squirrelmail-webmail  1.4.22
About: SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package with strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation (written in PHP4).
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prefs.php File Reference

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 getHashedFile ($username, $dir, $datafile, $hash_search=true)
 getHashedDir ($username, $dir, $hash_dirs='')
 computeHashDirs ($username)


 $rg = ini_get('register_globals')
if(!sqsession_is_registered('prefs_are_cached')||!isset($prefs_cache)||!is_array($prefs_cache)) $prefs_backend = do_hook_function('prefs_backend')
if(isset($prefs_backend) &&!empty($prefs_backend) &&file_exists(SM_PATH . $prefs_backend)) elseif(isset($prefs_dsn) &&!empty($prefs_dsn)) else

Function Documentation

◆ computeHashDirs()

computeHashDirs (   $username)

Helper function for getHashDir which does the actual hash calculation.

stringusername the username to calculate the hash dir for
array a list of hash dirs for this username

Definition at line 146 of file prefs.php.

References $username.

Referenced by getHashedDir(), and getHashedFile().

◆ getHashedDir()

getHashedDir (   $username,
  $hash_dirs = '' 

Helper function for getHashedFile(), given a username returns the hashed dir for that username.
NOTE that the hashed dir will be created if it doesn't already exist.

stringusername the username of the current user
stringdir the squirrelmail datadir
stringhash_dirs default ''
the path to the hash dir for username

Definition at line 109 of file prefs.php.

References $dir_hash_level, $username, _(), computeHashDirs(), exit, and sprintf.

Referenced by attachSelectedMessages(), getAttachments(), getHashedFile(), getMessage_RFC822_Attachment(), Deliver\prepareMIME_Header(), Message\purgeAttachments(), saveAttachedFiles(), SendMDN(), showInputForm(), and Deliver\writeBodyPart().

◆ getHashedFile()

getHashedFile (   $username,
  $hash_search = true 

Given a username and datafilename, this will return the path to the hashed location of that datafile.

stringusername the username of the current user
stringdir the squirrelmail datadir
stringdatafile the name of the file to open
boolhash_seach default true
string the hashed location of datafile

Definition at line 56 of file prefs.php.

References $dir_hash_level, $username, computeHashDirs(), and getHashedDir().

Referenced by addressbook_init(), cachePrefValues(), checkForPrefs(), delete_event(), getSig(), readcalendardata(), savePrefValues(), setSig(), update_event(), and writecalendardata().

Variable Documentation

◆ $prefs_backend

if (!sqsession_is_registered( 'prefs_are_cached')||!isset( $prefs_cache)||!is_array( $prefs_cache)) $prefs_backend = do_hook_function('prefs_backend')

Definition at line 35 of file prefs.php.

◆ $rg

$rg = ini_get('register_globals')

Definition at line 25 of file prefs.php.

◆ else

if (isset( $prefs_backend) &&!empty( $prefs_backend) &&file_exists(SM_PATH . $prefs_backend)) elseif (isset( $prefs_dsn) &&!empty( $prefs_dsn)) else
Initial value:
require_once(SM_PATH . 'functions/file_prefs.php')

Definition at line 40 of file prefs.php.

const SM_PATH
Definition: decrypt_headers.php:16