t1utils  1.42
About: t1utils are programs that manipulate PostScript Type 1 fonts.
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T1utils is a collection of simple programs for manipulating PostScript Type 1 fonts. Together, they allow you to convert between PFA (ASCII) and PFB (binary) formats, disassemble PFA or PFB files into human-readable form, and reassemble them into PFA or PFB format. Additionally you can extract font resources from a Macintosh font file or create a Macintosh Type 1 font file from a PFA or PFB font.

There are currently six programs:

  • t1ascii: Converts PFB files to PFA format.

  • t1binary: Converts PFA files to PFB format.

  • t1disasm: Disassembles a Type 1 font (PFA or PFB format) into a raw, human-readable text form for subsequent hand editing, tweaking, hint fixing, and so forth.

  • t1asm: Assembles the human-readable t1disasm text form into a Type 1 font in PFA or PFB format.

  • t1unmac: Extracts POST resources from a Macintosh Type 1 font file into PFA or PFB format for use outside the Macintosh environment. The Macintosh file should be stored in MacBinary, AppleSingle, AppleDouble, or BinHex format, or as a raw resource fork. Note that t1unmac does not have to run on a Macintosh.

  • t1mac: Creates a Macintosh Type 1 file from a PFA or PFB-format Type 1 font. Writes the Macintosh file in MacBinary, AppleSingle, AppleDouble, or BinHex format, or as a raw resource fork. WARNING: This will not suffice to use the new font on a Macintosh, as Macintoshes cannot read raw Type 1 fonts. You will need to create a font suitcase containing bitmap fonts if you do not have such a suitcase for the font already. T1utils cannot help you do this.


You need an ANSI C compiler, such as gcc.

Just type ./configure, then make. make install will build and install the utilities and their manual pages.

./configure accepts the usual options. See INSTALL for more details. The most commonly used option is --prefix, which can be used to install the utilities in a place other than /usr/local.

The original t1utils were (c) 1992 I. Lee Hetherington, ilh@lcs.mit.edu. Changes since version 1.2 are (c) 1998-2017 Eddie Kohler. Distribution is under the Click LICENSE, a BSD-like license described in the LICENSE file in this directory.

Note that these tools should not be used to illegally copy Type 1 font programs. Typeface design is an intricate art that should be rewarded.

Eddie Kohler, ekohler@gmail.com