tidy-html5  5.8.0
About: HTML Tidy contains a command line tool and libraries that correct and clean up HTML and XML documents by fixing markup errors and upgrading legacy code to modern standards.
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tidy-html5 Documentation

Some Fossies usage hints in advance:

  1. To see the Doxygen generated documentation please click on one of the items in the steelblue colored "quick index" bar above or use the side panel at the left which displays a hierarchical tree-like index structure and is adjustable in width.
  2. If you want to search for something by keyword rather than browse for it you can use the client side search facility (using Javascript and DHTML) that provides live searching, i.e. the search results are presented and adapted as you type in the Search input field at the top right.
  3. Doxygen doesn't incorporate all member files but just a definable subset (basically the main project source code files that are written in a supported language). So to search and browse all member files you may visit the Fossies tidy-html5-5.8.0.tar.gz contents page and use the Fossies standard member browsing features (also with source code highlighting and additionally with optional code folding).


All other READMEs and related materials can be found in README/. Although all of our materials should be linked in this README, be sure to check this directory for documents we’ve not yet added to this document.

Building HTML Tidy

Branches and Versions

Learn about which branches are available, which branch you should use, and how HTML Tidy’s versioning scheme works.

Contributing and Development Guides

We gladly accept PRs! Read about some of our contribution guidelines, and check out some of the additional explanatory documents that will aid your understanding of how to accomplish certain things in HTML Tidy.

General Contribution Guidelines

These are some general guidelines that will help you help us when it comes to making your own contributions to HTML Tidy.

Adding Features Guides

When you’re ready to add a great new feature, these write-ups may be useful.

  • Learn how to add new element attributes to HTML Tidy by reading README/ATTRIBUTES.md.
  • Discover how to add new tags to Tidy in README/TAGS.md.
  • If you want to add new messages to Tidy, read README/MESSAGE.md.
  • Configuration options can be added according to README/OPTIONS.md.
  • Pull Requests must pass all existing regression tests, or you must change existing regression test expectations with a good explanation. New features require that you add new regression tests. See README/TESTING.md for more details.

Language Localization Guides

Tidy supports localization, and welcomes translations into various languages. Please read up on how to localize HTML Tidy.


This repository should be considered canonical for HTML Tidy as of 2015-January-15.

  • This repository originally transferred from w3c.github.com/tidy-html5, now redirected to the current site.

  • First moved to Github from tidy.sourceforge.net. Note, this site is kept only for historic reasons, and is not now well maintained.

Tidy is the granddaddy of HTML tools, with support for modern standards. Have fun...


HTML Tidy and LibTidy are free and open source software with a permissive license.