pat, constext *const *table, int *dst)
t_bool match_long (char *line, const char *pat, long *dst)
t_bool match_string (char *line, const char *pat, char *dst, size_t dstlen)
t_bool read_config_file (char *file, t_bool global_file)
void quote_dash_to_space (char *str)
void read_server_config (void)
void write_config_file (char *file)
const char * get_filename (t_param *ptr)
t_bool cook_article (t_bool wrap_lines, t_openartinfo *artinfo, int hide_uue, t_bool show_all_headers)
t_bool expand_ctrl_chars (char **line, size_t *length, size_t lcook_width)
int InitScreen (void)
int RawState (void)
int ReadCh (void)
int get_arrow_key (int prech)
int get_termcaps (void)
void EndInverse (void)
void EndWin (void)
void InitWin (void)
void Raw (int state)
void StartInverse (void)
void cursoroff (void)
void cursoron (void)
void highlight_string (int row, int col, int size)
void set_keypad_off (void)
void set_keypad_on (void)
void set_xclick_off (void)
void set_xclick_on (void)
void setup_screen (void)
void word_highlight_string (int row, int col, int size, int color)
void ClearScreen (void)
void CleartoEOLN (void)
void CleartoEOS (void)
void MoveCursor (int row, int col)
void ScrollScreen (int lines_to_scroll)
void SetScrollRegion (int topline, int bottomline)
void envargs (int *Pargc, char ***Pargv, const char *envstr)
int feed_articles (int function, int level, t_function type, struct t_group *group, int respnum)
t_bool filter_articles (struct t_group *group)
t_bool filter_menu (t_function type, struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art)
t_bool filter_on_path (struct t_group *group)
t_bool quick_filter (t_function type, struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art)
t_bool quick_filter_select_posted_art (struct t_group *group, const char *subj, const char *a_message_id)
t_bool read_filter_file (const char *file)
void free_filter_array (struct t_filters *ptr)
void unfilter_articles (struct t_group *group)
void write_filter_file (const char *filename)
char * tin_getline (const char *prompt, int number_only, const char *str, int max_chars, t_bool passwd, int which_hist)
void gl_redraw (void)
void bug_report (void)
void move_up (void)
void move_down (void)
void page_up (void)
void page_down (void)
void top_of_list (void)
void end_of_list (void)
void move_to_item (int n)
void prompt_item_num (int ch, const char *prompt)
void scroll_down (void)
void scroll_up (void)
void set_first_screen_item (void)
int group_page (struct t_group *group)
t_bool group_mark_postprocess (int function, t_function feed_type, int respnum)
void clear_note_area (void)
void mark_screen (int screen_row, int screen_col, const char *value)
void pos_first_unread_thread (void)
void show_group_page (void)
char * hash_str (const char *s)
void hash_init (void)
void hash_reclaim (void)
void show_help_page (const int level, const char *title)
void show_mini_help (int level)
void toggle_mini_help (int level)
const char * get_domain_name (void)
const char * get_fqdn (const char *host)
const char * get_host_name (void)
char * build_sender (void)
int heapsort (void *, size_t, size_t, t_compfunc)
t_bool submit_news_file (char *name, struct t_group *group, char *a_message_id)
void get_from_name (char *from_name, struct t_group *thisgrp)
void get_user_info (char *user_name, char *full_name)
void init_selfinfo (void)
void postinit_regexp (void)
void joinpath (char *result, size_t result_size, const char *dir, const char *file)
t_bool read_keymap_file (void)
void free_keymaps (void)
void setup_default_keys (void)
const char * tin_nl_langinfo (nl_item item)
char * random_organization (char *in_org)
int find_group_index (const char *group, t_bool ignore_case)
struct t_groupgroup_add (const char *group)
struct t_groupgroup_find (const char *group_name, t_bool ignore_case)
unsigned long hash_groupname (const char *group)
void group_rehash (t_bool yanked_out)
void init_group_hash (void)
int fd_lock (int fd, t_bool block)
int fd_unlock (int fd)
t_bool dot_lock (const char *filename)
t_bool dot_unlock (const char *filename)
t_bool art_edit (struct t_group *group, struct t_article *article)
void find_art_max_min (const char *group_path, t_artnum *art_max, t_artnum *art_min)
void print_active_head (const char *active_file)
void print_group_line (FILE *fp, const char *group_name, t_artnum art_max, t_artnum art_min, const char *base_dir)
void read_descriptions (t_bool verb)
void grp_del_mail_arts (struct t_group *group)
void grp_del_mail_art (struct t_article *article)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
int read_cmd_line_groups (void)
void giveup (void)
void expand_active (void)
void expand_art (void)
void expand_base (void)
void expand_newnews (void)
void expand_save (void)
void expand_scope (void)
void init_alloc (void)
void free_all_arrays (void)
void free_art_array (void)
void free_save_array (void)
void free_scope (int num)
void * my_malloc1 (const char *file, int line, size_t size)
void * my_calloc1 (const char *file, int line, size_t nmemb, size_t size)
void * my_realloc1 (const char *file, int line, void *p, size_t size)
void init_screen_array (t_bool allocate)
void lookup_mimetype (const char *ext, t_part *part)
t_bool lookup_extension (char *extension, size_t ext_len, const char *major, const char *minor)
char * buffer_to_ascii (char *c)
char * escape_shell_meta (const char *source, int quote_area)
char * get_tmpfilename (const char *filename)
char * idna_decode (char *in)
char * quote_wild (char *str)
char * quote_wild_whitespace (char *str)
char * strip_line (char *line)
const char * eat_re (char *s, t_bool eat_was)
const char * get_val (const char *env, const char *def)
const char * gnksa_strerror (int errcode)
int gnksa_check_from (char *from)
int gnksa_split_from (const char *from, char *address, char *realname, int *addrtype)
int get_initials (struct t_article *art, char *s, int maxsize)
int gnksa_do_check_from (const char *from, char *address, char *realname)
int my_mkdir (char *path, mode_t mode)
int parse_from (const char *from, char *address, char *realname)
int strfmailer (const char *mail_prog, char *subject, char *to, const char *filename, char *dest, size_t maxsize, const char *format)
int strfpath (const char *format, char *str, size_t maxsize, struct t_group *group, t_bool expand_all)
int strfquote (const char *group, int respnum, char *s, size_t maxsize, char *format)
int tin_version_info (FILE *fp)
int tin_gettime (struct t_tintime *tt)
long file_mtime (const char *file)
long file_size (const char *file)
t_bool backup_file (const char *filename, const char *backupname)
t_bool copy_fp (FILE *fp_ip, FILE *fp_op)
t_bool invoke_cmd (const char *nam)
t_bool invoke_editor (const char *filename, int lineno, struct t_group *group)
t_bool mail_check (const char *mailbox_name)
void append_file (char *old_filename, char *new_filename)
void asfail (const char *file, int line, const char *cond)
void base_name (const char *fullpath, char *file)
void cleanup_tmp_files (void)
void copy_body (FILE *fp_ip, FILE *fp_op, char *prefix, char *initl, t_bool raw_data)
void create_index_lock_file (char *the_lock_file)
void dir_name (const char *fullpath, char *dir)
void draw_mark_selected (int i)
void draw_percent_mark (long cur_num, long max_num)
void get_author (t_bool thread, struct t_article *art, char *str, size_t len)
void get_cwd (char *buf)
void make_base_group_path (const char *base_dir, const char *group_name, char *group_path, size_t group_path_len)
void make_group_path (const char *name, char *path)
void process_charsets (char **line, size_t *max_line_len, const char *network_charset, const char *local_charset, t_bool conv_tex2iso)
void read_input_history_file (void)
void rename_file (const char *old_filename, const char *new_filename)
void show_inverse_video_status (void)
void strip_name (const char *from, char *address)
void tin_done (int ret, const char *fmt,...)
void toggle_inverse_video (void)
int my_isprint (int c)
void shell_escape (void)
void do_shell_escape (void)
int group_get_art_info (char *tin_spooldir, char *groupname, int grouptype, t_artnum *art_count, t_artnum *art_max, t_artnum *art_min)
signed long int read_newsrc (char *newsrc_file, t_bool allgroups)
signed long int write_newsrc (void)
t_bool pos_group_in_newsrc (struct t_group *group, int pos)
void art_mark (struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art, int flag)
void backup_newsrc (void)
void catchup_newsrc_file (void)
void delete_group (char *group)
void expand_bitmap (struct t_group *group, t_artnum min)
void grp_mark_read (struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art)
void grp_mark_unread (struct t_group *group)
void parse_unread_arts (struct t_group *group, t_artnum min)
void reset_newsrc (void)
void subscribe (struct t_group *group, int sub_state, t_bool get_info)
void thd_mark_read (struct t_group *group, long thread)
void thd_mark_unread (struct t_group *group, long thread)
void set_default_bitmap (struct t_group *group)
FILE * get_nntp_fp (FILE *fp)
char * getserverbyfile (const char *file)
int nntp_open (void)
void nntp_close (t_bool send_no_quit)
t_bool get_newsrcname (char *newsrc_name, size_t newsrc_name_len, const char *nntpserver_name)
char * fmt_option_prompt (char *dst, size_t len, t_bool editing, enum option_enum option)
void config_page (const char *grpname, enum context level)
int option_row (enum option_enum option)
t_bool option_is_visible (enum option_enum option)
void check_score_defaults (void)
void refresh_config_page (enum option_enum act_option)
void show_menu_help (const char *help_message)
int show_page (struct t_group *group, int start_respnum, int *threadnum)
void display_info_page (int part)
void draw_page (const char *group, int part)
void info_pager (FILE *info_fh, const char *title, t_bool wrap_at_ends)
void resize_article (t_bool wrap_lines, t_openartinfo *artinfo)
void toggle_raw (struct t_group *group)
time_t parsedate (char *p, TIMEINFO *now)
int plp_snprintf (char *, size_t, const char *,...)
int plp_vsnprintf (char *, size_t, const char *, va_list)
char * backup_article_name (const char *the_article)
char * checknadd_headers (const char *infile, struct t_group *group)
int count_postponed_articles (void)
int mail_to_author (const char *group, int respnum, t_bool copy_text, t_bool with_headers, t_bool raw_data)
int mail_to_someone (const char *address, t_bool confirm_to_mail, t_openartinfo *artinfo, const struct t_group *group)
int post_response (const char *groupname, int respnum, t_bool copy_text, t_bool with_headers, t_bool raw_data)
int repost_article (const char *groupname, int respnum, t_bool supersede, t_openartinfo *artinfo)
t_bool cancel_article (struct t_group *group, struct t_article *art, int respnum)
t_bool mail_bug_report (void)
t_bool pickup_postponed_articles (t_bool ask, t_bool all)
t_bool post_article (const char *groupname)
t_bool reread_active_after_posting (void)
t_bool user_posted_messages (void)
void init_postinfo (void)
void quick_post_article (t_bool postponed_only, int num_cmd_line_groups)
char * prompt_string_default (const char *prompt, char *def, const char *failtext, int history)
char * sized_message (char **result, const char *format, const char *subject)
int prompt_num (int ch, const char *prompt)
int prompt_yn (const char *prompt, t_bool default_answer)
int prompt_msgid (void)
t_bool prompt_default_string (const char *prompt, char *buf, int buf_len, char *default_prompt, int which_hist)
t_bool prompt_menu_string (int line, const char *prompt, char *var)
t_bool prompt_option_char (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_list (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_num (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_on_off (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_option_string (enum option_enum option)
t_bool prompt_string (const char *prompt, char *buf, int which_hist)
void prompt_continue (void)
void prompt_slk_redraw (void)
void prompt_yn_redraw (void)
char * tin_fgets (FILE *fp, t_bool header)
char * get_references (struct t_msgid *refptr)
struct t_msgidfind_msgid (const char *msgid)
void build_references (struct t_group *group)
void clear_art_ptrs (void)
void collate_subjects (void)
void free_msgids (void)
void thread_by_reference (void)
t_bool compile_regex (const char *regex, struct regex_cache *cache, int options)
t_bool match_regex (const char *string, char *pattern, struct regex_cache *cache, t_bool icase)
void highlight_regexes (int row, struct regex_cache *regex, int color)
t_mailcapget_mailcap_entry (t_part *part, const char *path)
void free_mailcap (t_mailcap *tmailcap)
int read_decoded_base64_line (FILE *file, char **line, size_t *max_line_len, const int max_lines_to_read, char **rest)
int read_decoded_qp_line (FILE *file, char **line, size_t *max_line_len, const int max_lines_to_read)
void rfc1521_encode (char *line, FILE *f, int e)
FILE * open_art_fp (struct t_group *group, t_artnum art)
const char * get_param (t_param *list, const char *name)
char * parse_header (char *buf, const char *pat, t_bool decode, t_bool structured, t_bool keep_tab)
int art_open (t_bool wrap_lines, struct t_article *art, struct t_group *group, t_openartinfo *artinfo, t_bool show_progress_meter, const char *pmesg)
int content_type (char *type)
int parse_rfc822_headers (struct t_header *hdr, FILE *from, FILE *to)
t_paramnew_params (void)
t_partnew_part (t_part *part)
void art_close (t_openartinfo *artinfo)
void free_and_init_header (struct t_header *hdr)
void free_list (t_param *list)
void free_parts (t_part *ptr)
void unfold_header (char *line)
char * rfc1522_decode (const char *s)
char * rfc1522_encode (char *s, const char *charset, t_bool ismail)
int mmdecode (const char *what, int encoding, int delimiter, char *where)
void rfc15211522_encode (const char *filename, constext *mime_encoding, struct t_group *group, t_bool allow_8bit_header, t_bool ismail)
void compose_mail_mime_forwarded (const char *filename, FILE *articlefp, t_bool include_text, struct t_group *group)
void compose_mail_text_plain (const char *filename, struct t_group *group)
int check_start_save_any_news (int function, t_bool catchup)
t_bool create_path (const char *path)
t_bool post_process_files (t_function proc_type_func, t_bool auto_delete)
t_bool save_and_process_art (t_openartinfo *artinfo, struct t_article *artptr, t_bool is_mailbox, const char *inpath, int max, t_bool post_process)
t_partget_part (int n)
t_urlfind_url (int n)
void attachment_page (t_openartinfo *art)
void decode_save_mime (t_openartinfo *art, t_bool postproc)
void print_art_separator_line (FILE *fp, t_bool is_mailbox)
char * fmt_message (const char *fmt, va_list ap)
void center_line (int line, t_bool inverse, const char *str)
void clear_message (void)
void draw_arrow_mark (int line)
void erase_arrow (void)
void error_message (unsigned int sdelay, const char *fmt,...)
void info_message (const char *fmt,...)
void perror_message (const char *fmt,...)
void ring_bell (void)
void show_progress (const char *txt, t_artnum count, t_artnum total)
void show_title (const char *title)
void spin_cursor (void)
void stow_cursor (void)
void wait_message (unsigned int sdelay, const char *fmt,...)
enum option_enum search_config (t_bool forward, t_bool repeat, enum option_enum current, enum option_enum last)
int get_search_vectors (int *start, int *end)
int search (t_function func, int current_art, t_bool repeat)
int search_active (t_bool forward, t_bool repeat)
int search_article (t_bool forward, t_bool repeat, int start_line, int lines, t_lineinfo *line, int reveal_ctrl_l_lines, FILE *fp)
int search_body (struct t_group *group, int current_art, t_bool repeat)
int generic_search (t_bool forward, t_bool repeat, int current, int last, int level)
void reset_srch_offsets (void)
int add_my_group (const char *group, t_bool add, t_bool ignore_case)
int choose_new_group (void)
int skip_newgroups (void)
void selection_page (int start_groupnum, int num_cmd_line_groups)
void show_selection_page (void)
void toggle_my_groups (const char *group)
void msg_write_signature (FILE *fp, t_bool include_dot_signature, struct t_group *thisgroup)
t_bool set_win_size (int *num_lines, int *num_cols)
void allow_resize (t_bool allow)
void handle_resize (t_bool repaint)
void set_noteslines (int num_lines)
void set_signal_catcher (int flag)
void set_signal_handlers (void)
size_t my_strftime (char *s, size_t maxsize, const char *format, struct tm *timeptr)
char * eat_tab (char *s)
char * fmt_string (const char *fmt,...)
char * my_strdup (const char *str)
char * str_trim (char *string)
char * strunc (const char *message, int len)
char * tin_ltoa (t_artnum value, int digits)
char * tin_strtok (char *str, const char *delim)
int sh_format (char *dst, size_t len, const char *fmt,...)
int strwidth (const char *str)
size_t mystrcat (char **t, const char *s)
void my_strncpy (char *p, const char *q, size_t n)
void parse_format_string (const char *fmtstr, struct t_fmt *fmt)
void str_lwr (char *str)
int my_tolower (int)
int my_toupper (int)
char * strcasestr (const char *haystack, const char *needle)
char * strsep (char **stringp, const char *delim)
char * strpbrk (const char *str1, const char *str2)
char * strstr (const char *text, const char *pattern)
int strcasecmp (const char *p, const char *q)
int strncasecmp (const char *p, const char *q, size_t n)
int atoi (const char *s)
long atol (const char *s)
long strtol (const char *str, char **ptr, int use_base)
char * my_strerror (int n)
char * my_strrstr (const char *str, const char *pat)
char * abbr_groupname (const char *grpname, size_t len)
char * expand_tab (char *str, size_t tab_width)
int line_is_tagged (int n)
int tag_multipart (int base_index)
t_bool arts_selected (void)
t_bool set_range (int level, int min, int max, int curr)
t_bool tag_article (int art)
t_bool untag_all_articles (void)
void do_auto_select_arts (void)
void undo_auto_select_arts (void)
void undo_selections (void)
void untag_article (long art)
FILE * tmpfile (void)
int my_tmpfile (char *filename, size_t name_size, const char *base_dir)
int find_response (int i, int n)
int get_score_of_thread (int n)
int new_responses (int thread)
int next_response (int n)
int next_thread (int n)
int next_unread (int n)
int num_of_responses (int n)
int prev_response (int n)
int prev_unread (int n)
int stat_thread (int n, struct t_art_stat *sbuf)
int which_response (int n)
int which_thread (int n)
int thread_page (struct t_group *group, int respnum, int thread_depth, t_pagerinfo *page)
t_bool thread_mark_postprocess (int function, t_function feed_type, int respnum)
void fixup_thread (int respnum, t_bool redraw)
struct t_versioncheck_upgrade (char *line, const char *skip, const char *version)
void upgrade_prompt_quit (struct t_version *upgrade, const char *file)
t_bool wildmat (const char *text, char *p, t_bool icase)
t_bool wildmatpos (const char *text, char *p, t_bool icase, int *srch_offsets, int srch_offsets_size)
t_bool overview_xref_support (void)
void NSETRNG0 (t_bitmap *bitmap, t_artnum low, t_artnum high)
void NSETRNG1 (t_bitmap *bitmap, t_artnum low, t_artnum high)
void art_mark_xref_read (struct t_article *art)


RETSIGTYPE(*)(SIG_ARGS) sigdisp (int signum, RETSIGTYPE(*func)(SIG_ARGS))

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ strerror

#define strerror (   n)    my_strerror(n)

Definition at line 690 of file proto.h.

◆ strrstr

#define strrstr (   s,
)    my_strrstr(s,p)

Definition at line 694 of file proto.h.

Function Documentation

◆ abbr_groupname()

char* abbr_groupname ( const char *  grpname,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 990 of file string.c.

References my_realloc, my_strdup(), and strunc().

Referenced by build_gline(), and draw_page_header().

◆ add_my_group()

int add_my_group ( const char *  group,
t_bool  add,
t_bool  ignore_case 

Definition at line 1040 of file select.c.

References find_group_index(), t_menu::max, my_group, and selmenu.

◆ add_scope()

◆ allow_resize()

void allow_resize ( t_bool  allow)

Definition at line 203 of file signal.c.

References signal_handler().

Referenced by ReadCh().

◆ append_file()

void append_file ( char *  old_filename,
char *  new_filename 

Definition at line 120 of file misc.c.

References _, copy_fp(), perror_message(), and txt_cannot_open.

Referenced by post_loop().

◆ art_close()

void art_close ( t_openartinfo artinfo)

◆ art_edit()

◆ art_mark()

◆ art_mark_xref_read()

◆ art_open()

◆ arts_selected()

t_bool arts_selected ( void  )

Definition at line 589 of file tags.c.

References arts, FALSE, for_each_art, and TRUE.

Referenced by feed_articles(), and get_feed_key().

◆ asfail()

void asfail ( const char *  file,
int  line,
const char *  cond 

Definition at line 142 of file misc.c.

References giveup(), my_fflush, my_fprintf, process_id, sigdisp, tin_progname, and txt_error_asfail.

◆ assign_attributes_to_groups()

◆ atoi()

◆ atol()

long atol ( const char *  s)

Definition at line 385 of file string.c.

Referenced by check_for_any_new_groups(), load_newnews_info(), and match_long().

◆ attachment_page()

void attachment_page ( t_openartinfo art)

Definition at line 1592 of file save.c.

References _, art, attachment_keys, attachment_left(), ATTACHMENT_LEVEL, ATTACHMENT_PIPE, attachment_right(), ATTACHMENT_SAVE, ATTACHMENT_SELECT, ATTACHMENT_TAG, ATTACHMENT_TAG_PATTERN, ATTACHMENT_TOGGLE_TAGGED, ATTACHMENT_UNTAG, attmenu, bool_not, bug_report(), build_part_list(), clear_note_area(), t_menu::curr, currmenu, DIGIT_1, DIGIT_2, DIGIT_3, DIGIT_4, DIGIT_5, DIGIT_6, DIGIT_7, DIGIT_8, DIGIT_9, do_shell_escape(), end_of_list(), t_menu::first, forever, free_part_list(), func_to_key(), generic_search(), get_part(), GLOBAL_BUGREPORT, GLOBAL_FIRST_PAGE, GLOBAL_HELP, GLOBAL_LAST_PAGE, GLOBAL_LINE_DOWN, GLOBAL_LINE_UP, GLOBAL_PAGE_DOWN, GLOBAL_PAGE_UP, GLOBAL_PIPE, GLOBAL_QUIT, GLOBAL_REDRAW_SCREEN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_DOWN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_UP, GLOBAL_SEARCH_REPEAT, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_BACKWARD, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_FORWARD, GLOBAL_SHELL_ESCAPE, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_HELP_DISPLAY, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_INFO_LAST_LINE, handle_keypad(), t_config::info_in_last_line, info_message(), last_search, t_menu::max, MAXKEYLEN, move_down(), move_to_item(), move_up(), my_retouch, num_of_tagged_parts, page_down(), page_up(), part_list, PIPE, PIPE_RAW, printascii(), process_parts(), prompt_item_num(), SAVE, SAVE_TAGGED, scroll_down(), scroll_up(), set_xclick_off(), show_attachment_page(), show_help_page(), tag_part(), tag_pattern(), tinrc, toggle_mini_help(), top_of_list(), txt_attachment_menu_com, txt_attachment_select, txt_attachment_tagged, txt_attachment_untagged, txt_attachments_tagged, txt_bad_command, txt_no_prev_search, untag_all_parts(), and VIEW.

Referenced by show_page().

◆ backup_article_name()

char* backup_article_name ( const char *  the_article)

Definition at line 330 of file post.c.

References name, PATH_LEN, and snprintf.

Referenced by backup_article(), and post_loop().

◆ backup_file()

t_bool backup_file ( const char *  filename,
const char *  backupname 

◆ backup_newsrc()

◆ base_name()

void base_name ( const char *  fullpath,
char *  file 

Definition at line 868 of file misc.c.

References DIRSEP.

Referenced by dir_name(), expand_save_filename(), main(), and post_process_uud().

◆ buffer_to_ascii()

char* buffer_to_ascii ( char *  c)

Definition at line 2610 of file misc.c.

Referenced by parse_header(), parse_headers(), process_charsets(), and read_overview().

◆ bug_report()

void bug_report ( void  )

◆ build_news_headers_array()

void build_news_headers_array ( struct t_attribute scope,
t_bool  header_to_display 

Definition at line 1145 of file attrib.c.

References FreeIfNeeded, my_malloc, t_scope::scope, and ulBuildArgv().

Referenced by config_page(), read_attributes_file(), reset_state(), and set_attrib().

◆ build_references()

◆ build_sender()

char* build_sender ( void  )

Definition at line 333 of file header.c.

References get_fqdn(), get_full_name(), get_host_name(), get_user_name(), snprintf, and strpbrk().

◆ cancel_article()

t_bool cancel_article ( struct t_group group,
struct t_article art,
int  respnum 

Definition at line 3770 of file post.c.

References _, ADD_CAN_KEY, ADD_MSG_ID_HEADER, art, t_group::attribute, buf, clear_message(), copy_fp(), cPostCancel, debug, DEBUG_MISC, t_header::distrib, error_message(), FALSE, forever, free_and_init_header(), t_header::from, func_to_key(), get_from_name(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_QUIT, GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_SAVE, grp_del_mail_art(), openartinfo::hdr, HEADER_LEN, homedir, info_message(), invoke_editor(), joinpath(), LEN, MAXKEYLEN, t_header::messageid, t_group::moderated, msg_add_header(), msg_add_x_headers(), msg_free_headers(), msg_init_headers(), msg_write_headers(), my_distribution, t_group::name, t_header::newsgroups, note_h, t_attribute::organization, parse_rfc822_headers(), PATH_LEN, perror_message(), pgart, POST_CANCEL, post_cancel_keys, post_delete_keys, POST_EDIT, POST_SUPERSEDE, printascii(), process_id, t_attribute::prompt_followupto, prompt_slk_response(), random_organization(), Raw(), openartinfo::raw, RawState(), redraw_screen, repost_article(), S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR, setup_check_article_screen(), show_cancel_info(), signal_context, sized_message(), snprintf, start_line_offset, strcasestr(), strip_double_ngs(), t_header::subj, submit_news_file(), TIN_CANCEL_NAME, TRUE, txt_art_cancel, txt_art_cannot_cancel, txt_article_cancelled, txt_cancel_article, txt_cancelling_art, txt_cannot_open, txt_error_header_line_missing, txt_quit_cancel, t_group::type, unlink, update_posted_info_file(), wait_message(), and t_attribute::x_headers.

Referenced by group_page(), show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ catchup_newsrc_file()

◆ center_line()

◆ check_score_defaults()

void check_score_defaults ( void  )

◆ check_start_save_any_news()

◆ check_upgrade()

struct t_version* check_upgrade ( char *  line,
const char *  skip,
const char *  version 

◆ checknadd_headers()

◆ choose_new_group()

◆ cleanup_tmp_files()

void cleanup_tmp_files ( void  )

Definition at line 2105 of file misc.c.

References batch_mode, lock_file, and unlink.

Referenced by signal_handler(), and tin_done().

◆ clear_art_ptrs()

void clear_art_ptrs ( void  )

Definition at line 683 of file refs.c.

References ART_UNAVAILABLE, t_msgid::article, MSGID_HASH_SIZE, msgids, and t_msgid::next.

Referenced by make_threads().

◆ clear_message()

◆ clear_note_area()

void clear_note_area ( void  )

◆ ClearScreen()

◆ CleartoEOLN()

◆ CleartoEOS()

void CleartoEOS ( void  )

◆ collate_subjects()

void collate_subjects ( void  )

◆ compile_regex()

◆ compose_mail_mime_forwarded()

◆ compose_mail_text_plain()

void compose_mail_text_plain ( const char *  filename,
struct t_group group 

◆ config_page()

void config_page ( const char *  grpname,
enum context  level 

Definition at line 921 of file options_menu.c.

References _, add_scope(), arts, assign_attributes_to_groups(), ATTRIB_LEVEL, t_scope::attribute, t_group::attribute, buf, bug_report(), build_news_headers_array(), center_line(), check_score_defaults(), check_state(), clear_note_area(), cLINES, compile_regex(), CONFIG_LEVEL, CONFIG_NO_SAVE, CONFIG_RESET_ATTRIB, CONFIG_SCOPE_MENU, CONFIG_SELECT, CONFIG_TOGGLE_ATTRIB, cPage, CURR_GROUP, curr_group, curr_scope, cvers, t_config::date_format, DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT, DEFAULT_EXTQUOTE_REGEX, DEFAULT_GROUP_FORMAT, DEFAULT_SELECT_FORMAT, DEFAULT_SLASHES_REGEX, DEFAULT_STARS_REGEX, DEFAULT_STRIP_RE_REGEX, DEFAULT_STRIP_WAS_REGEX, DEFAULT_STROKES_REGEX, DEFAULT_THREAD_FORMAT, DEFAULT_U8_STRIP_WAS_REGEX, DEFAULT_UNDERSCORES_REGEX, DEFAULT_VERBATIM_BEGIN_REGEX, DEFAULT_VERBATIM_END_REGEX, DIGIT_1, DIGIT_2, DIGIT_3, DIGIT_4, DIGIT_5, DIGIT_6, DIGIT_7, DIGIT_8, DIGIT_9, do_delete_scope(), t_config::draw_arrow, t_config::editor_format, regex_cache::extra, FALSE, filter_articles(), t_config::filter_days, filter_file, find_base(), find_scope(), for_each_art, forever, FreeIfNeeded, func_to_key(), get_first_opt(), t_scope::global, GLOBAL_BUGREPORT, GLOBAL_FIRST_PAGE, GLOBAL_HELP, GLOBAL_LAST_PAGE, GLOBAL_LINE_DOWN, GLOBAL_LINE_UP, GLOBAL_PAGE_DOWN, GLOBAL_PAGE_UP, GLOBAL_QUIT, GLOBAL_REDRAW_SCREEN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_DOWN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_UP, GLOBAL_SEARCH_REPEAT, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_BACKWARD, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_FORWARD, GLOBAL_SHELL_ESCAPE, GLOBAL_VERSION, t_config::group_format, handle_keypad(), highlight_option(), info_message(), initialize_attributes(), t_config::inverse_okay, IS_LOCAL_CHARSET, t_article::keep_in_base, last_opt, last_search, local_attributes_file, local_config_file, t_config::mail_8bit_header, t_config::mail_mime_encoding, make_threads(), MAXKEYLEN, MIME_ENCODING_7BIT, MIME_ENCODING_8BIT, MIME_ENCODING_QP, t_config::mm_charset, t_config::mm_local_charset, move_cursor(), my_retouch, next_option(), opt_scroll_down(), opt_scroll_up(), option_is_title(), option_left(), option_lines_per_page, option_menu_keys, option_on_page(), option_right(), option_table, PATH_LEN, PCRE_ANCHORED, PCRE_CASELESS, pgart, t_config::post_8bit_header, t_config::post_mime_encoding, t_config::posted_articles_file, prev_option(), print_any_option(), printascii(), prompt_num(), prompt_option_char(), prompt_option_list(), prompt_option_num(), prompt_option_on_off(), prompt_option_string(), openartinfo::raw, regex_cache::re, read_descriptions(), read_filter_file(), t_config::recent_time, redraw_screen(), repaint_option(), t_config::reread_active_file_secs, reset_state(), resize_article(), scope_is_empty(), scope_page(), scopes, t_config::scroll_lines, search_config(), t_config::select_format, set_first_option_on_screen(), set_last_opt(), set_last_option_on_screen(), set_noteslines(), SET_NUM_ATTRIBUTE, set_option_num(), SET_STRING_ATTRIBUTE, set_xclick_off(), shell_escape(), t_attribute::show_author, t_config::show_description, show_description, show_help_page(), show_menu_help(), t_attribute::show_only_unread_arts, sigfile, t_config::slashes_regex, slashes_regex, t_config::stars_regex, stars_regex, strcasecmp(), STRCPY, strfpath(), t_config::strip_re_regex, strip_re_regex, t_config::strip_was_regex, strip_was_regex, t_config::strokes_regex, strokes_regex, this_resp, t_attribute::thread_articles, t_config::thread_format, t_config::thread_perc, THREAD_PERC_DEFAULT, TIN_EDITOR_FMT_ON, tinrc, TRUE, txt_attrib_menu_com, txt_bad_command, txt_enter_option_num, txt_mime_7bit_charsets, txt_no_prev_search, txt_options_menu, txt_options_menu_com, txt_scope_operation_not_allowed, txt_select_config_file_option, t_config::underscores_regex, underscores_regex, unfilter_articles(), unhighlight_option(), UPDATE_INT_ATTRIBUTES, t_config::verbatim_begin_regex, verbatim_begin_regex, t_config::verbatim_end_regex, verbatim_end_regex, t_config::word_highlight, word_highlight, write_attributes_file(), and write_config_file().

Referenced by group_page(), post_loop(), repair_article(), scope_page(), selection_page(), show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ content_type()

int content_type ( char *  type)

Definition at line 115 of file rfc2046.c.

References content_types, and strcasecmp().

Referenced by _lookup_mimetype(), match_content_type(), and parse_content_type().

◆ convert_iso2asc()

void convert_iso2asc ( char *  iso,
char **  asc_buffer,
size_t *  max_line_len,
int  t 

Definition at line 163 of file charset.c.

References constext, EIGHT_BIT, FALSE, iso2asc, ISO_EXTRA, my_realloc, offset, TABSTOP, and TRUE.

Referenced by process_charsets().

◆ convert_tex2iso()

void convert_tex2iso ( char *  from,
char *  to 

Definition at line 263 of file charset.c.

References FALSE, IS_LOCAL_CHARSET, iso2asc_supported, SPACES, tex_from, TEX_SUBST, and TRUE.

Referenced by process_charsets().

◆ convert_to_printable()

char* convert_to_printable ( char *  buf,
t_bool  keep_tab 

◆ cook_article()

◆ copy_body()

void copy_body ( FILE *  fp_ip,
FILE *  fp_op,
char *  prefix,
char *  initl,
t_bool  raw_data 

◆ copy_fp()

◆ count_postponed_articles()

int count_postponed_articles ( void  )

Definition at line 2336 of file post.c.

References t_group::count, HEADER_LEN, and postponed_articles_file.

Referenced by main(), and pickup_postponed_articles().

◆ create_index_lock_file()

void create_index_lock_file ( char *  the_lock_file)

Definition at line 1127 of file misc.c.

References _, atoi(), buf, error_message(), giveup(), process_id, S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR, tin_progname, and txt_filesystem_full.

Referenced by update_index_files().

◆ create_path()

t_bool create_path ( const char *  path)

◆ create_save_active_file()

◆ cursoroff()

void cursoroff ( void  )

◆ cursoron()

void cursoron ( void  )

◆ decode_save_mime()

void decode_save_mime ( t_openartinfo art,
t_bool  postproc 

◆ delete_group()

void delete_group ( char *  group)

◆ dir_name()

void dir_name ( const char *  fullpath,
char *  dir 

Definition at line 889 of file misc.c.

References base_name(), my_strdup(), and strrstr().

Referenced by dot_lock().

◆ display_info_page()

◆ do_auto_select_arts()

◆ do_shell_escape()

void do_shell_escape ( void  )

◆ do_update()

◆ dot_lock()

t_bool dot_lock ( const char *  filename)

Definition at line 220 of file lock.c.

References dir_name(), FALSE, LOCK_SUFFIX, my_tmpfile(), PATH_LEN, snprintf, TRUE, and unlink.

Referenced by append_mail().

◆ dot_unlock()

t_bool dot_unlock ( const char *  filename)

Definition at line 267 of file lock.c.

References FALSE, LOCK_SUFFIX, my_malloc, TRUE, and unlink.

Referenced by append_mail().

◆ draw_arrow_mark()

◆ draw_mark_selected()

void draw_mark_selected ( int  i)

◆ draw_page()

◆ draw_pager_line()

void draw_pager_line ( const char *  str,
int  flags,
t_bool  raw_data 

◆ draw_percent_mark()

void draw_percent_mark ( long  cur_num,
long  max_num 

◆ eat_re()

const char* eat_re ( char *  s,
t_bool  eat_was 

◆ eat_tab()

char* eat_tab ( char *  s)

Definition at line 567 of file string.c.

Referenced by parse_headers(), post_response(), and read_overview().

◆ end_of_list()

void end_of_list ( void  )

◆ EndInverse()

◆ EndWin()

◆ envargs()

void envargs ( int *  Pargc,
char ***  Pargv,
const char *  envstr 

Definition at line 69 of file envarg.c.

References count_args(), my_malloc, and my_strdup().

Referenced by read_cmd_line_options().

◆ erase_arrow()

◆ error_message()

void error_message ( unsigned int  sdelay,
const char *  fmt,

◆ escape_shell_meta()

char* escape_shell_meta ( const char *  source,
int  quote_area 

Definition at line 1727 of file misc.c.

References buf, dbl_quote, no_quote, PATH_LEN, and sgl_quote.

Referenced by expand_mailcap_meta(), process_url(), and strfmailer().

◆ expand_active()

void expand_active ( void  )

Definition at line 148 of file memory.c.

References active, max_active, my_calloc, my_group, my_malloc, and my_realloc.

Referenced by group_add().

◆ expand_art()

void expand_art ( void  )

Definition at line 135 of file memory.c.

References arts, max_art, and my_realloc.

Referenced by read_art_headers(), and read_overview().

◆ expand_base()

void expand_base ( void  )

Definition at line 163 of file memory.c.

References base, max_base, and my_realloc.

Referenced by find_base(), and setup_hard_base().

◆ expand_bitmap()

◆ expand_ctrl_chars()

t_bool expand_ctrl_chars ( char **  line,
size_t *  length,
size_t  lcook_width 

Definition at line 87 of file cook.c.

References assert, buf, FALSE, IS_LOCAL_CHARSET, LEN, my_isprint(), my_malloc, my_realloc, and TRUE.

Referenced by cook_article(), make_help_page(), and process_text_body_part().

◆ expand_newnews()

void expand_newnews ( void  )

Definition at line 196 of file memory.c.

References max_newnews, my_realloc, and newnews.

Referenced by load_newnews_info().

◆ expand_save()

void expand_save ( void  )

Definition at line 172 of file memory.c.

References max_save, my_realloc, and save.

Referenced by save_and_process_art().

◆ expand_scope()

void expand_scope ( void  )

Definition at line 181 of file memory.c.

References max_scope, my_malloc, my_realloc, num_scope, and scopes.

Referenced by add_scope(), and init_alloc().

◆ expand_tab()

char* expand_tab ( char *  str,
size_t  tab_width 

Definition at line 623 of file string.c.

References buf, LEN, my_malloc, and my_realloc.

Referenced by draw_page_header().

◆ fd_lock()

int fd_lock ( int  fd,
t_bool  block 

Definition at line 73 of file lock.c.

References SEEK_SET.

Referenced by append_mail().

◆ fd_unlock()

int fd_unlock ( int  fd)

Definition at line 178 of file lock.c.

References SEEK_SET.

Referenced by append_mail().

◆ feed_articles()

int feed_articles ( int  function,
int  level,
t_function  type,
struct t_group group,
int  respnum 

Definition at line 571 of file feed.c.

References _, art, ART_READ, arts, arts_selected(), t_group::attribute, buf, cCOLS, cCRLF, clear_message(), compile_regex(), confirm, create_path(), curr_group, curr_line, currmenu, t_config::default_mail_address, t_config::default_pattern, t_config::default_pipe_command, t_config::default_repost_group, t_attribute::delete_tmp_files, draw_page(), EndWin(), error_message(), expand_feed_filename(), regex_cache::extra, FALSE, FEED_ARTICLE, feed_article(), FEED_AUTOSAVE, FEED_HOT, FEED_KEY_REPOST, FEED_MAIL, FEED_MARK_READ, FEED_MARK_UNREAD, FEED_PATTERN, FEED_PIPE, FEED_PRINT, FEED_RANGE, FEED_REPOST, FEED_SAVE, FEED_SUPERSEDE, feed_supersede_article_keys, FEED_TAGGED, FEED_THREAD, fmt_string(), for_each_art, for_each_art_in_thread, t_config::force_screen_redraw, free_save_array(), FreeIfNeeded, func_to_key(), get_feed_key(), get_from_name(), get_post_proc_type(), get_save_filename(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_QUIT, got_epipe, GROUP_LEVEL, group_mark_postprocess(), grpmenu, handle_EPIPE, HIST_MAIL_ADDRESS, HIST_PIPE_COMMAND, HIST_REPOST_GROUP, info_message(), InitWin(), t_article::inrange, t_config::interactive_mailer, INTERACTIVE_NONE, is_mailbox, LEN, mail_check(), mailbox, t_attribute::mark_saved_read, match_regex(), t_article::matched, t_counters::max, t_menu::max, MAXKEYLEN, my_printf, t_group::name, num_of_tagged_arts, num_save, PAGE_LEVEL, PATH_LEN, PCRE_CASELESS, perror_message(), pipe_fp, PLURAL, POST_PROC_NO, POST_PROC_SHAR, POST_PROC_YES, post_process_files(), t_attribute::post_process_type, POSTPROCESS_NO, POSTPROCESS_SHAR, POSTPROCESS_YES, pproc_func, print_save_summary(), printascii(), t_config::printer, t_attribute::process_only_unread, prompt_continue(), prompt_slk_response(), prompt_string_default(), prompt_yn(), range_active, Raw(), regex_cache::re, REDIRECT_OUTPUT, t_menu::redraw, redraw_screen, t_article::selected, set_signal_catcher(), set_xclick_off(), sized_message(), snprintf, stat_thread(), t_article::status, strstr(), strwidth(), t_counters::success, supersede, THREAD_LEVEL, thread_mark_postprocess(), tinrc, t_counters::total, TRUE, txt_article_upper, txt_articles_mailed, txt_articles_piped, txt_articles_printed, txt_command_failed, txt_delete_processed_files, txt_external_mail_done, txt_mail_art_to, txt_marked_arts_as_read, txt_marked_arts_as_unread, txt_marked_as_read, txt_marked_as_unread, txt_no_command, txt_no_group, txt_no_mail_address, txt_no_marked_arts, txt_no_next_unread_art, txt_pipe_to_command, txt_repost_group, txt_saved_nothing, txt_supersede_article, txt_supersede_group, txt_thread_upper, untag_all_articles(), wait_message(), which_thread(), and t_config::wildcard.

Referenced by group_page(), show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ file_mtime()

long file_mtime ( const char *  file)

Definition at line 2136 of file misc.c.

References S_ISREG.

Referenced by mail_loop(), and post_loop().

◆ file_size()

◆ filter_articles()

◆ filter_menu()

t_bool filter_menu ( t_function  type,
struct t_group group,
struct t_article art 

Definition at line 1054 of file filter.c.

References _, add_filter_comment(), add_filter_rule(), art, assert, atoi(), buf, cCOLS, cFilter, t_filter_rule::check_string, t_filter_rule::comment, t_filter_rule::counter, t_filter_rule::expire_time, FALSE, t_config::filter_days, FILTER_EDIT, filter_file, filter_file_offset, FILTER_FROM_CASE_IGNORE, FILTER_FROM_CASE_SENSITIVE, filter_keys, FILTER_LINES_EQ, FILTER_LINES_GT, FILTER_LINES_LT, FILTER_LINES_NO, FILTER_MSGID, FILTER_MSGID_LAST, FILTER_MSGID_ONLY, FILTER_REFS_ONLY, FILTER_SAVE, FILTER_SUBJ_CASE_IGNORE, FILTER_SUBJ_CASE_SENSITIVE, fmt_filter_menu_prompt(), forever, free_filter_comment(), t_filter_rule::from_ok, t_filter_rule::fullref, func_to_key(), get_choice(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_MENU_FILTER_KILL, GLOBAL_QUIT, t_filter_rule::icase, INDEX_TOP, invoke_editor(), LEN, t_filter_rule::lines_cmp, t_filter_rule::lines_num, t_filter_rule::lines_ok, MAX, MAXKEYLEN, MSGID, t_filter_rule::msgid_ok, my_malloc, my_realloc, my_strdup(), my_strncpy(), t_group::name, PATH_LEN, print_filter_menu(), printascii(), prompt_menu_string(), prompt_slk_response(), ptr_filter_comment, ptr_filter_groupname, ptr_filter_lines, ptr_filter_menu, ptr_filter_scope, ptr_filter_text, ptr_filter_time, read_filter_file(), t_filter_rule::scope, t_filter_rule::score, t_config::score_kill, SCORE_MAX, t_config::score_select, show_menu_help(), signal_context, snprintf, strwidth(), t_filter_rule::subj_ok, t_filter_rule::text, text_from, text_msgid, text_score, text_subj, tinrc, TRUE, txt_all_groups, txt_filter_comment, txt_filter_score, txt_filter_score_help, txt_filter_text_type, txt_from_line_only, txt_from_line_only_case, txt_full, txt_help_filter_comment, txt_help_filter_from, txt_help_filter_lines, txt_help_filter_msgid, txt_help_filter_subj, txt_help_filter_text, txt_help_filter_text_type, txt_help_filter_time, txt_help_kill_scope, txt_help_select_scope, txt_kill_from, txt_kill_lines, txt_kill_menu, txt_kill_msgid, txt_kill_scope, txt_kill_subj, txt_kill_text, txt_kill_time, txt_last, txt_msgid_line_last, txt_msgid_line_only, txt_msgid_refs_line, txt_no, txt_only, txt_quit_edit_save_kill, txt_quit_edit_save_select, txt_refs_line_only, txt_select_from, txt_select_lines, txt_select_menu, txt_select_msgid, txt_select_scope, txt_select_subj, txt_select_text, txt_select_time, txt_subj_line_only, txt_subj_line_only_case, txt_time_default_days, txt_unlimited_time, txt_yes, and unfilter_articles().

Referenced by group_page(), show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ filter_on_path()

t_bool filter_on_path ( struct t_group group)

◆ find_art_max_min()

void find_art_max_min ( const char *  group_path,
t_artnum art_max,
t_artnum art_min 

Definition at line 547 of file mail.c.

References atoartnum, CLOSEDIR, DIR_BUF, and T_ARTNUM_CONST.

Referenced by make_group_list().

◆ find_artnum()

int find_artnum ( t_artnum  art)

Definition at line 3192 of file art.c.

References art, t_article::artnum, arts, and for_each_art.

Referenced by find_new_pos(), show_page(), and thread_page().

◆ find_base()

◆ find_group_index()

int find_group_index ( const char *  group,
t_bool  ignore_case 

◆ find_msgid()

struct t_msgid* find_msgid ( const char *  msgid)

Definition at line 351 of file refs.c.

References hash_msgid(), msgids, t_msgid::next, strcasecmp(), and t_msgid::txt.

Referenced by prompt_msgid().

◆ find_newnews_index()

int find_newnews_index ( const char *  cur_newnews_host)

◆ find_response()

◆ find_url()

t_url* find_url ( int  n)

Definition at line 2542 of file page.c.

References urllist::next, and url_list.

Referenced by build_url_line(), draw_url_arrow(), generic_search(), and process_url().

◆ fixup_thread()

◆ fmt_message()

char* fmt_message ( const char *  fmt,
va_list  ap 

◆ fmt_option_prompt()

char* fmt_option_prompt ( char *  dst,
size_t  len,
t_bool  editing,
enum option_enum  option 

◆ fmt_string()

◆ free_all_arrays()

◆ free_and_init_header()

◆ free_art_array()

◆ free_filter_array()

void free_filter_array ( struct t_filters ptr)

◆ free_keymaps()

◆ free_list()

void free_list ( t_param list)

Definition at line 549 of file rfc2046.c.

References param::charset, FreeIfNeeded, param::name, param::next, and param::value.

Referenced by free_parts(), and new_uue().

◆ free_mailcap()

◆ free_msgids()

void free_msgids ( void  )

Definition at line 554 of file refs.c.

References MSGID_HASH_SIZE, msgids, and t_msgid::next.

Referenced by free_all_arrays(), index_group(), and read_overview().

◆ free_parts()

void free_parts ( t_part ptr)

◆ free_save_array()

void free_save_array ( void  )

Definition at line 481 of file memory.c.

References FALSE, t_save::file, FreeAndNull, t_save::mailbox, num_save, and save.

Referenced by feed_articles(), and free_all_arrays().

◆ free_scope()

void free_scope ( int  num)

◆ generic_search()

◆ get_arrow_key()

◆ get_author()

void get_author ( t_bool  thread,
struct t_article art,
char *  str,
size_t  len 

◆ get_cwd()

void get_cwd ( char *  buf)

Definition at line 2047 of file misc.c.

References buf, and PATH_LEN.

Referenced by msg_write_signature(), rc_update(), read_art_headers(), read_config_file(), and thrashdir().

◆ get_domain_name()

const char* get_domain_name ( void  )

Referenced by init_selfinfo().

◆ get_filename()

const char* get_filename ( t_param ptr)

◆ get_fqdn()

const char* get_fqdn ( const char *  host)

Referenced by build_sender(), and init_selfinfo().

◆ get_from_name()

◆ get_host_name()

const char* get_host_name ( void  )

Definition at line 52 of file header.c.

References MAXHOSTNAMELEN, and my_strncpy().

Referenced by build_sender(), init_selfinfo(), and my_tmpfile().

◆ get_initials()

int get_initials ( struct t_article art,
char *  s,
int  maxsize 

Definition at line 1995 of file misc.c.

References art, FALSE, my_malloc, PATH_LEN, STRCPY, and TRUE.

Referenced by build_sline(), build_tline(), mail_to_author(), and post_response().

◆ get_mailcap_entry()

t_mailcap* get_mailcap_entry ( t_part part,
const char *  path 

◆ get_newsrcname()

◆ get_nntp_fp()

FILE* get_nntp_fp ( FILE *  fp)

Definition at line 79 of file nntplib.c.

References FAKE_NNTP_FP, and nntp_rd_fp.

Referenced by tin_read().

◆ get_param()

◆ get_part()

t_part* get_part ( int  n)

◆ get_references()

char* get_references ( struct t_msgid refptr)

Definition at line 532 of file refs.c.

References _get_references().

◆ get_score_of_thread()

int get_score_of_thread ( int  n)

◆ get_search_vectors()

int get_search_vectors ( int *  start,
int *  end 

Definition at line 753 of file search.c.

References end, srch_lineno, and srch_offsets.

Referenced by process_search().

◆ get_termcaps()

◆ get_tmpfilename()

char* get_tmpfilename ( const char *  filename)

◆ get_user_info()

void get_user_info ( char *  user_name,
char *  full_name 

Definition at line 221 of file header.c.

References get_full_name(), and get_user_name().

Referenced by repost_article().

◆ get_val()

const char* get_val ( const char *  env,
const char *  def 

Definition at line 355 of file misc.c.

Referenced by init_selfinfo(), invoke_editor(), nntp_open(), read_keymap_file(), shell_escape(), and usage().

◆ getserverbyfile()

char* getserverbyfile ( const char *  file)

◆ giveup()

◆ gl_redraw()

void gl_redraw ( void  )

Definition at line 512 of file getline.c.

References BUF_SIZE, clear_message(), cursoron(), gl_fixup(), gl_pos, gl_prompt, and my_fputs.

Referenced by handle_resize(), and tin_getline().

◆ global_get_multipart_info()

int global_get_multipart_info ( int  aindex,
MultiPartInfo setme 

Definition at line 982 of file art.c.

References global_look_for_multipart_info().

Referenced by global_get_multiparts(), and stat_thread().

◆ gnksa_check_from()

int gnksa_check_from ( char *  from)

Definition at line 3571 of file misc.c.

References gnksa_do_check_from(), and HEADER_LEN.

Referenced by check_article_to_be_posted(), insert_from_header(), and mail_to_author().

◆ gnksa_do_check_from()

int gnksa_do_check_from ( const char *  from,
char *  address,
char *  realname 

◆ gnksa_split_from()

int gnksa_split_from ( const char *  from,
char *  address,
char *  realname,
int *  addrtype 

◆ gnksa_strerror()

◆ group_add()

◆ group_find()

◆ group_flag()

char group_flag ( char  ch)

Definition at line 1248 of file active.c.

Referenced by build_gline(), and show_group_title().

◆ group_get_art_info()

int group_get_art_info ( char *  tin_spooldir,
char *  groupname,
int  grouptype,
t_artnum art_count,
t_artnum art_max,
t_artnum art_min 

◆ group_mark_postprocess()

t_bool group_mark_postprocess ( int  function,
t_function  feed_type,
int  respnum 

◆ group_page()

int group_page ( struct t_group group)

Definition at line 142 of file group.c.

References _, t_cmdlineopts::args, art, ART_ABORT, art_close(), art_mark(), t_art_stat::art_mark, art_open(), ART_UNAVAILABLE, ART_WILL_RETURN, t_article::artnum, arts, assert, t_group::attribute, t_attribute::auto_select, base, bool_not, bug_report(), build_sline(), can_post, cancel_article(), CATCHUP, CATCHUP_NEXT_UNREAD, choose_new_group(), clear_message(), clear_note_area(), cmdline, CMDLINE_GETART_LIMIT, compile_regex(), config_page(), t_menu::curr, curr_group, cvers, debug, DEBUG_NEWSRC, t_config::default_select_pattern, DIGIT_1, DIGIT_2, DIGIT_3, DIGIT_4, DIGIT_5, DIGIT_6, DIGIT_7, DIGIT_8, DIGIT_9, do_auto_select_arts(), do_search(), do_shell_escape(), draw_subject_arrow(), end_of_list(), enter_pager(), enter_thread(), error_message(), regex_cache::extra, FALSE, feed_articles(), FEED_AUTOSAVE, FEED_MAIL, FEED_MARK_READ, FEED_MARK_UNREAD, FEED_PIPE, FEED_PRINT, FEED_RANGE, FEED_REPOST, FEED_SAVE, FEED_THREAD, filter_articles(), filter_file, filter_file_offset, filter_menu(), find_base(), find_new_pos(), t_menu::first, fmt_string(), for_each_art, for_each_art_in_thread, FreeAndNull, FreeIfNeeded, func_to_key(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_BUGREPORT, GLOBAL_DISPLAY_POST_HISTORY, GLOBAL_EDIT_FILTER, GLOBAL_FIRST_PAGE, GLOBAL_HELP, GLOBAL_LAST_PAGE, GLOBAL_LAST_VIEWED, GLOBAL_LINE_DOWN, GLOBAL_LINE_UP, GLOBAL_LOOKUP_MESSAGEID, GLOBAL_MENU_FILTER_KILL, GLOBAL_MENU_FILTER_SELECT, global_mouse_action(), GLOBAL_OPTION_MENU, GLOBAL_PAGE_DOWN, GLOBAL_PAGE_UP, GLOBAL_PIPE, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_POSTPONED, GLOBAL_PRINT, GLOBAL_QUICK_FILTER_KILL, GLOBAL_QUICK_FILTER_SELECT, GLOBAL_QUIT, GLOBAL_QUIT_TIN, GLOBAL_REDRAW_SCREEN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_DOWN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_UP, GLOBAL_SEARCH_AUTHOR_BACKWARD, GLOBAL_SEARCH_AUTHOR_FORWARD, GLOBAL_SEARCH_BODY, GLOBAL_SEARCH_REPEAT, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_BACKWARD, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_FORWARD, GLOBAL_SET_RANGE, GLOBAL_SHELL_ESCAPE, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_HELP_DISPLAY, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_INFO_LAST_LINE, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_INVERSE_VIDEO, GLOBAL_VERSION, GROUP_AUTOSAVE, GROUP_CANCEL, group_catchup(), GROUP_DO_AUTOSELECT, GROUP_GOTO, group_keys, group_left(), GROUP_LEVEL, GROUP_LIST_THREAD, GROUP_MAIL, GROUP_MARK_THREAD_READ, GROUP_MARK_UNSELECTED_ARTICLES_READ, GROUP_NEXT_GROUP, GROUP_NEXT_UNREAD_ARTICLE, GROUP_NEXT_UNREAD_ARTICLE_OR_GROUP, GROUP_PREVIOUS_GROUP, GROUP_PREVIOUS_UNREAD_ARTICLE, GROUP_READ_BASENOTE, GROUP_REPOST, GROUP_REVERSE_SELECTIONS, group_right(), GROUP_SAVE, GROUP_SELECT_PATTERN, GROUP_SELECT_THREAD, GROUP_SELECT_THREAD_IF_UNREAD_SELECTED, GROUP_TAG, GROUP_TAG_PARTS, GROUP_TOGGLE_GET_ARTICLES_LIMIT, GROUP_TOGGLE_READ_UNREAD, GROUP_TOGGLE_SELECT_THREAD, GROUP_TOGGLE_SUBJECT_DISPLAY, GROUP_TOGGLE_THREADING, GROUP_UNDO_SELECTIONS, GROUP_UNTAG, grp_del_mail_arts(), GRP_ENTER, GRP_EXIT, GRP_NEXTUNREAD, GRP_QUIT, GRP_RETSELECT, grpmenu, handle_keypad(), HIST_SELECT_PATTERN, index_group(), t_config::info_in_last_line, info_message(), t_article::inrange, invoke_editor(), last_resp, last_search, line_is_tagged(), t_attribute::mailing_list, make_threads(), MARK_ARTICLE_UNREAD, MARK_FEED_READ, MARK_FEED_UNREAD, t_attribute::mark_ignore_tags, mark_offset, mark_screen(), MARK_THREAD_UNREAD, match_regex(), t_menu::max, MAXKEYLEN, move_down(), move_to_item(), move_up(), my_retouch, t_group::name, next_unread(), NOT_ASSIGNED, num_of_tagged_arts, page_down(), page_up(), PCRE_CASELESS, pgart, pickup_postponed_articles(), pos_first_unread_thread(), post_article(), prev_response(), prev_unread(), printascii(), prompt_getart_limit(), prompt_item_num(), prompt_msgid(), prompt_string_default(), prompt_yn(), quick_filter(), range_active, regex_cache::re, t_group::read_during_session, read_filter_file(), REGEX_FMT, ret_code, scroll_down(), scroll_up(), search_body(), t_article::selected, t_art_stat::selected_unread, selmenu, set_range(), set_xclick_off(), set_xclick_on(), t_attribute::show_author, SHOW_FROM_BOTH, SHOW_FROM_NONE, show_group_page(), show_group_title(), show_help_page(), show_inverse_video_status(), show_tagged_lines(), signal_context, snprintf, SPECIAL_CATCHUP_LEFT, stat_thread(), STRCMPEQ, STRCPY, T_ARTNUM_CONST, tab_pressed(), tag_multipart(), t_article::tagged, this_resp, t_article::thread, t_attribute::thread_articles, THREAD_MAX, THREAD_NONE, tin_errno, tin_ltoa(), tinrc, TINRC_CONFIRM_ACTION, TINRC_CONFIRM_SELECT, toggle_inverse_video(), toggle_mini_help(), toggle_read_unread(), top_of_list(), TRUE, txt_autoselecting_articles, txt_bad_command, txt_base_article, txt_base_article_range, txt_cannot_post, txt_confirm_select_on_exit, txt_index_page_com, txt_info_add_kill, txt_info_add_select, txt_info_all_parts_tagged, txt_info_no_previous_expression, txt_marked_as_unread, txt_no_arts, txt_no_last_message, txt_no_more_groups, txt_no_next_unread_art, txt_no_prev_group, txt_no_prev_search, txt_no_prev_unread_art, txt_prefix_tagged, txt_prefix_untagged, txt_quick_filter_kill, txt_quick_filter_select, txt_quit_despite_tags, txt_reading_article, txt_select_art, txt_select_pattern, txt_select_thread, txt_thread_marked_as_deselected, txt_thread_marked_as_selected, txt_thread_singular, undo_auto_select_arts(), undo_selections(), unfilter_articles(), t_art_stat::unread, UNREAD_GROUP, untag_all_articles(), untag_article(), update_group_page(), user_posted_messages(), which_thread(), and t_config::wildcard.

Referenced by read_groups().

◆ group_rehash()

◆ grp_del_mail_art()

void grp_del_mail_art ( struct t_article article)

Definition at line 591 of file mail.c.

References _, bool_not, t_article::delete_it, info_message(), txt_art_deleted, and txt_art_undeleted.

Referenced by cancel_article().

◆ grp_del_mail_arts()

◆ grp_mark_read()

◆ grp_mark_unread()

◆ handle_resize()

◆ hash_groupname()

unsigned long hash_groupname ( const char *  group)

Definition at line 83 of file list.c.

References TABLE_SIZE.

Referenced by find_group_index(), find_nov_file(), and group_add_to_hash().

◆ hash_init()

void hash_init ( void  )

Definition at line 128 of file hashstr.c.

References HASHNODE_TABLE_SIZE, and table.

Referenced by main().

◆ hash_reclaim()

void hash_reclaim ( void  )

Definition at line 139 of file hashstr.c.

References HASHNODE_TABLE_SIZE, t_hashnode::next, and table.

Referenced by free_all_arrays(), and index_group().

◆ hash_str()

char* hash_str ( const char *  s)

Definition at line 65 of file hashstr.c.

References add_string(), HASHNODE_TABLE_SIZE, t_hashnode::next, STRCMPEQ, table, and t_hashnode::txt.

Referenced by parse_headers(), and read_overview().

◆ heapsort()

int heapsort ( void *  ,
size_t  ,
size_t  ,

◆ highlight_regexes()

void highlight_regexes ( int  row,
struct regex_cache regex,
int  color 

◆ highlight_string()

void highlight_string ( int  row,
int  col,
int  size 

◆ idna_decode()

char* idna_decode ( char *  in)

Definition at line 3758 of file misc.c.

References debug, DEBUG_MISC, FreeIfNeeded, my_malloc, my_strdup(), strstr(), and wait_message().

Referenced by cook_article(), draw_page_header(), and get_author().

◆ index_group()

◆ info_message()

◆ info_pager()

◆ init_alloc()

◆ init_group_hash()

void init_group_hash ( void  )

Definition at line 62 of file list.c.

References group_hash, num_active, and TABLE_SIZE.

Referenced by group_rehash(), and main().

◆ init_postinfo()

void init_postinfo ( void  )

Definition at line 274 of file post.c.

References my_distribution, my_strncpy(), and reply_to.

Referenced by init_selfinfo().

◆ init_screen_array()

void init_screen_array ( t_bool  allocate)

Definition at line 206 of file memory.c.

References cCOLS, cLINES, t_screen::col, FreeAndNull, my_malloc, and screen.

Referenced by free_all_arrays(), and set_win_size().

◆ init_selfinfo()

void init_selfinfo ( void  )

Definition at line 646 of file init.c.

References _, ACTIVE_FILE, ACTIVE_MAIL_FILE, ACTIVE_SAVE_FILE, active_times_file, ACTIVE_TIMES_FILE, article_name, atoi(), ATTRIBUTES_FILE, batch_mode, buf, bug_addr, bug_nntpserver1, bug_nntpserver2, BUG_REPORT_ADDRESS, check_for_new_newsgroups, CONFIG_FILE, created_rcdir, cvers, dangerous_signal_exit, dead_article, dead_articles, DEFAULT_ISO2ASC, DEFAULT_MAILBOX, DEFAULT_MAILDIR, DEFAULT_MAILER, default_organization, DEFAULT_PRINTER, DEFAULT_SAVEDIR, default_signature, disable_gnksa_domain_check, disable_sender, domain_name, ENV_VAR_MAILER, error_message(), FALSE, filter_file, FILTER_FILE, force_no_post, force_reread_active_file, get_domain_name(), get_fqdn(), get_host_name(), get_val(), giveup(), global_attributes_file, global_config_file, homedir, INDEX_LOCK, index_maildir, INDEX_MAILDIR, index_newsdir, INDEX_NEWSDIR, index_savedir, INDEX_SAVEDIR, t_config::inews_prog, inewsdir, init_postinfo(), INPUT_HISTORY_FILE, iso2asc_supported, joinpath(), LEN, libdir, list_active, local_attributes_file, local_config_file, local_input_history_file, local_newsrctable_file, lock_file, mailbox, t_config::maildir, mailer, t_config::mailer_format, MAILER_FORMAT, match_list(), MAXHOSTNAMELEN, t_config::mm_charset, MM_CHARSET, my_malloc, my_mkdir(), my_strncpy(), newnewsrc, NEWNEWSRC_FILE, news_active_file, newsgroups_file, NEWSGROUPS_FILE, newsrc, newsrc_active, NEWSRC_FILE, NEWSRCTABLE_FILE, NNTP_TCP_PORT, novfilename, novrootdir, NUM_ISO_TABLES, OVERVIEW_FILE, OVERVIEW_FMT, overviewfmt_file, page_header, PATH_LEN, post_article_and_exit, post_postponed_and_exit, POSTED_FILE, posted_info_file, postponed_articles_file, POSTPONED_FILE, t_config::printer, process_id, PRODUCT, rcdir, RCDIR, read_local_newsgroups_file, read_site_config(), real_umask, RELEASEDATE, RELEASENAME, reread_active_for_posted_arts, S_IRUSR, S_IRWXU, S_IWUSR, save_active_file, t_config::savedir, t_config::sigfile, snprintf, spooldir, STRCPY, subscriptions_file, SUBSCRIPTIONS_FILE, TIN_ARTICLE_NAME, tin_progname, tinrc, TMPDIR, TRUE, txt_copyright_notice, txt_error_no_domain_name, txt_error_passwd_missing, txt_help_bug, txt_help_bug_report, txt_posted_info_file, userid, VERSION, and word_highlight.

Referenced by main().

◆ InitScreen()

int InitScreen ( void  )

Definition at line 343 of file curses.c.

References _colors, InitWin(), MAX, MAX_COLOR, and TRUE.

Referenced by main().

◆ InitWin()

◆ invoke_cmd()

◆ invoke_editor()

◆ is_art_tex_encoded()

t_bool is_art_tex_encoded ( FILE *  fp)

Definition at line 343 of file charset.c.

References FALSE, LEN, and TRUE.

Referenced by art_open(), and show_page().

◆ joinpath()

◆ line_is_tagged()

int line_is_tagged ( int  n)

◆ load_newnews_info()

◆ lookup_extension()

t_bool lookup_extension ( char *  extension,
size_t  ext_len,
const char *  major,
const char *  minor 

Definition at line 169 of file mimetypes.c.

References _lookup_extension(), buf, FALSE, homedir, joinpath(), my_malloc, my_strncpy(), PATH_LEN, and TRUE.

Referenced by generate_savepath().

◆ lookup_mimetype()

void lookup_mimetype ( const char *  ext,
t_part part 

Definition at line 105 of file mimetypes.c.

References _lookup_mimetype(), buf, homedir, joinpath(), and PATH_LEN.

Referenced by new_uue(), and view_file().

◆ mail_bug_report()

◆ mail_check()

t_bool mail_check ( const char *  mailbox_name)

Definition at line 911 of file misc.c.

References buf, CLOSEDIR, DIR_BUF, FALSE, joinpath(), MAILDIR_NEW, my_malloc, S_IFMT, and TRUE.

Referenced by feed_articles(), and show_title().

◆ mail_to_author()

◆ mail_to_someone()

◆ main()

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 79 of file main.c.

References _, all_data, backup_newsrc(), base_name(), batch_mode, bindtextdomain, t_config::cache_overview_files, catchup, catchup_newsrc_file(), cCOLS, CHECK_ANY_NEWS, check_any_unread, check_start_save_any_news(), cmd_line, CODESET, count_postponed_articles(), create_mail_save_dirs(), create_save_active_file(), created_rcdir, cvers, debug, EndInverse(), error_message(), EXIT_SUCCESS, FALSE, filter_file, free_all_arrays(), FreeIfNeeded, get_termcaps(), getserverbyfile(), giveup(), global_config_file, hash_init(), init_alloc(), init_group_hash(), init_selfinfo(), InitScreen(), mydata::link, local_config_file, LOCALEDIR, MAIL_ANY_NEWS, mail_news, makecfg(), t_menu::max, t_config::mm_local_charset, my_malloc, MYDATA, newsrc, nntp_caps, nntp_close(), nntp_open(), nntp_server, NNTP_SERVER_FILE, no_write, open_it(), output, t_capabilities::over_cmd, overview_xref_support(), PLURAL, post_article_and_exit, post_postponed_and_exit, postinit_regexp(), print_boolean(), quick_post_article(), read_attributes_file(), read_cmd_line_groups(), read_cmd_line_options(), read_config_file(), read_descriptions(), read_filter_file(), read_input_history_file(), read_keymap_file(), read_news_active_file(), read_news_via_nntp, read_newsrc(), read_newsrc_lines, read_saved_news, read_server_config(), SAVE_ANY_NEWS, save_news, selection_page(), selmenu, set_signal_handlers(), setlocale, setup_default_keys(), setup_screen(), show_description, show_intro_page(), t_config::show_only_unread_groups, START_ANY_NEWS, start_any_unread, strcasecmp(), STRCPY, textdomain, tin_done(), tin_nl_langinfo(), tin_progname, tinrc, toggle_my_groups(), TRUE, txt_batch_update_unavail, txt_exiting, txt_info_postponed, txt_option_not_enabled, txt_reading_keymap_file, txt_screen_init_failed, update_index, update_index_files(), verbose, wait_message(), write_config_file(), and xref_supported.

◆ make_base_group_path()

void make_base_group_path ( const char *  base_dir,
const char *  group_name,
char *  group_path,
size_t  group_path_len 

◆ make_group_path()

void make_group_path ( const char *  name,
char *  path 

Definition at line 2067 of file misc.c.

References name.

Referenced by _strfpath(), check_start_save_any_news(), make_base_group_path(), and open_art_fp().

◆ make_threads()

◆ mark_screen()

◆ match_boolean()

t_bool match_boolean ( char *  line,
const char *  pat,
t_bool dst 

Definition at line 1506 of file config.c.


Referenced by rc_post_update(), rc_update(), read_attributes_file(), read_config_file(), and read_site_config().

◆ match_group_list()

t_bool match_group_list ( const char *  group,
const char *  group_list 

◆ match_integer()

t_bool match_integer ( char *  line,
const char *  pat,
int *  dst,
int  maxval 

◆ match_list()

t_bool match_list ( char *  line,
constext pat,
constext *const *  table,
int *  dst 

Definition at line 1610 of file config.c.

References FALSE, LEN, match_item(), STRNCMPEQ, table, and TRUE.

Referenced by init_selfinfo(), read_config_file(), and read_site_config().

◆ match_long()

t_bool match_long ( char *  line,
const char *  pat,
long *  dst 

Definition at line 1591 of file config.c.

References atol(), FALSE, STRNCMPEQ, and TRUE.

Referenced by read_filter_file().

◆ match_regex()

◆ match_string()

t_bool match_string ( char *  line,
const char *  pat,
char *  dst,
size_t  dstlen 

◆ mmdecode()

int mmdecode ( const char *  what,
int  encoding,
int  delimiter,
char *  where 

◆ move_down()

◆ move_to_item()

◆ move_up()

◆ MoveCursor()

◆ msg_write_signature()

◆ my_calloc1()

void* my_calloc1 ( const char *  file,
int  line,
size_t  nmemb,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 547 of file memory.c.

References error_message(), giveup(), tin_progname, TRUE, and txt_out_of_memory.

◆ my_isprint()

int my_isprint ( int  c)

Definition at line 986 of file misc.c.


Referenced by convert_to_printable(), draw_pager_line(), expand_ctrl_chars(), tin_getline(), and toggle_raw().

◆ my_malloc1()

void* my_malloc1 ( const char *  file,
int  line,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 524 of file memory.c.

References error_message(), giveup(), tin_progname, TRUE, and txt_out_of_memory.

◆ my_mkdir()

int my_mkdir ( char *  path,
mode_t  mode 

◆ my_realloc1()

void* my_realloc1 ( const char *  file,
int  line,
void *  p,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 568 of file memory.c.

References error_message(), FALSE, giveup(), tin_progname, and txt_out_of_memory.

◆ my_strdup()

char* my_strdup ( const char *  str)

Definition at line 133 of file string.c.

References my_malloc.

Referenced by _lookup_mimetype(), abbr_groupname(), active_add(), add_filter_comment(), add_filter_rule(), add_headers(), add_scope(), append_group_line(), art_open(), author_search(), body_search(), boundary_cmp(), build_gline(), build_url_list(), check_article_to_be_posted(), check_for_spamtrap(), check_save_mime_type(), check_upgrade(), checknadd_headers(), cook_article(), copy_filter_comment(), create_path(), create_save_active_file(), dir_name(), do_read_newsrc_active_file(), envargs(), expand_mailcap_meta(), filter_menu(), find_group_index(), find_nov_file(), get_charset(), get_mailcap_entry(), get_param(), get_token(), getserverbyfile(), group_add(), group_add_to_hash(), hist_add(), idna_decode(), load_newnews_info(), mail_to_author(), mail_to_someone(), match_item(), msg_add_header(), msg_add_x_headers(), new_part(), new_uue(), nntp_open(), overview_xref_support(), parse_content_type(), parse_headers(), parse_mailcap_line(), parse_multipart_article(), parse_rfc822_headers(), pos_group_in_newsrc(), post_postponed_article(), post_response(), print_any_option(), print_from(), process_charsets(), process_keys(), process_part(), prompt_yn(), quick_filter_select_posted_art(), read_filter_file(), read_groups_descriptions(), read_input_history_file(), read_keymap_file(), read_overview(), rename_scope(), resync_active_file(), rfc1522_decode(), save_and_process_art(), save_restore_curr_group(), search_article(), search_config(), set_attrib(), set_default_attributes(), set_rest(), strip_charset(), strunc(), subject_search(), ulBuildArgv(), update_posted_info_file(), upgrade_keymap_file(), view_file(), wildmat(), wildmatpos(), and write_overview().

◆ my_strerror()

char* my_strerror ( int  n)

Definition at line 769 of file string.c.

References snprintf, sys_errlist, and sys_nerr.

◆ my_strftime()

size_t my_strftime ( char *  s,
size_t  maxsize,
const char *  format,
struct tm *  timeptr 

◆ my_strncpy()

◆ my_strrstr()

char* my_strrstr ( const char *  str,
const char *  pat 

◆ my_tmpfile()

int my_tmpfile ( char *  filename,
size_t  name_size,
const char *  base_dir 

◆ my_tolower()

◆ my_toupper()

int my_toupper ( int  )

Definition at line 269 of file string.c.

Referenced by get_full_name(), parse_headers(), prompt_yn(), and upgrade_keymap_file().

◆ mystrcat()

size_t mystrcat ( char **  t,
const char *  s 

Definition at line 235 of file string.c.

Referenced by rfc1522_do_encode().

◆ need_reread_active_file()

t_bool need_reread_active_file ( void  )

◆ new_params()

t_param* new_params ( void  )

◆ new_part()

◆ new_responses()

int new_responses ( int  thread)

Definition at line 975 of file thread.c.

References ART_READ, arts, and for_each_art_in_thread.

Referenced by pos_first_unread_thread(), search_body(), thread_page(), and toggle_read_unread().

◆ next_response()

int next_response ( int  n)

◆ next_thread()

int next_thread ( int  n)

Definition at line 1228 of file thread.c.

References base, grpmenu, t_menu::max, and which_thread().

Referenced by show_page().

◆ next_unread()

◆ nntp_close()

void nntp_close ( t_bool  send_no_quit)

Definition at line 1723 of file nntplib.c.

References bool_unparse, debug, DEBUG_NNTP, read_news_via_nntp, read_saved_news, and verbose.

Referenced by main(), and tin_done().

◆ nntp_open()


void NSETRNG0 ( t_bitmap bitmap,
t_artnum  low,
t_artnum  high 


void NSETRNG1 ( t_bitmap bitmap,
t_artnum  low,
t_artnum  high 

Definition at line 422 of file xref.c.

References BIT_OR, error_message(), NBITIDX, NBITNEG1, NBITSON, NOFFSET, and NSET1.

Referenced by expand_bitmap(), grp_mark_unread(), parse_bitmap_seq(), and parse_subseq().

◆ num_of_responses()

int num_of_responses ( int  n)

◆ open_art_fp()

◆ option_is_visible()

◆ option_row()

◆ outchar()

◆ overview_xref_support()

◆ page_down()

◆ page_up()

◆ parse_active_line()

t_bool parse_active_line ( char *  line,
t_artnum max,
t_artnum min,
char *  moderated 

Definition at line 223 of file active.c.

References ACTIVE_SEP, atoartnum, debug, DEBUG_NNTP, FALSE, t_group::moderated, TRUE, and verbose.

Referenced by read_active_file(), and read_news_active_file().

◆ parse_format_string()

◆ parse_from()

int parse_from ( const char *  from,
char *  address,
char *  realname 

Definition at line 3586 of file misc.c.

References gnksa_do_check_from().

Referenced by find_reply_to_addr(), parse_headers(), and read_overview().

◆ parse_header()

◆ parse_rfc822_headers()

◆ parse_unread_arts()

◆ parsedate()

time_t parsedate ( char *  p,

◆ perror_message()

◆ pickup_postponed_articles()

◆ plp_snprintf()

int plp_snprintf ( char *  ,
size_t  ,
const char *  ,

◆ plp_vsnprintf()

int plp_vsnprintf ( char *  ,
size_t  ,
const char *  ,

Definition at line 210 of file plp_snprintf.c.

References dopr(), and end.

Referenced by plp_snprintf().

◆ pos_first_unread_thread()

void pos_first_unread_thread ( void  )

◆ pos_group_in_newsrc()

◆ post_article()

◆ post_process_files()

◆ post_response()

int post_response ( const char *  groupname,
int  respnum,
t_bool  copy_text,
t_bool  with_headers,
t_bool  raw_data 

Definition at line 2874 of file post.c.

References _, ADD_MSG_ID_HEADER, article_name, arts, t_group::attribute, buf, buffer, C_HEADER, openartinfo::cooked, openartinfo::cookl, copy_body(), cPostFup, t_header::distrib, eat_re(), eat_tab(), FALSE, lineinfo::flags, t_header::followup, t_attribute::followup_to, t_header::from, func_to_key(), get_from_name(), get_initials(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_QUIT, group_find(), GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_NEWS, openartinfo::hdr, HEADER_LEN, is_crosspost(), join_references(), mail_to_author(), t_attribute::mailing_list, MAXKEYLEN, t_header::messageid, msg_add_header(), msg_add_x_body(), msg_add_x_headers(), msg_free_headers(), msg_init_headers(), msg_write_headers(), msg_write_signature(), my_distribution, my_strdup(), t_group::name, t_config::news_quote_format, t_attribute::news_quote_format, t_header::newsgroups, note_h, offset, lineinfo::offset, t_attribute::organization, PAGE_MAIL, perror_message(), pgart, POST_EDIT, POST_IGNORE_FUPTO, post_ignore_fupto_keys, post_loop(), POST_MAIL, post_mail_fup_keys, POST_RESPONSE, POSTED_NONE, printascii(), t_attribute::prompt_followupto, prompt_slk_response(), t_config::quote_chars, t_attribute::quote_chars, random_organization(), openartinfo::raw, t_header::references, reply_to, resize_article(), ret_code, S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR, SEEK_SET, show_followup_info(), signal_context, snprintf, start_line_offset, STRCMPEQ, strfquote(), strip_double_ngs(), t_header::subj, tinrc, toggle_raw(), TRUE, txt_cannot_open, txt_post_a_followup, txt_posting, txt_prompt_fup_ignore, txt_resp_to_poster, wait_message(), t_attribute::x_body, t_attribute::x_comment_to, t_attribute::x_headers, and t_config::xpost_quote_format.

Referenced by show_page().

◆ postinit_regexp()

◆ prev_response()

int prev_response ( int  n)

◆ prev_unread()

int prev_unread ( int  n)

Definition at line 1319 of file thread.c.

References ART_EXPIRED, ART_READ, arts, and prev_response().

Referenced by group_page(), show_page(), and toggle_read_unread().

◆ print_active_head()

void print_active_head ( const char *  active_file)

Definition at line 531 of file mail.c.

References _, file_size(), no_write, and txt_mail_save_active_head.

Referenced by create_save_active_file().

◆ print_art_separator_line()

void print_art_separator_line ( FILE *  fp,
t_bool  is_mailbox 

◆ print_boolean()

const char* print_boolean ( t_bool  value)

Definition at line 1683 of file config.c.

References FALSE, and txt_onoff.

Referenced by main(), print_any_option(), write_attributes_file(), and write_config_file().

◆ print_group_line()

void print_group_line ( FILE *  fp,
const char *  group_name,
t_artnum  art_max,
t_artnum  art_min,
const char *  base_dir 

Definition at line 578 of file mail.c.

References T_ARTNUM_PFMT.

Referenced by append_group_line().

◆ process_bogus()

◆ process_charsets()

void process_charsets ( char **  line,
size_t *  max_line_len,
const char *  network_charset,
const char *  local_charset,
t_bool  conv_tex2iso 

◆ prompt_continue()

◆ prompt_default_string()

t_bool prompt_default_string ( const char *  prompt,
char *  buf,
int  buf_len,
char *  default_prompt,
int  which_hist 

◆ prompt_item_num()

void prompt_item_num ( int  ch,
const char *  prompt 

◆ prompt_menu_string()

t_bool prompt_menu_string ( int  line,
const char *  prompt,
char *  var 

Definition at line 135 of file prompt.c.

References FALSE, HIST_OTHER, MoveCursor(), tin_getline(), and TRUE.

Referenced by filter_menu(), and prompt_option_string().

◆ prompt_msgid()

◆ prompt_num()

int prompt_num ( int  ch,
const char *  prompt 

Definition at line 65 of file prompt.c.

References atoi(), clear_message(), FALSE, HIST_OTHER, LEN, snprintf, STRCPY, and tin_getline().

Referenced by config_page(), prompt_item_num(), and prompt_response().

◆ prompt_option_char()

◆ prompt_option_list()

t_bool prompt_option_list ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_option_num()

t_bool prompt_option_num ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_option_on_off()

t_bool prompt_option_on_off ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_option_string()

t_bool prompt_option_string ( enum option_enum  option)

◆ prompt_slk_redraw()

void prompt_slk_redraw ( void  )

Definition at line 754 of file prompt.c.

References cLINES, MoveCursor(), prompt_slk_message, strwidth(), and wait_message().

Referenced by handle_resize(), and prompt_slk_response().

◆ prompt_string()

t_bool prompt_string ( const char *  prompt,
char *  buf,
int  which_hist 

◆ prompt_string_default()

char* prompt_string_default ( const char *  prompt,
char *  def,
const char *  failtext,
int  history 

◆ prompt_yn()

◆ prompt_yn_redraw()

void prompt_yn_redraw ( void  )

◆ quick_filter()

◆ quick_filter_select_posted_art()

◆ quick_post_article()

◆ quote_dash_to_space()

void quote_dash_to_space ( char *  str)

Definition at line 1694 of file config.c.

Referenced by read_attributes_file(), and read_config_file().

◆ quote_space_to_dash()

char* quote_space_to_dash ( char *  str)

◆ quote_wild()

char* quote_wild ( char *  str)

Definition at line 2304 of file misc.c.

References LEN, tinrc, and t_config::wildcard.

Referenced by add_filter_rule().

◆ quote_wild_whitespace()

char* quote_wild_whitespace ( char *  str)

Definition at line 2340 of file misc.c.

References LEN, tinrc, and t_config::wildcard.

Referenced by add_filter_rule(), and get_search_pattern().

◆ random_organization()

char* random_organization ( char *  in_org)

◆ Raw()

◆ RawState()

int RawState ( void  )

Definition at line 604 of file curses.c.

References _inraw.

Referenced by cancel_article(), check_article_to_be_posted(), and show_progress().

◆ read_attributes_file()

◆ read_cmd_line_groups()

◆ read_config_file()

t_bool read_config_file ( char *  file,
t_bool  global_file 

Definition at line 74 of file config.c.

References _, t_config::abbreviate_groupname, t_config::add_posted_to_filter, t_config::advertising, t_config::alternative_handling, t_cmdlineopts::args, ART_MARK_DELETED, ART_MARK_KILLED, ART_MARK_READ, ART_MARK_READ_SELECTED, ART_MARK_RECENT, ART_MARK_RETURN, ART_MARK_SELECTED, ART_MARK_UNREAD, t_config::art_marked_deleted, t_config::art_marked_inrange, t_config::art_marked_killed, t_config::art_marked_read, t_config::art_marked_read_selected, t_config::art_marked_recent, t_config::art_marked_return, t_config::art_marked_selected, t_config::art_marked_unread, t_config::ask_for_metamail, t_config::auto_cc_bcc, AUTO_CC_BCC, t_config::auto_list_thread, t_config::auto_reconnect, t_config::auto_save, batch_mode, t_config::batch_save, t_config::beginner_level, BOGUS_SHOW, bool_not, buf, t_config::cache_overview_files, t_config::catchup_read_groups, check_score_defaults(), check_upgrade(), cmdline, CMDLINE_USE_COLOR, CONFIG_FILE, t_config::confirm_choice, DASH_TO_SPACE, t_config::date_format, DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT, t_config::default_filter_kill_case, t_config::default_filter_kill_expire, t_config::default_filter_kill_global, t_config::default_filter_kill_header, t_config::default_filter_select_case, t_config::default_filter_select_expire, t_config::default_filter_select_global, t_config::default_filter_select_header, t_config::default_goto_group, DEFAULT_GROUP_FORMAT, t_config::default_mail_address, t_config::default_move_group, t_config::default_pattern, t_config::default_pipe_command, t_config::default_post_newsgroups, t_config::default_post_subject, t_config::default_range_group, t_config::default_range_select, t_config::default_range_thread, t_config::default_repost_group, t_config::default_save_file, t_config::default_save_mode, t_config::default_search_art, t_config::default_search_author, t_config::default_search_config, t_config::default_search_group, t_config::default_search_subject, DEFAULT_SELECT_FORMAT, t_config::default_select_pattern, t_config::default_shell_command, DEFAULT_THREAD_FORMAT, t_config::draw_arrow, t_config::editor_format, FALSE, t_version::file_version, t_config::filter_days, FILTER_LINES, t_config::force_screen_redraw, FreeAndNull, get_cwd(), t_config::getart_limit, t_config::goto_next_unread, t_config::group_catchup_on_exit, t_config::group_format, t_config::hide_uue, t_config::inews_prog, t_config::info_in_last_line, t_config::interactive_mailer, INTERACTIVE_NONE, t_config::inverse_okay, IS_LOCAL_CHARSET, t_config::keep_dead_articles, t_config::kill_level, KILL_NOTHREAD, LEN, load_newnews_info(), t_config::mail_8bit_header, t_config::mail_address, t_config::mail_mime_encoding, t_config::mail_quote_format, t_config::mailbox_format, t_config::maildir, t_config::mailer_format, t_config::mark_ignore_tags, MARK_INRANGE, t_config::mark_saved_read, match_boolean(), match_integer(), match_list(), match_string(), MAX_ATTR, MAX_BACKCOLOR, MAX_COLOR, MAX_MARK, t_config::metamail_prog, MIME_ENCODING_7BIT, MIME_ENCODING_8BIT, MIME_ENCODING_QP, t_config::mm_charset, t_config::mm_local_charset, t_config::mono_markdash, t_config::mono_markslash, t_config::mono_markstar, t_config::mono_markstroke, my_strncpy(), my_tolower(), t_config::news_headers_to_display, t_config::news_headers_to_not_display, t_config::news_quote_format, NUM_GOTO_NEXT_UNREAD, NUM_TRIM_ARTICLE_BODY, PATH_LEN, t_config::pos_first_unread, t_config::post_8bit_header, t_config::post_mime_encoding, POST_PROC_YES, t_config::post_process_type, t_config::post_process_view, t_config::posted_articles_file, t_config::print_header, t_config::printer, t_config::process_only_unread, t_config::prompt_followupto, t_config::quote_chars, QUOTE_COMPRESS, quote_dash_to_space(), QUOTE_EMPTY, QUOTE_SIGS, t_config::quote_style, RC_IGNORE, rc_post_update(), rc_update(), RC_UPGRADE, t_config::recent_time, t_config::reread_active_file_secs, t_config::savedir, t_config::score_kill, t_config::score_limit_kill, t_config::score_limit_select, t_config::score_select, t_config::scroll_lines, t_config::select_format, t_config::show_author, t_config::show_description, show_description, SHOW_FROM_BOTH, t_config::show_only_unread_arts, t_config::show_only_unread_groups, t_config::show_signatures, t_config::sigdashes, t_config::sigfile, t_config::signature_repost, t_config::slashes_regex, t_config::sort_article_type, SORT_ARTICLES_BY_LINES_ASCEND, SORT_THREADS_BY_LAST_POSTING_DATE_ASCEND, t_config::sort_threads_type, t_config::spamtrap_warning_addresses, t_config::stars_regex, t_config::start_editor_offset, t_version::state, strcasecmp(), STRCPY, t_config::strip_blanks, t_config::strip_bogus, t_config::strip_newsrc, t_config::strip_re_regex, t_config::strip_was_regex, t_config::strokes_regex, t_config::tex2iso_conv, t_config::thread_articles, t_config::thread_catchup_on_exit, t_config::thread_format, THREAD_MAX, t_config::thread_perc, t_config::thread_score, THREAD_SCORE_WEIGHT, TIN_EDITOR_FMT_ON, tinrc, TINRC_CONFIRM_MAX, TINRC_VERSION, t_config::trim_article_body, TRUE, txt_confirm_choices, txt_global, txt_mailbox_formats, txt_mime_7bit_charsets, txt_mime_encodings, txt_reading_config_file, t_config::underscores_regex, t_config::unlink_article, upgrade_prompt_quit(), t_config::url_handler, t_config::url_highlight, t_config::use_mouse, UUE_ALL, t_config::verbatim_begin_regex, t_config::verbatim_end_regex, t_config::verbatim_handling, verbose, wait_message(), t_config::wildcard, t_config::word_h_display_marks, t_config::word_highlight, word_highlight, t_config::wrap_column, t_config::wrap_on_next_unread, and t_config::xpost_quote_format.

Referenced by main().

◆ read_decoded_base64_line()

int read_decoded_base64_line ( FILE *  file,
char **  line,
size_t *  max_line_len,
const int  max_lines_to_read,
char **  rest 

Definition at line 323 of file rfc2045.c.

References buf, FALSE, FreeIfNeeded, LEN, mmdecode(), my_malloc, my_realloc, put_rest(), and tin_fgets().

Referenced by process_text_body_part().

◆ read_decoded_qp_line()

int read_decoded_qp_line ( FILE *  file,
char **  line,
size_t *  max_line_len,
const int  max_lines_to_read 

Definition at line 436 of file rfc2045.c.

References buf, FALSE, LEN, mmdecode(), my_malloc, my_realloc, and tin_fgets().

Referenced by process_text_body_part().

◆ read_descriptions()

void read_descriptions ( t_bool  verb)

Definition at line 441 of file mail.c.

References read_newsgroups_file().

Referenced by config_page(), main(), and selection_page().

◆ read_filter_file()

◆ read_input_history_file()

void read_input_history_file ( void  )

◆ read_keymap_file()

◆ read_news_active_file()

◆ read_newsrc()

◆ read_server_config()

◆ ReadCh()

◆ refresh_config_page()

void refresh_config_page ( enum option_enum  act_option)

◆ rename_file()

◆ repost_article()

int repost_article ( const char *  groupname,
int  respnum,
t_bool  supersede,
t_openartinfo artinfo 

Definition at line 4034 of file post.c.

References _, ADD_CAN_KEY, ADD_MSG_ID_HEADER, article_name, t_group::attribute, buf, C_HEADER, check_moderated(), openartinfo::cooked, openartinfo::cookl, copy_fp(), default_organization, t_header::distrib, error_message(), FALSE, find_reply_to_addr(), lineinfo::flags, t_header::followup, t_header::from, FromSameUser, func_to_key(), get_from_name(), get_user_info(), GLOBAL_OPTION_MENU, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_QUIT, GROUP_TYPE_MAIL, GROUP_TYPE_NEWS, openartinfo::hdr, HEADER_LEN, join_references(), t_header::keywords, LEN, t_attribute::mailing_list, MAXKEYLEN, t_header::messageid, msg_add_header(), msg_add_x_headers(), msg_free_headers(), msg_init_headers(), msg_write_headers(), msg_write_signature(), my_distribution, t_header::newsgroups, note_h, NotSuperseding, lineinfo::offset, t_header::org, t_attribute::organization, perror_message(), POST_EDIT, post_loop(), post_post_keys, POST_POSTPONE, POST_REPOST, POST_SUPERSEDED, POSTED_NONE, printascii(), prompt_slk_response(), random_organization(), t_header::references, reply_to, resize_article(), ret_code, S_IRUSR, S_IWUSR, SEEK_SET, t_attribute::signature_repost, sized_message(), snprintf, start_line_offset, strip_double_ngs(), strwidth(), t_header::subj, t_header::summary, supersede, Superseding, TRUE, txt_art_not_posted, txt_article_reposted, txt_cannot_open, txt_quit_edit_xpost, txt_repost_an_article, txt_superseding_art, and t_attribute::x_headers.

Referenced by cancel_article(), and feed_article().

◆ reread_active_after_posting()

◆ reset_newsrc()

◆ reset_srch_offsets()

void reset_srch_offsets ( void  )

Definition at line 771 of file search.c.

References srch_offsets.

Referenced by info_pager(), and load_article().

◆ resize_article()

◆ resync_active_file()

◆ rfc15211522_encode()

void rfc15211522_encode ( const char *  filename,
constext mime_encoding,
struct t_group group,
t_bool  allow_8bit_header,
t_bool  ismail 

Definition at line 1038 of file rfc2047.c.

References do_rfc15211522_encode(), and TRUE.

Referenced by compose_mail_text_plain(), and submit_news_file().

◆ rfc1521_encode()

void rfc1521_encode ( char *  line,
FILE *  f,
int  e 

Definition at line 75 of file rfc2045.c.

References base64_alphabet, bin2hex(), buffer, EIGHT_BIT, HI4BITS, is_EIGHT_BIT, LO4BITS, and STRCPY.

Referenced by do_rfc15211522_encode().

◆ rfc1522_decode()

◆ rfc1522_encode()

char* rfc1522_encode ( char *  s,
const char *  charset,
t_bool  ismail 

◆ ring_bell()

void ring_bell ( void  )

◆ save_and_process_art()

◆ scroll_down()

◆ scroll_up()

◆ ScrollScreen()

void ScrollScreen ( int  lines_to_scroll)

◆ search()

◆ search_active()

◆ search_article()

◆ search_body()

◆ search_config()

◆ selection_page()

void selection_page ( int  start_groupnum,
int  num_cmd_line_groups 

Definition at line 109 of file select.c.

References _, active, BOGUS_SHOW, bool_not, buf, bug_report(), build_gline(), can_post, CATCHUP, catchup_group(), CATCHUP_NEXT_UNREAD, choose_new_group(), clear_message(), ClearScreen(), config_page(), t_menu::curr, CURR_GROUP, cursoroff(), cvers, t_config::default_post_newsgroups, delete_group(), DIGIT_1, DIGIT_2, DIGIT_3, DIGIT_4, DIGIT_5, DIGIT_6, DIGIT_7, DIGIT_8, DIGIT_9, do_shell_escape(), draw_group_arrow(), end_of_list(), erase_arrow(), error_message(), EXIT_SUCCESS, FALSE, filter_file, filter_file_offset, t_menu::first, flags_offset, forever, func_to_key(), GLOBAL_ABORT, GLOBAL_BUGREPORT, GLOBAL_DISPLAY_POST_HISTORY, GLOBAL_EDIT_FILTER, GLOBAL_FIRST_PAGE, GLOBAL_HELP, GLOBAL_LAST_PAGE, GLOBAL_LINE_DOWN, GLOBAL_LINE_UP, GLOBAL_LOOKUP_MESSAGEID, global_mouse_action(), GLOBAL_OPTION_MENU, GLOBAL_PAGE_DOWN, GLOBAL_PAGE_UP, GLOBAL_POST, GLOBAL_POSTPONED, GLOBAL_QUIT, GLOBAL_QUIT_TIN, GLOBAL_REDRAW_SCREEN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_DOWN, GLOBAL_SCROLL_UP, GLOBAL_SEARCH_REPEAT, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_BACKWARD, GLOBAL_SEARCH_SUBJECT_FORWARD, GLOBAL_SET_RANGE, GLOBAL_SHELL_ESCAPE, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_HELP_DISPLAY, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_INFO_LAST_LINE, GLOBAL_TOGGLE_INVERSE_VIDEO, GLOBAL_VERSION, group_find(), grp_mark_unread(), GRP_QUIT, handle_keypad(), HIST_POST_NEWSGROUPS, HpGlitch, t_config::info_in_last_line, info_message(), invoke_editor(), last_search, LEN, t_fmt::len_ucnt, mark_screen(), t_menu::max, MAXKEYLEN, move_down(), move_to_item(), move_up(), my_group, my_group_add, my_retouch, newsrc, no_write, NOTESLINES, page_down(), page_up(), pickup_postponed_articles(), pos_next_unread_group(), post_article(), printascii(), prompt_item_num(), prompt_string_default(), prompt_yn(), Raw(), read_descriptions(), read_filter_file(), read_groups(), read_newsrc(), reposition_group(), reread_active_after_posting(), reset_newsrc(), resync_active_file(), scroll_down(), scroll_up(), search_active(), sel_fmt, select_done(), SELECT_ENTER_GROUP, SELECT_ENTER_NEXT_UNREAD_GROUP, SELECT_GOTO, select_keys, select_left(), SELECT_LEVEL, SELECT_MARK_GROUP_UNREAD, SELECT_MOVE_GROUP, SELECT_NEXT_UNREAD_GROUP, select_quit(), SELECT_QUIT_NO_WRITE, select_read_group(), SELECT_RESET_NEWSRC, select_right(), SELECT_SORT_ACTIVE, SELECT_SUBSCRIBE, SELECT_SUBSCRIBE_PATTERN, SELECT_SYNC_WITH_ACTIVE, SELECT_TOGGLE_DESCRIPTIONS, SELECT_TOGGLE_READ_DISPLAY, SELECT_UNSUBSCRIBE, SELECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_PATTERN, SELECT_YANK_ACTIVE, selmenu, set_range(), set_xclick_off(), set_xclick_on(), show_description, t_fmt::show_grpdesc, show_help_page(), show_inverse_video_status(), t_config::show_only_unread_groups, show_selection_page(), signal_context, snprintf, sort_active_file(), STRCPY, t_config::strip_bogus, subscribe(), subscribe_pattern(), SUBSCRIBED, sync_active_file(), tin_done(), tin_ltoa(), tinrc, toggle_inverse_video(), toggle_mini_help(), toggle_my_groups(), top_of_list(), TRUE, txt_bad_command, txt_cannot_post, txt_group_select_com, txt_grpdesc_disabled, txt_info_no_write, txt_info_not_subscribed, txt_no_groups, txt_no_newsgroups, txt_no_prev_search, txt_not_in_active_file, txt_post_newsgroups, txt_quit_no_write, txt_reading_groups, txt_remove_bogus, txt_reset_newsrc, txt_select_group, txt_show_unread, txt_subscribe_pattern, txt_subscribed_num_groups, txt_subscribed_to, txt_subscribing, txt_unsubscribe_pattern, txt_unsubscribed_num_groups, txt_unsubscribed_to<