tcpdump  4.99.1
About: tcpdump is a tool for network monitoring and data acquisition.
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print-chdlc.c File Reference
#include "netdissect-stdinc.h"
#include "netdissect.h"
#include "addrtoname.h"
#include "ethertype.h"
#include "extract.h"
#include "chdlc.h"
#include "nlpid.h"
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Data Structures

struct  cisco_slarp


#define SLARP_REQUEST   0
#define SLARP_REPLY   1
#define SLARP_MIN_LEN   14
#define SLARP_MAX_LEN   18


static void chdlc_slarp_print (netdissect_options *, const u_char *, u_int)
void chdlc_if_print (netdissect_options *ndo, const struct pcap_pkthdr *h, const u_char *p)
u_int chdlc_print (netdissect_options *ndo, const u_char *p, u_int length)


static const struct tok chdlc_cast_values []

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#define SLARP_MAX_LEN   18

Definition at line 135 of file print-chdlc.c.


#define SLARP_MIN_LEN   14

Definition at line 134 of file print-chdlc.c.


#define SLARP_REPLY   1

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#define SLARP_REQUEST   0

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Function Documentation

◆ chdlc_if_print()

void chdlc_if_print ( netdissect_options ndo,
const struct pcap_pkthdr *  h,
const u_char *  p 

◆ chdlc_print()

◆ chdlc_slarp_print()

Variable Documentation

◆ chdlc_cast_values

const struct tok chdlc_cast_values[]
Initial value:
= {
{ 0x0f , "unicast" },
{ 0x8f , "bcast" },
{ 0, NULL}

Definition at line 37 of file print-chdlc.c.

Referenced by chdlc_print().