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About: sreplace is a command line tool to replace recursively strings in files.
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sreplace is command line tool to replace strings in the specified files.


  • Fast replacement and handle huge files.
  • Replaces recursively in folders.
  • Accepts regular expressions patterns for search.
  • Replaces bytes by using their hexadecimal value.
  • Converts end lines into Unix, DOS/Windows and Mac OS formats.
  • Converts tabs to spaces and remove trailing spaces.



Replace string SEARCH by string REPLACE into the specified file(s).

Use --help option for full options description.

$ sr --help


$ sr Hello Salut hello.txt Replace strings "Hello" by "Salut" in file hello.txt

$ sr Hello '' . Recursively delete "Hello" strings all files in the current directory

$ sr -d Hello '' . Simulate (dry-run mode) the recursive deletion of strings "Hello" in all files in the current directory

$ sr -e '[hH]ello' Salut hello.txt Replace strings that match regular expression "[hH]ello" by "Salut" in file hello.txt

$ sr -U hello.txt Set file hello.txt endlines into Unix format


Requires cmake and make. In the root project directory, execute :

$ cmake CMakeLists.txt $ make

Dynamic libraries dependancies


Operating Systems support

The application is based on boost libraries which means the application can compile on most of the operating systems like Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac OS. I actually only compiled for Linux, if requested I can put efforts in compiling for other OS.