squirrelmail-webmail  1.4.22
About: SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package with strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation (written in PHP4).
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options.php File Reference

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const SM_PATH '../../'
global $plugins
 $mf_port = trim($mf_port)
 $mf_server = trim($mf_server)
switch( $mf_action) $mailfetch_server_number = getPref($data_dir, $username, 'mailfetch_server_number', 0)
 $mailfetch_cypher = getPref( $data_dir, $username, 'mailfetch_cypher' )
if($mailfetch_server_number< 1) for ( $i=0; $i< $mailfetch_server_number; $i++)

Variable Documentation

◆ $mailfetch_cypher

$mailfetch_cypher = getPref( $data_dir, $username, 'mailfetch_cypher' )

Definition at line 188 of file options.php.

◆ $mailfetch_server_number

switch ($mf_action) $mailfetch_server_number = getPref($data_dir, $username, 'mailfetch_server_number', 0)

Definition at line 187 of file options.php.

◆ $mf_port

$mf_port = trim($mf_port)

Definition at line 58 of file options.php.

◆ $mf_server

$mf_server = trim($mf_server)

Definition at line 59 of file options.php.

◆ $plugins

global $plugins

Definition at line 17 of file options.php.

◆ for

if ( $mailfetch_server_number< 1) for($i=0;$i< $mailfetch_server_number;$i++)

Definition at line 192 of file options.php.


const SM_PATH '../../'

Definition at line 15 of file options.php.