tcpdump  4.99.1
About: tcpdump is a tool for network monitoring and data acquisition.
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ip6_hdr Struct Reference

#include <ip6.h>

Data Fields

union {
   struct ip6_hdrctl {
      nd_uint32_t   ip6_un1_flow
      nd_uint16_t   ip6_un1_plen
      nd_uint8_t   ip6_un1_nxt
      nd_uint8_t   ip6_un1_hlim
   }   ip6_un1
   nd_uint8_t   ip6_un2_vfc
nd_ipv6 ip6_src
nd_ipv6 ip6_dst

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file ip6.h.

Field Documentation


ip6_hdr::ip6_ctlun { ... } union

◆ ip6_dst

◆ ip6_src


::ip6_hdrctl ip6_hdr::ip6_un1 { ... } struct

◆ ip6_un1_flow

nd_uint32_t ip6_hdr::ip6_un1_flow

Definition at line 79 of file ip6.h.

◆ ip6_un1_hlim

nd_uint8_t ip6_hdr::ip6_un1_hlim

Definition at line 82 of file ip6.h.

◆ ip6_un1_nxt

nd_uint8_t ip6_hdr::ip6_un1_nxt

Definition at line 81 of file ip6.h.

◆ ip6_un1_plen

nd_uint16_t ip6_hdr::ip6_un1_plen

Definition at line 80 of file ip6.h.

◆ ip6_un2_vfc

nd_uint8_t ip6_hdr::ip6_un2_vfc

Definition at line 84 of file ip6.h.

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