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PEAR_REST_11 Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($config, $options=array())
 listAll ($base, $dostable, $basic=true, $searchpackage=false, $searchsummary=false, $channel=false)
 listCategories ($base, $channel=false)
 listCategory ($base, $category, $info=false, $channel=false)
 betterStates ($state, $include=false)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

PEAR_REST_11::__construct (   $config,
  $options = array() 

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References $config, and $options.

Member Function Documentation

◆ betterStates()

PEAR_REST_11::betterStates (   $state,
  $include = false 

Return an array containing all of the states that are more stable than or equal to the passed in state

stringRelease state
booleanDetermines whether to include $state in the list
false|array False if $state is not a valid release state

Definition at line 327 of file 11.php.

References $i.

◆ listAll()

PEAR_REST_11::listAll (   $base,
  $basic = true,
  $searchpackage = false,
  $searchsummary = false,
  $channel = false 

Definition at line 45 of file 11.php.

References $base, $d, $info, $latest, $pf, PEAR\isError(), and PEAR_ERROR_RETURN.

◆ listCategories()

PEAR_REST_11::listCategories (   $base,
  $channel = false 

List all categories of a REST server

string$basebase URL of the server
array of categorynames

Definition at line 226 of file 11.php.

References $base, and PEAR\isError().

◆ listCategory()

PEAR_REST_11::listCategory (   $base,
  $info = false,
  $channel = false 

List packages in a category of a REST server

string$basebase URL of the server
string$categoryname of the category
boolean$infoalso download full package info
array of packagenames

Definition at line 253 of file 11.php.

References $base, $i, $info, $item, $url, elseif, and PEAR\isError().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $_rest


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