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About: Taskwarrior is a command-line todo list manager.
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Taskwarrior is a command line task list management utility with a multitude of features, developed as a portable open source project with an active and quite vast ecosystem of tools, hooks and extensions.


Arch Debian Fedora Homebrew Ubuntu

Taskwarrior is packaged on a wide range of Linux/Unix systems, Mac OS and Windows. Check out the latest available packages in repositories of your OS distribution of choice on Repology.

Alternatively, you can build Taskwarrior from source.


The online documentation, downloads, news and more are available on our website, taskwarrior.org.

We also recommend following @taskwarrior on Twitter, where we share info about new features, releases and various tips and tricks for new Taskwarrior users.


Twitter Reddit Libera.chat Discord Github discussions

Taskwarrior has a lively community on many places on the internet.

Best place to ask questions is our discussions forum on Github. For other support options, take a look at taskwarrior.org/support

For code contributions, please use pull requests, or alternately send your code patches to support@gothenburgbitfactory.org

Branching Model

We use the following branching model:

  • stable is a branch containing the content of the latest release. Building from here is the same as building from the latest tarball, or installing a binary package. No development is done on the stable branch.

  • develop is the current development branch. All work is done here, and upon release it will be merged to stable. While development branch is not stable, we utilize CI to ensure we're at least not merging improvements that break existing tests, and hence should be relatively safe. We still recommend making backups when using the development branch.


There are many binary packages available, but to install from source requires:

  • git
  • cmake
  • make
  • C++ compiler, currently gcc 7.1+ or clang 5.0+ for full C++17 support
  • libuuid
  • GnuTLS (optional, required for sync)

Download the tarball, and expand it:

$ curl -O https://taskwarrior.org/download/task-2.6.2.tar.gz
$ tar xzf task-2.6.2.tar.gz
$ cd task-2.6.2

Or clone this repository:

$ git clone --recursive -b stable https://github.com/GothenburgBitFactory/taskwarrior.git
$ cd taskwarrior

Then build:

$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release .
$ make
[$ make test]
$ sudo make install


Contributors Milestone progress Good first issus

Your contributions are especially welcome. Whether it comes in the form of code patches, ideas, discussion, bug reports, encouragement or criticism, your input is needed.

Visit Github and participate in the future of Taskwarrior.


GitHub Sponsors

Taskwarrior is a result of work of mostly small group of volunteers, and has been in development since 2006.

If you are a happy Taskwarrior user, please consider sponsoring us through Github Sponsors.

Every sponsorship matters, as it directly increases the number of hours core developers can contribute to the project and makes the project more sustainable.


Taskwarrior is released under the MIT license. For details check the LICENSE file.