squirrelmail-webmail  1.4.22
About: SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package with strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation (written in PHP4).
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plugin.php File Reference

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 use_plugin ($name)
 do_hook ($name)
 do_hook_function ($name, $parm=NULL)
 concat_hook_function ($name, $parm=NULL)
 boolean_hook_function ($name, $parm=NULL, $priority=0, $tie=false)
 soupNazi ()


global $squirrelmail_plugin_hooks = array()
global $plugins

Function Documentation

◆ boolean_hook_function()

boolean_hook_function (   $name,
  $parm = NULL,
  $priority = 0,
  $tie = false 

This function is used for hooks which are to return true or false. If $priority is > 0, any one or more trues will override any falses. If $priority < 0, then one or more falses will override any trues. Priority 0 means majority rules. Ties will be broken with $tie

stringname the hook name
mixedparm the parameters for the hook function
bool the result of the function

Definition at line 128 of file plugin.php.

References $ret, $squirrelmail_plugin_hooks, elseif, and NULL.

Referenced by Deliver_SMTP\initStream(), and isSpecialMailbox().

◆ concat_hook_function()

concat_hook_function (   $name,
  $parm = NULL 

This function executes a hook, concatenating the results of each plugin that has the hook defined.

stringname the name of the hook
mixedparm optional hook function parameters
string a concatenation of the results of each plugin function

Definition at line 96 of file plugin.php.

References $ret, and $squirrelmail_plugin_hooks.

Referenced by error_box(), formatMailboxName(), formatMenubar(), and ShowIdentityInfo().

◆ do_hook()

◆ do_hook_function()

do_hook_function (   $name,
  $parm = NULL 

This function executes a hook and allows for parameters to be passed.

stringname the name of the hook
mixedparam the parameters to pass to the hook function
mixed the return value of the hook function

Definition at line 69 of file plugin.php.

References $ret, and $squirrelmail_plugin_hooks.

Referenced by decodeBody(), get_smtp_user(), dbPrefs\getKey(), getPref(), sqimap_mailbox_delete(), and sqimap_mailbox_rename().

◆ soupNazi()

soupNazi ( )

This function checks whether the user's USER_AGENT is known to be broken. If so, returns true and the plugin is invisible to the offending browser. *** THIS IS A TEST FOR JAVASCRIPT SUPPORT *** FIXME: This function needs to have its name changed!

bool whether this browser properly supports JavaScript

Definition at line 176 of file plugin.php.

References SQ_SERVER, and sqgetGlobalVar().

Referenced by newmail_optpage_register_block(), squirrelspell_optpage_register_block(), and squirrelspell_setup().

◆ use_plugin()

use_plugin (   $name)

This function adds a plugin.

string$nameInternal plugin name (ie. delete_move_next)

Definition at line 27 of file plugin.php.

References SM_PATH.

Variable Documentation

◆ $plugins

global $plugins

Definition at line 196 of file plugin.php.

Referenced by adm_check_user(), info_is_plugin_enabled(), and update_for_folder().

◆ $squirrelmail_plugin_hooks