taskd  1.1.0
About: Taskserver allows to share tasks between Taskwarrior clients (and others, coming soon).
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Welcome To Taskserver

Taskserver is a daemon or service that will allow you to share tasks among
different client applications, primarily Taskwarrior.

Taskserver is compatible with Taskwarrior version 2.4.x and later, but works
best with the latest Taskwarrior.

Taskserver is complex.  It is not for anyone who is unfamiliar with the
operation of daemons.

Easiest Setup

There is a setup script that will lead you through all necessary steps to setup
the Taskserver, create certs, configure a client and sync:

  $ script/setup_server.bash

Alternately there is online documentation that will lead you through the
separate steps:



Most of the documentation has been moved online, so we can continually improve


In addition there are two man pages installed:


Known Issues

Please see this page for a list of issues, and their status:

  Taskwarrior         https://bug.tasktools.org/browse/TW
  Taskserver          https://bug.tasktools.org/browse/TD


Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged.  Please send it to: